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Is CBC right?

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Almost, CO and I believe NV are now red.

With the recent events in NY I believe PA and VA will swing right as well.

Polls are all over the place. No one knows what's going to happen.

>GA a battleground state

Lol no. This is fucking stupid as shit. Savannah and Atlanta will go blue as they always do, and then get swamped under by the rest of the state because the GA senate knows if they fuck over their agriculture they will basically burn what economy they have to the ground.

It's something more like this.

I made a map this morning looking at polls.

Trump needs to flip VA or PA.

PA is looking bad. VA is where he needs to win.

Christ, is that how easy it is? Just get the dude weed lmaos in Colorado and the degenerates of Las Vegas and you don't even need PA or VA?

Colorado is not going to flip. Dudeweeds vote for democrats, and they've had a dudeweed immigration wave.

Hillary Clinton First Presidential Candidate Proposing to Abolish U.S. Borders


A Look At One Of Hillary Clinton's Early Scandals


Huma Abedin EXPOSED- Terrorist ties to 9/11 funders


BERNIE BUST: Only 150 turn out at Sanders Ohio stop for Hillary


Google Subverting Election for Hillary


Prominent Latino activist Tony Yapias charged with rape




Likes like it's all over for Trump

This is 2 days ago CBC for reference.
It leans left. Hard.

14. Do not argue with a troll — it means that they win.

14. Do not argue with a troll — it means that they win.

I am OP

On Monday the map will be 90% red at this rate.

27. It needs more Desu. No exceptions.

Biggest surprise will be Illinois going red.

MI, PA, VA, CO, NV could all go red. This is how I think it will go

Debates haven't even happened yet. Hillary will defeat Trump on foreign policy issues. They will ask about some obscure political leader and Trump won't know what the hell to say. His numbers will tank after that, and Hillary will win in a landslide.

73. If you express astonishment at someone's claim, it is most likely just a clever ruse.

Also, I think it's Trump's election to lose. As long as he doesn't slip up and say the n word, or actually go shoot a man on 5th avenue, I think he's gonna win, like it or not.

Things are only gonna get worse for Hillary. More health issues. More wikileaks info. More scandals. She's already getting accused of using a green screen in her Greensboro NC speech.

Michigan isn't going red.

Colorado or Nevada especially could go red.

>he is winning in all the polls in co and nv

CBC is correct. Pennsylcucks will blow the election.

Is CBC ever right about anything?

There's a reason they don't open their comment section on 95% of articles anymore.

>People in Pennsylvania and Virginia will vote Trump because a few people got injured in Manhattan back in September

The delusion on Cred Forums is quite staggering at times.

Hillary will face more damaging email leaks exposing her as a serial liar.

The debates will be "Mr. Trump, why are you Literally Hitler?"

This is a net positive for Trump, this is an anti-elite election cycle and the media shilling for shillary is just going to harm her more.

Trump has a solid following in Virginia, at least in the Southeast. No telling what Nova will do.

I live in NoVa.

The entire economy is based on government jobs.

They will vote against Trump because he fires people.

Also shitloads of poo in loos and mudslimes here.

Probably depends on if blacks show up to polls.

This what will happen. Im betting on it.

Loudoun Fag here. NoVa will almost certainly be blue. But I still think VA will be red because young people and poo in loos and Muslims dont vote EVER. We still have senator black because of that

Maine is split red and NH is going red. Not Mich but Wisconsin AND Minnesota AND New Mexico are red. CO, VA, and NC are close. Ohio is def red. PA is being a blue bitch

As of now, that is a very accurate map, but many light blues are trending red. Also, it isn't clear in the map whether they counted Maine CD2, which is solid red and amount to 1 vote.

If all that shit goes Red, I reckon Trump will pull Maine and New Hampshire

Trump is going to win Pennsylvania

This is a current poll and a prediction on a new current poll, not a stonetight prediction of the future idiot. fuck off to reddit

Colorado is defiantly going red this year.

We'd be leading trump by a wider margin if we didn't have so many lolbertarians voting for gary fucking johnson.

It's 42% trump
38% Shillary
13% for a failed new mexican governor

smoke the magic dragon type people i have no problem with people who get high just as long as it is medical and not dazed and confused

I don't concider people voting for dat gary to be reliable voters. More likely they'd get smoke up instead of going to the polls.

k keep me posted

please come home colorado.

We'll forgive you if you kick out california

Hey he paid 30k for that meme, that was his entire budget

Trump is ahead in CO and NV
MI is tied
It's possible he could take NH as well

>PA/MI confirmed blue

I hate this meme

>Live in Iowa
>Cruz won
>Implying Trump will win Iowa after shit he pulled on cruz...

>Trump will win Florida or Ohio

Not gonna happen senpai

We're trying bro.

But we both know Colorado isn't the state it used to be. Honestly though these recent poll figures are seriously relieving for me, I'm seriously starting to look at north Idaho/west Montana if we end up staying blue.

not quite
Trump and Clinton are tied in MI
Trump is up in NV and CO

>win like 10 states
>win election


rule 14
Do not argue with trolls - it means that they win.

CBC is never right, you should know this by now.


PA is not going red. You guys need to drop those hopes.

literally everyone in PA will vote trump except for the fags in pitt and philly and philly is like 70% nigger and they dont vote

>2 polls from CO in last week
>Emerson 9th-13th
>Quinnipac 9th-16th
>Emerson TRUMP +4
>Quinnipac CLINTON +8

Why the fuck are polling groups so incompetent?

Fuck you. Everywhere in my city I see no Hillary signs. Just Trump signs.

Trump just needs to win AZ, CO, NV, OH, FL, IA, and NC and he wins it all.
he's up in NV, CO, FL, and IA
AZ Democrat turnout during the primaries was awful, only the Bernouts showed up and they threw a shitfit when the Hillary shills stopped them from voting

CO and NV will go red.

This is what will happen.

>2 months isn't enough to swing two states who are close to a candidate to a candidate
>These states swinging wouldn't actually affect the result as there are enough states to win that are closer (aka nevada and Colorado)

NV will turn red, trump wins

Im a former smoker and a trump supporter. Hippie types fucking hate clinton they will vote stein and she will lose votee


Wish think.

Hindus are trumps greatest ally you fgt

Wasn't NM competitive as well?

New Hampshire will go red before PA, much less Michigan or Wisconsin.

Another 4 points in that national polls, though, and all of them will.

Have Mexican teacher friend. He is voting Stein. The only Hillary supporters are non-American foreigners and ばか.

he won Florida you tard

it will be a tie

>Wisconsin is red but none of Maine's congressional districts go red.

These things happen in a certain order. Here's Nate Silver's rating system, in general add the lightest 1-2 blue states to Trump to get a good idea of what will really happen. NH, NV, and CO are close to being red.

a) not a chance

b) if virginia is blue thats fucking pathetic and i would have zero respect for them

CBC is the most propagandised lying sack of shit news organization on the planet, with the possible exception of the BBC which may be slightly worse.

If you believe anything you get from CBC you're a dumb fuck who deserves his fate.

I am ready to feel my first female penis inside my asshole (not that i have ever had anything in my asshole)

Nevada, New Hampshire, and Michigan will go red. Watch

The sad thing is that she wins even without ohio or florida

Most of them are sikhs, poo in loo.

Ya exactly

That one bitch they pump all her articles TTT and it's all sensationalist liberal propaganda. I fucking hate her

CBC is trash now that they think the electorate leans left they lean left as well for dem views

Nah NC is DEEP red.

>if virginia is blue thats fucking pathetic and i would have zero respect for them

>being surprised that doubling Federal expenditures creates a bloc of loyal voters

really senpai?

Virginia is blue as fuck. It's probably not coming back for decades for any candidate that's not 100% behind the MIC and eternal war

>that's why it's blue

CBC is never right you fucking moron

Wait. Virginia has a lot of Indians? I thought Indians like Trump.

He probably needs to Flip a state like Michigan. I think Michigan is easier for Trump to win than PA. Michigan has been screwed over by Democrats more than PA has, they have Demographics that better favor Trump, and Detroit is no Philly. Detroit is bleeding population at this point, and Philly has a huge population that block votes Dem. Michigan is a real wildcard this year. Event Wisconsin.

minnesota will go red if more widely publicized nigger riots happen

Florida can go blue, lots of Hispanics and old Jews. NC going blue is a meme the MSM has been pushing like Georgia where if a growing minority population could push it blue, but only if there is near 100 percent turnout amongst them and a decent portion of the white vote also going blue too.

north Nevada here, we are working on it. Vegas (Clark County) is just under half of all our voters. if the rest of the counties vote Trump we are ok.

He takes more clinton voters for the most part. He's the containment candidate

I think Trump knows he needs to win a blue state, and will put all of his effort into them. After that first debate, he will be holding more tallies that he is now. Expect him to be in Michigan,PA,Virginia,Wisconsin every week until the election.

Wisconsin has a better chance, because they actually have a large Republican base.

Trust me. It's Colorado's Libertarian crowd.

Fucking idiots, the only libertarian in this election was Paul.

Oh look, yet more electoral maps done by people who are utterly unaware how the Electoral College works.

Protip: instantly discount any map that gives Maine's 4 EC votes to Hill, the state splits it's EC votes by district and Trump is 10 points ahead in the 2nd district.

>blue in 2016
wishful thinking

yea but Scott Walker is having some bad leaks about him

Philly is dragging the rest of PA down

Big Cities are a mistake

>Colorado but not Nevada
Nevada is closer to him than NC ffs get out

If Trump won Colorado, then would Nevada be guaranteed red?

oh noooo it's almost like nobody gives a fuck what their 84 year old neighbor mrs.peterson put in her front yard to show that she's "standing up to the establushiment!!1!1"

Get with the times you insufferable faggot

Try again, libs hate stein because she's an anti-vaxxer, which is like the words "I WANT EVERYONE TO HAVE POLIO" are being screamed at every suburban household in America

Trump is polling ahead in Nevada, Michigan, and New Mexico last time I checked.



>down by 9 point in 9/12-9/16 poll

Just watch OH, they've backed every president elect since 1964

Dudeweeds gave up on Dems the second Bernie dipped. Besides, most of them would rather vote libertarian or green over Hilary


PA is red.

What part of PA are you from?

They are right that she will need NEvada Minnesota Wisconison Pennsylvania AND virginia to win

seems unlikely

>tfw in a staunchly blue state

why even live?


reminder that nh, nj, wi, mi, ri, me, and va are all states where clinton is 5 or less points ahead of trump


I live in NYC and see no Hillary signs. I've seen a few trump signs. Guess what color NY is.

Hillary voters dont wear that shit on their sleeve.

I'm in Michigan, and outside of the university towns and Detroit/Flint there's a lot of Trump support. Blue-collar MI despises Hillary, and are enthusiastic to vote for Trump this November. Am I guaranteeing that MI goes red? No, but if it does, don't be surprised.

oh shit what's aleppo?


They are pretty close to correct.

I am sure I am gonna get called CTR or w/e but I have a strong feeling the reason Clinton isn't trying right now is because she knows right now is the last chance Trump really has to get ahead if she plays her cards at the debates. Leads usually last about a month and 2 weeks, maybe a bit less, and Hillary winning the first and second debates would give her an easy victory over Trump. Here is the actual best case for Donald that I keep posting and as the days go on I am looking more and more correct, minus the fact that it seems like a single vote from Maine will go to Trump.

i don't believe hillary will do well in the debates, shes trying to do to trump what she did to bernie and move the debates to inconvient time slots to minimize viewership because she knows that if she needs to rig the primary against bernie, she dosent stand a fucking chance against trump with out some shady tactics

She hasn't done that at all. if you knew how the debates worked you would know every single decision is mutual, even the location is mutual. They both agree to everything. Nothing was moved to an inconvenient slot. The crowds aren't allowed to cheer or boo. The Moderator is only supposed to correct someone if they are factually incorrect. The debates favor Hillary simply because the crowd isn't allowed to screech like maniacs. She isn't being shady about the debates, other things? Sure, the debates though? All public knowledge and all mutual since the beginning. If you notice Trump stopped crying about it because he realized it made him look like an idiot. Its like agreeing to go to a party then bitching that its too late. You decided to go and knew the date/time, don't bitch about it.

If for some reason you, or others, want to know more about the debates, check this website out.


We had this on wikipedia for 5 hours

>Colorado is defiantly going red this year.
This is true. I made that map a while back, I forgot to take this into account.

NE / ME almost never split their votes. It's usually solid red or solid blue.

>NC is a battleground state

When will this meme end

I agree with this map, but what happens if Trump wins NH and theyre tied in electoral votes?

I predict we're going all the way to Virginia based on that graphic.

>I agree with this map, but what happens if Trump wins NH and theyre tied in electoral votes?
If no candidate gets to 270, the House selects the President from the three candidates with the most electoral votes. It will be Trump, obviously.

Um, no the debate schedule was announced way before Trump even became the nominee.

Based wyoming is based.
Trump's gonna win btw.

If they can only correct someone on fact issues then why was Romney "corrected" when he brought up Obama labeling attack terrorism. Why was Trump "corrected" when he gave the correct BBB A rating?