CNN getting cheeky

Wonder if they realize people notice they damage control for Hillary but let Trump rumors fester.

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>"It's a Republican funded rumor designed to smear her campaign"

It will make people search about Hillary + birther and find the articles about Syd Blumenthal starting it on her behalf.

The table turns more & more, now it's the MSM & Hill on the defensive, having to deny accusations every week.

It's like that fag HA Goodman said:
>Somehow it's never Hillary, always a staffer, a campaign member or an employee acting on their own, but never her fault

let me guess the gist of the article:
>Hillary didn't start the birther movement, that's a dirty dirty lie
>it actually was her campaign, gotcha there stupid fascist!

Isn't it illegal to do sponsored articles and not state who's paying you?

>t will make people search

no, they just spend a few minutes reading headlines and form all of their opinions off of that

If a trump staffer did something like this, all MSM would be out for Trumps blood

It's amazing how much credibility CNN has lost during this campaign

Really corrected my record

They didn't have any to begin with, the internet has exposed that the media was always a lie. There is no going back unless they shut the internet down.

Now I want to see the rustled jimmies pic with Hillary saying
>That really corrected my record

>unless they shut the internet down
Reminder that they're currently trying to

Technically, that is true. She didn't start it, but she did seem to run with it for a while and never technically distanced herself from it.

It was interesting seeing at least three Fox News reporters early in the morning tow the line about Hillary's campaign not starting the movement only for the evening shows to say it did. They can't even get the story straight on the same network.

She's not responsible for what her campaign or staff does.

But Trump is responsible for us being assholes.

Makes sense.

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Then people like us will go outside.
The powers that be sure are stupid sometimes.

I still don't get why this birther shit is even relevant anymore. This nigger served his 8 years and nothing can take that back.

It's like the owner/shareholder knew they will be replaced within 10 years by new medias, and said "Fuck it, let's throw everyting for Hillary's victory; this asset is done for anyway"

I'm pretty sure alot of Media owners will try to sell their assets quick after the elections, before their credibility hemoragee appears in the financials.


>I still don't get why this birther shit is even relevant anymore.
They're running out of sticks to hit Trump with. And everytime they find something new, it backfires. Kind of beautiful to see really.