Why does everyone on Cred Forums call themselves a part of the right or "alt right" when you are all leftists?

Why does everyone on Cred Forums call themselves a part of the right or "alt right" when you are all leftists?

>praises hitler
You do realize national socialism is a leftist ideology, right?

>despises globalization, TPP, and outsourcing of our jobs
You do realize all these positions are leftist positions, right?
All these benefit a capitalistic society, these all benefits republicans.

>hates on refugees, immigration, and minorities
Again leftist positions, they lower the minimum wage, saturate the labor force.
All of these things are beneficial to a capitalist viewpoint and are despised by the left as they harm your every day average joe.

>muh nationalism
Again leftist, or is it just a mere coincidence that countries that are all 90% white and upwards are all effectively socialist countries like sweden, denmark, germany...etc?
Lets not forget how much nationalism were in countries like in russia during its commie era and in every country that has ever had communism a leftist ideology.

Why is everyone on Cred Forums retarded?

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All those positions are racist and xenophobic so they're right wing.


The KKK was formed under the banner of the left.

Again, racist and xenophobia is a leftist ideology.

Quiet racist.

Fascism is not left wing, user. Its as far right as it goes

>retarded post

what a shocking turn of events

i just literly got more retarted from reading dat

Not an argument.

Hitler was leftist, blatantly so.

I wasn't providing an argument as you didn't provide one either. Merely a comment, retard.

im so retarted rite now. i dont even no how 2 respawn

Not an argument.

You cannot say you are right while believing in everything the left stands for, retards.

>Why does everyone on Cred Forums call themselves a part of the "alt right"

How to spot a shill

No one used this term until this shitty election

holy fuk.

look. there are different brands of "left".

Ours here in America is all about cultural diversity and promoting weird shit. They want to give Pablo amnesty after breaking our laws. They want to allow in Ahmed so he can bomb us.

We have to deal with those issues first.

Left and right ideologies will ultimately lead to the same thing... Fascism on the right. Communism on the left. Equal but opposites. Both authoritarian in their own way.

The middle ground is best, but that is only when Pablo, Ahmed and Jamal gtfo.

Also, I don't think you understand the difference between Trump/Ron Paul conservative and a Neo-Con.

Because you're a tard. And that's alright. But don't start shitposting like a fuckstain until you know what you're talking about.

The US isn't leftist.
That is WHY the US is 60% white.
You are capitalistic, the home of capitalism, pablo and ahmed are beneficial to you because of them being low wage workers.

Europe a place that is socialist has 90%+ white for a reason, pablo and ahmed aren't beneficial since they the country isn't as capitalistic as the US.

The US is right, Europe is left.
Wanting the removal of pablo and ahmed is beneficial to one ideology, the leftist one.

LEFT, RIGHT, it's all dated and useless in todays world. This definitions come from French Revolution more than 200 years ago, anyone still using them with no reservations is uterly retarded.

That is why we want Pablo and Ahmed out. Hillary Clinton wants them to stay.

Again, get the fuck out. You're lowering my IQ just reading your inane rambling fucktardery.

>a democrat
Also they want pablo and ahmed because they guarantee votes.

Its sort of funny seeing how backwards your country is that people are voting against their best interests.
Minorities profit more in a capitalistic one because corporations obtain more money from having such large amounts of low skilled worker.

But you're all retards.

Trump is a liberal.

If you think open border is a leftist ideology you are very stupid.


We're nationalistic nothing more

No go back to the teachings of the jewish cock and teach your little daughter how to twerk those buns

>neo lefties don't know what the left is btw

wew lad.

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Only lefties deal in absolutes.

nationalism is a leftist ideology.

Like stated before, you are retarded and a leftist.

You oppose everything that benefits a capitalistic country.
Do you think capitalism does not thrive from globalization, TPP, open borders, outsourcing...????