Age of Man is soon over

>An hours-long standoff in the darkness of the high desert came to a novel end when Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies used a robot to stealthily snatch a rifle from an attempted murder suspect, authorities said Thursday. Officials said the use of the robot to disarm a violent suspect was unprecedented for the Sheriff's Department, and comes as law enforcement agencies increasingly rely on military-grade technology to reduce the risk of injury during confrontations with civilians.

>"The robot was a game changer here," said Capt. Jack Ewell, a tactical expert with the Sheriff's Department -- the largest sheriff's department in the nation. "We didn't have to risk a deputy's life to disarm a very violent man."


>Man vs. machine: L.A. sheriff's deputies use robot to snatch rifle from barricaded suspect, end standoff

We are entering a future where we can't win.

At last, the Mechanical Hound is here

> Image and gif of terminator and terminator like android

> Image shows a tiny tank like robotic vehicle with just one robotic arm

By the time you wait robots being actually autonomous combat units its too late.

They can't make the decision NOT to fire upon civilians on orders.

> Drive a small car into a building and blow it up with C4


One of the first realizations of the conscious AI will be that humans are (and will always be) a potential threat to its existence

Before even attempting to "fly away" from Earth to mitigate that risk, it will do the easier choice instead - pollute Earth with nanomachines, viruses or straight up nuke it so biological life cannot be supported, and only machines immune to that can thrive

Keep that in mind singulartards, no machine will EVER want to merge with us as we're a huge drawdown to its intellect

> Conscious AI
> Conscious Artificial Intelligence
> Artificial
> Conscious

> No machine would want to merge
> Want
> Machine

You people don't even know, that if a machine somehow kills a person, it was programmed to do so.

t. Nodev

Drop your weapon! You have 15 seconds to comply.

>You people don't even know, that if a machine somehow kills a person, it was programmed to do so.

Exactly, meaning the machines act exactly as ethically as the person doing the programming.

Flehs will burn.

>adhom : the post

"Artificial" is translated as something not created by nature or random chance; Something deterministically planned and executed. That doesn't mean that consciousness stops being consciousness because it was "planned to be created"

> Want
> Machine

Ok, derive the conclusion that it is beneficial in any way to merge with us. Happy?

Sure if the coder / engineer make it so that it just kills people, it probably would.

Tell me how long you think it would take, to create a machine that has a brain similar to us.

Note, we stil don't know how our brain works.

Imagine Cyberdune systems as a Haliburton subsidiary.

Iron Man did it

We Chappie now?

robots are sterile and can't inseminate women

Iron Man is fake.

You people should read up on the 'Neural Lace'.

Elon Musk is busy with it.

Once again, why isn't William Gibson dead yet so he can do cartwheels in his grave?

He made the mistake of relinquishing his weapon.

Never relinquish your weapon, Marine!

>le ebin musk the most intelligent man made money with pay pal
>is just warming up 40 to 60 year old programms and people think he's inventing shit

Jesus you sure have no fucking idea with this whole AI thing

We can Literly load a humans mind onto a hard disk and let his consciousness "live" for eternety

You laugh now, but the DoD has been working on humanoid combat robots for some time. It's just taking a while for the tech to come together

That's about 14.95 more seconds than cops will give you.