Dear Cred Forums

Dear Cred Forums,

It occurs to me that I'm part of the liberal elite.

I hate Trump on a visceral level. I was a Bernie supporter, but I'll be voting for Hillary as the lesser evil, and I think she was right to call Trump's supporters a "basket of deplorables".

I'm non-religious, though I'm half Jewish on my father's side. I find zen appealing.

I've been in the Peace Corps and am currently getting my master's at a top New England university in what will most likely lead to a government job.

My mother is head of finance for a company, my father is a tech developer, my step brother does sound in Hollywood, my uncle is a corporate lawyer, and my stepfather is a city planner.

Of my best friends, one is a lawyer, one co-owns a chic cocktail lounge, and one is going into counterterrorism.

I mostly listen to jazz and noisy anarchist punk bands.

My last girlfriend was a black law student, and the one before that was an Asian nursing student.

When I have a stable job/career going, I plan to get married and have 2 kids. Given my taste in women, it's very likely they'll be biracial.

Also, I think most of Cred Forums are pathetic white trash that buy into retarded conspiracy theories and blame minorities for their problems because they're too stupid to understand how corporatism actually works.

Wat do? And, um, AMA!

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Nobody cares

Do you lurk on Cred Forums as well?

We are also pretty identical, I'm Jewish as well and love lurking on here.

>Wat do?

Return to reddit.

Nobody gives a fuck faggot.

Find a gas chamber and get in it please.

Go fuck yourself

Not a blog faggot.

what a nice story, say, would you like to step in to my shower? its on the house

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I'm actually a bit of a regular poster here, though my main board is Cred Forums. /trv/ and /lit/ are nice as well. I've been cutting down on how much I use this site, though.

What's up, friends?

>SJW liberal is also a jew

Pure Pottery. Or just plain ol bait for the retards.

Nah he's definitely a kike. Look at him posting naked niggers and furfags.

>not saging this garbage thread
Build wall.

Fuck you fucking correct the record shill.

Thanks ;)

>im part of the liberal elite

>rich kid

That's all what your post is all about.

Hillary is so evil that she uses MSM to brainwash you into believing talking points that she isn't evil.

Think about that.

There's no reason to vote Hillary. Everything she says is a lie, and she's a warhawk.

That guy's about as alt right as it gets

I'm Jewish AND a woman.

>implying any of the people in your picture would support Hillary let alone Trump
They'd be Bernie fags I've talked to Kieth on a couple of occasions too from going to shows and he fits the Bernie bruh mentality. I like how you haven't even told us why you want Hillary can you even give us policies that you agree with?

Yea go and try and get a government job in a place where blacks only hire eachother. Easy to be a libfag when you live in a white dominated place. Wait until you are a minority and your little cushy life wont be possible

This. It's only a matter of time before New England gets ENRICHED.
oh yeah, sage this letter to the editor

Well aren't you a virtue signaling little fucken princess.

Hillary Clinton First Presidential Candidate Proposing to Abolish U.S. Borders

A Look At One Of Hillary Clinton's Early Scandals

Huma Abedin EXPOSED- Terrorist ties to 9/11 funders

BERNIE BUST: Only 150 turn out at Sanders Ohio stop for Hillary

Google Subverting Election for Hillary

Prominent Latino activist Tony Yapias charged with rape

Forget 3AM Phone Call, Hillary Looks Too Sleepy For A 10PM Call After NYC Bombings


You're making a lot of assumptions there.

I'm a Berniefag. I support Hillary over Trump. I think she'll be better with healthcare - obviously universal is optimal, but having Obamacare (having an affordable option) is much better than not having it. I also think she'll be better on affordable education than Trump, and I'm sure she'll be better on environmental policy than an administration with Pence in it. She'll also be less damaging in our relationship with Mexico.

And you like showing off. The one thing certain is change. Who know in a year's time you maybe sleeping in a cardboard box.

>talks like a fag and his shit's all retarded

vote trump you fucking retard
hillary victory means TWO (2) supreme court seats going to leftist judges
not anarchist leftist or constitutional leftists, but the kind of leftists who will force their personal ideas on your way of life for the next 40 years minimum while disregarding the constitution altogether
presidents can be donors e and undone in 4 years, supreme court justices are lifetime appointments

Leave or you will undergo a transformation you can't even comprehend right now.

done and undone*

I'm a billionaire, and my dad works for nintendo, and he says OP is a faggot.

sage slide threads

2 edgy mane...

seek God, thats about your only hope....and I do mean the hebrew God & Jesus....maybe you will also find wisdom


What about our relations with Russia Hillary wants to start a war with them. Our relations with Mexico means shit they're a dying country. It would actually be better for them to fuck off so the drug trade in America ceases. Do you know how fucked California is currently because of Mexico? I've seen countless people I love and care about die because of shit heroin the bring here. Also
>Clinton caring about the envirorment
She supports fracking...Bernie called her out on that.

You listen to anarchist punk AND jazz? Wowzers what a contradiction! How we will every decipher the complexities that come from your varied and extremely cool cosmopolitan interests?

You sure do got a lotta good boy points mister but im afraid no one has any questions for you except "why are you such an insufferable self important basic bitch shitlib normie faggot?"

even Thom Yorke realizes the kikes pulled a fast one on everyone and is now embarrassed about all the shite he complained about from 2001 onward.

>muh Bush
>muh Tories
>muh oil wars
>muh polar bears
>being a leftist in the current year


please look into hillary's history she is pure evil where as Trump is just a spoiled rich kid
im black and voted liberal all my life but not anymore the party is no longer for rational thinking people
the people running the democrats now are actively trying to destroy america from the inside and thats not a exaggeration

america can survive trump it cant survive a nuclear war with russia witch is exacly what the clinton foundation wants
because of the email leakes its proven that the clinton foundation sold uranium to russia and other shady countries

If you think there's any contradiction there you don't know anything about either genre. See: The Ex

Trump is surrounding himself with establishment Republicans. Better establishment Dems who feel some pressure from liberal constituents than far right wing Republicans

Been on this site since '09, long before most of you retarded wannabe nazis took over

theres a reason all the rational thinking people are leaving the democrat party this year

do you really want bullshit

Yeah but most of them are goys so I'm okay with that. He's kicking your co-ethnics out of the Republican party so we can get all the enemies of good, decent people into one corner.

You CTR shills are starting to figure this site out 2 little 2 late. Fuck off m8. SAGE.

@89337329 (OP)
not even giving you a (You)

Kill yourself

or this

>Peace corps
>Better than other people

The peace corps will literally send untrained college grads who don't even speak the local language to go spread bullshit as vague as "business skills".

What was it like working for an organization that is a joke in the international development community?

>Mexico is a dying country
Literally has a bigger GDP than Canada and will overtake the UK in the next 20 years. The Mexican/US relationship is crucial and mutually beneficial.

thats nice and all but hilary is apart of the jesuit order

and if you dont know why thats scary just go to youtube and type in jesuits

>half jewish

>Jazz and noisey anarchist punk

Wow, I bet you haven't sat down and enjoyed a song with anything resembling a melody in years. Weird to think there are people out there pretentious enough to put themselves through that

I hope you realize that Hillary wants to destroy Russia and you are okay with all the consequences that follow.

It sounds a lot like you get your idea of rich people lifestyles from TV. Either that or you're supremely middle class with elite aspirations.

As a trust fund kid let me tell you: the elite spend a lot more time doing nothing over going into CT, opening chic bars, and become lawyers. Most rich kids either work hard and live modest lives or basically shift every day between "playwright" "photographer" and "performance artist". What you described is an unbelievably bourgeois lifestyle.

And if what you wrote is in fact true, guess what, you're still a Jew.

And being liberal also makes you not particularly bright, a curse in and of itself.

P.p.s for anyone wondering, I struggled with heroin addiction for three years before walking away from the rich kid crowd and living a humble life. OP is a major pleb.

>too stupid to understand how corporatism actually works

So are you, it seems. Since corporatism is an actual method of sociopolitical organization


I'm part of the upper middle class as well. No family yet sadly, but I have a very stable engineering job I've been working for 6 years that makes enough disposable income to race open wheel cars for fun. I don't even have any life problems I can blame on minorities. I still support Trump though, believe the bell curve is not pseudoscience, and recognize the threat the elite (((bankers))) are to Western civilization.

People working government jobs are generally among the most stupid individuals around. Same goes for the sort of people who go to work for the peace corps. You may come from a family of elites but unless you work in the private sector I seriously doubt you have a handle on how corporations actually work. Considering the fact that you are still in school, I would say you are the worst sort of pretentious idiot. You know nothing of the real world and need to climb off your high horse. Those "white trash" you talk about doing blue collar work may have less education since their parents couldn't pay their way through, but they likely have a higher IQ.

That's why they teach you the local language

Listen to Charles Mingus' Let My Children Hear Music and Amebix's Monolith. They're powerful records.

It is all factual, but I am the top end of upper middle class, though my uncle is rich. What I've described doesn't resemble your life because I'm not a loser like you. I've worked hard to get where I am, as have the three friends I described. The lounge co-owner actually grew up very poor, but taught himself to be an incredible bartender. Do the world a favor and overdose, spoiled junky fuck up.

Corporatism is when corporate interest controls the actions of the state. Apparently you have such a poor understanding of our political system you can't even grasp that.

I worked private sector for a couple years, doing work for a publishing company. There are many idiots in government, but most of the Peace Corps people I've met have been impressive individuals. Many are engineers.

>Corporatism is when corporate interest controls the actions of the state

No, it's when society is organized into groups, such as unions or guilds, based on special interests. Trade Unionism is a form of corporatism, along with medieval guilds. The word corporation comes from the latin word "corpus" meaning body, hence the organizations having...

Ah, forget it. Yeah sure, corporatism is when big business controls the world even though no political scientist or historian would agree.

If you were a Bernie supporter and are against the government being controlled by the interests of multinational corporations, why would you support Hillary over Trump? Do you care about identity politics and muh fee fees more? Social issues are meaningless distractions.

I would keep quiet about the half-Jewish stuff. Liberals are starting to turn on the Jews because of Israel's shit.