Cred Forums meta - moderation discussion

Hiro said each board is currently allowed to have one thread dedicated to moderation discussion. Cred Forums doesn't seem to be making these like other boards are doing, even though this is one of the most heavily hit boards by shitposters and sliders.

Discuss how to make Cred Forums a better board here. The obvious one is that mods aren't enforcing the fucking rules at the top of the page on this board and this needs to fucking change.

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cmon you faggots, we need to make Cred Forums great again

Everything we need is some good mods. Regulars from Trump/Brit/Syria/Christian/NatSoc Generals. Few new ban worthy threads in a sticky like obvious shill/slide threads. Nothing more, nothing less I think.

Also, link this in generals.

New meme: Moderate Guy

A chill guy with moderate opinions who just likes to get along with people

having mods enforce the sticky would be a nice start, nobody even reads that thing these days. Feels like forever ago that shitposting threads would earn a several day ban from mods eager to keep discussion political. Now we're just Cred Forums 2.0

Trump 2020, Second Term.

I'm from the future.

ban aussies, problem solved!


I got fucking banned a few days ago for making an off topic post, it was about the Left vlaming Pepe and wss medium quality.

I know the fucking rules.

Kods dont care about "Redpill me on", "AMA" or fucking any threads that break the rules. FfS there was porn on here Yesterday.

Fuck the mods.

If I wanted that, I would just as well go to Reddit. Do not take away the magic of Cred Forums you idiots. I would however suggest removing flags cause 60% of the comments seem to relate to where the person is posting from.


Range ban the leafs pls
Also, note for the fucking jani in /trumpgen/: Awoo is fucking thread culture. If you don't like it, tough luck, don't delete the posts.

there's only 50 something days until things settle down


>Ban Cred Forums BTFO! threads
>Ban How can -------- even compete threads
>Enforce rules
>Bring back Awoo girls
I think this will just about do it


>Ban Cred Forums BTFO! threads
>Ban How can -------- even compete threads
I like this suggestion. These are Cred Forums tier one liner slider threads and I guess the pathetic mods on here need to have things specifically enumerated for them to moderate them. Oops, they don't moderate the shit enumerated at the top anyway. It should be added to the list at the top for sure.

it's nice when a minority wants to decide what's best for the majority

Reminds me of some group of people.


it's reddit tier bullshit.

....Or when a few think they know what's best for everyone


After the god emporer is elected the CTR cucks will go away.'s like they forget this is Cred Forums

keep doing exactly what you are doing

it would be nice if the mods would just keep to the rules. there are so many shit thread on Cred Forums it's starting to turn into a containment board or what Cred Forums was a few years back.

and the dubs bullshit. i know it's part of Cred Forums culture but the world was a better place with dubs disabled. to much spam.

i wonder if it is at all possible to stick to politics but maybe delete threads that have nothing to do with this board and/or 5 of the same threads.

block the word cuck.

man, it feels like every time i go to this board, open the door, get on the floor. everybody dance the dinosaur.

Why don't you participate in the fucking thread if you don't want someone else to decide how the board is moderated

Since the Cred Forumsocaust, I really think Cred Forums has improved tremendously. I don't EVER want flags or IDs to be removed (as long as its just temp ids). There was too much shitposting and "jidf detected" going on before.

I honestly just want threads that post a single twitter comment with "really makes you think" to be purged.


>Ban Milo Threads.

He has a company spamming both pro and anti-milo threads. Shit's outta hand.

And the fucking Leaf..

Cred Forums Cred Forums already is a containment board m8

>redpill me
The sticky should not attempt to ban the most common thread and the most common Cred Forums thread on this board.

It's time to adopt a content rule instead, like an image board. Encourage op to have multiple posts without spamming.

ban all leafposters

Here's your (You)

They're all containment boards, user

kill yourself

kek wills it

Reminder that /qa/ is trying to get Hiro to do what they want, he isn't talking to anyone else on any board, just the /qa/tors, letting them decide what's best for every board... When they are a massive reddit colony.

>he isn't talking to anyone else on any board, just the /qa/tors, letting them decide what's best for every board
Wrong. If they got their way, Cred Forums would've been deleted long time ago. If anything, /qa/ is widely disregarded when it comes to the other boards. Hiroshimoot isn't that bad

Back to your containment board tumblerinas and faggitors

Because I've seen this threads come and go.
They are worthless and nothing will change. The majority of the user base decides what gets bumped and what gets reported.

you guys create these useless (though good intentioned) threads, which eventually motivates some of you to create your own Cred Forums or /new/ elsewhere. Until you realize, you miss the retardation that makes this board fun. Sure there will be a rose amongst the shit once in a while. But it is rare and therefore should be appreciated and yes bumped more than a slide thread or b8 thread.

But at the end of the day. Most of you don't report shit, get upset when you get banned (hiding behind muh free speech) and really don't know how to sell your serious threads better.

Each OP is like an advertisement. Some of you are just better than others at getting a response.

Let me become a mod Hirohit-...Hiroyuki
I will obey your orders, I will make Cred Forums great again!

>Hiroshimoot isn't that bad
Yeah right because datamining us isn't bad at all? Kill yourself.

>don't report shit,
>get upset when you get banned (hiding behind muh free speech)
I don't get banned, I'm not retarded
>and really don't know how to sell your serious threads better.
I've never felt the need to create a Cred Forums thread

Get rid of any of the mods who have been involved with the board anytime in the past year, they are biased faggots who aren't Cred Forums natives and whose bias in their thread deletions have caused massive problems and streisand effects.
Cred Forums should be left alone to run its course, but the mods delete certain things that have nothing to do with the rules merely because they're butthurt about them.
It's the kind of shit that caused both exoduses, and unless your goal is to cause the users of Cred Forums to spread out into the reaches of the internet instead of being contained (which containment is what Cred Forums is for), then you're fucking up massively.
Just delete CP like you're supposed to and everything will be fine. If you delete shit and ban people because you're butthurt about it then you're just going to cause problems and it's just going to come back to bite you in the fucking ass.
Newbies should never be mods.
If you can't handle the banter then the job isn't for you, go moderate some tame dead board like s4s.
I can't even say "delete shill/slide threads" because I know that no matter what, some faggot is going to take that as free agency to delete whatever the don't like and fuck shit up an cause problems, so just leave shit the fuck alone and fuck off. You fucking retards have proven time and time again that you simply cannot be trusted with mod powers yet they keep giving them to the worst of you. I'd really love to know how the fuck that selection process is handled, if anything that should be a thing, transparency in the moderation, if only it weren't a pain to implement and end up being yet another distraction. Cred Forums is supposed to be a wild, bloody place, where two shitposters on the opposite side of an OP shaped faggot can start a fight at any time, women and children should fuck off and stay home.
Basically, what I'm saying is that you, (((Mods))), should stick wth today's special.

Maybe after a certain amount of time, a thread can be marked with a different color of title text if the OP hasn't posted in the thread more than once. That'd help distinguish slide threads from actual content ones.

Also, banning "/pol BTFO," "How can ___ even compete," and "Really makes you think" is a good idea.

We've got to create a rule against spam posting.

The Trump General threads regularly get hard fuck spammed by the same posters using the same exact posts and responses, often posting over 30 times in a single thread.

Its bullshit and it needs to end.


Oh, actually this brings up one thing I did forget.
No flags
No IDs
No names
Final destination.

/qa/ knows they can't get Cred Forums deleted, they want Cred Forums posting as they call it removed, look at Cred Forums's poll going on rn, made by /qa/ btw.

And look at what's near the top, they also want thread IDs for some reason.

when i click there only an empty page with the word 'nip' shows up at the top

Can't use a phone.

We need to wordfilter KEK (and all its variants) to Hillary, Meme Magic to Democrat Sorcery. That redditor meme is fucking cancer.

Hiroshimoot should get rid of flags. There's no reason to have them if we have IDs.

Seconding the removal of flags. This place has turned into Cred Forums.

im on a laptop and i tried multiple browsers

Ban Canadians

All Cred Forums needs is mods that actually enforce the fucking rules and delete the retarded REDPILL ME ON X bullshit and the off topic shit.

Yeah shit like this would be a great way to end Cred Forums in a few days when people get bored of having to bypass the filter and completely break the containment to the furthest reaches of the internet. Do this if you want to see Cred Forums literally everywhere you go nonstop, rain of frogs.

Idk what could be the problem, it works fine for me.

if threads devolve into Cred Forums tier posting I don't give a shit, but there are too many Cred Forums tier threads being started that's fucking it all up.

Mods are generally pretty based. The times I've been banned I understood why and didn't do it again.

That goes for recently though. They were a bunch of fags during Cred Forums harbour.

Since Hiro the hero took over though, things have been a lot better.

Easy fix, make the wordfitlers sitewide. Maybe all these underage fags will finally fuck off back to r/thedonald .

Why are Risk game threads allowed?

It's both rollan and /tg/.

You're the underage fag who needs to go back to your hugbox safespace of reddit here. And I said the entire internet, not Cred Forums, you're a clueless retard if you think the spill would be contained by Cred Forums. Fuck off CTR.

Also all forms of Alt Right (altright AltRight etc) should be wordfiltered to Faggots.

We're the headquarters of the Faggots.

Can we filter Drumpf/DRUMPF too if they're going to mess with the filter?

I don't want a safespace I want the complete opposite. What Cred Forums was before the underage redditor Trumpfag invasion. Cred Forums has become a redditor Trumpfag hugbox and it's because rules against dubposting/spam aren't being enforced. Go ahead and post your faggot frogs all over the internet.

All terrorist attacks, war declarations, major political news and huge domestic reforms in major countries should be given stickies, so that discussion doesn't slide.

>Go ahead and post your faggot frogs all over the internet.

>wordfilter anything I don't like
>I don't want a hugbox safespace
Pick one, newshit.
Better yet just fuck off, you aren't Cred Forums

Here's a screenshot of the poll if you can't see it.

They already do that on firetireschan, you'd be more at home there.

Wordfilters can prevent boards from becoming safespaces faggot frogposter. Cred Forums has become a redditor safespace and we need to do something about it, if anything just to annoy the shit out you epic meme XD retards.

Aye, asian moot has been pretty based so far.

>i don't like the board's organic culture xD
>so i'm going to come in as an outsider and try to force the native culture out
Spotted the CTR kike.

Also no one is calling for a ban on actual content (discussion) just on pointless meme faggotry and dubposting that shits up this board, that's not making it a safespace. It's encouraging discussion.

You're just afraid of losing YOUR memefag safe space.

There should be a rule to ban niggers who can't spell worth two shits

>Organic Culture

That's a nice way of saying r/theDonald invasion of 2015. KEK posting is pure concentrated faggotry.

I love noot.

It's always the shit-tier flags that advocate for removing flags, how about you make your flag great again instead of whining to the mods muh flags

I have absolutely no life and come to Cred Forums every day. Make me a moderator and watch the justice flow like liberal tears.

-Enforce the fucking board rules
-ban all generals
-enforce bans on copypasta shitpost threads and reposts
-have at least 2 dedicated volunteers to the board
-enable sound Webms

You are free to fuck off back to r3ddit if you don't like the board's native culture.
What you're trying to do is kill the board, because you aren't from here.

People would just start calling each other cucks instead of leafs, amerifats, toothpastes etc.

It's pointless.


>-enable sound Webms
Ehhh, this

I agree on the "how can X compete" threads, but many times "X BTFO" Threads offer some pretty good discussion, yeah the OP is pure garbage, but you can have some decent discussion in these threads


I'd really like if we could have Political Debate threads. I've got a really good clip of Alan Keyes debating Obama on gay marriage but I can never post it because sound.

>just on pointless meme faggotry and dubposting that shits up this board

I Just wish the election ends quickly so i can mock Trump supporters relentlessly and this board goes back to normal.

>muh kek muh frog god

I don't think i ever saw a more pathethic thing here in Cred Forums

>native culture
>dubposting and frog pictures
I think you are confusing us with Cred Forums

>-enable sound Webms
good idea. been wanting to post some political videos with sound but never can on this board. also instantly ban any misleading video that leads to a screamer or some other shit.

Flag abuse should be a 24 hour ban. And I don't mean post >A fucking leaf and get a 24 hour ban, I mean make nothing but shitposts about other flags to earn that kind of ban

what we really need is active moderators and janitors to clear out the obvious shitposting

threads starting with "Cred Forums btfo" or "really makes you think" should result in an instant 3-day ban

it's also retarded that there are still "redpill me on X" threads even though the frontpage sticky says those threads are punishable offenses

>tries to pass off as a native

Fuck going full reddit.

This is what /qa/ wants.

Shitposting gore and nazi frogs are our only defence from the normies, we wont be invaded!!!

mods are doing fine fuck off


We need to revert back to the old flag system where anyone could choose their flag.

Why do you think moot changed the flag system here in Cred Forums at the same time he tried to destroy the board? We'd still have permanent board-wide IDs too if it we didn't universally demand a change. Some people like the flags so they didn't have the same amount of opposition to get reverted.
>poo in loo
>Sweden yes
>a fuckin leaf
>pay denbts
>build wall
>allahu britbongs
>ackbar germany
>white Argentina/The Falklands
It's much more effective to subtly damage the board's train of thought by normalizing shitposting than delete it and spread us through every other board. Every single flag has some meme that can be used to derail a thread or discredit a poster you don't agree with. Don't even tell me "muh banter" - we had no shortage of banter before moot's cuckening of the the most unsavory board on Cred Forums in an attempt to make the site as a whole more palatable to prospective buyers.

We are not Cred Forums. Forced flags bring nothing but shitposting and thread derailment. It's a rare thread on Cred Forums where shitty country memes don't make up at least 1/3rd of the posts. Let people select their flag again, hell even give them the option to represent their actual country of origin based on their IP. It's fucking impossible to post here if you're from specific countries that are often targeted for (You) shitposting and it's clogging up every thread. Let people from those countries post normally again.

Keep thread-based IDs, they're fine.

>we need more moderation and gayness!!!xddddddd

>Multiple 300+ reply tfw no gf threads up right fucking now
>Mods are doing fine


when canada sends its people,they don't send their best. They're not sending you. They're sending people that have lots of problems,and they're brining those problems to us.
they bringing shitposts, they're bringing cuckholdery. they're SJWs, and some, I soppuse, are good nationalists.
so i propose to make Cred Forums great again by not letting canadians post here, a canadian ban, until the end of this election

Sound webms are useless YouTube is better because when give right wing stuff likes

Fuck you, flags are great.

Or just ban niggers period.
p.s. got banned from /wsg/ the other day for calling user a faggot nigger.
> a threatening comment

>ban all generals
Then you get 50 threads on the same topic

/qa/ like it's previous incarnation, /q/, is always a bunch of /qa/ncerous kikes

>-enforce bans on reposts
Reading is clearly not your strong suit.

>lets give Cred Forums the final death blow turning it into reddit 2.0

chan has been in decline since 2007, its already dogshit, and now you suggest to turn it into dogshit with a little puke on it.

this desu

we have to think about how make more people visit this site. spread the word. redpilling online youngsters

>Cred Forumspost from phone
>use PC for other boards
>still leak Cred Forums

Suck my dick, shills.

If you want more moderation go to fucking reddit.

You are clearly a fucking newfag anyway.

Dude I'm pretty sure 90% of people on here hate us, not that I care of course being a red-blooded American but it certainly doesn't help that we just helped out ISIS bigly.

The Euros meme us all the time about everything, thankfully that Shart meme died but sometimes it gets annoying. We're lucky because we literally are #1 in the world, but God knows how Canadians feel on this board making a well-thought out constructive post only to get bombarded with >leaf.

I know it sounds like some safe-space bullshit but it really detracts from conversations, my dude

Yeah let's recruit more moderators to ban more people and purge threads we're not comfortable with.

That's totally not gonna bite us in the ass and hinder discussion like it happened on every other cucked-to-death board.

You're fucking retarded.
Knowing the origin of a poster is crucial to political discussion.

>File: image.jpg
> what is your thoughts on that?
> is - thoughts
I would have banned him too!

>remove flags

>A fucking leaf

Yeah because Cred Forums had absolutely shit-tier political discussion before forced flags right?
>give people the option to rep their actual country of origin based on their IP

>Knowing the origin of a poster is crucial to political discussion.
it's called ad hominem, you fucking retarded american


Also ban Cred Forums, Cred Forums and Cred Forums spillovers.

its simple, we get rid of the leaf


Don't forget /r9k/ and /x/

I want to change my flag to Yugoslavia


Cred Forums is probably one of the best moderated boards on Cred Forums since it's barely moderated at all.
Go to Cred Forums or Cred Forums, open 10 random threads and watch how quickly they turn red. This doesn't happen here, except pedophilia discussion for some reason. It's not going to go away just because you don't talk about it.

you missed the janitor application a few monthes ago

We can go without awoo, it's just Cred Forums raiding us anyways/

Ignore people complaining about KEK, praise be on him.

I say that more moderation would likely bring more issues than it solves. Like the Aesop the frogs that desire a king.



Only ones I see demnading flag bans are cancerous shitposters, fuck off. When I see some retard defending sharia law, one glance at his british flag is enough to get where this stupidity is coming from.

Pol is internatinal board and knowing who comes from where is relevant to frame of discussion.

Before flags, people would just call each other JIDF and still not back up their arguments pour refute the other's argument. Flags only bring more personalized insults, but Cred Forums was always shit. What this board needs is a mod that does his fucking job.

I disagree heathen. our religion is politically based and meme magic may be a cringy term it has its uses

>it's just Cred Forums raiding us anyways/

Naw, it's just people expressing their feelings through the medium of chinese cartoon girls.

2hu is the purview of /jp/ rather than Cred Forums anyway, you'd know that if you knew much about Cred Forums, leaf.

Make a Trial Board:


For kek threads and worship
For current conspiracies discussion (fuck /x/)
Stickies good gets for a few days or so
For get threads and Tay AI discussion

Mods I suggest autosaging obvious shill threads, mostly keeping your powers to control the catalog's content. And let us self moderate in-thread by encouraging the usage of filter.

Non-encouragement of personal accountability and the creation of safe spaces leads to loss of freedom of speech.

>and knowing who comes from where is relevant to frame of discussion.
No, it's called ad hominem you retarded fuck

>pol/ has become a redditor Trumpfag hugbox
no nigger you are just a little faggot who thinks hes being cool by saying unpopular things go back to s4s you colicing faggot

I'm fine with this, Cred Forums would become a dead board and /kek/ would become the new Cred Forums and the faggot kikes here would finally fuck off.

Speaking of enforcing the rules, what you just did violates the one about spam.

I honestly believe that Cred Forums is beyond saving. I have not seen a thread discussing actual politics/policy in ages, it's all memes, echo chamber generals, "happenings" (which are long forgotten by the next day - remember the NSA tools up for auction, for example?), "BTFO!!!1!" posts and invariably denigrating dissenting posters as jewish shills. Some threads devolve into feelposting chatboxes and those are still the more pleasant ones. The posters on here clearly have no interest in actual politics, which is a shame because there's a lot of interesting shit to talk about.

>KEK posting is pure concentrated faggotry.
you sure are an angry atheist huh? get rejected again? mommy forgot your birthday cake?

People that are angry about KEK aren't athiests, they're christians still believing the lies of Moloch.


It would be easy to stop most of the sliders and shitposting. Range ban the proxies and Cred Forums passes CTR is using. Same Serbian, toothpastes, and leafs in every CTR thread pure (((coincidence))). Also just range ban leafs until 11/9.

>implying janitors can do shit

>having mods enforce the sticky would be a nice start, nobody even reads that thing these days. Feels like forever ago that shitposting threads would earn a several day ban from mods eager to keep discussion political. Now we're just Cred Forums 2.0
This is what's up.

Enforce the rules, do your job.

We were a civilized board, at one time.
>I'd like to see those days return.


Just because threads aren't constantly made about something doesn't mean it's been forgotten, do you really expect a board to be able to keep up threads about every little fucking thing that happens when there's only a 100 thread limit to the board? Are you retarded?

desu i think this one was deserved as long as it wasn't absurdly long
I mean this is abhorrent even by leaf standards

If I was a moderator of Cred Forums
>All Alex Jones teri conspiracy bullshit would be moved to >All religion threads to >All globalw arming threads to unless specifically about what policies should be emploed to mitigate it
>And most importantly all race bait/IS/whitewimmens bullshit are getting deleted and the poster banned. Posts critical of BLM or whatever are fine, flat out racist bullshit that quotes anthropology papers from half a century ago to pretend to be credible is getting deleted.

Basically Cred Forums SHOULD BE FOR FUCKING Cred ForumsITICS. Jesus fuck it's well been beyond the point where we should jsut invade /po/ and establish that as the real politics board. YOU KNOW, LIKE WE USED TO

kek can not be stopped.

why do you refer to /qa/ as if it is the board that is creating the posts. you fucking retrard

lol just cause your embarrassed of your own flag doesnt mean bail them

I can see you burning out of that endeavor within a week.
Good luck.

THIS PLACE'D BE SO FUCKING GOOD JUST YOU WAIT! /x/ will be better for it too.

I agree with the first three points but the race baiting/white shit is what makes Cred Forums politically incorrect. It's not just a politics board. It's a board for discussing the things they don't allow to talk about in politics, like how to gas all niggers. That's what separates it from Cred Forums and such

thanks for you insightful input, leddit

I'm sure they're buried somewhere but when the the board is constantly overloaded with content-less generals, racebait threads and "Cred Forums BTFO" shit it gets a bit tiring to look for the one serious discussion thread that may or may not be hiding sonewhere around page 8.
Also, I'm not complaining that there are no threads discussing the exact topics I care about like you're implying. I'm saying there is no discussion at all because this place is literally r/TheDonald with some more explicit racism and antisemitism sprinkled on top. It's one fat criclejerk of low-effort memeposting.

>alex jones
>quoting scientific papers should be banned
spotted the kike

>Why are Risk game threads allowed?
>It's both rollan and /tg/.

I would guess that everyone just hides them, like I do. If people reported them it might get rid of them.

But I have never reported anything, and don't plan to start, because then I would be checking to see if what I reported was deleted, and I would get pissed when it stayed up for hours.

Also, my favorite threads tend to be off-topic, and usually wind up pruned or deleted, so maybe I should not complain.

>unless specifically about what policies should be emploed to mitigate it
hahaha, great shitpost, mate

>no discussion at all
Right, thanks for that.
You might wanna check out this one ite, it's like Cred Forums but with all the tryhards who care as much as you do about all those "issues" I think you would feel perfectly at home there.

>flatout racists bullshit

Ah, found a snowflake. Piece by little piece, eh? What's next, upvotes? Fuck off and take your pet niggers with you.

Sound webm's

I'll wait for my next chance then



Ok going through the current front page refresh
>Trump general
>I'm a transexual girl and..
Moved to or >Dutch people
Fine because it's about how long the work week should be
>Thought on -picture of Ann Coulter-?
Fine, sounds like a shit thread though
> Normies are getting red-pilled through Pepe exposure in the media
Fine, meta is fine.
>The emails hillary
If it was a thread about hillary's email leak it'd that's fine. But this thread is a meming shitshow, > Kindly reminder that all Abrahamic religions must be destroyed and their followers reprogrammed
Straight to >>tfw to intelligent to fall for racism
It's attached to a picture labeled ... it's getting deleted
>Cred Forums meta - moderation discussion
> Ask a Mormon Anything
>ITT: Cred Forums in 1939.
Potentially amusing meta. it can stay
>Pan slavic pride thread
>Malia Obama frat mode at Brown
> Before and after Cred Forums thread
>>Russians WILL defend this
>Can we agree pic realated was awfule
>picture of indeterminate object
Shit why didn't I jsut link directly to threads before? ANyway this is going to Cred Forums

Fuck I guess you're right. Cred Forums is beyond salvaging

Disabled sound on webms is done for security purposes, just like the scrubbing of exif data from images that are uploaded.
Again, the other Cred Forums has sound-enabled on their webms. And their mods are anchor happy on everything that "isn't discussion"
I don't see the point in breaking the containment of Cred Forums to turn it into something that another board already provides, which will just end up ruining that board and causing them to come here to fuck your newly founded "utopia" up in retaliation.

>Allowing meta threads
There was probably a good reason moot never allow meta, this may backfire.

Holy shit, good work mods

good call in pic related.

what was it?

How many mods does Cred Forums have now?

Do they have a guideline for removing threads?

I just want to see less blog threads and personal greentext stories.

>be me
>go out
>see nigger
>nigger nigs
>affects me somehow

"Why do niggers always X Cred Forums?"

I'd prefer just a "Why do niggers always X Cred Forums?" starting of thread.

>There was probably a good reason moot never allow meta, this may backfire.

hiro seems way more laid-back than moot.

but you might be right about the backfire thing.

I personally think Cred Forums is fine the way it is. I hide plenty of threads every day, but I also find lots of interesting threads.

Some other boards seem to have 14 year old autistic janitors on duty around the clock, which I hate.


>How many mods does Cred Forums have now?

moot always said that mods were global, but some tend to specialize on certain boards.

I once got banned for posting Kayla's ID to "prove" that she's a female, which is why she posted it in the first place. A Cred Forums regular would not have considered it doxxing, so I'm guessing a global mod saw a report and banned me.

And they say Cred Forums is a libertarian board, just look at all these nazimod hopefuls!

Just, fuck mods. If we're going to have them then they should be transparent about what they're doing. More (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST) and less shadow deletions. Old Cred Forums is the thing to shoot for here.

>And I said the entire internet
>Implying we care about the rest of the internets feelings.
You haven't been here very long, have you?

This is fun to do and I can't sleep so I'll do it more. Consider this my mod resume.
While this topic potentially has merit, the OP is straight up bullshit. But It can stay.


Shit, FIne, even though everyone in teh thread deserves gulag



Move to or Fine




Borderline but it can stay. Actually no fuckit delete/ban


I think it was a reverse racism thread. And not like a "We should discuss affirmative action" thread one where it was comparing black women to white women and everything about the balck was overwhelmingly positive and the white negative.
It had over 200 replies of course

If they can't handle seeing it on Cred Forums they're really going to be triggered when they see it everywhere else.
If Cred Forums harbor had never happened the world and the election would be looking a lot different right now.
Yet STILL people fail to grasp the streisand effect.

>they should be transparent about what they're doing

Due to this board being about politics, a more robust explanation (or even guidebook) of what the mods ban or get borderline bannable should be made available. Maybe include a text-hover object over (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST) to explain why.

And provide the same functionality this site gives to /trash/, make extremely spammed or baiting threads that were made on Cred Forums moved to

(or /kek/)

Make the thread-move known to Cred Forums, provide a link with just the OP. Bam, not only does Cred Forums spread to other boards and encourages board-multiculturalism (the only time multiculturalism works), but encourages newfags and normies to visit other boards and get their redpill too.

I'm willing to be Cred Forums is the fastest and largest board on Cred Forums right now so this may help

I tried reporting risk threads for a while, but apparently the mods just hide them too. I was actually worried that I'd get a ban for reporting (I have gotten small bans from Cred Forums mods for trying to report crap that they were apparently okay with), so I stopped.

If risk threads are okay, I want to know why so I can just STFU about them.

I guess risk threads are just MUH BORED CULTCHERZ now.

Holy shit I would love the old model for banning. I think they have it at 420chins still and they even get a party with balloons and shit.

I want balloons and confetti too, mods.

There is only 13 days left.

I haven't even seen one in at least a week.
If there was no interest, people wouldn't post them or keep them alive.
I've never even opened one before, but at least it's not a blatant JIDF/CTR shillbait "how can wyte bois even compete?"/"y u no like jooz, goy?" thread, so I don't see what the big fucking problem is.
Some of you are such nancy sissy faggot autists I have to wonder why you're on this board at all in the first place when the other Cred Forums already provides everything you're clamoring for.
Seems like you just want to ruin what this board is for and what it accomplishes because it's the bastion of the resistance to your globalist loxist goals.

I'd rather just a racebait general than an outright ban.
With a 100 thread limit, 50 racebait threads is too much.
Banning the "piggyback" shitposts might be good too. Everytime someone agrees with someone without contributing anything of their own to the conversation ("kek wills it" or 10 different "subhuman scum" posts) it's a shitpost.
Posts should remain on topic, it's already a rule, but it should be enforced. This board should be for political discussion, the only board that shouldn't be moderated beyond what's legally necessary is Cred Forums. Not that racist sentiments and the like should be banned, just that they should require more than a meme, the statistics and videos are ok when they are on topic.
And I'm fine with alt-right discussions, I have some views of my own that seem alt-right, but the constant alt-right propaganda spamming is obnoxious. It's to annoy the left out of here and circlejerk. Basically it's Cred Forums's version of gore spam. Again, this isn't Cred Forums and those shitty threads take up the thread count. There shouldn't be multiple threads with the same subjects, and yet right now we have 11 Trump and 9 Hillary threads, and they're all pretty much the same.
There is also 4 "Muslims are terrible" threads, and I'm only counting the ones that don't say anything else. I'm not counting the posts of news stories involving Muslims and using that to say Muslims are terrible, I'm fine with those threads.

It's fine as is. Just get rid of any anti trump threads.

Janitors need to be fired because they're not doing their fucking jobs.

>If there was no interest, people wouldn't post them or keep them alive.

and that's totally irrelevant. some of the most popular threads get pruned.

risk games have nothing to do with anything other than rolling. they don't discuss anything. they just roll.

pure autism like that belongs on some other board; but as I said, I never report them, I just hide them.

>I just want to see less blog threads and personal greentext stories.
I love the greentext stories

what annoys me are all the duplicate posts over and over again. I don't mind the silly ones like "like finland couldn't reck america in 2 weeks" etc, at least someone is putting some effort into those

>new meme
I want the mids to ban obvious redditors

>the bastion of the resistance to your globalist loxist goals.

Spotted the fag that unironically believes in KEK


wow, you sure are nofun

>some of the most popular threads get pruned.
So much for the supposed libertarian free market paradise that the ancaps claim this board to be then, eh?

This is a good suggestion. "Cred Forums btfo" threads with a single Twitter caption are the laziest form of shitposting

Spotted the CTR reddit shill that fears kek and actual Cred Forums

>muh safe space
>go away [current boogeyman]
Could you be anymore hypocritical in one post?

Try harder.

well, it's about god damn time.

fucking frogs, dubs, and all autists should be burned

you seem to be under the impression that Cred Forums is for politics, when really it's name is politically incorrect. this is a very broad subject

the threads you refer to as /x/ threads can be politically incorrect if they discuss information that politically correct establishment science won't allow discussion of, e.g. climate change alarmism, ancient history

winter-chan is board culture

pajeets pooing in loo is board culture

unless you are some kind of meta troll, I suspect you are very new

We have a very large influx of new "users" who are only here to attempt to destroy the board culture.
Typical saul alinsky/yuri bezemov playbook shit.
Transparent as a pane of glass.

>Typical saul alinsky/yuri bezemov playbook shit.
>He thinks Government Agents are on Cred Forums with a mission to take your frog memes away

lmao take your meds kid.

>nod an argumend

THIS. Risk threads are dope, too, and sometimes actually have political discussion. WAYYY better than "Cred Forums BTFO"

How trite.

I hate to say that boards are echo chambers, but /qa/ kind of is an echo chamber. It's just a chorus of. PLEASE HIRO DELETE /BOARD/ (usually Cred Forums or /mlp/)

If we could block all redditors from this place, Cred Forums would be great once again

Seconded, some mods who would focus on keeping the generals clean would be nice.

No because sometimes those are clickbait titles on good threads


I feel like all Cred Forums needs is time

Also ban porn posts but they already do that well

Hiro doesn't give a shit about whiners like you

I'm not a fan of risk threads, but if other people like them, fair enough

I prefer to think of them as sad frustrated plebbit sjws who have infiltrated. talking about the board itself as being responsible ignores that


crazy shit how he dedicated his book to lucifer, was obysmals mentor, and shillary did her degree on him, and kept in touch with him

something smelly about that situation

It's just banter m8, there is no need to ban flags, I mean, when was the last time you heard pay dembts for a Greek user, these memes die like all others, the leaf and AUS = shit post won't die because they are true though, they are the source of both the best banter and worst shitpost in this board, and I like it. I don't even care too much for the shart memes, the pics are pretty gross, but so what? Are you really so soft you can't handle a bit of banter?

We're going to fuck up the board forever over the election season's tide.






also dont sage threads you dont understand, only sage the most retarded clickbait ones

Ban Cred Forums shit.

Like "what do you think of my country", "Best flags", etc.

ban leafs, seriously do it.

Cred Forums has had plenty of time and that's what has made it truly great now.
2010 era was awful, it truly was an ineffectual echochamber of (((stormfront))) psyops, but now it's making real waves, and you can tell who the newfag butthurt leftist cancer influx is by who comes here not liking Cred Forums and bitching trying to suddenly flip the script, echoing everything that the kikes in /qa/ cry for.

Why don't you go back to Cred Forums instead?
no it hasn't

How about mods that follow the rules? At this point mods ban you for reporting blatant shitposts.

You dont know what a shitpost is

You just report what you dont like like a fuckin jew

the shills will just pick another country to proxy from, and only the genuine leafs will be affected

Give me my nazi flag back

stormfront is just Cred Forums-lite without the humor

No-one wants new moderation. This is a shill thread.

220 posts and nothing on Gamergate. Speak volumes.


I've been talking about this shit with Cred Forums, what we need to do is blow up an hiro's inbox.

Well, what about it? After the law and order episode there isn't much left to talk about

t. roach

Suck it Cenk

you JUST rekt yourself newfag

I want mods to ban opinions I don't agree with.

THIS, the ultimate red pill!
Since there's tons of shills here, I bet the next post will be
> "hurr durr, who cares about 'freedom of speech' you fucking stormfag neonazi ledditor!"


Optional/no flags and sound webm.

>no flags
>and pol

How else will people call me a syrup sucking leafkike?






Cred Forums has more important things to do.

Saging a slide thread

Or maybe seeing impressionable teenagers from Cred Forums like yourself spew the same memes mindlessly gets tiresome after a while?

Ideally Hiro would cast a magic spell to ban all underage posters like yourself but I guess that would also significantly reduce the activity on Cred Forums.

I like the moderation here. It's perfect. And the sticky in my opinion is too strict. We can be ourselves a little bit more because it isn't enforced. Just look at the threads that would disappear if it was enforced.

nothing prevents me from using USA proxy but most of the comments in a threads are due to memestry related to flags. USA or leaf or aussie or roach. every thread derails itself.

*in the threads

Personally I never thought "Oh man canadians are the kings of shitposting" before the leaf meme, but I did think "Its completely different up there, their far right would still be liberal in america"

Also ban and purge "1 ID by this post" threads while it has >50 replies

>nothing prevents me from using USA proxy
>he bought a Cred Forums pass
>or he skims through hundreds of banned nodes for hours just to make a single shitpost on an anonymous chinese cartoon board

Genocide half your population and we can talk

So you want moderation?

no I'm using my brother's raspberry pi as a proxy server, he is doing phd in usa. ez.

You're all cucks for staying here anyway.

I moved to a better site a while ago.

If you're not retarded, you'll move there.

if you think any bonafide liberal would end up on Cred Forums let alone bother to learn Cred Forums basics and make a post you're just fucking deluded.

The meme started exactly when Trudeau was elected and since then shitposters have used Canadian VPN or impressionable Canadian teens try to live up to a reputation that makes them feel special. Just like all the Swedish and Australian baits you see on Cred Forums all the time but never fail to get replies.


literally has a board dedicated to CP, every ip is logged and people get wrecked due to false accusations even they won't enter the corresponding board




I moved to infinitychan. It's not perfect, but it's much better than this cancerous board.

Gee I sure wonder who voted a Nigger muslim liberal president to power the last 2 elections.

Ban people who ask for relationship advice, belongs on /adv/

Enforce the fucking rules that are already in place on the sticky, mods aren't doing their jobs

sound webms are needed

Mods need to ban fast food chain advert threads

replace the mod team entirely IMO

Not a lot of the people who are voting to get rid of him

Cred Forums is literally full of cancer

mods don't remove half of the threads they should

mods are basically niggers at this point, because to them, all of these shit posts probably are political even when it's one line of text and an image and that's it; then the r9k and b tards spam it with either muh dick or muh omega.

Allow multiple images

24 hour captcha


If changing mods get rid of the SJWs and replace them with Cred Forums vets who have been here a while (NatSocs and libertarians mostly), no newfags or plebbitors (I'm looking at you, /trumpgen/)

I like the multiple images idea, a lot of the other chans have them already


More than half of your country voted Obongo into the white house, faggot. Not even half of ours wanted Trudeau in.

What happens if he doesn't get elected? Does your whole argument falls flat like your towers?
I won't be able to see your sad fat fuck face when he loses to tribal votes and cheap feminism, but tell me how would you react?

Unironically this, remove the flags. Maybe IDs too but that is different.

>If changing mods get rid of the SJWs and replace them with Cred Forums vets

The mods are already Cred Forumstards or at least FBI agents who like to keep the honey pot as alt right as possible. I've seen countless inflammatory thread directed at the userbase get deleted, whereas you can pretty much make one directed at Liberals, niggers... and that's the majority of threads here anyway.

Flags have nothing to do with shit threads being left up by faggot mods which also get too many responses.

The occasional
Isn't that bad

bump limit is retarded, cba to read that much shit

very slow

humour is toned down to like 10%, but so is shitposting

interface is clunky

I check it out about once a week, they need a 4chanx for it

Underage kids like this need to be banned on sight. He's contributed literally nothing to the thread and just shitposts CTR, shill, and goyim memes. The board needs tougher moderation.

thinks politically incorrect means politics


nah, 1 per post ties the image to the post

it would be a crushing, but not unexpected blow, and an escalation in the current racewar/elite tyrannical powergrab

Are you kidding?

There are basically non stop "conservaSHITS" threads
Often with just one image and one line of text.

Sage doesn't do anything with the catalog. I view by latest replies and sometimes post count and I'm sure most people do the same.

>thinks politically incorrect means politics
Hello, newfag cancer, have you read the sticky yet?
>This board is for the discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topics.

>The mods are already Cred Forumstards or at least FBI agents who like to keep the honey pot as alt right as possible
Newfag detected.

Clearly you're not aware of Cred Forums harbour.

>bump limit is retarded, cba to read that much shit
I like the higher bump limit, but I see your pojnt.

>very slow
Used to be but it's better now.

>humour is toned down to like 10%, but so is shitposting
'humour' here IS shitposting. They get rid of it, thank God.

>interface is clunky
Agree, but it's a minor problem.

You're a special case, not everyone. Flags give us perspective and helps filter shills, i.e. keeps Israelis from spamming pro-Israel threads.

Our mods report to fbi/cia

They have no say in what gets deleted

Flag memeing should be left to Cred Forums, it shits up legitimate discussion a lot and proxies make them useless anyway.

>these quads have gone unchecked

I like Cred Forums well enough as it is.

rangeban canada and burundi

>and other related topics

kek, am I supposed to ask why burundi?

Why would you trash religion threads? Religion and politics are closely linked.

full of dirty niggers

>all religion moved to >>>trash
At least say /x/.

If Trump loses go ahead and meme America into the ground

It'll be dead anyway

make the mods enforce the rules and start banning
>Cred Forums btfo threads
>redpill me on X / is X redpilled?
>How can X even compete?

and it wouldn't hurt to target complete shitposters either
>poo in loo
>shart in mart

I would also recommend not allowing Canadians to start threads. They have consistently proven that they are the worst posters.

>I would also recommend not allowing Canadians to start threads. They have consistently proven that they are the worst posters.
What did he mean by this?

stop deleting raid threads, they're hysterical

Let's take an actual vote.

Reply with 'yes' if you support a rangeban of Canada.

If not, reply with 'I'm a huge faggot'.

I vote yes.

I'm a Canadian

Hiro please rangeban the canadians
all they do is shitpost

>It's shit but sometimes someone poops out a diamond ring
Shit threads are still shit threads.

Guys, get over here

I can get behind just enforcing the fucking rules. I'm sick of seeing:

>Cred Forums BTFO
>Really makes you think, huh?
>Is X degenerate?

they often get deleted if they call out Cred Forums directly.


>Newfag detected.
nice try underage faggot

>Clearly you're not aware of Cred Forums harbour.
Clearly you're not aware of anything that happened in 2008 let alone 2015, the year your parents moved the family computer into your bedroom.


Reminder /qa/ is one of the most autistic boards and anything they say or do should be ignore

Or maybe the majority of your group decides how you're viewed


Why am I not surprised?

We're banning you, faggot, and there's nothing you can do about it.

>>and other related topics
>Expanding this to mean Cred Forums-tier shit posting

He didn't even read the sticky.
>Off-topic and Cred Forums-tier threads will be deleted (and possibly earn you a ban, if you persist). Unless they are quality, well thought out, well written posts

Just because you want to be politically incorrect and say "nigger" doesn't mean you have to be in Cred Forums you can do that in Cred Forums you fucking loser.

what Cred Forums tier shitposting did I expand it to cover?


I don't understand 4chans fascination with numbers

Every time these sort of threads happen, it's always a bunch of outsiders trying to change a board's culture.

Cred Forums is mostly fine. Just keep doing what you're doing, mods.