If you're lactose intolerant, you're not white

If you're lactose intolerant, you're not white.

OMG what a total lactophobe, it's 2015+1 I can't even

>drinking milk

Enjoy your osteoporosis and acne

This info was brought to you by the friendly Jewish doctor who suggest you try the environmental, vegan, humanity-friendly soy milk instead!

>drinking anything but water

The picture doesn't load desu

I mean who was looking at a cow and said, I bet I can get a drink out of that

He need some milk

I am chinese and I drink milk everyday, can I be white?

What if I'm lactose intolerant, but only since I was 25?

Someone a lot smarter and resourceful than you will ever be.


this type of logic only works one way

eastern Asians are already honorary whites so yeah

The Proto-Indo-European superhumans whose language is the parent language of all Europeans besides Finns, Hungarians and Basque.

>Be me.
>Have been drinking and eating dairy products for most of my life.
>Great source of calcium.
>Have been involved in several severe mountain bike crashes over 11 years.
>Never once broken a bone.

If anything drinking milk prevents osteoporosis.

I drink milk daily, but I am not white.

There is no such thing as lactose intolerance. A small percentace of humans have a lactose resistance so they can eat and drink things like milk in their adulthood.

>not a single guy on GOMAD
enjoy looking forever dyel

Fingolian part of Balt genes betrayed me.


Butthurt negroid southern Italian detected

How does it feel like having your genes cucked by niggers by your great-great grandparents?

You're probably right...
It was nice knowing you all.
I've got the decryption key to all of Hillary's emails that are in the following dropbox and you'll need to enter them in thi

if you drink pastuerized milk instead of unpasteurized milk, you're not white

But you also blast explosive diarrhoea all over the street


How? Why?


my wife is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed aryan and is lactose intolerant


>this chart
>not bullshit

Milk contains too much estrogen.