Most popular boy name in London is Muhammad

>most popular boy name in London is Muhammad
>London's mayor is Muslim
Britfags, How does it feel when your children gonna grow up in a muslim country, educated by the law of shariah?

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Jew detected

but the brexit is gonna magically fix everything!

>evacuate loyalist from northern ireland and scotland
>put them in london
>watch as genocide happens
>london becomes 100% white and everyday is like the 12th of july

Should be official government policy

Hey Jew. Get your own waifu.

She's getting hauntered as we speak you cuck

How does it feel that London will never be a white city again?

how does it feel to know one day there will be anudda shoah and israel will cease to exist when all the muslim nations send the caliphate army to wipe you out

The easiest way to exterminate vermin is to contain them within one area

>Britain 5 minutes of hate thread
You could at least come out and put it in the subject, big brother

Muhammed is the most popular name in Israel too stupid kike

OMG yes. Then kick out norn iron.

>most popular boy name in London is Muhammad
but where are the proofs?

>implying the white British will have any children


London zoo, got bigger. What's the problem.


Pretty sure Muslims are more desirable for immigrants than anyone from northern Ireland.

>50% of people of working age either unemployed or in the civil service.

kek what a zoo.

London needs to be nuked. There is no hope left for the faggots down there.

Haha, good one.

I do not give a fuck. I want to trade the angry anti-nationalists for angry nationalists.

>comparing middle eastern country on arab land with 20%+ arab muslim population to Britain
seriously? can you even point to israel on a map you twats?

I am very sure it isnot pleasing and you shouldn't be bragging about it because you are next.

Also because your government literally imports Ethiopians

What will shitskins do after they outbreed whites, and first-world countries turn into shitholes?

London's practically a separate city-state at this point.
Fuck 'em.

You mean lazy dole scroungers who hate other white Christians.

>chie ID
Did Kek just bestow a blessing upon me? Am I going to see a lucid dream with my waifu?

>fenians still this salty

Israel is supposed to be Jewish. Jews don't call their children Mohammed. :)

Just like your side then

Grab your assault spoons boys, we'll retake london.
> Thank god I live in Switzerland


Nice meme

And now what possible reason could there be to hate fenians?

That's entirely London's fault.

It's always been a den of fops and homosexuals.

>most popular boy name in London is Muhammad
That's all of Britain, not just London.

>inb4 Muhammed and Mohammed are totally different names!!1

They sterilize them

>Israel is in the middle east
>still has less people named Muhammad than Britistan has in 1 city
can't make this shit up

25 אחוז של הארץ הם ערבים על מה אתה מדבר יא קרנן