What is THE most redpilled form of travel

What is THE most redpilled form of travel,

and why is it by train?

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because its the /comfiest/

i prefer a car

congested euro fags not being able to drive cars

by rocket

Not in sweden.

its either walking or bike.

Train travel, although much slower than plane and sometimes slower than car, is just a cool experience.

>(((public transportation)))
Maximum kek

It's a sign of White engineering, brains, and industrial might. It was one of the first transport to unite Europa. That is why it's most red pilled

Such a stupid fucking thread. You can't politicize transportation.


You should all get one of these.

I've contemplated getting a motorcycle and just doing a tour of the US on it. Probably a pain in the ass, but it could be fun.

>using the engined jew

On foot.
Can go in almost every type of environment
Can stop where you want
Will be satisfied by yourself

its incredibly fun but theres quite a lot of start up costs you will have to commit to.

Gloves, helmet, jacket, trousers, whatever training course you have to do and then getting the bike. Oh and your parents will probably try to dissuade you from it because they think they're death traps.

>driving a car with twenty (((monthly payments))) remaining using gas priced by OPEC while Tyrone fucks your wife in the back seat and stains the interior

wew lad

Costs aside, it would be fun. Especially to have at least one other person to join you, though the solitude might be better.

I like to think I'm old enough that my parents don't get a say in my life.

Love trains bra.
Yacht is my preferred means of travel. It's much more comfy than trains.

lmao, you won't enjoy that mass transit when half your country is shitskins.

They demonstrably are, though. You're far more likely to survive a car accident than a bike or even just walk away from one.
Part of that is the obvious lack of protection offered from motorbikes, but another part of it is the retarded mentality all of their owners seem to have. There's not a single motorcyclist that obeys the speed limit or other rules of the road. Every single vehicle in front of them is something to be overtaken no matter their speed.

Bullshit, black people invented the train and you white boiz stole it from us.

Did your post just instantly change???

It is by bicycle or by boat.


just take an aeroplane, autists

the fastest and most efficient

>You can't politicize transportation
You just fucking watch me. Im a goddamn bicycle supremacist.


By feet.

Cyclists, at least in the US, are the worst kind of people. They act like they are better than everyone! What's that, you're in a car but I'm blocking your way because I can't go the speed limit? Too fucking bad! Oh, you're a pedestrian enjoying a walk on the pavement? Get the fuck out of my way, I'm faster than you!

Pieces of shit.


Hitchiking and couchsurfing are the most redpilled.
>chat with a lot of people
>actually see how people around the world lives

>that cuck projection at the end
I guess Tyrone let you out of your cuckshed to shitpost for a while

I have only ever seen bluepilled cuckolds use bicycles.

Should build some bike lanes, you car obsessed faggots.


Have fun in the mud, the rain, and not reaching your destination in the same day.
Dont forget to buy your good-goy(tm) hiking boots to protect against sore feet!

Cars are for the lazy and the weak. They are the most niggerish of all transportation methods.


>Nuh-uh, you're the cuckold!

Back in my day, banter meant something.

I'd agree, but even when there are bike lanes, cyclists still ride either right on the line or in the middle of the road. We also have a law that says we need to drive at least 3ft/1m away from cyclists as to not cause an accident. Cyclists abuse this to no end.

Blacks can't afford cars you imbecile.

>not exploring the world per pedes while you still can
>traveling like a bitch ass old nanny


pun pariu ca tu esti ala din threadu cu alegerile din russia

Thats why you steal them, Tyrone.

You called?

That's because you Americans have something unusual in your head that makes all off you insufferable self righteous cunts

Srs you gotta argue about everything, i am wondering how you didn't end up like us with your argumentative nature

Thank god we have guns for shooting niggers

>It's much more comfy than trains.

landlubber detected

the reason motorcycle accidents happen though is because car drivers are retarded and don't look.



Seriously, what is it about two wheeled vehicles that make their respective riders have complete disregard for any basic traffic laws?

In the rain.

Is that trains bumper a giant skull?

Also a little helicopter is the most redpilled way of travel. Fuck your train, cuck.

You should be constantly looking out for retards doing well over the limit and zipping in and out of lanes like the road is an obstacle course?


Either by foot or in a lowrider.

Explain how is it redpilled. Explain why any form of travel is redpilled or not

Bitter virgin detected.

Muh "open road freedumbs" I guess. I've yet to encounter a motorcyclist who was happy to obey the law and/or sit behind a car doing the limit on the road like everyone else does.

You misspelled dirigible, OP.

Train is comfy, but you need to pay the first class premium, else you will sit like sardines in a can with niggers and muslims. Basically India.

>gotta reach those quotas
You just keep fishing m8.

General Aviation. Nobody can stop you at 5,000 feet and if you have floats or float/ski hybrids you can in theory land and takeoff anywhere.

Southeast Asian sex tourism

it is comfy, but in my experiences here on amtrak it's too fucking slow, they stop in every single place, time-wise comparatively much worse than air and the fare is about as expensive now.

Pretty much all railways and most canals in the world were built by migrants, especially in America but Europe also.

My evidence is anecdotal, but I've noticed that people who ride Harley Davidson motorcycles tend to have the decency to obey traffic laws. Its the faggots on sport/jap bikes that have absolutely no regard for traffic laws or the people driving around them.

I took a train from France to Italy and probably spent 100-150 euros.

For fuck sake that's a lot of money for a poor tourist like me.

Still I envy you Europeans.

In my country we don't have a trains.

Backpacking Europe by train made me realize how blessed you people are.

If only my country had trains.

God bless the UK for making trains.

God bless you people for your innovations.

Bicycle. Cheap as dirt, needs no furtger investments, pretty quick (in cities), bonus points for burning your fat

It's probably because the bike itself is far more important to them than the prospect of driving around like a demon on it.

Some forms of travel allow for meditation and pondering on some of life's toughest questions.

Other forms, like sailboating and similars can be seen as truly manly, wherein you are fighting against the elements, trains are for john green-tier pretentious cunts.

Americans have a strange aversion to public transportation for some reason. Shame.

Cars should be banned in cities. Encourage cycling and walking. And expand railways and other forms of public transport.

It also has to do with the age of the rider I've found. People who ride Harleys tend to be men going through their (((mid-life crisis))), while people on sport/jap bikes tend to be in the 18-30 demographic.
>Americans have a strange aversion to public transportation for some reason.
Public transportation is full of shitskins. You may want to associate with them but I dont.

Sincerely, the Philippines are hell mode for trains

Definetly by train.

If we're gonna talk about trains, anyone traveled the Siberian rail line?

>Encourage cycling
Cyclists are fucking terrible
They have dedicated lanes but continue to use a car lanes and blast through stop lights

Using a car on public roads requires understanding road laws to an extent and demonstrating some level of skill, cyclists just do whatever the fuck they want

You don't have trains?

Even the poo in the loos have trains!

Although that was down to the might British Empire civilising the lesser races. You lucked out when the lazy Spanish took over and even worse the Amerifats

My sympathy user

Have to agree, the worse cunts on the road apart from pakis in their shitmobiles are cyclists.

Its car travel you dipshit.
You can leave when you want
Stop when you want
You don't have to ride with strangers
fuk off with the hail stranger well met
You can stop and eat food that you choose
You can take a friend with you at no cost
Your car seats are not greasy and stinky.
You get the idea, fuk your train.

I would like to see that train go through a short tunnel.

Choo choo
Fuck the EU

as a motorcycle rider i can attest that drivers are fucktarded and pull out in front of you every day

enjoy t sa looking up your asshole

>Britain thrusts India into the modern era by installing railways and literally handing them locomotives
>Poo in loos say they could have done this all along and want Britain out of their shithole
>Since Britain left India, the poos have added a blistering 5% more to their railway system

It's like when people leave a fortune to their pets, why bother when it's massively beyond their comprehension.

fuk me blind I would love to hike cuck-europe with her as long as she had trust fund cash.


What was the Hindenburg, Alex.

delete this

>Nobody can stop you at 5,000 feet
What is a fighter/interceptor with laser guided, air to air missle?

>tfw when your 10yo ass couldn't complete demo man mission so you had to beg to your big bro to do it for you

fuck avery desu

It reflects your society

If your train have metal grills in windows to protect from niggers throwing stones while traveling across slum areas your living in a pretty shitty country.

pic related its our train

bicycles are the cancer of the road

Train is by far the most redpilled way of transportation

>be me, hitchhiking in Russia
>looking for next car to pick me up
>bear across the road smells the vodka leaking out of my backpack
>can't escape because no vehicle
>bear fucks my corpse
Yeah hitchhiking is great

Maybe. But it's healthy, quiet and doesn't pollute

Yeah there's a reason paramedics call motorcyclists organ bags.


If Concorde hadn't been cancelled it would have been used for the 911 false flag.
Could have taken out both towers by itself.

Trains have killed more people than any airship, untermensch.

yes you should, as well as looking out for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Not my fault you're a cuck that does not have the balls to hop on one of these things.

>I'm going to drive like a retard on my motorbike and if I hit you it's YOUR fault

having a riding partner is great, it is companionship and solidarity... either on another bike or on the back of yours.

I have aspirations to ride across the USA, and maybe get a junker and ride down to south america then leave the junker on the side of the road and fly home.

lol stay mad 4 wheel pleb.

What happened, did a biker ass rape you as a kid so you have a permanent grudge against us all?

Did you pull out in front of a biker and smash him?

For short distances, long boarding is actually a great alternative to biking if you are skilled enough.

If you live an area with relatively well paved sidewalks, paths, and streets, and you have the skill to control your speed, it is incredibly easy to detect and avoid traffic.

I ride from my house to the train, and then from the train to my office almost every day, permitting weather. And I can just stop, pick it up, and instantly become a pedestrian. If there is a bike lane, I consider that free game as well, but that doesn't mean I don't get out of the way for bikers that are clearly going to pass me.

In the end, if the operator of the vehicle (whatever type it is) disregards the people around them, which is often the case, it is up to YOU to avoid their reckless behavior.

It all comes down to personal responsibility.

You're a fucking dutch isnt it obvious

>you can in theory land and takeoff anywhere.
like from inside a black hole?!

yeah, your a fucking moron

guilty dog barks the loudest.
are your syrian neighbors finally leaving you alone?

We have jam packed trains


It's true. Being reliant on oil gives shitty durka durka countries influence.

>it is your personal responsibility to make up for the lack of it in others

about as cucked as they cum

Yeah, I'll stay mad being nice and comfy in my car listening to music, not having to worry about running into a car because I'm driving 20-30 kph over the limit and swerving around traffic.

why do you even ask

wow, 6 sentences of bait, 3/10 for effort


Do you even know how wrong you are, Sven-Olaf?

Wait till you're hit by something bigger than you.

Then you'll get the fuck out of the way.

>not owning a personal helicopter

Laffin @ your lives 2bqh

is travelling degenerate ?

the shills start at around 8am central time.

>can stay underwater for 20 years
>you only need food as oxygen is produced by electrolysis and drinking water is treated in a special production unit.

comfy as fuck but food reserves are a big downside.

why would they shoot down a Cessna?

The public transportation is for scum meme is just a US thing with their shit-tier, nigger-infested and neglected public infrastructure.

Europe is the opposite. Trains are one of the best ways to see the best parts of non-urban Europe in most countries here in /comfy/ mode without having to drive or go too fast in a plane to appreciate anything.

Get a train from Brno to Prague sometime, god tier scenery for most of the route. Probably 90% of major Swiss rail rotues are same level and better too.

Most failed mision of all time

Used to fucking hate trains usually. But I got the idea last year to go on a little train trip on a comfy train from that tv show Chuck.

Took my fwb, got a first class carriage. Spent both days in our underwear getting room service and fucking and chilling in the room watching the outback through the window from bed.

It was amazing. I love long train trips now.


Trains are not redpilled. Just comfy

Concorde couldn't reach supersonic speeds at that altitude anyway genius


aww, burgerlard is super jelly

Public transportation is fucking awful. Totally worth paying gas and insurance to avoid.

Fucking same. If I could have anything in the world, it would be a yacht.

(((Highway subsidies) )))
I really hope you dont drive the death cage jew

The metro line in new york is usually pretty comfy

Trains are the form of transport with the most potential, when done properly, trains can be efficient, beautiful and rustic ways of travelling the nation both for business and leisure.

The only reason I own a car is because public transport in the UK is abhorrant, the service they provide is third world tier and the prices are highest in the world. Owning a car is not much cheaper but it beats having my face pushed up against Pajeets armpit, or sitting on the tube wondering if the durka opposite me has a pressure cooker full of ball barings in his bag. I fucking hate this country.

Mio negro

I just got back from a traun journey. Sheffield to Birmingham. It got shitter as it went on. Beautiful though, so many rivers and green fields. Proper England.

Because you flew over restricted airspace.

Well then that is just natural selection in action.

Mopeds are the transportation master race. m.youtube.com/watch?v=laqYyGOUf60


I don't think I even have a place for me to get on a passenger train within 400 miles of me... So no it isnt fucking redpilled.

>Europe in most countries here in /comfy/ mode
Yeah. If you want to visit Norway.
Go to Bergen, take the train to Oslo and you're done. No need to stay here anymore, you have seen the best (close you eyes in Oslo)
Will take you 1 day.

Can I take home one of your qts and bring her back to america with me???

came here to post this. trains are for autists

That's because you neglected public transport

Honestly I'd vote for a party that would create a state of the art, integrated, public transport system. Trains, busses, coaches, boats, aircraft, bicycles etc.

>[current year]
>not using bicycles