Isn't my flag beautiful?

isn't my flag beautiful?

Ugly choice of colors

white mans colors


Its not very good. The only people that ever praise your flag are your own people.

Thats a pretty good way to tell its not a good flag.

It makes me thirsty

>Doesnt post oral hygiene gif

Nevermind what i said about your people. Its always (You) that posts this.

That's interesting

Our flag is pretty shit too, admittedly. I like symmetrical flags. UK flag is one of the better ones and I even like Canada's leaf.

The shittiest flags have words in them though.

We didn't give you right to talk, just give us booze


Where's your Vivian?


Really like the colours. Something like the union jack with those colours would be noice.

Yes it's very cute. Also thank you for your booze and whores, brother Eesti.

>burger education
Protip: there is exactly one color in esti flag.

thanks fellow soomebro

I haven't heard the "black and white are shades, not colors" meme since grade school, thanks.

You're welcome.

Your flag is sad... has no colors. Even more sadder than mine.

this sounds like something a woman would ask
like my sister asking if her selfies look good
>hey do i look good here?
>is my flag beautiful?
>pls tell me im pretty ;_;

>no colors
>swedish education, after the 14 year old refuggees hit the school bank. again.

This one is definitely better

US flag could be so much better, such a shame some kiddos drawing was selected

I really like your flag it's a unique color combination :)
fuck this guy

Finstonia when

Great Kekkonen-khan will rise from the grave to unite the klans again

Yes, but your attitude betrays the fact that you're a leafyishere fan, kill yourself retard fan

Tbh, I like it.

Would you like to trade it for our upside-down Netherlands flag?

very beautiful senpai

Ok ok... it has one color. Just like mine.


Yes it is very pretty.

Is it true, that russian speaking people are generally disdained in estonia?

There's a good christian flag.

Yeah, no.

Depends on who you ask. I used to hate russians until I got a qt russian gf. Most estonians probably dislike russians a lot.

also no niggers


Sorry kiddo, but this is now a thread dedicated to the most badass and aesthetically pleasing flag of all time.


yeah it's nice

It's really pretty just like you :)

I love reptilians in Christian, "Santa Clause" hats. Maybe the reptile is related to the Royal Family, a lot of inner breeding there, ya' know?

Belgium is a non country


Yeah you're right, that is badass

It is a pretty flag, the blue compliments the white quite well

I wonder when gook moot will let us have it as a flag for Cred Forums. It's the only thing we have going for a country

Why Putin doesn't nuke you?