Brit/pol/ - Sexy Mhairi Black Edition

Nigel Farage 'bows out as Ukip leader with skinny dip off Bournemouth pier'

>Theresa May set to trigger Article 50 by February, EU's Donald Tusk says

>Bring back Britannia to rule the waves after Brexit

>After 1,200 years, could it really be time for the penny to be dropped?

>Diane James becomes UKIP leader

>President of Slovakia says the V4 group will 'Veto' any deal with the UK that doesn't protect freedom of work

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> Married to Mhairi despite being English
> she comes home from a long day in Parliament and asks for a foot rub.
> end up sucking her toes while she touches herself, and then fucking her tenderly.
> wake up next to her, and suck her toes to wake her up.

I wish. :(

fuck sake lads is this really going to be a thing?

>it's the toesucker again

How's the shitskin gf, cunt?

No it's just this one autist

She looks like a fucking heroin addict.

Oh that explains it then.

Yes, this is a new brit/pol/ thing, on par with Karen.

Nothing wrong with sucking toes, m8.


I'll give brit/pol/ a miss for a couple hours, it's just going to be full of retards.

Would suck those toes but only if she had a good fucking wash first, the minging bitch

>go to birmingham city center because I need some new shoes
>literally 30% of the women I see are in hijabs
this was a mistake


Why are you both salty? Mhairi is Queen of /brit/pol!

Where bouts you from lad?

listening to anything that shower of cuck bastards says

Give me some english folk music feck sake

>inb4 over the hills and far away

Who /local/ here?
some jacobites were english

Scarborough fair, I prefer instrumental music to lyrical music.

The American national anthem is an English drinking song, forgot the name of it though.

>President of Slovakia says the V4 group will 'Veto' any deal with the UK

Another war might be in order lads.

>socialist jock scally edition
New thread when?

These guys actually WANT the UK to die

When we do well out of Brexit they will be positively suicidal. Imagine that.

Who /going back to uni soon/ here?

Nothing wrong with a bit of Queen Mhairi.

>jacobite cancer

>Fucking pudding dough edition.


Nobody found it funny in the last dozen threads and nobody finds it funny now.


This is the same radio 4 that goes on about male privilege right on womyns hour?

They're making the alt-right out to be segregationists as the KKK so yeah

He's talking about Pepe right now saying he was "hijacked" by "white supremacists"

Is this Richard Spencer on at the moment?


I don't get it

They will literally cling to anything to push their agenda, do they not realise how fucking fucktarded they come across or are they that far gone?

Fuck me.

Fuck off facebook memer

Ok I'll keep posting it friend :^).

Just rewound and they're playing clips from TDS kek

>he isn't joepilled

holy fuck
are they literally talking about pepe the frog on bbc radio news
this is being treated as a serious issue
fucking lol
Cred Forums is more powerful than i could ever believe
'i'm a deplorable and i'm proud of it' fucking lol
who deplorable here?
day of the rope is fucking coming. death to the jewish globalists
>that fucking jew giving his opinion in his nasaly accent
death to all fucking jews

Bow to Queen Mhairi!

>this is being treated as a serious issue
This is what makes me the most bewildered about it all.

We've well and truly broken the conditioning.

pls joepill me

>tfw you will never go crusading

>Theresa May's shit Brexit deal can be VETOED by other EU countries unless she keeps free movement


scottish world conquest fucking when
we need to rebuild the shipyards and our navy again

get this ugly scot out of our threads


We will just have to leave fully then. They think by calling our bluff that we'll fold.

Local issues are the only truth. Race doesn't matter. Culture doesn't matter. What's really important is that the bins are collected twice a week and hospital waiting times are low.

But we will
Most of the cabinet, the huge majority of Parliament and the Civil Service don't want us to leave the EU lmao

This period of smugness on Brit/pol/ is the calm before the storm when everyone realises that we've been ultimately cucked by Theresa May

It's better than mummyposting at least

Dumb lmao poster

So? We'll flay them all. I will anyway, if you lot don't get up and flay a member of the government, you're a homo!

You missed his point. His point was if white nationalists want to get into power they need to address local issues instead of just talking about race. That's how brexit was won, by making it about housing and hospital places.

I'm so fucking conflicted on radio 4. On the one hand it actually has some top tier content and it's brilliant to listen to when working. On the other it's sjw bullshit, Marxist propaganda that drips with leftist bias.

They're doing Winnie the Pooh now.
I'm not sure you are the target audience.
Try these instead

Any Questions? Arron Banks, Angela Eagle MP, Paul Mason, Baroness Wheatcroft

Any Answers? Ukip, Hinckley Point, The 11-plus

You'll enjoy this.

The Woman's Hour Debate: Can Porn Empower Women?

yeah you're right. this is how you win people over. by talking about issues which affect them directly, and tying these to a root cause.
going full red-pill without linking its effects to issues which affect local people just destroys your credibility because you look insane
you need to explain your red-pilled opinions and not treat people like they're stupid, but rather acknowledge they might just be uninformed of the underlying cause


Thats what the agents of the secret state want you to think.

reckon i'll be supporting the Tories for a while since at least half their cabinet are decent and want us to get a good hard Brexit

diane james is alright but I don't think I can support UKIP again until Steven Woolfe or Paul Nuttall is leader.

Hey cutie

>You'll enjoy this.
No pls, I sat in a car with someone who had Radio 4 on, never again. NEVER AGAIN!

Also enjoying Fleetwood Mac.

when you say "sexy", are you talking about the inbred masculine looking thing on your picture?
because wew lad

that is a god awful ugly ensign
good song


>tfw nobody wants to be friends with Scotland

>mfw the loser countries of Polanda, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech think they can stop Big Britians taking the ball and going home

well maybe if you weren't such cunts to us we would want to

We're right here, stop being a diva and get a round in lad.

>caring about what other people think
>letting it affect you being who/what you want to be
>comparing yourself to others
stay cucked m80

England, glorious England has no need for friendship.

Scotland will form alliances and get bids from said loser countries here

Given the state of our aging population. Not that it'll make a difference at all, because in the 5 year or so wait from after the EU exit and Scotland attempting to get back in, the SNP will be wiped out and the love for the EU will have faded when everyone realises how much better off Scotland will be without it

t. Jaded as FUCK Scot who's tired of Europe, the SNP AND big Salmond

what's the point of UKIP without farage

Who's that lad?

the worst thing that could happen for the SNP is if Scotland prospers whilst a member of the UK
they don't give a fuck about getting to work right now and solving Scotland's problems

but hes still there

Was in a young peoples question time episode before the Scottish indy referendum.

Fuck that was 2 years ago now.

Fuck me lads, this thread is fucking Diana in Paris.
>I'm out



I'm an SNP voter because who the fuck else is there that has Scotland's interest at heart? Hell, give me a Scottish Conservative Party that isn't just an offshoot like Ruths party and I'm a lifelong voter.

I WANT Scotland to do well without Europe.

Does the SNP even have much policy outside of REEE REEE TORIES FLEE

Like are they trying to solve local issues?

Some Scot likes to fuck blokes. She looks like Trudeau. With blond hair.

Yes, quite a lot of policies target shit like that. They're focused mostly on social housing, social care and green energy.

Why the fuck do you even care about 'Scotland's interests'? What even are they?

Vote Marine 2017

Scotlands Interests are fucking survival at this point, that's what .

Right we got a tory rebellion again. This is happening before a Brexit plan.

What do we do?

>implying I'm not since I have my voter card

Checknout my fat dog.

We need to contact all those that oppose Brexit and tell them that their lives are worthless and they will die if they don't do as the public has decided.

Hard brexit or riot

Just making sure

Wonder if it'll go better than the Labour rebellion now that it looks like Smith is fudging it

>Hurr we reject the Corb even though he's pushing Labour membership to a generation high and is targeting the young vote left over after the Libs fucked up, and was voted in by the public the MPs are meant to be serviving
>Let's resign!
>Let's get Owen Smith and some other woman to run
>Oh shit the woman dropped out!
>Oh shit Smith is fucking up!
>U-uh...J-Jeremy we didn't mean to resign, can we have our place in the cabinet back pls

Looks tasty

Is he fat because of Freddo frogs?

Why is being Scottish and conservative so depressing anons?

When will the SNP go away?

>No 10p graphic at the top

All good scots moved to ulster what are you waiting for?

We need a disenfranchised Conservative party up here because there's going to be little support for the Scottish Conservatives coming from anything other than as protest votes against the SNP, and that's not how you build a fucking party

I rather hope that May will be willing to to respond with the same uncompromising attitude instead of being strongarmed by them.

A disenfranchies Scottish Conservative party will just end up looking like New Labour

>Tuition fees
>Middle management public sector job creation
>Tax giveaways for the middle class
>Contracting out public services

The obvious reply to the v4 is control of borders or you get your people back. You can see why May refused to give guarantees to the EU immigrants.

I'd say one of Scotland's interests are keeping all the pakis down where you are.

According to the 2011 census, Scotland was 96% white while England was only 85% white. I'd say that gap has grown in the last 5 years.

Don't bother. We'll fuck you all out soon enough

Any other SNP-haters live in Glasgow?

You've been saying that for a couple hundred years now

In about 10 years when they have failed to get independence and beat the Tories

>not realizing that's what actually makes us friends

being arrogant and repulsive yet all the time self conscious about how to others view us is a very British thing m8

lmao @ wales

>no ni
every time

You're inside Scotland's stomach as she's pregnant with you.

>ni is always left out or bullied

Labour's fucked in England, but Corbyn May play better in Scotland. The Scots know that independence is off the cards. It's union with the UK or EU. The SNP won't give an independence option for fear of splitting the vote. The SNP are taking the piss out of them and the smart ones know it.
If Corbyn had gone with his instincts and supported leave Labour would be riding high.

I want to have sex with Wales

Corbyn's core support (delusional urban middle class 20-somethings) are rabidly pro-EU.

He doesn't need the Labour party to do well, he just needs the Momentum crew to keep voting for him.

>Scotlands survival
>Votes for a party that will bankrupt Scotland and throw it up for annexation by the EU

Yeah, great "survival instinct" dickhead.

>annexation by the EU
pls no

>Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic

wow its fucking nothing!

> Urge to invade intensifies

>Urge to invade intensifies

>Urge to invade intensifies

But Labour traditional support, as we saw from the vote is leave. The 20 something's Will drop off as always when something more exciting comes up, or they enter the real world. If he wins this vote he will need to look to the future. He shares a lot of core policy with the SNP. He needs a foothold back in Scotland, but that will cost the SNP.


>Urge to invade intensifies

But if he'd gone full leave he'd probably lose this leadership election.





Doing pretty well, lad. Look at all the benefits we get - even if a fraction of them are stripped away, the country's financials look a hell of a lot better.

>Free tuition
>Free prescriptions
>Free social care
>Council tax freeze
>Free parking in major cities to promote spending

I mean come on. You jelly or something?

Maybe maybe not. The surge of support for delivering a major Labour victory, would probably have removed any attempt to challenge him.

Fuck sake lads, I just slept 13 hours.
Did I miss the end of the world or anything?
Has brexit happened yet?
How many Americans died?

No sexualizing the dragon.



You think the EU is going to subsidise all of that?

I'm surprised people on brit pol would support the Emperor and the Imperium.

You do know the Emperor was completely against religion and was mostly for science, technology and understanding? That goes entirely against Cred Forums.

The Emperor also wiped out all nations on Terra (Earth) during the Unification Wars including what remained of the UK (called Albion implying it was split up at that point).

>biggest deficit in Europe

>Free tuition
>mfw teachers used to give us advise to turn traitor and get irish passports so that we could get free uni in scotland


Oh kiltcucks are one of the most delusional peoples in Europe. It will be fun to watch all that """"free"""" stuff disappear once you leave. Maybe the EU can provide you with gibs once you get annexed.

My fucking sides it's actually real.

Bomb in Germany by syrian suicide man, BBC reported it as if the syrian was the victim.
26 dead in New York from bomb

For the greater good

for anyone that missed it

>I'm surprised people on brit pol would support the Emperor and the Imperium.

The Emperor waged a war against degeneracy, stagnation and impurity. Xenos out etc.

>You do know the Emperor was completely against religion and was mostly for science, technology and understanding?

You can tell the game was made by neckbeards.

>The Emperor also wiped out all nations on Terra

Who were barbaric techo-nations that didn't resemble modern Earth at all. Emperor did the right thing.

Glad I`m on the other side of the pond tbqh

>Bomb in Germany by syrian suicide man, BBC reported it as if the syrian was the victim

Nah, the PLP triggered the contest on the back of the referendum result and his lacklustre performance for remain.

They would never have let him get away with openly campaigning to leave without a challenge, and a lot of the Momentum types wouldn't have his back after that.




>Armenian Genocide: Hollywood Edition

>Wake up
>Start watching some Fawlty Towers
>All the stupid and embarrassing stuff I did during Secondary School pops into my head

Fuck me, it's too early for this.

> tfw still Mhairi edition.


Did you miss
>even if a fraction of them are stripped away, the country's financials look a hell of a lot better.

I honestly don't like getting labelled with the rest of the frogposters and the extreme right Americans etc.
I come on here because i'm sick of political correctness and the far left agenda.
I'm not a fucking white supremacist or hateful. I'm just fucking angry and sick of society.
Cred Forums is somewhere where I can say what I want without being shunned

This is all Constantine X's fault

I feel you brother


>Tfw used my (((free))) university to get a good job in England

Hahaha, gonna be fun watching that ship sink user the weight of its own retarded crew

>just a fraction
Don`t worry, England will always be there to pay for you.

Guess you cucks are wrong.

>I'm not a fucking white supremacist

So wait, Scotland gets all this shit for """"free"""" and you guys are happy about this...?

You're happy paying for our free social care, education, fucking CAR PARKING, and the fact that we've frozen council tax behind inflation since 2004..?

Fucking lol lads.


Bit out of date on the oil la

>9% deficit

Friendship ain`t free.
London pays for all of us anyway.

>all of that meme production
>bigger budget defect than greece

Oil wont last forever either.

Please fuck off jocks and leave so we can give the grateful Welsh more gibs.


>5.4 million people don't pay for prescriptions
>500k older people don't pay for social care (up to £350 PER DAY)
>Council tax PER PROPERTY currently £300 behind

All we need is for ONE of these to be taken out and watch as our deficit dies.

Stop stirring shit

>London pays for all of us anyway.
Fair point, I agree.

London is to England as England is to Scotland

When is May gonna do something truly based?

I don`t think you`ve thought this through desu

Explain lad

>Only because England picks up most of the tab

No, they aren't happy, Scotland is going to find itself really dropped into the shit if their patience ends. Of course Sturgeon will just use that as an argument for independence, and further ruin the country. It'll be funny laughing from England if that happens, and seeing England refuse to take Scotland back.

If it were that simple it would have happened already.

It hasn't happened because we're being subsidised by the EU farming grant and from London.

If push comes to shove, that shit is out.

Do you not understand?

>fuck, this thread

Half the country despised the last person that sorted it out.

And it'll happen again, probably. 40 years of great benefits for living in Scotland is easily worth the 5 of shit we'll be in when we get independence m8

now THIS is shitposting

i don't remember signing this.....

True. Scotland would be very prosperous after 5 years.

Probably never. She's like a scared child that was thrown in charge, she doesn't know what to do except buy enough time for her cabinet to deal with the shit she's found herself in.

>tfw thinking of doing a year abroad to America
Yeah, not doing that shit

It's pretty insane out there

An independent Scotland in 5 years will surpass England as an economic power.

>tfw feckless


What do lads


>Click on that
>Purple Aki report in the little side window

These stories were always good for a laugh or scaring younger kids in primary and secondary school.

An independent Scotland in 5 years will own all of China AND Brazil.

[bagpipes intensify]

pls no, I dont wanna leave the UK, I dont know why people here hate it so much

>Nine (9) (IX) percent deficit

>An independent Scotland in 5 years will surpass England as an economic power.

wow the comments on this video are really uplifting :D

>thrown in charge

Yeah that's how I remember it.


>Reminder to young viewers that "virginity" does not exist and is only a social construct :)

>Scotland owns Brazil
>after 2 years goes bankrupt
>Begs England to annex them again
>Brazil now a part of the UK

Do it you absolute madman,these savages are in dire need of English rule

t.totally not a cuck

>An independent Scotland in 5 years will surpass England as an economic power.

So I was recently given a yank flag on another thread

Testing to see if that applies here

poor attempt yank, your sort isn't welcome here

Serves you right for getting cheap-ass Plusnet.

N-no, I swear I'm not a yank

>EU flags next to their names

Better next to their name than atop their Parliament.

Photo of BBC1 right now with today's paper.
If you really care to prove it.

Who here would support a manned border with London?

Dublin for Sam!

I'd rather support a purge to be honest lad.

Also a good choice.

Is there ever any chance of Hong Kong returning to us, lads?

Speaking as a white-flight Londoner who fled as a child, I'd love to retake it some day.

We could always just take it.

why would she bring back grammar schools if this were true, something even thatcher was too scared to do?

I feel you on this.

Can't we just be cultural imperialists? I'm honestly filled with the best of intentions with my desire for us to take back the colonies. It's for their own good.

Aye lad it will

Scotland becomes the new Switzerland

England becomes the new former Yugoslavia.

Where did you move to?

>watching Points of View
>people are complaining that Antiques Roadshow now uses a 'film' framerate
Pensioners confirmed for non console plebs

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHABABBA I would like to watch that play out, because I hate the English.

let me guess
>muh irish heritage

> shilling for the telegraph much

Rural Home Counties, unlike the rest of the cockneys who went to Essex. Can't complain.

What language you speaking there tyrone?

He's right in a way. People are too selfish to be sold anything that doesn't effect them personally and immediately. Sad !

We're one of the three least integrated EU states.

If Race and culture don't matter then they are worse than niggers. At least niggers know they are niggers.

>If bins and hospitals is all they care about there is only one solution for them

>even norway and switzerland are cucked by the eu
also i find it strange that sweden for example kept their old currency

They purposefully miss out on certain requirements.

>tfw live in London and all you country plebs hate me for it.

>caramel freddo
>not a taz bar


>shit air
>surrounded by homeless
>surrounded by coons
well jelly lad, living there during uni was enough for me

>shit air
you get used to it
>Surrounded by Homless
only really in the centre, and even then it's not crazily high
>Surrounded by Coons
Poor whites are a bigger problem then blacks.


wow her eyes.

Dude, you stole my dog pic, I am Freddo + Doggo OP

Eliza McCartney is Kiwi crush.

Pls be my ai gf

>Poor whites are a bigger problem then blacks.

Wait, they took Guam from us?

>tfw stressed as fuck

We aren't stopping there, bud.


Fresh Doggo pic.

>Poor whites are a bigger problem then blacks

Where will we end up?
EEA, Customs Union, or Council of Europe only?


As someone who speaks some Irish Gaelic this triggers me. It's meant to be Mairi. Mhairi is a vocative/genative form and pronounced like "vari"

I honestly reckon Council of Europe only.

>taboo topics
>sex, religion and politics are taboo topics


Is this confusing on purpose?

Norman faggot your speaking my language

>the absolute state of those who fled to America

I can imagine this being true in some places.

All the nice white people realise the houses they bought years ago are now worth a fortune, and leave to escape a rough area.

Minorities buy the houses that are cheaper than average because of the poor neighbourhood but they are least respectable mortgage paying home owners.

Locality is now one where people cross the streets to avoid intimidating white youths.

Scots fucked up Irish with their Rabbie Burns speak the same way they fucked up English.

Truly False Gaels.

Bloody Gaels! They ruined Gaelic!

Could you bomb Berlin again?

Bomber Harris?

Are you here?

Save yourself Fritz.

Scots are Gaels in the same way the English are Germanic.

Ah so it's another Scotland v England thread.

Tfw you won the bonus ball of the lottery of life and were born Scottish

>Bravest feat in the history of the British Army

>Conquerors and enforcers of the British Empire

>Loathed by the English and loved the world over

>'Master Race' commanders

>Made the majority of the RN command, made most of the ships and cannon
>Destroyed the White House
>Won the second war of independence
>Colonised and governed India
>Beat the Spanish at trafalgar under Nelson
>Scots regiments turned the tide at Waterloo
>Militarism seen as a heroic deed and not a scoundrel's last resort (as it was in England)
>Pioneers, missionaries, inventors, conquerors, rulers

Can't make this shit up

>>President of Slovakia says the V4 group will 'Veto' any deal with the UK that doesn't protect freedom of work

Absolute cunts. We shouldn't let these irrelevant countries threaten us like that

u fink that's gon do anfink but crash their ship harder and take us out more completely?
dont wuwwy mayt

Fled to America 350 years after the fall of the kingdom.

We some slow runners here

pay up bitch boy

Your women are hot

Why is this thread so slow? Where is everyone?

Why must you make us all look like tremendous cunts.

Pretty sure Mhairi Black is a lesbian my dudes

who's watching songs of praise now

OP put everyone off with his shit thread.

The next one will be better.

Favourite town in the UK?

>can't make this shit up
Makes shit up


>Whatever happened to the central ground?
>Britain is both Conservative and conservative
>Britain is not left and right, but split into 8 political tribes

Which are you, Cred Forums? You for "Are Britain"? I'm free liberal myself desu.

Leftists not welcome here.

Mine :^)

Post an attractive Anglo women. If you can.


fuck off you inbred nip
this triggers you more than it does me buddy-o
being a cunt to everyone else with impunity is the highest office of existence, cunt

The link didn't work sorry guys can't post the test


But we are.

>tfw i've been to a few house parties with Mhairi Black

you don't want that sort of thing in your life, lad



She voted leave too.

Do you still have contact?

Fuck off

Fuck this.
Someone else make a new thread.


What was she like?


Go here, sick of this bitter Scottish cunt


I don't want any more of this shit

Yes delete your post pussy.

Don't split the thread.

You're the one making dumb threads you know people don't like.
Kill yourself.

Didn't realize you were an Angus Mcbeef mate.


Why are countries that don't want economic migrants in their country fighting tooth and nail to be economic migrants in ours?


She's married to a Jew.




I'd never really interact with her she was more a friend of a friend but I'm sure if the guy who knew her had another party she'd show up though. She's probably pretty worried about getting too messed up at stuff like house parties because everything she says that gets out of a party gets used against her

TOP tier youtuber desu
If I'm remembering it right she turned up to the party I met her at in jogging gear with a bottle of vodka so nothing too out of the ordinary for people in Glasgow

Quit posting that ugly bitch


Link directly.

>pay up bitch boy
>czech republic