Swedish PM meets Trudeau

Look at this picture, Cred Forums

The linguistic root of Swedish PMs last name, Löfven, is Löv. You know what LÖV translates to, Cred Forums?

So, one LEAF meets another. Stefan is actually nicknamed "the Leaf" by "online haters" in Sweden. I'll translate some highlights for you:

>Swedish PM Stefan Löfven traveled to Montreal this Saturday to attend a meeting with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

>"Sweden and Canada have a positive relationship and with the new Government relations will improve even further"

>Both PMs will attend the upcoming top-meeting about the global refugee crisis


I give up. Sweden is just as bad as Canada. Ignore all Swedish posters from now on. We both have LITERAL LEAFS as PMs.

Dont even fucking go there, i dont see canadas rape stats go up 3000%, canada still has hope, the world world looks to sweden as an example of what not to fucking do

>Gives Trudeau a signed shirt
>Gets an unsigned shirt back
Fucking Trudeau

These two cucks are a perfect match

Our PM is a former Welder.


it's not 1994 anymore

Trudeau is too much of an awkward beta to even ask the hockey team for signatures. They'd probably just tell him to fuck off.

You literally have no history. Canada will be overtaken by Asians and there will be nothing you can do about that. Why? Asians don't do crime... Asians are wealthy... Asians take your jobs!

Sweden? Sure, we're about as bad as it gets when it comes to rapefugee policy. However with all the shit our rapefugees do we definitely have grounds for an uprising. This is something you do NOT have. This is something you will NEVER have.

You're a rootless, replaceable people.

when will this fucking reality show of a prime minister just fuck off

little potato man

>tfw I'm going n Montreal atm

One true shot to right the course of history. Witness me brothers

and sweden would know first hand about being replaced

Does he have an inferior complex?

>Implying you would ever instigate an uprising from your cuckshed
Face it Sven you have lost. We have already mourned your passing and moved on.

Axis of evil.

>you have no history

I don't get this meme. I really don't, and it's not b/c I love my country more than anything. I guess you'd say the same if we were Americans, right? 400 years of European imperial presence doesn't mean as much b/c you guys had the niggerst of vikings in your lands.

We are the second most armed country in the americas per capita, after the us. We have a rich history of bicultural settlements and asians are set to become a net loss in immigration this year, thanks to a slowing economy.

Other than the rape of swedish women and the grenade-friendly malmo, one thing we don't have that you do is thousands of "unaccompanied" fighting-age men.

Lofven just got cucked big time

Asians are shit at trades, everyone in Vancouver knows if you want quality don't hire Hindus or Chinese. brown people cut every corner and the language barrier with Chinese is enough to keep people away, especially when your dropping over a million on a house.

all the good jobs in industry and trades will always be white.

We Team Europe here

The difference is that Sweden has a slumbering national identity rooted in history and race. Once awoken, things will change

You're Americas retarded cousin. Next India-China province. Completely irrelevant

Remember your national motto: If you kill your enemies, they win

>once awoken, things will change

I bear witness - truth has been told