Only countries that own a piece of Antarctica can post in this thread

Only countries that own a piece of Antarctica can post in this thread.
Here we will discuss why our countries are superior, and if we should form a new Organisation called 'Snow Bros', where we work togethrer to make sure Antarctica is the last bastion of Western Civilization once the degenerates take over.

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The Queen probably owns more than half now

go fuck yourself, you cant even eat spaghetti because its either stolen by a spoidah or the water instantly evaporates when you try to boil it

Fuck you emu cunt


So you're saying there's a chance?

Can I have the unclaimed part plz? I promise to let in all Cred Forumsacks that want to go there .

I went to Italy last year and decided to try some authentic Italian pizza and it was the most basic shit ive ever tasted. A fucking pizza from dominos or pizza hut would be way more preferable.
you have no culture you faghetti spaghetti

>No Deutschland
>No Hitler

No. I claim it. Wanna fight about it, bitch boy?

>argentina trying to get uk clay

they cant stop themselves it seem

>chile has a slice
>argentina in the middle of britain's slice
>fucking norway has a slice

Gib Neuschwabenland!!!

France with that disgusting smallest slice, why am I not surprised?

whole point of antarctica is to preserve western culture, we dont want sweden or canada tainting this new holy land

be lucky you even have a slice

39. There is furry porn of it. No exceptions.


Before all the niggers arrive ITT.

Norway has that chunk because a highly venerated Norwegian GOD and HERO won the race to the South Pole.

Just one of our many Norwegian explorer GODS and HEROES.

The funniest part is that Italians didn't even invent pizza, we did and then they appropriated it as their national cuisine.

so exactly what did argentina contribute with?


wtf look at how much we claim just because of the Falkland Islands? Chile and Argentina are much bigger and have land further south yet our claim overlaps theirs.

Sometimes I'm ashamed of how entitled and uncooperative our foreign policy is. Our country won't get anywhere because we antagonize everyone as if we were still in the 19th century. Seriously fuck the Tories.

Never said anything about Sweden, cunt. This is all me.

Friendly reminder that Antartica is rightful Potato nigger clay.

What's up with Argentina, Chile and UK overlapping? Territorial war when?


Enjoy your -100 degrees arctic wasteland fags

So only countries that have a scientific base in the Antarctic.
This pic always triggers me because those are meaningless claims that got revoked in 1959.

>brazil owns 2 square kilometers

I... I can post too, senpai

helmer hanssen was first. amundsen dumped him and other crewmembers in alaska on the way home because of this. its a very viable theory at least

UK and argies out of rightful Chilean claim. Chileans live there and travel there often. The others are just falklaning all over the place.

did we just claim shit for a joke or is there a reason we have a claim. I'm assuming its the Falklands. Does Argentinas claim use the falklands as the basis for theirs?

>tfw you've spent so many sleepless nights watching retarded youtube "documentaries" about flat earth/hollow earth shit that you're starting to expect other people to know about this retardation too.

Never heard that

I wish youd have done a better job with your colonies. Now its left up to us to beat up your kids to teach them manners every few decades.

i went to Antarctica for 6 months during it's summer as a 'internship' after i got my bachelor of science in IT with network engineering maj


on laptop so no pics atm

I lay claim to the unclaimed for the US of A.

I can't find anything on Admiral Byrd on youtube because it's all polluted with bullshit hollow Earth videos.

Why does the UK gets a piece?

why does isreal?

Big chunk represent, the damned Krauts didn't even manage to steal it from us. hah

Perfidious Albion will rule forever

We did a better job with our colonies than you did with yours.
Yours were conquered later, escaped earlier, gave you less wealth and humilliated you at war managing to prosper by themselves. The point of a colony was to extract resources and exploit it for the motherland and we succeeded perfectly. Today's new world order and seek for good living standards everywhere was never part of our plan, its a sign of your incompetence.

They tried to steal the Norwegian Arctic land during WW2, but Krauts got BTFO'd

Biggest city on Antarctica

since when is 1200 a city

says the fucking cunt which got conquered because
>sunday? not my duty to defend my stupid pile of mountains

says the cunt who got conquered before

Fine a town.

Fuck off, I'll be making a gaint ice wall to keep everyone out.

>france getting bullied by straya
>UK cucking argentina
>nobody wants to be next to chile so it's encroaching on others

antarctica is the real Cred Forums island

The 'town' is located in the new zealand territory of antarctica, therefore we shall name the city New Wellington

also is in nz territory

We created the world as you see it today spain. All you did was make a a giant gold dildo that your king fucked his people with.

Face it the world as it is, is British.

Sorry men, We own that shit. We will let you drop by though.

if we stop your access to christchurch airport then your base will run out of supplies

Our slice has a cute name: Terre Adélie.

What's yours?

idea what if you insulate a building so well that your body heat can keep it warm ?

that may be so, but the even the misfits that the UK spawned through colonisation did better than all of your shitholes in the long run

i'm not praising you either dad, you can get fucked you whiskery old islamic shithead

Then we will siege your puny airport and take it for our own.

Fuck off cunt.

>Argentina making a claim on our land which already has an established base.

Fuck off Argentina.

Read the Antarctic Treaty System. You all signed it and said only the US and Russia have the right to claim any Antarctic territory. faggots.

>investing in polar ice during global warming
Wew lad

Italy already owns all of the Antarctica, all of the chefs are Italian and they can poison you at any time!

They can try and take it, we'll just fuck them on the opposite side of the world


>Fight over Antarctica
>America owns all of Alaska

>Not rightful Russian clay

well, it's officially called the Australian Antarctic Territory, but we know it colloquially as Frosteridoo


they got their bear skins the commys

Checking myself i guess..

>Not rightful British clay!

Bad news guys, Antarctica is already a global shithole...


((((italian humour))))

fucking yorktown


Hit it right out of the park mate

thanks nige

'Snow Bros' sounds cute af, I aprove the motion.

fucking detroit and long island

You are welcome Le`Genius.

The queen is illegitimate mate

mind your language son

battle of yorktown m8

The only nation with a permanent military presence is the USA though, isn't that a little strange if they don't own any part of it?


fucking french navy blocking british army reinforcements

I found a cuck lads.

battle of long island, bunker hill and detroit m8.

He's the Irish poster that lives in Northern Ireland, pay him no mind.

point ?


Hastings line is true royalty



What's your point?

We won nearly every single battle in the last revolution, our army much smaller then than it is today, the USA today is the equivalent of the USA back then, you had two empires holding your hand.

We had no one but the Germans holding ours (that famous picture of Washington on the river) yeah he killed a bunch of Germans.

We're coming to reclaim our clay when Prince George comes of age and is king.


>shitposting irl

Anyway, thanks for the cooperation in these frozen seas. I heard there's an annual footsal game between French scientists and Australian navy in Port Aux Français (Kerguelen).

>Entitled and uncooperative
>wont get anywhere
countries that try to placate others and bend over backwards to compromise don't get anywhere.

French Antarctic is rightful Australian clay (or rather ice)

Kek, you believe we didn't defend?
We were outmanned 1 Proud Strong Nord to 10 Krauts with superior firepower, and still we managed to hold for several weeks. You're sad Hans.

3 million troops > colonial time > did you really just do that 73. If you express astonishment at someone's claim, it is most likely just a clever ruse.

We are creators of this world civilisation lad.

It benefits all involved for the Brits to enter the game.

>We created the world as you see it today spain.
Good fucking job.

>let the Rotschilds and other jew famlies do as the please
>end black slavery
>unable to rule with an iron fist, start the trend of European decolonization
>embrace the death of christianity

You deserve all your cultural enrichment in this century.


Except not.

Nah, not how it works, Robbinson.

Is there any law stopping me from going to the antarctic and living off seal blubber for the rest of my life?


Oh come on, we are quiet and peaceful...

Polish user from another thread sent an email to the managment of the polish antarctic base to ask them if it would be possible for someone to come outside of some official research program, providing that person funds the travel.
The answer was "sure why not"

>argentina in the middle of britain's slice
Seriously, what the fuck is this? Was it some kind of sneak attack on UK territory while Britain was busy in the Falklans?

the us has troops and bases there right? (i mean they have bases all over the world) shouldnt they be on the map?

They are in nz territory

The Queen is our greatest treasure. God bless the Queen. You are not Australian if you do not pray to the Queen at least 3 times a day, you secret roach.

Argies gonna Argy.

seam about right. they probably (unofficially) in charge over there

Nobody can have troops deployed to Antarctica unless its just transporting people in, basically civilian tasks.

The Antarctic treaty states that the place can only be used for research until 2040 or some shit, after that expect some resource wars.

>The first war on Antarctica will either be between UK and Argentina or Australia and whoever doesnt recognise our claim

The degeneration is all other countries but our own fellow thong flipper. Antarctica is ours, and none shall stand in our way.

they get bitchy because we hold up their planes trying to enter

Power through force is how it works.

le top staya bait

Antarctica belongs to the finno-ugric people.

Everyone else can fuck off.

Argentinas butthurt is so strong they want to claim the pieace of shit strip the UK has instead of moving down a big and getting a big chunk of unclaimed goodness.

As for Chile and New Zeland, sort you fucking life out m8.

Well done Australia, combined with your recent achievments in turning away immigrant boats you're really racking up the Anglosphere good boy points.

Even today I still don't understand why other countries are saying they own it. Even though Chile and Argentina are next to it and had been living and having bases on it before the others. Suspicious. The same people who said that "nobody owns the antartica and therefore it's not part of the countries next to it" are the same people trying to own a piece of it. More suspicios.

3 million troops (peak) was during ww2 you imbecile. The British army during the American revolution was around 124 thousand, mainly the navy at sea, fighting the French and Spanish.

Get educated son

Today's military frontline is 150,000.

i know theres an agreement, theres one in space too. basically the us dont give a fuck

Ayup. So Her Majesty is undoubtedly legit.

Get out of Australia Abdul Ahmed bin Airs Rock.

We own a part of Antarctica ,we got a facility over there.

Fuck off back to africa niggers.

Antarctica belongs to the finno-ugric master race.

the two organisations you listed are for research purposes.

Operation Deep Freeze is merely the air force transporting supplies and people to the Antarctic program.

Having a facility =/= claiming the territory.

Anyone can have a facility rn, but to own it is different, the moment the Antarctic treaty expires expect to make a lot of deals or get kicked out.

Antarctica should go to (You)

You have no chance. You have a shitty, powerless queen and we have THE Queen.

Top kek

You see, you don't own shit. Go away Hans.

> You have no chance. You have a shitty, powerless queen and we have THE Queen.
You are drunk again you dingonigger.

Antarctica belongs to the finno-ugric people

Pretty easy to look this up neutral Cuck.

To bad that race has been bred out of existence by degenerate Barbarians.

>be norwage
>it is sunday
>it is SUNDAY
>germany attacks with angry SS Übermenschen Front
>it is SUNDAY
>it is my fucking day off
>better hide in our mountains
>better surrender after a few weeks hide n seek
>it was SUNDAY

We are still here you dingonigger.

>Be Germany
>Lose War
Checkmate Hans, enjoy your eternal cuckening as you turn into Germanistan.

if germany falls europe falls

>noone wins

btw it is sunday shouldnt you hide somewhere?

officialy yes. what would they say if they were doing something a bit sneakier?

> germany and norway try banter
super cringey desu lads.

just stop

You're not even allowed in this thread, get out.

Lad, Antarctica belongs to finno-ugric peoples.

You are the one that isn't allowed here. GET OUT.


You are the Barbarian little lad

this is just hangover wannabe rage

so STFU Ivanov

>You are the Barbarian little lad
Mate I've done a DNA test.

>this is just hangover wannabe rage
> Germany making excuses for his shit banter
baka lad

> Ivanov
Kek, we aren't slavs. We are finno ugric.

I bet you aren't even a saxon.

Actually I am an inhabitant of the world so I am a part of every country.

Dna test? Such a weak mind to doubt his own blood ice boy.

Fucking Argies, never before has such a small incident made a peoples so asshurt.

>aren't slavs

yes you are

and you dipshit think being saxon is a good thing? are you kinda retarded, Maxim?

>not having pride in your country and its accomplishments

Destroy them already UK, you should stop taking their shit and roll them over as a weekend sport

Estonians are finno-ugric you illiterate mongrel.

I see that the slav mixing sure destroyed the german stock.

Antarctica should be equally divided between Brazil, Australia, New Zealeand, Chile and Argentina.

you denying piece of shit

you can suck the mongolid cock, but your ass reamins slavic


Canada has more than enough shitty pointless frozen wasteland that we don't feel the need to compete for more.

No fuck off.
Antarctica should be divided between Estonia, Finland and Hungary.

>you can suck the mongolid cock, but your ass reamins slavic
> If I repeat it enough one day It will be true

Antarctica has oil you dumb syrupnigger.

>if I deny it enough one day it'll be true
same logic, donkey

but shitposting aside, is Tallinn still the beauty of a city I have in mind?

I visited once back in 2010, it was amazingly clean, barely any gipsies and the residents were very friendly... I hope it has preserved that...

>back to the topic
you balts are and always will be slavic people

Nuke them so we can take over Argentina and have more money

>but shitposting aside, is Tallinn still the beauty of a city I have in mind?
Well it hasn't changed much. The old town is still here, majority of the residents are the same.
Though we have got some niggers out of nowhere (mostly around international transportation areas). I've seen 3 niggers this year, in the same bus station every time.

> you balts are and always will be slavic people
kek, this might help you a little bit.

Niggers in Tallinn
>please no

did they renovated the tram lines? this rails were commie-tier

>Similarly, in Germany, around 20% of the foreign surnames are of Slavic origin

please kill me


>did they renovated the tram lines? this rails were commie-tier
They did. We also have new trams.

>Niggers in Tallinn
>>please no
Probably just people that pass through here to go to sweden or something. This year is the first time I've seen an actual nigger in real life. It's just 3 (that i've seen) though so it's not that bad right now.

Literally all of those "nations" are American vassal states. You may own Antarctica, but we own you.

>new trams
looks nice

>trespassing niggers

if they are to stay, deport them to a shittier part of the country and they'll leave. germany does it partly (mecklenburg, saxony and hesse) and those 'refugees' are considering to go to swede/france or back to italy

>I visited once back in 2010, it was amazingly clean, barely any gipsies and the residents were very friendly... I hope it has preserved that...
Also, is it really that bad in germany that Estonia looks clean compared to it?
Estonia isn't dirty or anything but that is the standard everywhere.

>if they are to stay, deport them to a shittier part of the country and they'll leave. germany does it partly (mecklenburg, saxony and hesse) and those 'refugees' are considering to go to swede/france or back to italy
We already locked up a hundred of them that somehow ended up here. Another 80 "refugee seekers" were placed in a tiny village with 40 people... now the niggers are leaving because it's too cold here, living conditions are shit, not enough gibs me dat, etc.

Hopefully they will leave themselves or we'll have to warm up the oven in Kolga.

germany is kinda dirty ( in big cities) because the teenagers and shitty kids can't into trash cans it is not like Praha or Brussels ofc but esp after the weekends you can see it almost everywhere ( like the stoppage of the gabbage disposal in Itlay) it is very annoying!

to be fair, antarctica should be equally divided between australia nz argentina and south africa.

So does Canada. Your point?

Pujato would kick their asses

>the teenagers and shitty kids can't into trash cans it is not like Praha or Brussel
Well, I think another reason why Estonia might be clean (It actually is compared to the commie times, everything was super dirty back then) is because we have a few days every single year to clean things up. Every year during a few days LOTS of people go out and just clean their neighbourhood, streets and everything possible.

We have been spreading the tradition to other countries too.
teemeara [dut] ee/en

In the commie times you could see trash everywhere, now driving a road you'll barely see anything and usually it's just things that will biodegrade such as apples, etc.

Too bad civilans from any country are stopped before you even get closed.

No one really knows whats over there

Admiral Bryd stated there was a whole other continent past it abundant in resources

Ignore the other Germanon, Estonia is more nordic than Sweden and Norway, and your country is beautiful.

I see Argentina is trying to claim our clay again, anyone seeing a trend here?

It's only a claim. Argentina is a tinpot nation that tries to claim any land south of the equator.

we were the 3rd country to reach the pole, we are the country with more permanent bases on the antartica, we rescued many teams from britain and norway, and so more. We made a better antartic dog than the Husky, named Perro Polar Argentino which the jews and foreign powers almost exterminated them because we were making progress thanks to them, etc

Tell us when, we can build the wall for you.

>last bit of land in the world with "unclaimed" written on it
>you think you're cool because you got some

wtf, I hate Unclaimed now

He's fine desu. It's just banter. Germany is beautiful too

Also checked.


Bizarrely, I discovered that we have a fucking antarctic station:

The North is, the rest of Germany is disgusting.
Can't wait to visit Estonia again next year, absolutely loved it over there.

That's absolutely gorgeous. I really want to visit germany before everything goes down, either "refugees" fucking everything up, war or modern "architecture".. But I don't have enough money so I guess I'll have to wait a year or two till that happens.

When you visit estonia just keep away from the russian neighbourhoods.

I'd recommend to visit Kiel, parts of Hamburg and Munich down south, but that would take you across the country, so it would probably be best to just stick to the north,

Sadly i only visited Estonia for a day with a few danish friends of mine, during a "Nordtrip".
But i'd love to just live there for a year or two, and i doubt it would be very expensive.

Fuckin snow fags

>But i'd love to just live there for a year or two, and i doubt it would be very expensive.
It is EXTREMELY cheap here compared to germany except when it comes to food, though if you just buy in bulk (a bag of potatoes, tomatoes, etc) then it's extremely cheap.

If you're going to visit Estonia again you should check out other parts of the country too that are less russianised such as the two Islands Hiiumaa and Saaremaa (aka Ösel).

Might find something interesting here.

It's always a good idea to visit a country for at least a month if you really want to see what it's like. All the good sides and the bad sides...

Hence why you didn't really meet russians when visiting only for a day.

I wonder if I will cross it one day, it would be cool.
People do it all the time here. Must be nice with no people around

Thanks alot, that Website is great,
I have no idea as what i could work there though,

But before any of that comes in question, i'll have to finish my Bundeswehr Training,

>I have no idea as what i could work there though,
Anything really. Germans and all other nordic nations have a very high reputation here and they are very easily hired, just don't expect to get a high wage. Those are really low here.

Phyiscal jobs are the easiest to get into, work at a stable, a farm, construction, etc.

That's very true, i never really encountered any "real" russians as of now.

But it's the same with Germany, even in the North you sadly see alot of fickie fickies, one "refugee" raped a 4 year old kid here in Kiel and only has to serve a 2 year prison sentence,..

Argentina trying to take out land again. Fucking hell.

That sounds great,
Is it hard to learn Estonian ?

Kek. every single time. they are EXTREMELY butthurt.

Yes, compared to germanic languages such as english, etc.

Estonian is actually a finno-ugric language and is quite different in structure. Lots of similar words though. We have got A LOT of words from other european languages, especially german.

It's much easier than learning languages such as japanese though.

Yes, Estonian looks very similar to finnish.

Anyways, great talking to you estoniabro.

You too. have a good evening.

Don't get ficki fickied :^)

if global warming happens will all the ice in antartica melt?


Don't you have a party to crash, Jezza?

What kind of reputation have Austrians in Estonia?

As high as germans. Anything that is close to german is considered high quality and great.

Come and take it you pansies

I heard you guys have nice firearm legislation.

I have been playing with the thought of moving to Finland or Estonia.

Says the country who invade 99% of the world and claim everything "theirs"

if you want to go full meme you can say pizza was invented in the middle-east

And (((who))) owns us?

Fucking argentina, cant even reclaim an island on their fucking doorstep, theyve got no legit claim to antarctica.

Cred Forums should claim the grey bit, we need our own nation, whites only, duotheistic state for kek and orthodox christianity that tolerates atheism in the labour class. no browns allowed, if you cant hide in the snow your not welcome. Woman cant vote or work. Expansionist agenda to eventually claim the entirety of the continent. Form strong alliance wiith the nazis that are already there.

Why UK always must invade and claims everything? fucking pirates...

Your country is so fucking irrelavent i cant even think of a way to insult you that would be stereotypical to your people.

2 months i think it was
still, norway took the longest for the germans to occupy out of all the occupied countires in ww2

also, hitler was a huge norgeboo

>That unclaimed chunk of Antarctica left for the US
Once Trump ascends to presidency, we better be all over that shit.

Enjoy your juden dystopia muhamed.

North pole > antarctica

get skin cancer lamo

are anglos gonna import some niggers to antarctic same as they did with their countries?

Hmmm... Really makes you think

our islands will be damaged by global warming...we will fight tooth and nail to secure a new homeland for our people

the argies will get nuked and chile will be promised half the smoking crater



This thread is now an arctic ownership thread. You can only post if your country owns large amounts of the Arctic.

None of you own it. The USA does not recognize any Antarctic claim. If we say you don't own something, then you don't.

Wanna start a war over it? Norway? Chile?

you cant even feed yourselves in a land as fertile as ireland, what hope do you have in the snow?

what the fuck is there to get in antartica

its actually spelled 'isntreal'


Lmao as if USA doesn't own the entire world de facto. Keep dreamin kiddo


wew lad

For those of you going to Antarctica, just remember to watch out for them fuckin space aliens. Heard they're all over the place down there.

It's bigger than Italy.

Shoot any dogs running to your camp!

I see a surprising lack of freedom on that icy little continent.

Trump will fix that.

Make Antarctica Great Again


>not befriend a sophisticated french district in your antarctica clay

Your loss aussie boy

I hereby declare that the unclaimed part of Antarctica is now Uruguayan

*bashes you*


all of antarctica belongs to usa you faggots

no, fuck you sweden, you already wasted all your chances of not being cucked, even the brits can stay but not you

USA owns all of Antarctica by default, being the only country capable taking and holding it if such were our desire.

>being the juden "dumb muscle"
>guys we are poweful
when this old meme will end?

To be powerful you must first cast off the shackles of your overlords.

Mr Lee, get back in the kitchen, I've a 12, 17 and a 34 on order.


We aint that old son for a lesson

all the black marks are countries we never incaded.

sit down pleb

At least we do it successfully. You couldn't even take a tiny little island thats right next to your country away from us before we came half way around the World and put you back in your place. And here is the what's really funny. You Argies are always crying about the Falklands and teaching in schools to your children that the evil British took it off you, and the truth is we don't even care about it. Basically no one over here has ever heard of it. We just took it off you because we can, because we don't want you to have it.

le corbyn voter meme

Why cuck ourselves into a small part when we can have it all?

This, USA and Russia are excluded from the rules of this thread.

lad, don't bully USA that hard.

She's the retarded kid after all.

Oi mate I'll deck you I swear

fuck you you bitchass nigger
I own a piece of that ass of yo momma

Hello, posting from the United Socialist union of Montfort Republics. Our little nation (located in holland) has claimed a piece of Antarctica.

AMA about the USMR

Theres no land at the north pole.


Bring it you slavic faggots.

What, you gonna kill your family so we can't rape them? Not cool.

You can still rape them.

Antarctica doesn't exist and doesn't look like that. You can keep your Ayys

>inb4 puetro rico slides in and takes the unclaimed land

where the fuck is america?

stop being gross and weird,

of course you can still rape them

You can rape the snow niggers, we don't care about them.

Thanks, bros, you are the best.

Don't be such a faggot, even if we don't do anything with it it'll better off with us than in the hands of a either Chile; a string of piss non-country. Or Argentina, a country that couldn't even take the Falklands off of us.