Very creative! Such brilliant minds

Very creative! Such brilliant minds

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fuck off leaf


When will gook moot finally ban his retarded cousin Canada?

I think it's very aesthetically appealing.

Unlike the ugly Israeli flag and the kike star

A complicated design is often useless as it is hard to replicate.

>flag is literally Peru with a leaf on it

Just go

the fuck is that pimple shit on your flag, slovake?

They have some of the best flags. even with a similar design they are beautiful and unique.

Yours is just an Australian flag with red stars

A mountain, something you Germanistans might not recognize.

Even our flag proves how white we are.

Fucking leafs. Literal syrup niggers.

I think the nordic design is the best design tbqh

Yeah those other nordic countries are pretty uncreative for copying us. They should all just unify under our flag to be honest famalam.

>a fucking mountain

isn't the adriatic sea better suited
(to trigger the eternal cro?)



But that is just the thing, we have that on our flag too (Croatia only has the fucking ugly chessboard).

The crest has stars, Triglav and the sea on it. We got everything, stars, straight lines, curvy lines, blue, red and white, the colours of Freedom (tm).


>1 Post by this ID
>Not realizing all these countries have had common rulers.
Fuck off, Leaf.


>Yorkshireman wants to be Scandinavian

LOL. If Yorkshire is so fucking Scandinavian, then why is it, as well as the entire north, such a massive shithole?

Honestly, East Anglia is more Scandinavian than the north, yet we aren't sad enough to go around pretending we're directly related to vikings.

Northerners are so fucking pathetic, I hate them so much, they are just as bad as Scotland desu.



More importantly.
Red, white and blue flag is creative since 3/4 of the world have those colors

>This triggers the britbong

Nigger alert, go home Jamal.

wtf I love slovenia now

do you have anything that would piss off italia too? like nova gorica?

I knew some Dane would come and say this, but Swedish flag was first. Pic related.

What's this?! Canada has evolved into... Bolivia! Would you like to give your bolivia a nickname?

Unifying with Estonia? What are you, stupid?


>not having a proper christian flag
feels bad man

>This triggers the britbong

>not knowing that scandie flag is from north germany
>a fucking cross
>gross northland monkeys

>Nordic design
>This nigger thinks they invented it

Are leafs the new aussies now?


not really, we both shitpost a lot but we're pretty distinct in our form

Not to mention Denmark being the last kingdom to form :^)

Estonia is becoming pretty great. They've made creating a business extremely easy through the internet. They'd be a great asset to the Nordic reich.

Aussies are mostly more creative
though the might has fallen already, and the quality. I suspect they are proxyfaggot leafs trying to make aussies look bad

>Denmark being the last kingdom to form

Is cross + herald the best type of flag there is?

You went from 2 crosses to 0. What happened?



care to post the country with the best and most influential painter in history?

haha cucked dutchies strikes again

this lil thing in 1945

You need to double cross them


>tfw God will never give you a flag

the amount of crosses on your flag reveals the level of awesomeness, and ours decreased

>not knowing about Goya
>leaf education


>Tfw your flag is a cross inside a cross

Oh holy shit. So you be sayin Germany used to have a cross inside a cross inside a cross, with an extra tiny cross in the top left corner?

Everything makes sense now.

>thinking he meant goya

only multiply cross flag countries are truely white

We have everything southwest of Ljubljana, something Italians wanted to have for themselves during WW2.

But we don't have Trieste, the fucking nigger Americans and their deal with Italy after WW2.

How is this amount of crosses humanly possible?

How many crosses is this?


According to tradition, Harald Fairhair unified them into one in 872 after the Battle of Hafrsfjord in Stavanger, thus becoming the first king of a united Norway

Various petty kingdoms existed throughout the area now known as Denmark for many years. Between c. 960 and the early 980s, Harald Bluetooth appears to have established a kingdom in the lands of the Danes which stretched from Jutland to Skåne.


This is retarded historical revisionism. Denmark existed as a unified entity in the 8th century according to Saxo Grammaticus, but it most likely was unified even earlier if the border remnants found in southern Jutland are any indication. What are you even trying to do here, you apply this vague standard on yourself saying "according to tradition" when establishing the date of your own monarchy, but you dismiss there various legendary Danish kings and go for the latest and most reliably verifiable king of Denmark when establishing our date? You're completely inconsistent. Do you honestly think that large and mountainous regions like Sweden and Norway got unified earlier than the flat and small and far more easily manageable Denmark did? Basic logic would tell you otherwise. Honest question here, is this what they teach you in your schools?