This is a upcoming Toronto Park in 2017

This is a upcoming Toronto Park in 2017

Notice anything?

I see a straight white man. What racist misogynist homophobic agency did this?

it's beautiful.

A lot of government sponsored prams

Muzzies everywhere
If this city was nuked I would not even care

look at all the hibeejabees

So diverse!

Park? That one small patch of grass confined in the triangle of homo-awareness, and sat upon by Muslims?

That is the ugliest piece of shit park i have ever had the misfortune of laying my eyes on.

a. l.e.a.f.ffff

that is really fucking dystopian

Muslims and SJW == Fraggles
White people == Workers

It's all becoming so clear now...

In my teens I was big into classical and once saw this documentary on Toronto by Gould made sometime in the 70s. At the time I thought it was funny to see him sperging at the degeneracy in the city and the developments in a new mall and running away to the rural areas. That poor bastard really was well beyond his time, thank Christ he died shortly afterwards tbf.

VERY fast immigrants assimilating at incredible hihg speed

It's another monument to corporate greed?


I didn't know Middle West was so greeny and cosmopolitan... Look, there are even English billboards!

what the fuck is that eyesore?
Please tell me this isnt a "park" where you are from.

there's more concrete than grass

They're using park like pavilion.

>glass buildings
>concrete park


Those are in parks though

Looks like a strip mall.

How is that something to brag about?

By no one's definition, is that a "park".
>Canada, get your shit together.

I only see arabs.

Lets just call it a Parkette

And this one is kind of tacky looking.

Whenever they try that colourful street furniture or sculpture thing… it looks hideous five of 10 years later, when the 'new' wears off.

Plain grass and a nice couple of benches and trees is sufficient… the park designers want to show off their chops though, so we get this sort of thing


That's why OP trolled this image.

that picture is disgusting in itself.
Its like mcdonalds and political correctness threw up on the 1950's.. oh wait, it did.

Sign on the storefront is not written in Arabic

It looks terrible
Why would you put a single triangle of grass specifically for photo ops in the middle of a strip mall next to a shitty modern art sculpture instead of just making a real park with grass and trees

they've under represented the Muslims.

Why are there so many browns and Muslim? Why not at least represent the demographics properly?

Trust me, it's browner than that in reality.

Homeless people are actually represented

They are white men, how can they be?

I don't even Consider anything east of Manitoba Canada anymore.

The fuck kind of shitty park is that? A triangle of grass and some nonsense red abomination.

toronto is by far the worst place in canada and also the most disillusioning, uncanadian city of all. It is really disheartening to be there. About 50% are foreign born, a few more are minorities born here. It's MAYBE 40% actual canadian (read: white).

literally no where else are the demographics so skewed. Here's to hoping that the GTA contains them all for another 40 years and the eventual recessions we hit will drive people out of this country

God, I fucking muslims.


m8, you should revise that. Rural Ontario is closer in culture to american rural/southern culture than anything urban. Maritimes are through and through white, and outside of urban Quebec is nearly the same in numbers.

the cultural divide is real but it is based on class and entirely centred around urban/suburban vs rural.

t. rural ontario

Dude relax, the city is fine

Star of fucking David in fag colors on the ground

my city looks like this in certain areas, There are no whole ghettos though because libs know it will become a terrorist breeding ground so they spread government funded apartments in white areas

Rural Ontario is awesome but Toronto should be nuked.