Normies are getting red-pilled through Pepe exposure in the media

Pic related is a text I got from my Dad in the UK.

It's working lads! The spread of Pepe in the leftist media is red-piling normies! Praise Kek!

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neger alsjeblieft

mfw after I turned right-wing I could never have a normal conversation with my dad.

refereren mensen zwarten als negers in holland. Ik heb van een vriend gehoord dat hij het al een paar keer heeft gehoord.

My mom who is a full blown hippy liberal is even questioning this shit. I secretly think she hates jews because she always talks shit about them and how Israel is a waste of money and all the stereotypes are true.

Kek. I visited home this weekend. Was watching the news when pepe appeared. My dad said "what complete horseshit".


'neger' betekent in principe hetzelfde als het Engelse 'negro'

Een neger is iemand met een Afrikaanse huidskleur en trekken.. Het woord wordt tegenwoordig meer en meer als 'kwetsend' ervaren door zeiknegers en politiek correcte types, maar het wordt nog wel gebruikt.. Vooral als de context om een specifieke beschrijving van uiterlijk vraagt. Opsporing Verzocht gebruikt bijv. altijd de term 'negroïde' of negers te omschreven, om verwarring met licht en donkergetint etc te voorkomen.

It's genius. Pepe is a cartoon mascot, like the ones they use to advertise cereal to kids. By giving him exposure the media has inadvertently given Pepe, and by extension us, free advertising.

I can imagine that would be hell. My dad is loving this shit and thought it was funny I'm 'in on it'.

Explain plox, as in he thought it was stupid as fuck for a major news network to be concerned about frogposting?


>His Aussie dad is bluepilled
hahahaha you can't make this shit up

of course it's working because S H A D I L A Y
We have a ancient frog god of chaos on our side, and what do they have? le current year man?


Yes it's a bad joke but what do you expect from a middle aged Dad





Have we started the fire?


consider your dad forgiven

My whole family all the way up through both grandparents are varying degrees of liberal and vote dem no matter who the candidate is.
The only ones that still talk to me are my parents because I have their only grandchildren.
Christmas tree was pretty bare last year when I came out in support of Trump.

Delet this.

Ja. Het is vrij normaal. Is dat taboo in België?

Yes, the fire rises


got my 23 month old two plush flogs that look like pepe. I"ve gotten her to say " Praise PePe

She Loves her new toys


my dad is right wing and hates liberals

>noem specefiek één zwarte persoon in de groep neger, hij wordt boos omdat dat kwetsend is
>noem iedereen in de groep een neger, de hele groep wordt boos omdat de neger zich gekwest kan voelen

praten met politiek correcte mensen is nooit leuk

He thought liberals are trying too hard to be victims

sit her in front of this, and put it on a loop

very nice dad

>ever silent about anything
also why is that T so big

No Xmas presents because you support a different candidate? Christ that's bad. I guess I don't know how good it is that all my family are pretty much conservatives.

>also why is that T so big

it's a symbolizes the amount of testosterone Trump has flowing through his veins

i know that feel bro -_-


oh man thats a bad PP

wtf is this shit

I love it


I wanna meet that dad


>my rare pepe i made a year ago are shared million times a day
>nobody will know im the original artist
fucking sucks

These times are real.

>tfw my father is even more extreme than me, even Zyklon Ben pales in comparison

needless to say, he's just an average czechem

>outspokenly hates Jews

Noticed that too , kek

too true. I listen to music to relax before going to sleep. The last few nights it's been this

Kek, brilliant

So sorry to hear that . my pops is a right wing conservative cattle rancher from Western Montana . as a matter of fact there isn't a single bleeding heart liberal at all in my family.

>tfw I caught my normie friends laughing at my poo in the loo pepe
"haha guys where did you find that?" :((((

Ja hoor, zelf gebruik ik kaffer omdat die van mijn generatie niet weten wat dat betekent.

Wat er ook gebeurt, altijd blijven kankeren op kaffers.

Can somebody explain

pls no bully

> does not have right wing family
sucks for you

He's obviously separating the dank Jurassic Park pepe the Serb was posting

>/r/Cred Forums
>Cred Forums

Dad, take it easy on them red pills!


Never stop Pepe. Always hop.

i made that image on /fit/ years ago with all the bad pickup lines to use on grills

i found it again floating around on Cred Forums once and saved it, then used one of the old lines on this fit bitch i wanted to pork

she links me the same fucking image, and asks "did you get that from this pic? :)"

i didn't want to reveal my powerlevel, so i just said "n-no haha, you too"

>praten met politiek correcte mensen is nooit leuk
Ja, da hast du Recht.

>not wanting to pork some chan puss
I can sympathise.

>tfw my dad, who hated the Clintons with a burning passion, isn't alive to see this election cycle

He is with you by Kek's grace.



wtf? the menes are out of control!

>Be Swedish
>Liberal neighborhood
>Dad works for the banking Jew

My dad loves Hitler, hates the jews with a passion, but likes Muslims, immigration and weed. Not sure if redpilled.

>My dad loves Hitler
I showed my dad the video of Joe Biden saying it's a good thing whites are becoming minorities. And now he and I Heil Hitler each other

My dad is nearly 70 he was an economic Republican but now he is ranting about main stream media and the "fucking lies" everyone keeps telling. It's great

What a bunch of petty little mutants.

Ha that's great! I'll send it to my da-oh yeah.

>t. born in a stable

kek, my dad is super right wing ant managed to redpill him on the jews.

now it's constant banter.

bravo estonia

Oh my god user why would you post that

All these feels, I can't take them.

can i live in your country

>tfw 90% of conversations with my mother since the Bataclan Massacre have devolved into discussing islam

Do you perfer Colgate, Aquafresh, or Pepsident?

My dad is a Jew loving neocon christcuck, but at least I can have a conversation with him, unlike the rest of my family.

Yes. As long as you are what your flag says.

Finns are always welcome.

> jewish tootpaste

>Cred Forums is only 2000 people

Yes ethnic-finnish, not actually considering living there (yet). But i would like to speak Estonian, shouldn't be that hard to learn.

you canadian are trully weird people

From what I've heard it is more easier for estonians to learn finnish than vice versa. But despite that it's still super easy thanks to how similar they are.

Why'd you consider Estonia though? Finland is richer, bigger, more powerful, etc.

super rare!

>my dad said "Trump is a racist."
>I ask him why he says that
>"He says racist things!"
>Ask him what he says
>He says he doesnt know and is just saying what he hears
>He then said it would be bad but nobody would listen to him so it didnt matter anyways
I tried to tell him I would listen if he had anything to back it up, I just didnt really know what to do in that situation.

>From what I've heard it is more easier for estonians to learn finnish than vice versa. But despite that it's still super easy thanks to how similar they are.
>Why'd you consider Estonia though? Finland is richer, bigger, more powerful, etc.
Finland has started to get more multiracial. We don't really have opposition to this, most parties are cucked to the teeth, hell, we even got a feminist-party started last year. All our opposition is are easy targets for the media, white-trash, they are causing more harm than good.

We are a patriotic-people, but it mostly comes down to civic-nationalism, not ethnic-nationalism. Our education system is fully pro-globalism, pro-multiculturalism and that bothers me for the future. These people are raised on a lie. I'm gonna do all that i can to make as many people ethnonationalists as possible, in online and real-life debate.

We have a lot of jobless-people, our economy is going down the train, which can be a good thing, we're not gonna be paying for as many refugees.

Estonia seems like a more traditional place, with people more likely to support ethnic-nationalist ideas. Also, my shared Finnic-heritage and the language makes it an easy move. It all depends on the future. We'll see.

in which state you and your family live?

>Finland has started to get more multiracial.
Really?? How multiracial???

>Our education system is fully pro-globalism, pro-multiculturalism
Oh it's the same here, it's just that people simply don't want to accept what is pushed on us. We have a strong opposition against multiracial shit. However the parties in power (that have been there for 2 decades) are doing everything to turn estonia multiracial, though the actual immigration has not started yet thanks to estonians being overwhelmingly against it. (95%+ something strongly opposing multiracialism and multiculturalism).

> Estonia seems like a more traditional place, with people more likely to support ethnic-nationalist ideas.
We have lots of people that do, but we have lots of weirdos too. And russians...

People who act that way usually are insecure and hate themselves.

>Really?? How multiracial???
Well, last year we got our first "big" sum of refugees. 30,5k, when normalized that is Sweden-tier. Now, we have a bunch of new migrant-centers ready for this year. I'm not sure on the number of how many migrants we've received this year, but it be more than 10k. Last time i hear, they are considering building a big mosque in Helsinki.

It's not that bad. But it is a lot worse than ever before. People are pissed though, so there might just be some actual change in the future.
>Oh it's the same here, it's just that people simply don't want to accept what is pushed on us. We have a strong opposition against multiracial shit. However the parties in power (that have been there for 2 decades) are doing everything to turn estonia multiracial, though the actual immigration has not started yet thanks to estonians being overwhelmingly against it. (95%+ something strongly opposing multiracialism and multiculturalism).
Yeah, polls say that most finns are against multiculturalism. Seems as if they are lazy enough to not do anything about it.
>We have lots of people that do, but we have lots of weirdos too. And russians...
I've never met a russian. I've heard they're quite bad over there.

The first step is to force your faggot dad to stop listening to the NPR jew.

Lonely dads get brainwashed by the calm soothing ASMR kike voices hypnotizing them into believing every word while they drive around doing chores for their wives.

Find a way to permanently disable the radio in his vehicle

>turning red day by day
>lovin the Trump
>parents divorced
>moms old fashioned but doesn't speak much about politics
>don't speak to dad because he's a moron
>decide to creep on his social media
>loads of shillary tweets
>like dad even less

Wonder how mom feels about the election.

>I've never met a russian. I've heard they're quite bad over there.
They're bad everywhere. Estonia could even be considered multicultural thanks to this annoying russian minority.

>It's not that bad. But it is a lot worse than ever before. People are pissed though, so there might just be some actual change in the future.
Only deportation can help now. (or gas chambers)

nice pepe

>praten met policor mensjes
Doe het nou niet neger.

Ik noem een getinte vriend van me af en toe negerin, wat ze niet leuk vindt. Niet omdat het beledigend is maar omdat ze negers niet kan uitstaan. Kek

this right here, good post m8

it's funny, my dad is pretty much Never Trump even though he was considering him at first because they agree on nearly every position. But my dad is one of those "muh temperament" people so he just will not trust Trump and believes he's a violent, racist dumbass no matter what I say.

My mom LOVES Trump though.

>He has a bluepilled dad
Kek my whole family is voting trump and my dad redpilled me on the jews since i was 7

>. By giving him exposure the media has inadvertently given Pepe, and by extension us, free advertising.
It's not "inadvertent." They've also sent 10x the usual traffic here and destroyed the little bit of cohesion we had left to do "operations."

This board now TOTALLY useless with 90%+ newfags who don't have a clue. All they do is make shitty. OT threads and slide the few relevant ones.


>tfw your dad hates trump for no reason

>tfw your dad still hates trump after explaining to him all his arguments are ad hominems

Wow, he did say that! Poor guy is old, tired, and just wants it to be over I guess.

Some proud user is getting their OC shared between dads and sons

That must be a great feeling

>mfw dad bought a Trump hat before I started following the campaign.
>mfw dad is racist to a certain degree, hates Muslims and niggers. Don't know how deep his hatred goes.
>openly says hillary is a criminal, needs to be in prison, or hung.

Feels pretty great tbqhwyfamalamadingdong

Wow, why does Youtube tolerate this blatant white supremacy on their website?
I encourage everyone to report this video for offensive content.

Are you me? My dad isn't anti-Trump but he has believed a lot of what the (((media))) has said. I think I'm slowly reversing the damage.

>dad is a racist to a certain degree

>unironically lurking Cred Forums


No shit m8. Welcome home

>Right wing dad
>Liberal mom and brother
>Sjw cousin(the girl) and crypto stormfront cousin(the guy)
>Their parents have a socialist mother and a right wing dad

How the fuck do my family even stay together? It's 50% leftist and right wing, to various degrees of moderate and extreme on both ends

Every christmas someone mentions muslims and niggers and all hell break loose


I wish I had a dad around.

>Cred Forums is 2000 people
Kekkeroni & cheese

pepe risk

praise Kek

he grows stronger each day

>tfw i finally found something to talk about with my aspie dad once i got interested in politics and swung to the right

i love you dad


We both say OY VEY when acting surprised at something. He now says "Comon Trumpy boy" when he sees him on the news

For the first time in my life
My dad said he's proud of me for being
"One of the hackers"
Well he didn't say he was proud of me but he had a laugh and said for me to keep doing what I do on my computer to help trump
For the first time ever we bonded and I think he thinks I'm important now no longer a neet

>left-wing dad
>right-wing mom

anyone else knows this feel?




Shitty. My dad asks me almost every day if he can get the Trump rally on TV. We call it Trump Time.

Then we sit there and watch Trump in silence like pic related.

My father and mother are both on the Trump train and are redpilled as fuck, as is my step-father, and my brother as well. I'm not sure about my sister, she might be a Hillary supporter.

God bless my beautiful family.

Here for the person who's looking

Does your mum dominate your dad in the bedroom? I bet there's pegging involved.

This is full of half-truth but it still gives me a warm feeling in my tummy.

>mfw my both my parents and my brother are all dem cucks

Feels bad man.

I used to be one too.......not so much now

ALLyou negers need to be drowned in the sea with your pathetic countries for talking in some allahu ackbar language on a pure English board.


Hillary's brain trust utterly BTFO. Her campaign, aND by extension MSM, are proving how biased, controlled, and insidious their relationship is.

nice goatse flag straatpoeper

>Mom loves Trump
>Dad is a cuckservative, sad that Ted Cruz, "The only Christian running" didn't win

At least he'll end up voting for Trump, if only because he toes the party line and votes for whatever Republican they run.

I don't label myself 'alt right' but my dad loves the 'funny pictures' I send him and often also says 'and you know it's right too!'
He's a sweet, simple old fart. Got his heart and vote in the right place though.
Just don't go full 'kill all black people hey dad did you know women should be slaves' and it should be fine. Although it shocked me as it was my dad of all people who one day randomly said how Hilary can never be president because 'women are incapable of leadership'. It was totally out of left field because he has a loving relationship with mom and he's really proud of sis (who is a doctor), but yeah. More redpilled than you'd think at first glance.

My family is similar
>sister is an SJW who just started going to college and came home the first week bitching about the patriarchy and how women deserve more pay than men etc etc
>dad is a politically apathetic redneck but wants college and healthcare to be single payer
>mom is the literal definition of a moderate in every sense.
>I'm somewhat conservative but constantly bitch about how fucked up our media and government is( especially provincial)
>grandmother is just full blown racist
>grandfather is a former flower child but is also racist

It's like you said, all it takes is for ONE person to mention Trump or muslims and then suddenly we're screaming at each other about the stupidest shit.


Children are not suppose to be on Cred Forums.

your allowed to talk only if your flag is not the generic 3 color stripe. Superior Indian flag has the magnificent ashoka's chakra at the centre


>mfw i turned right wing and no longer have any friends
At least me and my mum get along better now

RIP Dadders


so there are actually Europeans who use English instead of their native language in everyday life and even with their family ?

What a cucked bunch.

Your dad caught your mummy masturbating to Trump

>He fell for the "Cred Forums isn't satire" meme
Silly normies, when will they learn?

Once you realize that lefties and normies are the cause of their own destruction all you need to do is distract them with something long enough for them to impale themselves with it.

Tattoos are a big example of this.

It's pretty sickening. Conservatives like to argue about principles and the merits of a piece of legislation against people that don't, who run from one thing to the next like a cat after a laser pointer.

iktf breh, the only person in my family that shares my views is my based cousin.

It's gr8 when he's over at family dinners and such, he is very successful at a young age, so nobody really tries to feed him liberal bullshit when he speaks up about immigration for example

>Trinidad and Tobasco

I try my absolute best not to reveal that I'm conservative to friends. I'm not even close to full blown Cred Forums either. The problem is half my friends are the idiots who read Huffington Post and legitimately think anything conservative is Hitler.

The others are either politically apathetic or have basically gone full commie. I'm still good friends with them despite that the fact that we basically hate each other politically. We still get into arguments but it always ends up just being bantz instead of actual arguments.

>this is the average american poster

I wonder how the cucks will react, if they find out that their "hate group" is largely non-white, mixed and (((diverse))).

Closest I've found

Same thing happened to me but with mom

It's gender fluid pepe

>Cred Forums is 2000 people
Kek, that's probably how many views an unreplied post in a popular thread has. There is an insane amount of people just lurking on Cred Forums.

>from there it leeches into facebook
That's not how leeches work.

>There is an insane amount of people just lurking on Cred Forums.
Why though? It's not like they could end up with Stasi Kahane and friends for wrong think like we do.

Nice Pepe, I'll trade it with mine.

>pepe pls stahp

Because Cred Forums is interesting regardless of your views. Shit I only started to come here despite not being very right win because /ic/ was slow as shit some days.

heard we needed more female pepes in another thread, OC

>War taught your grandfather how to be a man.
>Your grandfather taught your father how to be a man.
>A smug green cartoon frog taught you how to be a man.

I don't know how I feel about this.

>he thinks I'm important now no longer a neet

how long do you think you can keep up this ruse?

but we got a leaf

those are what we call Dad Jokes

Like, for example, you tell your dad
>Dad, I'm hungry
and he says
>Hello, Hungry, I'm Dad

People just come here for unfiltered political discussion at first.

I work as a teacher for disabled kids. I've been basically massively redpilling downies about jews, holocaust, central banks, niggers and multiculturalism for over a decade. The fact that the jews did 9/11 is not even subject of debate anymore in my class
The tards are extremely well responding. One of the most evolved tard is now convinced that the janitor is a shape shifting illuminati lizard (no doubt he discovered some alex jones tier conspiracy website on his own) so he basically hisses and makes the symbol of the cross whenever he passes by The smartest downies have quickly picked up their own jokes about holohoax and niggers and it's not like the normies can do shit about it (otherwise they are intolerant and disrespectful).

So they have no other option but to listen to the little tards dropping the redpills to swallow. Until they fucking choke on them

Can confirm. I've always liked just lurking and not posting since forever ago, even on SA pre-4chin.

I think the biggest problem with a lot of people is they do not lurk enough desu. They try too hard to be apart of everything instead of letting it happen, I wish people lurked instead of posted more.

It's true: Cred Forums has become the Jews!

wtf I hate Naruto now

He probably meant to say leaches but he's stupid so cut him some smack

>SA pre-4chin
I lurked on SA for years before Cred Forums even existed, the 9/11/2001 day 0 photoshops were dank af

we love you here, we can be your family now

I wouldn't advise letting us watch your kids though, you're probably better off hiring a sitter.

>as is my step-father
Yeah nah he's a cuck

Ya, that's what I meant. SA was actually pretty hilarious back then in general. Haven't been on there in 13 years or so, feels weird.

>ywn be user's stepfather so you could unironically refer to him as "my wife's son"

Dude that is literally the same story as me. All of my grandparents are really mad at me because they think Trump is the worst thing that coul dhappen to us. It really shows how being weak-minded (aka old and thoughtless) could allow a nation to fall to such treachery.

>my dad is one of those "muh temperament" people
My dad was like this at first too until I redpilled him on the way the media operates.

He was also a member of a Dutch center-left political party. He has since left politics and is now talking about voting for Geert Wilders.

I believe you malay bro

were you the ones doing the trump threads?


she has a nice voice. i wonder what she thinks of it now that pehpeh is a white supremacist. feelsbadman

what the fuq?

I'm English, Pierre.

>tfw you are one of the 2000 illuminati shitposting members

>Dad's side is right and Mom's side leans left

Feels bipartisan, man.

Kek I hope the never change.

Response after I sent the hitler Pepe stamp to my dad

I feel like your plan is flawed.

My dad is the perfect, archetypal Corbyn supporter. He even spends most of his free time arguing with people on Facebook or the Guardian comments. Most of his opinions sound like my own opinions when I was 16.

My mum, on the other hand, clearly has a conflict between her socially conservative beliefs (on sexuality, personal responsibility, etc.) and her leftism, but mostly just goes along with my dad's idiotic beliefs.

that's not a chakra, that's the target you try to shit at when you run out of streets.

Cred Forums is probably 300K people. We're not that numerous, but still we've great influence over politics by doing almost nothing.

>mike the malaysian sperg artfag

none of us can claim ownership of a meme once you release it to the wild. stop trying to be famous and just smile when someone shares your 'meme'. fame is for faggots. i've got countless pepes i've made roaming the wild of these boards and i'm just happy they are free

>a fucking wheel

Yes we know Poland

Surely by associating our beliefs with tards it just makes us all seem like tards when we talk about them?

>mfw my dad passed away a few years ago
>mfw he'd be a trump guy

Your appointment to FEMA will be finalized within the week. I've already discussed the matter with the senator

Maybe, I live 2hours north of Quebec City and there are absolutely no minorities here, despite the city being approx. 150k people. That being said, my parents always take shots at anglos, jews, muslims and immigrants in general.

My mom has never travelled and I doubt she's ever seen a muslim or a jew in her entire life. It doesn't stop her from dissing them though

does your dad have to remind you to shower everyday often?

>mfw my dad passed away a few years ago
Sorry to hear that he is voting democrat now user

tfw people around the world are actually working together to stop Hillary on Cred Forums

How's that for diversity?

Pepe will soon corrupt our youth and turn them in neo-Nazi green supremacists!

this is my life.

I've been lurking on Cred Forums and then alter Cred Forums since early 2007. I make a post probably once every 5 months. For the simple reason of, There isn't much to say.

how the fuck do you converse with each other.

Seen this copypasta one to many times...

Your dad is a cuck.

Believe it or not my dad is a flaming homosexual who someone tricked my mom into being his cover to prevent my grandparents from disowning my dad and he still supports Trump.

"Cher freaks out about white supremacist symbol Pepe the Frog"

>mfw my mum and dad are the ultimate redpilled parents
>Dad showed visible disgust when a muslim man tried talking to him a couple of weeks back
>Mom dislikes the idea of being so much as touched by a black person, saying, and I quote: "It's like being touched by a spider. It just revolts me."
>Big brother is a less hardcore, but still heavy right-winger and full of comfy as fuck brotherly banter

Sister browses Tumblr, though. But to be fair to her, she isn't as liberal minded as a lot of the site's occupants. She thinks transgenderism and all these different genders are bullshit, and still supports the right-wing over the left. She's just more centre-right than far-right.

I fucking love my family, Cred Forums

tfw you, your mom and grandma are on the trump train

Never stop Pepe

>he's that touched by Nolan's opus: The Plane Scene

We were simple meme farmers. You forced us into this war. You attacked FREEDOM of THOUGHT AND SPEECH.

Reap the ribbit

>mfw i went so deep into the right wing pool that i managed to change the ideals of both my parents
They both voted obama, they are both voting trump. They said they will never vote dem again.

Cred Forums , there is an user on Cred Forums that is getting rid of a usb drive. they rolled for what to put on it and where to drop it. they rolled for school shooting plans & rare pepes. we can't allow this to happen!!


I like your picture depicting the symbol of the alt right

that horse be like "aw shit nigga i left da oven on"

How does it feel for your dad to be a leftist? My dad was right wing since I was born.

Please protect your daughter from disgusting shitskins like us so the white race can flourish again. Praise KEK.

My dad told me about the Jews influence in media and law before I even knew what Cred Forums was desu.

Age has nothing to do with it, your grandparents are just fucking morons. Sorry, but it's true.

>tfw dad reacts violently when confronted about jews, never managed to redpill him about this
>tfw he wants to take a sword and a helm to cut in half saracens
>tfw he doesn't realize sandniggers are just a symptom of jews in command

Source? I've always wondered how many people actually frequent Cred Forums

>dad is a beta democrat

Your dad is a faggot, bro. How he managed to woo your mother outside of submitting her to BBC after he failed to please her is beyond me

>The pop icon wrung her hands

Same, he told me he thinks trump is a joke and spouts liberal propaganda when I try to explain why he isn't. I'll poor him a drink come nov 8 and hopefully have a laugh about it later.


I painted the fence for my dad to like me

They rolled for school shooting plans, rare pepes and an elementary school.

If OP delivers then kek will be absolutely done for.

> liberal dad
I feel your pain Aussiebro


>We're all frogs now.

>your father has to still remind you to shower
how fucking useless are you? what an embarrassment you must be.

>what about Anglos, Laurent?

What do you suggest we do? Pick it up after the b-tard drops it off and beat him up?

Yea Hillary and MSM were idiots letting our Pepe virus spread past the internet. Kek is manifesting into the real world.

You're not even kidding OP, my sister tells me she browses /trump generals/ on Cred Forums, my cousin is talking about how hes taking the 'red pill' now, these are both normal, well adjusted and functional people with lives. For once Cred Forums is no longer full of shit, it is legit spreading.


Weet je zeker dat je het niet op een plaatjesboek geleerd hebt? Op Dejimachan was dat woord een tijdje in de mode.

Aye. Know the feel Ausbro.

Ah well, to a better future, not to living in the past.

Can i have the source my fellow american?

lol stupid Poland only has 2

Looks like something by Masamune Shirow (gits guy), probably from one of his art books.

>not "praise KeK"
Mild fail.

Sorry to hear that. My dad is ethnically Jewish and openly calls Sanders, Soros and the like traitors to their race. He is fairly nationalistic, comes from Latvia and has lived in the UK since the 90s. He voted for Brexit.

Guys, question.

Why is it that Pepe suddenly made it to the all at once? The Economist, CNN, etc. all started providing coverage at the exact same time, even though Pepe has been around for like five years and has been a symbol of the "alt-right" (whatever that means) for at least the last year. What's going on?

Made it to the press, I meant to say. God I'm punchy.

>the silent majority
doesn't that mean dead people?

RIP Christopher Hitchens

>parents are both neocons

Could be worse, I guess

The same reason that so many other politically charged stories break at the same time everywhere--reporters get the same set of talking points from newsletters to which they subscribe.
It's why you will hear identical phrases and neologisms spring up on every network simultaneously as well; they're talking points.

If that fag on Cred Forums delivers then pepe will be in more trouble

>This is full of half-truth
came from a true Cred Forumstard

My dad red pilled me before I came to Cred Forums Like literal Jew-Kike-World-Domination Red pill tier

>At most 2000 people


huh, i always assumed it was a little poop smudge that got on there

Shadilay, his arms open!

This pic is 10/10

>tfw entire family is redpilled to varying degrees and I'm slowly making them even moreso. Feels good.

So we're now illuminati?


>tfw my sister got reprimanded at college for saying "these damn jews better stop fucking around and get back to work"

So proud

my dad just yells "I DONT WANT TO BE LECTURED" cuz i make a strong case

>his father isn't more conservative than him
he failed as a man

mfw after I turned right-wing my conversations with my dad got much better

>reporters get the same set of talking points from newsletters to which they subscribe

That's interesting. Are these from the news providers such as AP and Reuters, or is this something different?

checked + have a rare pepe for this cute thing you did redpilled daddy

>top tier
this kind of thing happens all of the time.

>Praise PePe
no one ever said this

>not trademarking your pepes

you dun goof'd

>But Imbasciani isn't concerned by anything he heard about Trump's testosterone level, which was 441.6 according to the letter released on Thursday. Imbasciani calls that level "perfectly, absolutely, boringly average and normal" and says Trump seems fine overall.


Reported to Department of Children and Families for abuse/indoctrinating your kids with white supremacist ideology.

Not even kidding.

Don't be sad. Your Pepe is now free to roam the internets.

Thank you user for making this possible.

Part of it is due to AP and Reuters, and many news items being sourced from the same newspaper article. But another part is literally from political parties and PACs newsletters.

they take their cues from the Clinton campaign

Meme cultivation is a thankless job, get used to it.

>not having a red-pilled dad
My dad and I share the same Youtube account (basically it's mine, but he also uses it occassionally) and he recently subcribed to Alex fucking Jones and was looking all over the net for Hillary illness videos.

>you will never talk to your dad about pepe the frog


change ace of spades to 4 of clubs



We love your mom.

>My mom staunchily supported Clinton the entire time
>I've argued with her about why Bernie was a better dem choice
>Literally all she had to say
>My dad supported Bernie too
>When he dropped out we both said "Well, Trump's the better option now."
>tfw me and my dad agree on politics because we're both all-or-nothing towards social programs
Can't do that shit half baked.
Gotta have it all the way or not at all.

>PACs newsletters
Wow. So the press just takes info from organizations who are literally paid to push a certain agenda and call that journalism?

We really are a far cry from the Edward R. Murrow days.

PS do you have any examples?

fucking join the trs forums and better yet get the convict report podcast

my dad is a cuck

Fuck, I know that feel.

I'm even posting while I wait in the car while we're out on errands.

>tfw majority of car conversation has been political and enjoyable
>tfw this thread is making me think of buying a MAGA hat for him since his birthday is coming up

We also talk vidya. Shit's pretty great.

Fuck your mom, and your dad will be happy to be cucked.


Me and my dad get in arguments about the Second Amendment and Hillary being a crook and he retorts that Trump is the same.

Feels bad man, my dad used to own his own business that he had since in his late 20s. He's 54 now and he lost it during 2008. Hearing him say that shit about Trump upsets me too much. It's like the Democratic Socialist policies emasculated him.

mfw i literally told my parents about hillary declaring war on pepe and her falling in the polls due to that

Thats fucking good you retard

ummm yeah, you should probably kill yourself

Somebody found a 2GB blank USB drive

They made a thread saying even dubs decide what to put on it. Odd dubs decide where to drop off the drive.

Cred Forums rolled for .txt documents of a detailed school shooting plan and folders of rare pepes

Then they rolled to drop the drive at an elementary school

Someone is going to find the usb and read the files and most likely report it to police

No doubt will make the local news and might hit the bigger news outlets because of all the pepe rage lately

Look into the gamesjournopros list issue related to gamergate. That exact thing is "how"


>NOT having a dad who's embracing the right wing mindset

praise Pepe

They get redpilled over time m8.

Just do your job and destroy their arguments into submission.
They hear things here they'd never get from anywhere else.


Yep. Remember every headline and article about the GOP convention containing the word "dark"?

Journalists are rarely journalists, they are just extensions of PR firms. They regurgitate and collect a fat paycheck and chill. Probably knock that out in a couple hours then fuck around the rest of the day.

get him one of those badass lion logos on a tshirt

anybody know of the best site to have quality tshirt printing?

This. I didn't really have much to talk about in my younger days. Now I'm talking to him about commies, globalists and a cartoon frog.