Kek summoning music

ITT we share music that will allow Kek to manifest.

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black pharaoh? ancient egyptians were not niggers

>Not posting Shadilay



It is something that will resonate with brainwashed 20-40 y/o lefties in the world and channel the right ideas in theur heads

Someone should make a muslim version, like "if you want to be my lover, means I'm no older than 6. Raping is too easy, that's just allah's will"

I have no musical skills. We need a new thread to ask for support. Kekcore 2016

Hope Kek will looks like this after his manifestation while eating SJW and LBGT+ members.
>not posting this

Only the brutalest of metal with frog vocals can summon Kek.

I listen to this every single day
and every single day I post on Cred Forums and participate in meme magick


This is really good.

Unitonically the best meme magick playlist
"I am the black wizards" should be the anthem of KEK

My favourite

Top dope


gtfo with that low energy shit boy

>Moloch makes an appearance

oh shit pham

I believe psytrance helps activate forbidden neural pathways the Jews try to hide from the goyim, which would explain why Israel has been the only place keeping psytrance alive since 2010, while the rest of us are forced to choke down uninspired bix nood rap, dubstep, and other various slow motion zombie music which puts the brain to sleep.

I became a millionaire this year by listening to non-stop psytrance 8 hours a day and working on my project.

What also might have helped was crying out to God, feral with tears of rage, punching inanimate objects through blurred vision after watching The Lion, begging for the chance to help my poor cousins who have children, if nothing else before I die.

My success was suspiciously improbable given the amateur quality of what I created. I often think God blessed me with success as some kind of joke.

I believe Kek might also be a joke being played by God. I increasingly suspect he might post here as an user sometimes, because quantum superpositions are his backdoor to manipulate anything, and the easiest thing for him to do would be to spoof a TCP session by manipulating a single electron on the wire. To the Cred Forums origin server, it would look like a normal, real connection was taking place, and the post data would be accepted.

This guy gets it, have you tried reading evola?

Dubstep is not bad. You are just listening to shit popular dubstep for the normie plebs.

Spotted in philly.