Today is Her Birthday

September 18 marks the one year anniversary of our beautiful Frost Maiden coming into existence.

You haven't forgotten, right user?

Happy Birthday Winter-Chan!

Last year's winter wasn't so great, but the sun activity cycle is entering a "dormant" phase which could mean slight climate cooling. Let It Snow

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I shall now proceed to turn this thread NSFW.

"Winter is coming"


Don't be like that user

I hope it's a cold winter this year.

El nino year too.


Winter-chan, please give us a real winter.
I can't deal with this hot shit, I grow up in a city where we always had like 4° maximum in summer.

Now look at this shit. Its so hot here, I think I will leave & become a Russian, because they at least have snow.

Fuck.afrom the thumbnail I thpught it was Rose.
Fuck this feel.Fuck

OP here, I won't be able to post anything for the next 3-4 hours, keep the posts coming and the thread alive. I'll come back with some good stuff later.

Let it snow.

Got you covered.


>sharing some of the creations of anons from a year ago

Gods of Europe by user

"Gods of Europe hear our plea
Freeze this land from sea to sea
Make this land a frozen waste
So the muslim horde will leave with haste
Sons of Europe can survive the cold
So bring us back the winters of old
May the icy wind be hard like Fenrir's bite
Kill all the muslims, both sunni and shi'ite
Make all the land white, just like our skin
Mother Europa, protect us, your kin."

B-but today i-is chile day, -r-right?


Winter chan dont fail us again!
Let it snow!

>another poem by user

"Once great and mighty, hear our plea
Bring us a winter as harsh as can be
Spare us no mercy our grim gods of old
Cover our Europe in ice and in cold

Ukko of Finland hear our cries
Lend us your strength in these dire times

Cailleach Bheur goddess of Celts
Look at your sons, alba gu brath!

Septentrio and Boreas, winds of the north
Blow the invaders back from our homes

Skadi of Northlands answer our call
Lend us your power and let us stand tall

Grim Morana from the darkest East
Send forth your hailstorms, send forth your beasts

By snow and by cold, by hail and by ice
Freeze over the muslims, we'll pay you our price
Our ancestors old, hear us once more
Answer your sons, let Winter-Chan grow!"


Anyone lurking?

I'm here, user. Keep going.

Oh, that cheeky Winter-Chan

Favorite design of the Winter-Chan flag

Several others I've saved.
I think OP should have started the thread with a more eye-catching image.



Normies don't know about her sadly..

but you are the "normie"

Ken wills it, child


Happy birthday Winter-chan!

>ukko hear plea of earthling
>bring us winter like the days of old
>bring the snow as high as man
>Keep us frozen from september
>"35c" until its april
>Cover the refugees in ice
>Let the wolves eat their flesh
>Bring us a cold winter

>Cover the lands in cover of snow
>Lay the banks on top of all
>Dont let us out of ice
>Until its the month of hay (august)

>They were watched by the eyes of ice
>Travelers with their iphones
>They had no clue
>Winter is coming

>It wont take long now
>Jamal Ahmed Ismet Abdi
>In darkness so quiet
>Cold snow covers them


This one is from just before Kek snowballed. Trying to tap into Pepe to enhance the effect of Winter.

We kinda pushed the whole kek-worship into momentum it is today.

another one

>"Winter is coming"

Good lord! Look at all that white stuff.

>frost maiden
For a minute there I thought you were talking about somebody important, user

Ok got a request.
Anyone knows the name or has the link for the ambient set some user used to post in these threads last year? I think it was on bandcamp and all the pieces were winter/cold related, had some wintery background, etc.
Possibe that they were all of one artist.

Keep your 3DPD forehead monster out of this thread.



solid flags user

Let it fucking snow

>snow will be here before we know it
>christmas will be here before we know it
i love this time of year lads

Sure they are. Didn't make them, though.

Bumping the request.
Pic for encouragement.

Found this one.

Come Winter-chan!

It is exactly this one.
Thank you, user. I tip my warm winter cap to you.

I'm off for a bit. Feel free to post anything Winter-Chan or even just winter related.
I still have some more images, but maybe OP will come and post something I don't have.

Cold the world, this shit is too hot down here


come winter-chan!

Happy birthday winter chan!

I've been having cold showers for over a year now, are you proud of me??

Don't you die on me


Not your exact request but this is a nice winter ambient track anyway.

>tfw the colder winters will be attributed to psychic energies and shitposting anime by the retards at Cred Forums instead of global warming slowing the jetstream

This is my prediction. I'm fairly sure of it, as you can almost always count on retards to tard it.

This thread is oddly comfy for the Summer Months. I've never even seen WInter-Chan before. It's just nice to look at Echi and listen to Dean Martin at once.