Remember that low wage job that you do like making coffee or the nightshift, Robots can do that now..

And are cheaper.

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Oh no robots are finally doing what we've dreamed of them doing for years

Uneducated people BTFO

Actually if you replace all low pay jobs you'll notice a lack of people doing higher jobs because they can't pay for university.

No job.

Yeah nah cunt my coffee has to be made by a 27 yo philosophy PhD with 200k student debt otherwise it's just not the same

guess what tho
90% of government jobs are useless but people still do them

Perfect candidate for bots.

Automatization is going to be a major source of problems and upstir in the future. It is already widely used in the industrial sector, growing in capability every day. It is slowly but surely coming in the transportation sector. The retail sector already is increasjngly automatizationable as well. The lower class will suffer imensely first, climaxing the ongoing discussion of what government actually is and should be.

But the service sector is also in danger of being taken automized. AI will be posing a big thread to the IT sector.

We are in for a very interesting future.

OP, remember when you dropped out of high school and had to become a coffee Batista at Quickcheck? Because the syntax of your poorly constructed sentence sure points to that being the case.

honestly id rather kill myself than go to another day of work


So fucking sick of a 300 pound female nigger behind the counter (that smells like moldy cream cheese), with extremely long brillo-pad hair (that gets in all the food), going


Why would you give fake jobs to robots; so they don't loiter and commit crime ?

>failing this hard
also what would you rather have in a country
- millions of people starving with nothing to lose
- millions in tedious jobs that they can't afford to lose
robotization won't happen unless people somehow disappear

I love the taste of their desperation. That's why I'm paying $5 for a cup of coffee.

Also, wtf coffee machines have been around forever.

What are we gonna do with all the refugess then?

So.....learn to do something that actually makes you valuable to an employer and you'll not only find a job but find a higher paying job? I know, effort, right?

you realize everyone and his mother is going to compete for a "educated" job now?
Hell it's already happening

But I am afraid of Pepper.

>be bartender
>job is extremely repetitive and very easy to automate
>my job will never be taken over by a robot

feels good man

it's not about what's best for society, it's what's best for individual profits

and robots are cheaper then people, always
you only need a fe companies to switch over to have all the dominos fall down

Send them to Israel.

I'm a heavy equipment mechanic.

Fuck robits.

You need a person to direct those robots and that will be me.

>and robots are cheaper then people, always

Well, There's always prostitutes? Although robots could replace it.

What a monster

How does power get to the wheels? Electric motors?

That broad is pretty hot.


You guys work together or something?


I would holocaust the living hell out of her.

how so? you don't pay a robot minimum wage, you don't even have to pay him a living wage

all that matters is power and maintenance, for which at first you need to have a human present, later other robots take even that job

sure small stores will not profit from this, but for big companies it's a big fall in expenses

But my degree was free..

She's already married to a shabbos goy.

China's whole industry is built on the fact that autimatization is more expensive in some fields than just letting Chinese kids do the job

robots can also replace entire marketing departments already, and will soon replace every single managerial job.

And? If you think enging with a married women is too liw for a kike aim lower.

Hydraulic pressure spinning hydraulic motors and final drives.

And I made those robots :))) sue me

Ahh, thanks

Well human only needs some water and rice to survive and work. And I guess some surface to sleep on.
With robots you have to care about maintenance/tech support.
If anything, a new robot age could bring a new age of slavery for the lower casts.

>that video
is a literal advertisement kek. Do you believe what Apple claims in it's keynotes too?

There's already robotic barmen though, they know every single cocktail and mixture and get them perfect every time. How can you even compete?

you also have to construct and plan the robots first
shit's expensive. It will get inevitably cheaper though

Can a robot listen to drunkard sob stories and give them the validation they need?

This. It's like when the stripper cries during a lap dance.

normalfags don't want food to pop up from a hatch in the center of their table either

they're fucking weirdos

Dubs don't lie

Can a robot make my drink with love?

Yes, this is the reason Donny Trump and Bernie Sanders have made such a stink this election cycle. Automation revolution is happening and many are already feelinf the lain. Its easy to blame mexico and china for taking our jobs. Everyone laments the great decline of murrican manufacturing but thats just horse shit. Look it up, US industrial output is very healthy and growing, and near its all time high (high was 2008, before the great recession). We are still making tons of shit here, just our manufacturing is much more automated now and we have lost millions of good manufacturing jobs. Those were replaced mostly by shitty service jobs. Many people are simply backing out of the work force because these newer jobs suck ass. And just wait until the next wave, driverless cars, displace millions more job. And wave after wave will follow. Overall, autonation is a good thing, it is progress and should result in massive economic gains. The problem will be (if our education system continues to fail us) that millions wont have the skills to compete with robots and will have no hope of participating in the near-future work place (while the rest of society sees great benefit from this labor revolution.) We may srsly need to reconsider our economy. And just as important, we absolutely need to do better with education, because no skill/low skill work will not exist in 30 years.

Lucky for you, outlier. Let's see how that serves you when the global economy is decimated.

Reminder that the entertainment / arts industries will be the last to make employing humans viable next to robots & AIs.


I work the night-shift operating machines and robots. Its dogshit but its an easy 20 an hour

Oh boy

It would be a shame if

Someone posted these

>want to just work
>Fuck studying for 3+ years
>All the basic jobs are disappearing
>Dont want to do a trade yet
>Just want to fucking work
At this rate I'm going back to work at macdonalds. Shits fucked

Best thing ever, not having to deal with nigs or foreigners.

>At this rate I'm going back to work at macdonalds.

Why McDonald's hasn't been nearly fully automated yet is beyond me.

>So fucking sick of a 300 pound female nigger behind the counter (that smells like moldy cream cheese), with extremely long brillo-pad hair (that gets in all the food), going

Why do you even eat the garbage that these specimens cook for you?

>Tfw computer scientist
Good luck replacing me

>Remember that low wage job that you do like making coffee or the nightshift, Robots can do that now..

It isn't just low level jobs, higher level jobs are also under threat of automation.

White collar jobs are easier to automate than most low skill blue collar jobs because you need a robot to replace blue collar jobs but only a computer program for white collar jobs.

What people forget is that you don't have to automate an entire industry to decimate it. Look at translation, a high skilled job which requires years of education.

Machine translation tools have destroyed the lower end of the translation market. No one goes to a translator for minor things, they just use google translate.

The higher end market still exists but the wage per hour rate for this has dropped because every single translator is now fighting for these jobs and their is a surplus of labour.

This is happening in accounting, medicine and many other white collar jobs.

Shadbase is the shit. He even got a Trump Pepe in there.

They still need bodies to clean up everything. And they arent willing to pay for decent automation. What they do have is often broken.

Hottest 68 year old around.

CS here too, few decades and codegens will make most devs obsolete.

>They still need bodies to clean up everything.

So they've need of a janitor.

The fuck did i just read?

Partly. More they need people in the kitchen to clean the metricfuckton of grease and oil that builds up. Plus they are lazy cunts so everything like hotcakes and salads must be made up for the next day

Heads up, never order a salad from maccas, it has been sitting in a fridge since 2am. Actually, dont order anything from them

If women get to ban sex robots, men should get to ban work robots.

>If women get to ban sex robots
Please no. This is all thats keeping me alive anymore

>Heads up, never order a salad from maccas, it has been sitting in a fridge since 2am. Actually, dont order anything from them

I've never eaten anything from McDonald's in my life, and I don't intend to start any time soon.

>destroy the low wage jobs
>more people will compete for the high pay jobs
>supply / demand
>high pay jobs will decrease the wages and become the low wage jobs of the future

people with a degree BTFO

That chart... It's like it was made by someone from a trailer park who dropped out of education at the age of 14.

Lots of sliding going on try to get Muslim attacks in at least three states plus dead Hillary response out of the top

The problem with your reasoning is that not just anyone can do most jobs that pay a lot money. It takes some innate intelligence and on top of that a lot of discipline. And even if you somehow manage to pass all your educational requirements, you're still going to be an idiot at the other end of it if you were one when you went in. This is especially common among CS graduates these days, as you may know. It's really hard finding people who don't just suck at what they're supposed to be experts at according to their papers.

>tfw buyer for a retail company
>tfw made a spreadsheet that analyzes sales for individual products at individual stores and automated my job
>tfw haven't told bosses I've automated my job and might get a promotion from extremely low d&d