Dutch people

Is it true that you guys only work 4 days a week? Wtf?

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Working class people here work at least 5 days a week.

yes and no

4 hours Monday - Wednesday, short day 2 hour day on Thursdays is the standard work week for almost everyone here.
Grocery stores aren't open after that, so most people rush to buy their groceries for the week on Mondays.

You don't work and just smoke weed al day.

I actually do, monday to thursday 8 and a half hour a day.



Not all Dutch people smoke weed. It's like saying that every Russian is shitfaced on vodka all day.


The higher educated people, mostly working in healthcare and education work 3 or 4 days a week. Woman work most of the time 24hours regardless of field and education.

Slaves like me work 5-6 days a week in shifts.

>annihilate 60 syrians
dude i can't believe you'd do that i'm very offended
>shootdown airliner
it was probably a conspiracy

Poor boy. So this is your shitposting day?

Why the fuck hasn't there been any progress in bringing Russia to court? Is it perhaps that the Ukrian and Dutch were in cahoots with the US neocons and are responsible for MH17 themselves? It's taking an awful long time Gerrit.

If that was true, our country would be a stinking shithole like Russia. Дeбил.

We care more about the SAA than some random civilians.

That was a joke based on stereotype. And your country is a muslim shithole.


Depends on your job and your contract. Full time is just 9 to 5 every weekday. Some choose to work less and thus make less. It's alot like everywhere else around the world.

second to Germany

This is fair

Stay away from the major cities and you'll be absolutely fine. The mudslimes aren't even the real problem, the real problem are the 2nd and 3rd generations of Turks and Moroccans. And the people I know who some weed on a daily basis are all low educated degenerate fuckups.

there are few jobs in north america outside of contracting and self-employment that will allow you to choose your hours. You can maybe only work for 5 hours a day and fuck around the last 3 if you get what you need done but it's not like you can go home at 13:00 everyday.

My cousin-in-law runs his own business over there and he does work shorter days. Then again, he is the founder of the company.

Only 2 days a week

No, I actually am at work. Next weekend I should have free time. Maybe. I hope so. Kill me.

lazy man of Europe

No, kill me.

Hey Leaf
How much does Maple Syrup costs in your local market?
I fucking love that shit but it's like 100PLN/34.20CAD/liter

What the fuck is this shit? "We don't work 4 days a week, we work Monday - Thursday" or "we work shift work"

Yes you dutch fuckers; compared to the rest of the work who are like "Yes; we ALL work 8 hours a day 5-7 days a week" WHAT YOU'RE DESCRIBING IS 4 DAYS A WEEK..

...dutch dumb asses don't know how good they have it. Stupid world for not adopting the Nordic model. Where's my siesta?

pretty much ------>

By doing a rapid count I work around 1400 h ca a year, not that bad


Idk why people wouldn't want to work more. I love my job!!

Pic related


How do they even calculate that?
Literally every normal job here is 8 hours (+45 min forced, unpaid lunchtime) a day. That would be 2080 hours a year. Even without working more than the 8 hours which is also pretty common. Not to speak about working more when you want an higher level job (dad worked 10-12 hours a day).

I mean some women work just part time because they have to look after their kids or just do it dor fun, but 1371 hours a year would nearly equal the whole country working part time.

same here im 'in the office' 5 days but usually leave an hour early on thursdays and a half day fridays.

It's average working time.

>The national estimates for 11 other OECD countries rely mainly on labour force survey results. Annual working
hours are derived using a direct method annualising actual weekly hours worked from continuous surveys.
Alternatively, for labour force surveys with fixed monthly reference weeks, this method results in averaging hours
worked during 12 weeks in the year, which necessitates adjustments for special events, such as holidays, falling
outside the reference week (i.e. Canada and Finland). Finally, estimates of annual working time for 7 more EU
member states are derived by the OECD Secretariat by applying a variant of the component method to the results of
the Spring European Labour Force Survey (ELFS).

checkd, dont forget the dirty surinamese


I work 2-3 days as a plumber. I could work 5 or 6 days and live somewhat luxurious but i prefer a minimalistic lifestyle.

3 days a week. Why work more?

i work 4 days a week. most couples work 4. a lot of people get contracts where they work 28 hours or something. so the average of the work force is probably 4. four.

Last job I had I worked for 4 days but they were 10 hour days so it added up to the standard 40 hour week.

Here in the U.S. many work ungodly hours. I just wonder how 4 days is so normal. Is that internal pressure largely absent?


I work 6 days a week averaging about 62 hours a week

good goy


I used to work twelve hour shifts in a factory. Plus I had to commute over an hour each way. I barely got any sleep.

I was miserable desu

>"I am a crazy workaholic, why aren't the Dutch"
>"phuc themm"

but why?

Because the Dutch PM is a cuck

>"I promise the investigation result will be made public"
>Investigation happens, despite Russian soldiers essentially live streaming setting up the launch systems, filming the crashed plane and driving away the launch system
>The investigation takes 2 years
>"The result can not be made public but we will get whoever is behind it"

Work culture in the United States is fucking retarded and some people are brainwashed into accepting it and essentially turned into mindless slaves. They stamp out any happiness you might have and tell you you should be glad that you get to work.

We are relatively productive in the time we do work. This means we get to go home early.

When I was in China they always complained about the idiotic work hours. They start at 8 and go on till 6 every day, sometimes even till 8.
Thing was that when they were at work they would just sleep at their desk for 2 hours. I bet those Greeks and other South European monkeys do that as well.

Fuck me. I work 50 hour weeks


some people in belgium work 4 days a week because of austerity. its supposed to be temporary.

Are Dutch people genetically more like the Germans or like the English?

I get paid very well. Im used to it now. It does suck having 0 time though.

But hey, Ive got 120k saved up. Do it now while Im young.

Im going to start my own business in 2 years.


This is true and very depressing. Working as a software developer, this is the dominant attitude towards work. If you don't live and breathe software, you'll never get anywhere.

We are swamp germans

I'm glad I'm not a burger if this thread is anything to go by


>"We have to listen to the people."
>BTFO by Ukraine referendum
>Complete radio-silence on trade treaty

>"Well, we certainly don't want MORE Europe."
>EU army close to getting passed
>Complete radio-silence again

Our PM is a self-destructive cuck, he'd literally shove needles into his dick if the EU asked nicely.

>I bet those Greeks and other South European monkeys do that as well.
Yeah, they work for an hour in Athens then fly to Mykonos and fuck their wife and then smoke three packs and drink ouzo for the rest of the day while watching the sunset.

My fucking sides

Same shit happening here. Where I work people are studying to effectively be doctors but for retard pay. There is no job at the end of it for them but they fear redundancy.

Might I interest you: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DAFT

Being a burger is pretty miserable desu. I want out but I'm stuck here.


People are studying to pass exams to become members of this organization when they are only on €40,000 and there is no job or promotion at the end of it for them.

Are Dutch grils hot

thats pretty interesting.

Dutchfags, will you welcome me with open arms?

Move to Svalbard and fight off polar bears or join a tribe in Nepal. Nothing's stopping you, Ameribro. Simply moving to another country usually doesn't fix your problems. Once I graduate college, I'm going off the grid and becoming a mountain dweller in Asia or South America.

Wait so are you saying that dutch people smoke weed all day or not? you are not making any sense

Really tall so if you're a Manlet you have no chance.

Mostly no. They tend to be kinda pudgy and lame.
Perhaps this will prevent home sickness though.

Some are stoned 24/7, but most aren't. I smoke once every 3 weeks or so. Going to get stoned tonight with some friend while we watch an atrocious movie.


>Fly to Germany or Sweden
>Hide your passport
>Say you're an underage Somali rapefugee
>Get a free house, money, and instructions on how to "flirt" with their women

I like mixed race indo girls with dominant dutch genetics. They are hot.
Bring money.

Kek. But all jokes aside, you cannot do that. You will be deported very quickly.

>bring money
lol, the DAFT treaty is conditional upon that so of course you need to bring money.

It's mostly women who do that.

That feel when Dutch and a non-smoker. Foreigners all assume I am some kind of junkie. Deels bad man.

5 days a week
40 hours
Also spend some time responding to mail and calls at home
Fuck I wish it was 4

Only 4500 euros, which is nothing.

Yeah, but you would be a fool to only bring the required amount.


Mostly above average for American standards
Also very tall
Only approach if you have a tall fetish and are not a manlet (1.75m and lower)

we dont mind white people moving to our country. Except if you start hating on our culture like zwartepiet.

On average, probably. Because women overwhelmingly work part-time, if at all... We're pretty traditional in some ways. Men work full time.




>Except if you start hating on our culture like zwartepiet.
White people aren't the ones who would be hating on your culture. The rapefugees that are even worse because they're a threat to your country are the ones to worry about.

Do you have to speak Dutch? Could you get by if you only speak English?

>It's like saying that every Russian is shitfaced on vodka all day.
they are...

Casual racism is part of Dutch culture.
And if you don't like it, you can fuck off to your own country.

This stat is massively brought down because of women
Most work part time
Some as little as 1 day a week

You could get by fine with only speaking english. Jist try to learn basic dutch.

Kk ibne, ik gooi de spleet van je kk Mama vol met beton.

yep turk of marokkaan.

heb je je vriendjes ook meegebracht, homo.

Half Spaans Half Nederlands.
Associeer me niet met die kutberbers en Turken

This desu
Racism is normal here
You don't point it out unless your a cuck
People say the Dutch average English is very good
Nearly every Dutch can speak a bit of English but tend to literally translate sentences so it might sound weird

leer een negert hoe die nl chicks kan scoren, cuck.

>tfw half Indo
>sis is also half indo
>stepbrother suddenly gets a Indo gf
>he normally only dates white blonde girls
I feel very conflicted about this

You have to go back.

Alsof wij niet wijven van andere landen neuken. Hypocriet.

spaans...marrokaan dus, lel.

Nederlandse vrouwen vallen niet op Amerikanen dus dat werkt toch niet

Nee man, spaanse kant van familie komt niet van Andalusië vandaan. Madrid en Baskenland.

Sorry if I sound like a retarded burger but what is indo

Avoid the cities and stay in the south, you should be fine although they are coming in waves. I'm down south and we've got atleast 20 of those fuckers in a 10 mile radius, luckily everyone here knows it and would (when shtf) kill them.


Dutch Indonesian mix. Eurasian so to speak.

hey, eternal anglo here. i worked for curries/knowhow fixing laptops and they run on a 4 day week. the days are long though. i think the dutch work 6 hours a day.

I have a feeling that explains Germany as well.

ok dan een negert leert een andere negert om blanke nl chick te scoren, nignog.

just like saying every american is fat

People with roots in Indonesia, former colony of the Netherlands. After America made us give it up a lot of halfbloods who fought for the Netherlands had to leave Indonesia in fear of being lynched.

Betray the country for cushy EU jobs

Mixed person of Dutch and Indonesian descent. Usually Indos are 1/4th or 1/8th or more Indonesian. Apparently they're the biggest minority group, but most seem Dutch so you don't notice.

A mixed colonial race which happened in colonial Indonesia where rich white colonists married into influential local families
After Indonesian independence they were hated and left

>White people aren't the ones who would be hating on your culture.
Except AMERICANS, white or otherwise are EXACTLY the kind of person that constantly whine about Zwarte Piet and 'muh blackface muh opression' as if Zwarte Piet were representative of an African American or some shit.
>The rapefugees that are even worse because they're a threat to your country are the ones to worry about.

Americans trying to tell us what to worry about are, as you're currently demonstrating, much more of a hassle than refugee scum who just wants some gibs and money, and will likely be deported soon anyway. Nigga you don't know half of how Americans in Amsterdam act in December when St. Nick and his helpers come to town.. They're pretty much the entire reason why a marginal section of former Colonial negroes have gone full-tumblr, to the point where they are now LITERALLY going to the US to study gender studies and other American liberal insanity. This is literally the fault of your fucked up culture, and don't you ever try to fucking deny it again, smerige kankerjankees.

Leer Nederlands of blijf lekker thuis, dwaas.


Well he is a beta cuckold who hasn't had amgf since he finished university.

Or he's gay and has yet to come out of the closet

Literally any retail part time job will give your hours matching your availability. Fast food too.

Good jobs less so, but still lots of part time work. Nursing is a big one that is heavily part time.

Of course you won't make nearly as much money doing that. Hence why the wage gap exists.

Keurt Neder/Pol/ ploppervriendinnetjes goed? Het zit hier toch vol met indos. En dan heb ik de neger van Venlo niet eens genoems


Waar heb je het over

>Je letterlijk drukmaken wat anonieme schijtpalers op een Antarctisch Kikvorsmannenplaatjesbord vinden van meisjes die je toch niet krijgen kan

Neger aub..

Wat de neuk

Van die blauwe pindavrouwtjes.

this guy is spot on. Although he left out the fact that to live a mid grade American lifestyle people drown themselves in debt and then have no fucking choice into working all the time because they have to many bills. This makes those mindless slaves even worse

nl zit vol met gemengde rommel

Je hebt wel trips maar ik begrijp er geen kanker van.

Uh spreek voor jezelf kankersukkel.

Wat een oude kuttermen man
Indo's zijn Ok maar hoeven jij indo's krijgen
Die zijn fucking racistisch en super conservatief

>impliceren dat er wat mis is met gezond racisme en conservatisme


>maar hoeven jij indo's krijgen

wat is jouw probleem?

Maar dan kun jij die niet krijgen jan

Wat hij bedoelt, is dat Indo's met Indo's trouwen en zich niet laten bleken. En dat klopt wel aardig, in mijn ervaring.. Molukkers zijn nog meer op zichzelf gericht.

>Betray the country for cushy EU jobs
Frans Timmermans already did this.

I'm guessing he's just a cuck, just listen to him being such a try-hard acting like onze Geert, but never actually backing his shit up with anything.

He doesn't need to be either gay or straight, he fucks the country every day.

Wtf do Americans buy to get so much in debt? And why does everyone want these ugly humongous houses in suburbia, when you could be living in a comfy house with no debt?

I might be an autistic Dutchman whose parents indoctrinated the Calvinist creed that debt is bad, but you burgers used to be just as Calvinist autististic as us.

they spend the other three days jerking each other off
This is why Germany left them in the shadows, they have a work ethic.

>bullshit overload

Dat gevoel wanneer niemand de platte benamingen voor de mensen uit Nederlands Indië nog kent..
Je presteert het om nog dommer en onbegrijpelijker te klinken dan ik in mijn schijtpalen.
Randstad en bovendien minderjarig.

DESU burgers that come here are fucking cancerous
Germans have harder work ethic
Top jej

Niet Nederlander zijn kan ook prima in een ander land dat niet mijn land is.

Don't you have to suck Tim Cook's dick to get some of that Apple© $$?

Your economy is a joke Paddy, and your women were and still are enriched by Anglo-Saxons.

It's college debt. It's gotten way out of hand and the govt isn't taking it seriously. For example, four years at NYU would rack up over 100k for me. Luckily I go to a good college where I have to pay close to nothing and will graduate with no debt. Fuck this country's higher education.

Wat een geleuter. Je hebt gelijk over Molukkers, maar verder zijn Indonesiërs met afstand de meest fanatieke rassenvermengers die je in dit land kan vinden.

>dgw wanneer indo's cultureel Nederlandser zijn dan Nederlandse
Zo is leven in Tilburg

>DESU burgers that come here are fucking cancerous
Yeah, because they think everyone smokes marijuana and fucks prostitutes everyday. And don't say Amsterdam doesn't market itself as such because it does and that makes it partly to blame. Regardless, ignorance is everywhere.

Indonesiërs worden gebleekt door de kaaskop sedert 1609.

>onder de rivier wonen
waarom doen mensen dit in vredesnaam

>Spain works longer hours than Britain
>Spain works longer hours than anyone else at all
No m8, check your algorithms and try again.

It really is ridiculous. Even if your lucky enough to get PTO, the pressure against taking it is so strong that it hardly matters anyway. When Europeans shit on Americans for not traveling I don't think they realize how leisurely their lives are compared to ours

>boven de rivier wonen
Waarom doen mensen dit in vredesnaam

Average working hours? Yes, they do.

It is true though. We work more for less.
How on Earth are we gonna pay dat public healthcare for immigrants?

Could be correct DESU
Actually working and having work hours are different though

I'll be the first to admit that. The whole weed and whores thing is a show put up for tourists.
The tourism marketeers destroyed this country's reputation, feels Thai man.

>When Europeans shit on Americans for not traveling I don't think they realize how leisurely their lives are compared to ours
Also because they're fucking surrounded by countries to travel to. The U.S. is by itself and you have to fly out to travel or just travel domestically. It's not exactly convenient.

Amsterdam is just a zoo for tourists to gape at Slav prostitutes, and to smoke weed.

Amsterdam is also a zoo for Dutch to gape at retarded tourists (mostly Brits) who gape at prostitutes and smoke weed.

Then there's the hipster morons who want to live in the zoo that is Amsterdam, and don't want tourists to piss on their doorstep, and want the whores anD weed banned, not realizing that it's the only thing keeping Amsterdam afloat.

Bourgers anybody?

You came to the wrong world. Bourgers are nowhere to be found. Burgers on the other hand...

Why did you plague our country with RTL?

Because our retarded government won't allow proper private Telecom media

Amsterdam is fun fun fun in the overcast overcast overcast

speaking English but using some words like "goedemorgen" en "bedankt" en "Een kanker Marokkaan heeft mijn fiets gestolen" will get you far.

wats that mean a moroccan nigger has stolen my money??

>Could you get by if you only speak English
That's acceptable if you are some temporary contract worker only.
Just don't expect street signs or even your colleagues to cater to you and switch to English all the time.

lol RTL .... we have to suffer through german TV you know

A cancer Moroccan

fiets is bike

a cancer(used as a more powerful term than 'fucking')-Moroccan stole my bike.

In addition, the people who didn't witness Fortuyn are waking up to this issue now.

>tfw Poelenburg is good for something

Thx for the dutch lesson bros.