He's over 35 and has a pet dog

>he's over 35 and has a pet dog

My kids love him. You got a problem with Professor Thunderpants, OP?

>he is at any age and he has a pet cat

Bet you like cats faggot

Dog cock is hot

Bitches love guys with dogs, it generally signals that the man has a stable life, money to spare and a caring, nurturing nature.


Canada let me explain something. If you're trying to shitpost, you can't try to paint something that a large majority of the world does as fucked up, it just doesn't work. It's like

>He's over 50 and takes viagra


>She's in her 70's and wears adult diapers

Like it's not funny. You're just stating a fact of life and trying to make it seem funny. There's your fucking (you) I guess.

many women love pets
it wasn't your dog that ran her off, it was your man child collection of anime waifus and ecchi wallpapes

0/10 dogs are great and only Muslims and spinsters prefer cats
Try trolling with something that isn't abjectly incorrect. Imagine if I came in and said "her face when you prefer sunny weather to sleet"

what if girl knows you have dog just to fuck?

I think this is probably the crux of the matter. I would bet that leafy up there lost his girlfriend to a dog and a jar of Jif. Hence the inferiority complex.

>not having a dog
>not letting him fuck your gf
Are leaves getting uncucked, or is that a proxy?

>t. Nigger
Cats are cool tho

>have 2 racist dogs
>keep gypos away from my whole street after i let them out to chase the shitskins
>taught one to catch rodents
>keep the neighbourhood cats away from pissing everywhere during mating season

laugh all you want muzzie, dogs are cool


Getting knotted is intense as fuck




Any woman that has a problem with my dog can get the fuck out

Dogs are the one true friend of a man, you cunt.

Also, checked


>he's over 35 and has an ai gf


>1 Post by this ID
Slide fucking Muhammed into oblivion

>He's scared of dogs and tries to justify it with shitposts.
Are you a muslim or what, leaf-kun?


>tfw you want a dog but you know he would just destroy the apartment while I'm gone for work

Not having a yard is suffering

If I get a dog I would make sure I was in a relationship first because I wouldn't want people thinking that I fuck my dog




I live on a farm, and my dog is a working dog.

>Not liking dogs

Full Muhammed

Stop stealing my meme you fucking emu

over 35 and does not own a dog is seen as dodgy here.

its the muslim stance on dogs that convinced me they should be rounded up and shipped out.

got my (you)

all dogs act as guard dogs.
however women like men with dogs and a man over 30 here without a dog is a but suspect,

I muslins can't respect the 4000 years old legacy of dog ownership in Ireland we should kill them

Yep. Collie/retriever cross, she's a sweetheart

Bitches cheat on guys with dogs.

Caring, nurturing nature means being a beta. Alphas don't care about other people, let alone snarling hellhounds.