Remember Clock Boy?

Remember Clock Boy?

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Weren't like 90% or something like that Muslims killing other Muslims?

how does he have so many likes

Better go blow urself up infront of a america embassy to make a point

Lol, okay, ((((Trauma)))) boy.

I dunno why Tumblr gets so much hate for being an SJW shithole (they still are) Twitter is about 10x as bad.

Makes me glad they're losing a huge amount of money, though.

Got your clock right here Ahmed.

He's actually right

he's a troll seeking financial gain (or his father moreso)

Fuck, I posted the wrong tweet

He isn't, there is nothing wrong with muslims dying.

This young man deserves a scholarship! He better not be a white male tho.

Twitter is worse, they aren't a sjw shithole but bluepill broadcast abused by sjw and redpilled people at times.


Muslims dindu nuffin.

Muh 2 gorrillion.

The only people who use twitter are celebrities, niggers and SJWs. No wonder it's imploding. It's another dead network that contributed to the dot com boom 2.0 purely driven by the IPO and then had nothing to sell afterwards.

jews did 911

If they didn't do it, then why did they claim responsibility for it?

Where the hell did he find enough uranium ?!

>Implying those 2 million(nice source btw) Muslims weren't killed by each other


He's right.


Wow, 2 million innocent muslims died because of 9/11?

Maybe your people should stop attacking the west. Since millions die when they do it, Clock maker.

I went to the same high school as him, and visited the mosque (they built it behind my house). I know where he lives and other facts if anyone cares

Notice how the dead Americans aren't innocent

What will it be lads?

I'm more bothered about the verified tick, what has he actually accomplished in life to deserve that apart from being an obvious pawn of his desperate father.


>the world holds its breath for the reveal
>clapping intensifies

well he is right
loving my country doesn't mean I turn an eye to the fucked up shit our goverment does

Can you poison his mosque?

Throwing a pig heart in does the trick here.

The mosque isn't a bad thing they're friendly and invite the public sometimes. I would bet they are actually disappointed in their association with him and the negative attention they garnered with the gun protests


it's so obvious, people must see it!

>"built" a clock

Maybe this time he will remove a bomb from it's case and put it in a suitcase.

>implying mudslimes are innocent for regularly shouting "Death to America!" and attacking us

Yeah remember that time Iraq invaded Florida and annexed the keys. Those fuckers put a checkpoint for Disney Land!

Rudy pls go

He goes to my old school. I ve asked around about him. AMA.

In Qatar? He went to my school in Texas a and I know where he lives. Ama

Holy shit,a rare.

Yeah. He goes to school in Qatar now.

He's back in Irving now actually starting a lawsuit against my school

Oh really? Everything I know is based on last academic year.

Yea he flew back and I think he's out of school now, or homeschooled

how much money did this little fagget CPU soldiering shitskin get away with again?

tweets don't usually make me mad but FUCK I wanna do some neck snapping

Did he have a GF? Did you see his willy in the shower? Tell us the rumours and gossip

I wonder why. He got free tuition (the school is really good) and a free ride for any University in Qatar (Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Texas A&M)

Everyone I talked to said that he was an asshole. And noone there liked him. Was made fun of a lot as well.

Because he wants to milk whatever he can get. I think it's sad A&M of all places would give him free ride. He got many in here too. Glad I transferred out that hick place desu

Here's mosque, driving to work

Explain yourself.

Most of the hardcore Tumblr SJWs migrated to Twitter.

Tumblr itself seems to be dying.



As someone said in previous threads (and probably this one)
>calls the muslims innocent
>doesn't call americans innocent
Pure coincidence.


Clock boy is such an insufferable cunt I can't even.

This. Once the tumblrinas eventually realised that they were preaching to the choir and couldn't break any laws by voicing their opinion (which is pretty bizarre considering how they're completely "anti-establishment") they went to Twitter and killed that.

What did he do that made him an asshole? And what did other kids say to him?

I'am actually more confused whenever your pic is satire or not.

It's a pressure cooker isn't it? He built a pressure cooker.

If we can really radicalize people just by making fun of islam, can we do it for this kid so he bugger off to syria or whatever.



South Park already did an episode about a snuke. Wouldn't want him plagiarizing now would you?

Satan is such a good deceiver is he not?

SJWs will defend this

From what I understood, he is very arrogant.
To answer your second question, people make fun of him due to the whole clock and CPU business.

they're bots most likely. his twitter is ramny CAIR

his own twitter is called IStandWithAhmed?

Virtue signaling from leftist faggots



This Is The Police.

60% durka-durk mudshits who love twitter almost as much as niggers

20% CAIR/Soros group funded bots

20% "I'm so progressive! FUCK AMERICA and YEA for brown people!!" liberal retards

The bell shall toll for them... very
>pic related

>2977 Americans
>2 million innocent muslims

How grimly predictable of him to imply the American citizens were not innocent too with his contrived passive-aggressive and provocative comment, just like his clock.

Just lynch the cunt already I don't like his face


I hate this kid so much. I fucking hate him.

Blame the school for being a bunch of retards and giving him publicity then.

the last 60 seconds of this video

>invite the public sometimes
It's a trap

Muslims killing Muslims isn't our fault, or bad.

Vast majority, yeah. Not to mention the Iraqi soldiers that died fighting for Saddam. Clock boy is as much of a douchebag as ever

>Remember, his teachers did nothing wrong

Holy shit this might be the newfag in me but in all my 2 years here I've never seen that flag

A homemade and fully functioning BOSE surround sound wireless speaker system, including the word BOSE written on the remote

Didn't he move to Qatar, Dubai or SA?

>Terry Taliban raping and murdering an entire village because they are the wrong kind of Muslim is the US's fault

the school could have just put him in some accelerated science classes

Just over one minute.

But, in all seriousness, it actually was a huge achievement for Clock Boy. He's Sudanese, after all, and in Sudan it's pretty rare to find someone there who can count to ten.


>The school was the one who gave him publicity.

It was his sister who took the pitcures, the dumbass cops who let her, and then they took it to local news.

The School was right to call the police.

His own twitter handle is "IStandWithAhmed". What a conceited little shit.

>Thinking quickly, Ahmed constructed a homemade clock using a pencil case, some ductape and a clock.


I mean he has a point, does he not?


>>"built" a clock

Come now. A boy talented enough to solder his own CPUs can surely create a simple clock. :^)


> (OP)

You dont solder modern CPUs.
Modern CPUs are Ball-Grid-Array and require a special computer-controlled machine to solder them to boards.

The board has to be mounted to a rigid jig, then preheated with an infrared oven so the board doesn't warp.

Then a computerized arm uses a special stencil to mark the board's contacts with solder paste, apply the chip, then heat the are with a heat gun at very specific temps for a very exact time.

If you use too much heat, it can warp the board or destroy the CPU.
Not enough and the solder balls don't melt, and it won't work.

They start at $3000 for a small, cheap machine that doesn't place the chips.
Pick-and-place BGA rework stations that place parts are upwards of $15,000 each.

is that real
did he actually pretend to solder a cpu

RIP the 2 million dollars of taxpayer money for something you did do, RIP the common sense that went along with it.


Cool clock bro, you should bring it to the white house

>the mosque isn't a bad thing

Why did the portuguese built cathedrals in Japan? To control the population and build political strength.

Why did the Spanish send misdionaries to Africa? To control the population and build political strength.

Why did the Saudi fund mosques in Europe and USA?
>to be friendly and invite the public sometimes


Muh 2 million

Majority of those deaths were sandniggers killing sandniggers. If you really loved your country you'd do a little research whenever someone makes a bullshit claim like that. We should have bombed them to shit after PAM AM and the first twin tower bombing.

Most of those 2 million Muslims were killed by other Muslims. What's his point?

>2 million muslims


Nothing he wrote is wrong.

That being said, little cunt should stick to doing homework.