Is Columbia a paradise Cred Forums?

Is the city Columbia of the game Bioshock Infinite the perfect place to live?

>no interracial couples
>strong F├╝hrer

>tfw no Sodom Below to cleanse

Oh wait, were living in it.

What about Vox Populi communist rebels that kills every rich person on sight?

why the fuck did they even let black people in the skies in the first place? its not like they got there on their own.

I think they could have killed them. In the game it was kinda weird because of the differnt dimensions

Rapture is a better setting and is featured in the better games. Infinite is fucking garbage.

I think the developers just did it to make Columbia look bad.
>muh slavery

Weren't there huge industrial sections? You go there during the Vox Populi part.

Comstock for president

Yes, the blacks worked there as slaves. Fitch was the big industrialist if I remember correctly.

>tfw no alternate dimension qts to drown you

>lure you in with incredible opening sequence
>fill you with promise about non-linear, dynamic gameplay
>rest of the game is just a shitty Doom port with a sometimes pretty skin
>power ups and weapons are absolutely worthless

Almost smashed my TV when I realized the first 30 mins were the best of the game.


>advanced technology
>rampant nationalism
>the foreign horde below you

I'm wondering how it isn't

which one are you talking about

don't worry. Virtual reality is here

if all of Cred Forums gathered together, could we build such a beatiful thing?

Infinite m8, Bioshock 1 was one of my favourite story's in a game and Bioshock 2 contained some of my favourite game play of all time.

The game play wasn't certainly lacking and it was shitty that they lied about how it was going to be non-linear, but besides that it was a visually impressive game with an amazing storyline.

I'd argue it was the best storyline I've ever seen in a game, I remember sitting there trying to work out what the fuck happened after it was over.

Perhaps, but there would be an issue with funding

They needed people to do low-level labor, they also got the Irish too

>amazing storyline

Come on, the story was pretty good, and surprisingly not too preachy. You get a bit of "muh poor minorities" for a chunk of the game, only to be smacked down with cold hard commie uprising right after.

I was thinking more about the multiverse and the shoehorning of Rapture and the lighthouse bullshit at the end.

Yeah but he wasn't the only one working on it on top of the fact that just because it makes him "feel" stupid. (((Levine))) did a good job given it actually makes sense too if you work through the logic of it.

Also I unironically liked the Watchmen movie. I know it got a lot of shit and people fucking hate Zack Snyder, and maybe it's because I never read the comics, but I don't think any of those movies are terrible. The only thing I find obnoxious is the excessive CGI and "wow whad a gread fide seen! :DD" shit that he throws in, but besides the over the top stuff the movies aren't particularly horrible. Watchmen was also more intelligent than say BVS.

Anyways I loved Bioshock Infinite and Watchmen, so I don't know what the fuck these faggots are on about.

First part there got fucked up somehow, ignore it.

It was anti-commie, the whole point was that commie just did the same thing and now the whole place was a shit hole for everybody.

But goy, that was the best part!

Zack Snyder is the equivalent of a mountain of rotting garbage, garnished with stained sugar perls. No idea why Mr. Nolan ever lowered himself to work with him.

Remember Columbia was destroyed by niggers and a white woman

>it actually makes sense too if you work through the logic of it

>Infinite multiverses with infinite possibilities for every infinite permutation
>If we kill Comstock/Booker here it stops all the bad things from happening!


Cursory information tells me that the story is hackneyed and complicated for the sake of complication, what exactly was good about this game beyond the sfm waifu?

Actually emperor Manuel I. cutting his military budget in half to build himself ego monuments initiated the Turkish invasion from which the Byzantine Empire never recovered. The 4th was just one more brick in the road to hell.


But that's where you're wrong. It was an infinite number of permutations, it was an infinite number of possibilities branching from different points in time. Also it becomes hard to tell what actually happened in the game too because of the whole "the subject will create memories where none exist" aspect. The idea is she brings him to this nexus points to stop him from ever unleashing all of these possible horrible timelines.

It's twisty and there are a lot of red herrings to throw you off. The time travel stuff is actually logically coherent and a lot of it ends up making sense.

Levine said he went out of his way to lampoon a racist utopia and show how awful it would be and morally bankrupt. But the other writers showed it as a near paradise. His own team BHTFO by adding to the lore that made Columbia seem like a great place.

There was a post on here like a year ago that explained everything nicely. The ending was rushed and thus made no sense, apparently b/c levine was pissed off at their product but it was too late to change it.

Why did Comstock need Elizabeth again? He seemed to be doing just fine with her locked up and not contributing to his regime.

My guess is Elizabeth's powers. Since he is the future Booker he wanted Elisabeth safe and secure since knows that the younger him will come and fuck shit up.