What does Cred Forums think of Saudi Arabia?

Don't bring the government into this, I'm talking about the people, history, military etc.

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>the people
>the history
>the military
It's okay I guess.

Cool architecture, though.

You're backwards unevolved Muslim dogs, and the western world does not think about you whatsoever. Your people along with the other mutts of the middle east should be erased from existence.

just another bunch of muslim savages, primarily responsible for the funding of terrorism, knowing that their economic importance prevents reprisal or countries even acknowledging their culpability.
Would be the first on the target list if I had access to the nuclear arsenal tbqh senpai


dirty sand niggers

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savages that should be nuked

Actual ones behind 9/11

Saudi Arabia is great, you are my brothers. We follow same prophet. The future belongs to the Allah.


Moors. All. Remove.

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Military is getting BTFO by Yemeni dirt farmers.
Actually BTFO not like people like to shitpost about coalition BTFO in afghan/Iraq.

to clarify


>I'm talking about the people, history, military etc.
I have no fucking idea. some sand people that are now puppets to oppose iran, and that will collapse when (((they))) decide it

I talked with a girl from saudi arabia once, she told me that they were the good guys in Yemen.

Im glad climate change will turn your countries into unhabitable scorching deserts, cant wait to ser all your fucking heritage wiped and burried into twin tower tall sand dunes.

A desert people cursed with oil.

On the plus side there is only economic development. You have a totalitarian state with Islamic fundamentalism. In addition, you spread this infection. It's full of shit.

>climate change

go back to CTR


No you go back to CTR motherfucker, im starting to beliebe you climate change deniers dont even want to genocide muslims. Fuck you.

I hope this shit happens and they get wiped for good.

Fixed it for you OP

>tfw my uncle got an ancestry test it said he's 12% Saudi Arabian/Libyan.

Your military is a complete joke and highly incompetent from everything I've ever read. Much of this is due to the culture of your country being stupid as fuck and not helpful to the way a military is structured.

I find Saudi interesting, I intend on travelling there some time in the foreseeable future. The people seem nice, but brainwashed, and there's a lot the government hides from them.

The history is interesting, as in the way it was founded. The military, whilst well-resourced, has a sloppy track-record, and I naturally don't agree with their methods in Yemen.

I sense a revolution coming, but I kind of wish it stays the way it is for the time being. I think there should be countries that quite literally stick to their roots, though it's weird how backwards they became since the 70s.

I think that Saudi Arabia as a whole is in for a rude awakening once electric cars become less expensive to manufacture that gasoline vehicles.

They're already cheaper to maintain and economists estimate that 2020 will be the tipping point.

You need to be nuked


Ill give you a bump because I look forward to seeing how this turns out

The people support it's archaic absolute monarchy, so fuck them too.

Your country is obviously the most savage in the Middle East, but my country is allies with you for oil (our own special interest).

>The people
Retarded Inbreds. Become Dudeweedlmaos or Salafists when extracted from home country. I've met a few of you in Vancouver and that's exactly what happened. Some did nothing of their lives but smoking week and drinking alcohol, the others started to become basement dwellers dressed like monks and yelling at the dudeweeds verses of the Quran with their fingers pointed toward the sky ISIS style.

Islamic therefore shit. Pretty much everything before Islam got erased by Islam so I can't really tell. Still worshiping black stones though.

The Huti militia managed to cross your own border. Nuff said.

As soon as the White and Yellow Men get tired of your Oil, you will fall back to the Middle Age.

Was bored so i fixed it even more

The literal fucking worst scum of this Earth, used to be tent niggers 100 years ago, and still act like tent niggers to this day.

the world would be a better place if they all disappeared tomorrow

>the military
>It's okay I guess.

They are getting destroyed by under equip Yemani goat herders. Not like US in Vietnam where we killed thousands more of them than they did us. Like a brutal ass fucking by poor goat fuckers.

When I think of Saudi Arabia, I immediately think of 15 of the 19 September 11th terrorist attackers. I also think of how many of you fuckers bang goats and camels.

I also find it funny a Saudi is asking this the day after the NJ and NYC bombings.

Can't wait for when the kingdom goes bankrupt in a few years, and the heat is turned up as well.

I personally support nationalist of all kinds. I admire their statesmen for wearing their own modern version of traditional ethnic garb. It would please me if Koreans and Japanese also wore their traditional formal dress for diplomatic and governmental positions.

It also pleases me that they have the last strong monarchy in a developed country.


Saudi Arabia is the heart ISIS. You cannot defeat ISIS without eliminating the ideology that permeates this shithole of a country.

>the people
>The Slaves
Niggers & Poo in Loo's
>the history
>the military

I'm just here for Chaika.

Also I remember reading something about an American who worked in Saudi Arabia and when they offered to renew his contract he said they're was nothing in the world they could offer him to make him stay another day. Really made me think.

Revolution and execution of whole Saud family and supporters, outlaw Islam, aid the west with the destruction of Israel, then we're bros.
Otherwise, extermination war.

Isn't pretty much all the cool architecture there designed by white foreign engineers?

What is daily life like in Riyadh?
Also could you send me some money?

They are not good pilots

No, Pennsylvania landing zones just suck.