Great Southern Land

Tell me which country you're from so that I can further appreciate that I am an Australian and that God has blessed me immensely to have allowed me to be born here.

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sydney is shit
melbourne is shit
adelaide is shit
canberra is shit


Maybe, but no fag from overseas would of heard of it or would easily recognise it.

>beautiful scenery
>barely any deadly animals
>not an oven
>native people who are decent enough not to be hunted
>invented pavlova
Greater Southern-er Land

Fuck off. All 45 of you cunts.


>He doesn't have a rebuttal
Wew lad
Also, I forgot to mention Weta Workshop. Y'know the guys who let Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, King Kong, District 9 and the Wot-wots happen?

You're welcome, m8s

Perth here, I'd rather be boring than pozzed up like Sydney and Melbourne

Born in Hobart now work with Navy in Sydney. Life is good

Gold Coast checking in. You guys are alright.

Weta were the lowest bidders is all, absolutely nothing to be proud of. Besides, Lord of the Rings ?? Pffff

>Great Southern Land
more like still north of nz land

Hey everyone sorry to interrupt your circlejerk here but Australia is just the UK's runoff
Everything down there is a venomous animal including your women's dirty clams


Also stop posting pro-immigration propaganda pics of beautiful Australia is, the truth is we are a dry barren desert wasteland with animals and insects that kill you instantly

Ta mate.


Greetings from Chicongo birthplace of KING NIGGER and HRCLITTON I'm glad I'm not actually from here its literally homosexual

I'd rather go innabush

I am from Finland.

On my roadtrips to Brisbane a few times a year, the scenery in this land truly brings a tear to my eye.

We have to save this land m8s.

It's okay, word is out that we're too expensive for overseas cunts lol so we don't have to worry about immigration anymore.

Take a few seconds to look at the comments
We don't stand for this

Seriously? Weta are up in the golden standard for SFX and CGI

Australia is great, but not because of it's cities, you disgusting faggot. Don't ever post a picture of a big city again, pussy.


Oh shut up !!

Yes thank you, I will thank goodness for not being born there. Thank you.

why are you writing like a girl?

>still no rebuttal
Just face it Ausbro, NZ's better than you.
Just note that I will always admire your banter and shitposts

Because women intimidate you.

The comments are all from Cred Forumstards from other countries swooping in to try and save your cucked ass.

Why are north queenslanders so fucked in the head?

NQ should be its own state. Give one good argument against this.

> Gets triggered
> Acts like I would dare debate anything with Australia and N** Z****** in the same sentence.

See you bro

I'm originally Swedish and I can assure you, life is better in Sweden.

It should. We should also quarantine it off so none of the cunts can infect normal society

Poofter detected.

You should kill yourself son. And don't fucking post an image of a big city again you retarded suburban child.

We only did what we did because we genuinely fucked the Maoris over. They don't really get any kind of special treatment nowadays

just lmao, Brisbane is full of chinks too

Sitting on who's cock, your Sister's or a Muslims ??

Inbred cunt detected

If you're not from somewhere west of (at least) Melbourne, God has cursed you immensely

>lives in WA

I'd rather live in Africa than this shithole of a state

Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast are the true STRAYAN cities

Look at this animal, fuck outta 'ere Malcolm Naden.

What's wrong with them? That they aren't as dumb and leftist as you?

Relax mate.

If you aren't from the Northern Territory, you may as well stop calling yourself Australian
Nah, they just seem to have tassie levels of inbreeding

only waiting for a flood
mates only living near the coast.

Why would they have any level of inbreeding?

I reckon we need to nuke you city faggots off the face of the earth. Australia's population needs to return to the ~4 mil or so people who live outside big and medium sized cities.

>Not debating a point because it involves something you don't like
That's how someone from Tumblr would do it.
You just lost all credibility you may have previously had in my mind

Perth is the best. I should know, I live in Perth

>put on shoe, get bit by an assortment of deadly insects
>poisonous snakes live in your house
>kangaroos, koalas, emus, wombats open defecate on your front porch.
>can't leave because boat will be eaten by great whites.
Proud to be Australian... ok famalam.

Cause they like to fuck their sisters, I imagine. How else could it have happened?

>mates only living near the coast.
yeah most of us do mate

>Implying Italian landscapes aren't much better than your desert shithole.

holy KEK

Tsk tsk mate, not debating as to not basterdise Australia.

>mediterranean weather
>15 minutes to a beach from anywhere
>dat nightlife
Fuck off cunt

Have you considered slitting your own throat? You really should.

I have to stay in Cairns for about a month so I am considering it.

ISIS is literally less than a KM away from you.

Ciao Bella.

We dont do that here

Gold Coast, Best Coast

shut up and shoot to those emu.

I can't even take you seriously. Have you brought up any valid points during this entire conversation?

Powerless Italian. Squirm some more for me ya cunt. Fuck off ya cunt. Cun-telloni cunt.

boots, flipflops, whatever
>rabid Abo attacks
>outrageous price for everything because of armies of transporters lost to wildlife.

Remember when the wogs got btfo by Aussie sickcunts in North Africa. Best time of my life desu.

How hypocritical of you

I've touched upon all that I felt was your speed. Sorry for overwhelming you.

Yes, hi, hello idiot American, Can you please adjudicate on another matter; do you know what New Zealand is ??

meekatharra checking in ay blook

What is interedting is that in reality Aussies arent funny banter masters. Even Swedes are more relaxed and humorous

Don't like 10% of your population live in Australia because NZ is nojobs?

Yes cunt ?? Something you want to elaborate on ??

>tfw a Queenslander

More mate.

Donkey. Uninspired and deflated Donkey. Fuck off.

what are you a bloody poofta?

Your points:
>There aren't a lot of people there
>Your world-acclaimed, award winning corporation is insignificant
>I don't want to talk to you
>You're dumb
How overwhelming!

>go to Brisbane
>gook writing on all the street signs.

What is a New Zeland? Does it have the ISIS?

What about NZ do you want my opinion on?

The ones who can't get jobs can go to Aussie for all I care. We have plenty of jobs here


Nothing mate, you've said enough already LOL


It's a suburb of the Gold Coast, don't worry about it

When I visited there I learnt New Zealanders aren't Australia's Canadians, they're Australia's Mexicans

Yes, in fact, there is.
You're chastising a pizza for not having points, when you do the exact same thing

Don't complicate it, they're Australia's cunt.

Yeah they fucking love it here. They're kinda annoying but I wouldn't call them Mexican tier. Africans would be worse.

What are you, fucking gay?

>What is a New Zeland? Does it have the ISIS?

Did you take that literally? I was joking, I know what/where New Zealand is... it's where they filmed Lord of the Rings. Lol.

Don't answer a question with a question ya cunt.


I would love to move to Australia, and become e a permanent resident. (Anglo, Canadian).

Problem is I'm a tool & die maker who works in manufacturing, and Australia has completely gutted their manufacturing sdctor.

I'd say that Victorians are closer to Mexicans

Yeah, that's pretty much all we have going for us...
Come here if a huge habbening occurs, we're not a target

Shut up, your use has since expired LOL

I'd say Australia's Australia, smaller, but better
>that was a compliment by the way

>filled with crackheads
>filled with aboriginals


I don't know if I can deal with all those Orcs, or that fucking dragon... did they ever kill that thing?

I know a lot of rich people have property their for that exact reason.

Yeah, dragon's dead. If you don't want to deal with orcs, just don't come to Northland

Brisbane is objectively the best city in Australia hands down.

Yeah that's true, oh well, those people were mostly New Zealanders anyways who had no jobs in New Zealand.

Noted. Thanks, i'll make sure to put that in things to know about Australia. Murica FUCK YEA

Well, I'm going to bed. It was fun chatting with friendly Australians

Look at you, look at what you're talking about, look at who you're talking to, shaking my head, your nation is the belly fat of the earth. You disgust me and my hemisphere.

Wait wait wait, is it true that KFC has an 80 piece offering to cater to the Maoris ??

Not as far as I know. I wouldn't be opposed to that though, if I'm being honest

Ta mate.


Sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.


Of shitskins kek
I love you Straya as you are the brother Florida never had, but pretending you guys aren't cuckd to hell is ignoring a major problem and that's never good

But it's not

"but pretending you guys aren't cucked to hell"

You showed us how it's done though ya cunt.

Are you from Florida ??

>he doesn't live here

i honestly feel sorry for you

Bitch i'm from Tunisia.

Kes emek ya cunt


New Zealand fag here. Suck on my timbers cuckmate. Ps New Jersey USA has to be the worst first world place.

lets hook up and suck each others dicks
i wouldnt suck a strangers dick that i met on the street but i would definitely suck the dick of a stranger that i met online

You're making me uncomfortable.

I'm content with where I am

Answering a question no one asked aye ??

What a cunt you are.

No wonder civil society banished you to the woods.

i will make your dick uncomfortable
in my mouth

Going to have to discontinue this conversation I'm afraid. I don't wish for you to fuck me.

>trees all the same shape
lmaoing @ your life

Queensland is best state, we have fucking Pauline here!

Take it easy on the cunt LOL !!