For this Semester i have to do a project about the Democracy & Human Rights , Refugee crisis etc...

For this Semester i have to do a project about the Democracy & Human Rights , Refugee crisis etc , and i have been assigned Ukraine . So what do you think Cred Forums ? How do they treat your beloved refugees in Ukraine? (also how did you treat refugees in your country)

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As an Ukrainian, I must say that oligarchs and mafia combined with lack of entrepreneurial education turned country into complete shithole. Nobody wants to seek asylum here, We're too poor. The end.

What's Ukraine?

Dude there is like a conflict going on here, we have our own displaced people. And we are too poor to actually accept anyone else, that would be a crime against Ukrainians who live in poverty.

are you a bro tier ukrainian or a UPA fifth column?

Please don't post the outdated propaganda map.


have things calmed down? or the conflicts still continues?

I'm not a fan of UPA, that's for sure. Actually I barely can justify Ukraine's existence to be completely honest.

GTFO from my country ukr

When I finish my degree in CS I'll probably leave (If I'll be good enough). I actually contributing to your economy so stfu.

Dude even we got refugees FROM Ukraine because Russia invaded them and now there's war.

I know... I what the fuck is wrong with my professor , why has he given me this country.... god damn i wanted so much to be assinged Denmark ...


If you don't want to be empty-handed, write about Ukrainian refuges in Russia after start of the ATO. He didn't left you a choice. Or pair up with someone from your class. Or burn the school down. That's your choice.

It's not like it was 2 years ago, but I'll just leave this:

Ukrainian people can barely feed themselves how do you expect them to take in refugees? They were refugees during ww2....and we're treated very nicely by the Germans.

Founders of your country.

>and we're treated very nicely by the Germans.
>Founders of your country.
No, not really. Ukrainians didn't even call themselves like that before 20th century, thanks to commies/jews.

came here to post this.


Russia invaded? Im gonna need a source on that.

>had Russia actually invaded, Ukraine would be wiped off the map in 24 hours. stop spreading your bullshit, faggot.

You just didn't researched this. Yes, if Russia invaded in full force Ukraine will not stand a chance. But they supply manpower and equipment, they would have been retarded not to.

You faggot, they didnt go balls out. They subtly sent in their own troops to aid rebels in the Donbass only, all while denying it. If it was a full-scale invasion Ukraine would have probably fallen within days unless NATO intervened, but none of that happened. Stop misinterpreting the situation.

In your understanding invasion has to be only full scale and massive?
What do you think happened in Crimea? Before referendum there was a military take over. Yes, technically they didn't cross the border, because they were already there, but it's a violation.
Or do you really believe that there is no Russian military operating in Donbass?

nice strawman argument.
Russia did NOT invade.
Helping a secessionist movement in another country =/= and invasion.
Sending in a 6 man specops squad to operate in front of Donbass militia still does not mean invading.
With this logic, the US has invaded Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lybia and just about every other fucking country on the planet.

The crimea needed to be taken over to prevent them from dropping to the poverty levels that the rest of the failed state is enjoying right now. I, as a Romanian cant wait for your stupid joke of a country to fall apart, so all that land you stole from other countries can be returned to Romania, Moldova, Poland and Russia.

>With this logic, the US has invaded Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lybia and just about every other fucking country on the planet.
FUCKING LOL! Yes it is an invasion, you fucking imbecile.

>I, as a Romanian
Oh, now I get why you are so stupid.

get the fuck out of my country first

polish white nigger

>With this logic, the US has invaded Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lybia and just about every other fucking country on the planet.
Yes, we have, you fucking retard.

Russia is invading Ukraine.

>Democracy & Human Rights

trash meme tier "science", European universities became monasteries of leftism, disgusting

Wow, nice argument, dumbfuck. You still never gave any proof of Russia actially invading ukraine.
The annexation of Crimea was one of the greatest military achievements of the last century. Annexing that much land simply because of good timing and coordination, without firing a single shot. Fucking impressive.
Just you wait, soon "Ukraine" will be a 50 mile wide circle around Kiev.

And you probably think that you are the biggest patriot, contributing to other country.
Fucking piece of shit!

>Democracy & Human Rights , Refugee crisis etc , and i have been assigned Ukraine


ukrainians are the refugees, away from savage subhuman russian scum

>human rights

Russian Tanks, Uniforms, Military Structures, Armored Personnel Carriers, Anti-Air systems

But you won't believe me, because you only watch RT and take it as gospel.

>T-that wasn't Russia, even Russia says it was Ukraine!

You're such a blatant shill. Literally kill yourself.

More than a fucking 1 million of Ukrainians are here.
There's not a single day without me hearing russian on the streets.

I know what Brits feel about Poles now, well at least they are working and they don't explode.

Dude you are just a dumb gypsy, no point in arguing with you.

Really they speak Russian and not Ukrainian?
And probably all nationalistic and patriotic as fuck?)))

Yes he is

btw Sub-Carphatia is Hungarian clay, so if it comes to that we probably take their side bro sorry

but if this makes you feel better, I'm making sure to cuck as many Romanian when I'm Transylvania as I can get, their women are pretty easy

Could someone post the updated version of the ukraine map (without the east, south, crimea etc) I thought i saved it but i guess i didn't....








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Clearly insane, but pretty.

Something's wrong with your map OP. It still has Crimea

such butthurt

>btw Sub-Carphatia is Hungarian clay
Honestly I don't even understand why some regions are even part of current Ukraine. I mean, Sub-Carphatia was part of Hungary for what like one thousand years, even more?
Now it's in Ukraine, and this land carving always boils down to commies.

Ta нi, з чoгo ти цe взяв? B мeнe бyлa мoжливicть вчитиcя в Bapшaвi i я пoїхaв. Я нe пpoти здopoвoгo пaтpioтизмy. Aлe нiкoли ним i нe бyв. Хoть в нac i бyлa дyжe пaтpioтичнa вчитeлькa з icтopiї, я нe бaчив чим мoжнa пишaтиcя зa ocтaннiх 200-300 poкiв.

>ukrainian language
>still existing

same shit is with belarussian.

And it wasn't even part of Kievan Rus or something like that. If that was commies logic.

There is no such thing.

Ta тo я тaк, жapтyю) Кpaщe зaлишaйcя тaм, ycпiхiв тoбi)

Basically Soviets took it because of its strategical place, its a really good defends point, mountains and shit

It still has a sizable Hungarian minority, but its mostly ethnically Russyn, who between 1938-1944 had autonomy within the Hungarian Kingdom, which was a pretty good deal


pretty hohol girls don't deserve to live in that hellhole

Дякyю) He влoвив чoмycь, мoя винa.

Don't worry we give them job



makes me sick tbqh, but well it's a natural occurence, here they sell themselves too

>That map


Another angle you can take this, is that there are a lot of ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine seeking self-rule, and their rights are being suppressed. Cultural assemblies are being shut down and Ukrainian protestors show up to threaten them (with actual physical threats).

It's the naval base that matters. Home of the Black Sea Fleet. How do you describe it, Russia's only deep warm water port? Except the one in Syria. Gotta access that Mediterranean

>How do they treat your beloved refugees in Ukraine?
We don't.

Not totally related, but I want to give you the Crimea Redpill

Crimea was invaded by Russia under the pretense that the Crimean people were Russian speaking people who were going to be oppressed by the new pro-EU Government that took over after Euromaiden. While this may be somewhat true, it is worth knowing that Russia's true reason to invade was to secure the strategic military port of Sevastopol.

Sevastopol has been a cornerstone of Russian and Soviet foreign policy for centuries. It is a large port that is the home of Russia's Black Sea Fleet, which is crucial for Russian power projection into the Middle East. and it also sees a decent amount of shipping from Europe to Western Russia. The reason Sevastopol is so special is because it is one of only a two major ports in Russia that do not freeze over in water (warm-water ports).

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Crimea, and thus Sevastopol, were given to the Republic of Ukraine. The Russian Federation was swift in securing a lease for this vital port, which continued until the invasion. This lease was incredibly important for the above reasons, and when the pro-EU Government took over Ukraine after Euromaiden, Putin feared that they may cancel the lease in order to check Russia, which caused him to invade with the excuse of saving the Russian speaking peoples in Crimea.

We will live to see an ascendant Rus state, emerging from the pointless "Russian" Federation, "Ukraine" and "Belarus".

The trigger will be someone informing the dipshits of their actual history, and how divide et impera by their enemies worked.

Screencap this, store it on a resilient memory device.

I tattooed your post on my left ass cheek, is it secure enough? Like your idea, tho

What's the capital going to be?


Kiev. Smolensk would be cool, too.

Moscow is beyond salvation, the historic parts have to be preserved, as in the case of St.Petersburg, the rest deserves neutron/thermobaric bomb treatment. Especially the (((oligarch))) and (((new rich))) areas, and Homo Sovieticus dwellings.

>6 man specops squad
Where the hell did you get such a small number? Russia has sent thousands of regular troops into Ukraine.
>The U.S. has invaded Iraq
No shit, we went all out in 2003 yet weren't pussies and didnt lie about doing it. The other countries weren't true invasions but we have done covert operations or lent support to rebels in them. Btw I'm not trying to claim the U.S. has a moral high ground, cause we don't. I'm just saying people shouldn't make up excuses to justify Russia's lies.

я люблю yкpaїнa
I fucking miss eating salo, you cannot find that shit here

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I thought it was backfat, but I live in the city, all the local meat places only get primals shipped in, you cannot order backfat OR belly fat

this is fucking strange


now I understand Brits

Why do Ukrainians hate Jews so much?

My wife complained about the Educational system in Ukraine.
You had to pay university teachers to get good grades, which is even more sad when the average wage in Ukraine is like 50 USD per months

There are plenty of (((oligarchs))) and Homo Sovieticus in Ukraine, too. And there are plenty of dumb neo-nazis both in Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine and Russia are actually not that different. Russia just happened to have oil and gas.

I, too, have visited your country.

You can do it yourself you know, just need a proper cut.

What city?
I stayed mostly in Chernihiv

source now

>the average wage in Ukraine is like 50 USD per month
50$ is minimum wage, not average. Average is around 200$, still shit though.

Kiev and Uman.


yes pretty much the same shit that Ukraine has. BTW, it isn't the uniforms and AK's that brought it down. So I don't know how that is related.

These pictures are from middle of russia based on reverse search, vatnik





oh boy that looks sad, thank god for homogenous country


and much more

>cucked by the flag system
>ignored by vast majority of russian speakers in the same country it claims to represent them

Those are Jews m8. Historically, they've faced extreme persecution from ethnic Ukrainians.


>they've faced extreme persecution from ethnic Ukrainians
I wonder why.


>fucking genocidal neo-nazis lmao we will fucking kill you in genocide now to stop genocides!!!!1!
>what are russian anti-jewish progroms
>what is historical general anti-semitism in the west?

Also why are "(((you)))" (fake troll) so concerned?

>russian education

seriously not on my watch, ugly kikes, i'm nice to ukrainians who come here to work (it's like 4 million of them in poland) so we do help them actually

Why does my ethnicity or religion matter to you? :p

the praviy sector would beat all the refugees up and do to them what they did to swedes

Fuck off I live in Toronto and there's a massive ukr culture and population here.

None of the Ukrainians speak Russia, maybe the fob ones straight from Eastern Ukraine but Ukrainian is not dead as a language at all. I was born and raised in Canada and speak it fluently

Blatant shills, Putin Government paid

Brah, I am pro Ukraine.
It would become a nice first world country if they work out the corruption. Maybe they should have a slower political system that weeds out the corruption with time instead of trying to change everything at once.

>we wuz mongols
>we wuz kievan rus
>we wuz third rome
You can't have it all ways bro

Pic related is extremely popular in Ukraine, pulled pork

>what they did to swedes
What do you mean? Swedish people have been part of Azov and done a great job fighting shitparatists.

Because you are not Jewish and just a 55 Savuskhina Street paid troll.

>reking rapefugees

are you dumb?

>Ukrainian is not dead as a language at all
It's dying out though. Much like Ukrainians themselves.

>what are russian anti-jewish progroms

Have you heard of the Pale of Settlement? It was your "Ukrainians" who massacred the jews, as they were not allowed to settle in Russia. Russians were by no means tolerant to jews, but if you're going to split Ukrainians into a separate entity at least give credit where it's due.

Americans kill dark muslims in their wars
Russians kill white christians in their wars

Must have replied to the wrong guy, a Federal Republic of Germany/America/Canada/Switzerland style federation would do good I guess, and could troll the fuck out of separashits, like:
>If you want a multi-lingual region, you must also recognise Romanian/Crimean Tatar/Polish/whatever also so Russian doesn't have the only say

Sorry if I wrongly thought you were one of those separshits raging over posting under Ukrainian flag :p

Yes, I am a Jew. I'm also Fourth Position and a Zionist-Jucheist.

>they were not allowed to settle in Russia
So Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Moldova/Romania, and Belarus inside an empire centuries ago are suddenly my responsibility?
This is just as stupid as blacks demanding reparations with whites.

You've been defending them this whole thread, so I didn't think you would mind.

so you are a North Korean Kim-Jong-Unist propaganda platitude worshipper too? edgy

>Fourth Position
So let me see, you are a Russian ethnic ultranationalist/neo-nazi Eurasian-empire-ist while Jewish at the same time, a supporter of North Korean regime, and supporting a nation that actively assists forces that want to destroy the entire idea of Judaism like Iran and Syria.

>a fucking leaf
Also, how is one random black guy that barely lives in the country an argumen-
>checks flag

If you supposed to write some liberal tier bullshit you can focus on Crimean Tathars. Technicaly these are refugees we take in 90-s and they opressed in Crimea now and was deported while USSR and hate russia and shit. One brown Tatharian cunt sing a song and eurovision.

>Actually I barely can justify Ukraine's existence to be completely honest.


I mean, it's true. Wasn't Ukraine just a place were rogue serfs escaped their Polish and Russian landlords?

This. Give us what ours and take rest.

It wasn't really an argument, you started sperging out at me after I pointed out that the pogroms were mostly committed by Ukrainians, so now I'm just posting pics.


Show me a modern map with the ethnography of Zakapartska, oh that's right, almost no Hungarians live there and most Rusyns are Ukrainian-identifying.

cucked lol

Best schools left in Kaliningrad oblast'.

More like you are cucked by Ukrainian-Canadians, enjoy your abhorrent """"""""arguments""""" lmao

>silesia stealers think they have territory claims

Enoy being cucked by quebec also

Yes, I want to see Israel become theocratic communist.

Uhh, sure? You're just speaking nonsense now.

Your map is wrong m8

You would rage at quebec if it seperated, wouldn't you? lol

What in the holy fuck is that?

>Still posting that shitty bait image

do leafs EVER not shitpost

Not really, I don't have much of an attachment to this country. Why are you bringing that up?

oh dear christ it hurts to look at

that's not how polanballs are done

>>silesia stealers
Świętopełk pure german blood

I largely agree with this map, there is no use of Slavic nations breaking out of the Soviet-Eurasian empire to be the invasion superhighway of the """European""" """Union""".

The key to total logistical/strategic control of Europe needs to be strongly armed and neutral from the Arab League, EU, and CSTO.

I hope you westerners will not steal glorious russian stranoshary.


I think the retarded vatnik message behind them is even worse than the visual side.

good lads


Polandballs is unfunny krautchan kanker. I like the intentionally shitty ones.

>These pictures are from middle of russia based on reverse search, vatnik

Those pictures have Ukrainian language on mcdonalds boxes, you literal retard.
I'm not yet counting some central Ukraine as "Russian" territory.

Delete this, how dare he put his foot on the Irish mecca

I actually agree with this, loads of the polandballs now are just shitty political cause shoehorning and the same old stereotypes

>ukrainian language doesn't exist according to me but now it does in this exception, goalpost moving is fucking awesome
1/10, made me reply

human rights=anti-native society; if at all, they should be granted only to citizens, not aliens

democracy=false idol, dictate of the lowest common denominator&lobbyists (including media narratives) with most cash

refugees are few and far in between, gibsmedat seekers are 99% of those

>reverse search

Also I couldn't find a single image using google search and I saved them from some vk page of an ukrainian slut. Keep making things up you proxy using piggu.

Ukrainian language exists in Ukraine, not in Russia, you fucking imbecile.

and same as "stolen silesia" so kindly stfu

>some VK page
doesn't look like adequate proof to me

don't you believe those shitty arguments lol

But isn't ukrainians are russians in denial fooled by austrians?

nice work against vatniks, olgino-faggots and sympathetic to them morons