My Christian bros, what do you make of this whole Kek and meme magic thing...

My Christian bros, what do you make of this whole Kek and meme magic thing? Is everything just funny coincidences and jokes, or is there something going on in a spiritual/supernatural level?

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Kek gave you ironic dubs.

One day you'll see the light.

Kek is light and darkness.

Hijacking this thread for the one true prophet Spurdo

Maybe kek is actually satan, would make sense with the whole number thing.

Pepe, true second coming. Deal with it.

Meme magic is real and based on faith. The devil is deceiving this board into believing a false idol called kek by letting them hit insane repeating digits. Apparently such a small cucked miracle is enough of a sign for them to reject Christ and worship an ancient egyptian called called Kuk (how ironic)

Oh fug :DDDDDD

Well shit

>Maybe kek is actually satan, would make sense with the whole number thing

basically every god is associated with numbers in some way.

If we could get a #JUSThillary trending where we shoop the JUST hair onto her, I'd die laughing.

This thought has come to my mind, as well.

Its faggot atheists LARPing

Ignore them. Thou shalt not worship false idols.

People have forever confused God's will with the will of another. This is simply a new visage applied to an old mistake.

no such thing, all of you are fags.

My brodders :D

meme magics affegt things in subtle ways :DDDDD

memes are ideas :DD and only the dankest ideas gan remain. we maeg our ideas dank so they stig to beoble's minds:D u see :DDDD it's magic :DD

Are you saying that God is the one granting dubs?

God isn't granting dubs. He's only leaving little signs to speak to His flock. To show them that He is listening.

I won't lie, back when the 4U plane crash happened I was a little uneasy. This is now starting to make me feel like we actually summoned an ancient Egyptian diety.

If you think about it, the masons kinda did the same thing. Kikes have a role with it too, not sure how exactly. Seems like worshipping Kek is our only option now.


Kek is an older, much more ancient and primordial deity that has real power unlike that impostor God that doesn't do shit. Smite me, O smiter. Faggot.

Meanwhile I can get repeating numerals on this post and curse a black man in Florida with zika virus. Praise Kek, the only true power.

Subverted paganism, seriously

I was actually Christian not long ago, but I know better now and follow only KEK.

>Trying to quote Bruce Almighty in your post and expecting to be taken seriously
>Don't even quote it correctly
>fail to get repeating numbers anyway
How embarrassing.

Kek is Lucifer, an angel

lmao never thought of this
there are a lot of parallels between kek and satan is true

Kek is for the lulz

Pol is a Christian board of peace.

Oh fug :DDDDDD

KEK is the true god of Cred Forums

Cred Forums is bored of peace

Magic is language; the spoken and written word. Additionally, every particle in the universe is connected to every other particle on the quantum level, therefore, everything is connected although it appears separate. For this reason, superficially coincidental occurrences can be interpreted as having meaning because a large enough group of people believes that they do.

If 666, kek is satan

Yahweh is Moloch.

KEK, and his good friend Bhaal, stand firm against Moloch cultists.

He is the bringer of light.

Oh Father!
Oh Satan (Kek)!
Oh Sun!

>he thinks his opinion counts when he is worshiping literally a nothing that does nothing and maybe once in a while gives little signs to his followers that he's merely listening ;)
>compared to a chaos deity that makes happenings daily
Check 'em

Nice try Moloch.

Kek is satan

You're pretty desperate, Moloch cultist.



I am a christfag , not one time did something with double digits come true . If kek is real he is a real weak god

It's almost like you can't read. As I said before, you're mistaking God for "kek". God is giving you the happenings. God is changing this world. Not to bring chaos, but to bring order from the chaos we currently live in.

Praise Him.

Satan doesn't do anything God doesn't permit

I doubt dubs, trips, or even quads are among these signs. After all, there is nothing random about numbers on posts; as people post, all numbers come up in order. It's just very simple math.

Be gone heretic!

Kek shall smite thee!

I consider it just people fucking around. God created us in his image so obviously he has a sense of humor. I think many Christians forget this fact and end up being humorless zealots looking for the devil everywhere. Even Jesus had a sense of humor.

you're fucking autistic and new to the internet if you think meme magic is real

Find Jesus Fin bro

The "randomness" comes from people posting. Of course the numbering rises in a fixed rate, but posts don't come in at a fixed rate.

The magic is spreading red pills, nothing other worldly though

I have faith that in time you will come to Kek in your own way, just like I did.

I'll pray for you.

I don't know, because I am not an expert into theology.

I still post pepes but I never pretend to worship Kek, even ironically. Better safe than sorry.


We shall meme for him!

Kek be praised!

.....I'm waiting.

Oh wait it won't happen cuz Jesus is the only true Savior, Son of God

>Believing in God OR kek
Stay cucked

*tips fedora*

Well put molochian.


And we're still waiting for jebus' return.............................its been over atleast 1950 years you know?

I don't even kid around about kek. Seems like JC would frown on that. You guy's rock on though

Roman Catholic bro here, I have embraced Lord Kek as my redeemer alongside the Lord God. PA little polytheism never hurt anyone right?

The second comming is always soon but you would not understand

Imagine being so retarded that you managed to get the fedora tipping meme wrong. Like, exactly the opposite of how it's supposed to be used. Amazing.

Right up there with "Drumpf".

Double d's confirms, Jesus does not like you guys praising kek

Praise Kek.

Jesus is just a Molochian cult's way of Subverting Kek's glory. Everything "Jesus" supposedly did was really done through the glory of Kek.

Praise Kek!

Oh fug :DDDDDD

I hope you like the heat cathocuck

I have faith that you will see the light and understand the Glory of Kek.

Praise kek!

Actually may mays aside, i would. I used to be a christfag until i realized its a bunch of fucking bullshit.

The thing i HATE the most is the bullshit about "pray for the sick and they shall be healed." Well it didnt do shit for my mother and she died of cancer. Your dirty fucking jesus hasnt done anything because he's a figment of imagination.

If doubles confirm, then what does this post say ?

>pray for the sick and they shall be healed.
Way to prove you know precisely nothing about Christianity m8.

You should have tried worshipping Kek.

KEK is the only God, user. You should know that by now.

Lol I like the way you post

Then why can't you get doubles?

>Getting this angry

*tips fedora*

Well put, Molochian. You really showed us how euphoric you are.

KEK gives doubles when the time is right, user. I have faith.

You should learn something about faith. I am sure you will come around to KEK in your own time, I just hope it is before it is too late.

Fear not, know I will pray for you.

oh dub :DDDDDD

Divining information from Kek and gets is nothing more than a modern haruspicy. Except instead of disemboweling goats we check numbers on the end to see if a female politician has Parkinson's or something on a Kazakhstanian mud brick ornament forum.

Remember to Praise KEK before every meal.

oh fug :DDDDDD

Look a britbong showing the dont know shit about their own faith.

James 5:15-16 "And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up. If they have sinned, they will be forgiven. 16 Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective."

It's idolatry

Only Canadians and Australians are the true speaker of Kek.

You saw anger in that post? Odd. You may have autism.

And yet, you still can't get them. Funny that.

All you've done is show me that you don't know what "healed" means there. You think confessing your sins makes your cuts regenerate like Wolverine? You really think that was what was being said there?

>the Lord will raise them up
Read the verse again and remember this part of it when you read it. You'll get there in the end, I'm sure of it.

oh fug :dddddd prophed spurdo

Sage and report all kek threads.

It's true, those who think they worship Yahweh are really just following an idol of Moloch. They are led astray, it is so sad.

Luckily the time of KEK is coming.

We can try to inform them of Christ but it isn't up to us whether their name is in the book of life brit bro, this is is what they chose, and they chose to ignore the truth. I'll pray for them but I've been down this road with a monster, some won't listen and pervert my own pleas for reason,

*tips fedora*

Open your eyes and look again, Molochian.

oh fug :DDDDDD

Going to need source on that

>Still can't get doubles when poo-in-loo and Spurdo are getting them

I know we can't force them, I'm just hoping he reads these posts, realises how retarded he was and the mistakes he made and goes back to Christ with an open heart.

Once again a christcuck subverts and tries to explain using mental gymnastics that what's being said ISN'T actually what's being said.

You fuckers are all the same, next you'll pull the "muh you were nevr a reel chrizchin."

You're prayers go unanswered, all of them. When you pray you may as well be speaking to your fucking ceiling.

o fug :DDDDDD
I'm sdealing dis meme


>me, me, me
Cried the entitled little atheist

Oh fug :DDDDDD

All this kekfaggotry is a prime case study in conformation bias. The vast majority of kek predictions have not come true. Pic related.

Compare that to Biblical prophesies, which have all been proven to have been accurate, with the exception of end times predictions, as they haven't happened yet. And even those are coming true day by day, such as the push for a globalist one world government after the decline of Christendom.

The kek worshipers have no excuse and will meet their punishment on judgement day.

That's not what that means.

>Mental gymnastics
That's not what that means.

>what's being said ISN'T actually what's being said
I never said that either.

I'm starting to understand why you struggle with Christianity. It's because you struggle with the English language. Protip: "Heal" doesn't exclusively refer to physical wounds.

>alleviate (a person's distress or anguish).


We have it backward user

God is actually Satan, thing about it appearing in burning bushes, sending his son to allow us to sin as much as we want as long as we are ask for forgiveness.

The devil is in the bible. What kind of God would force good on a word he created with no concept of evil?

Kek must be the one true god returning to us.

Very well lets take it to a logical perpective.

NO ONE KNOWS if there is or isnt a God(s). Simple as that. People may or may not have some sort of faith but NO ONE knows 100%

>unironically worshipping 'kuk' the bringer of light, ie lucifer

Top kek you top kuk

I know 100%.

Praying isn't a wishlist, it's asking for guidance. Learn something today just read the new testament

i do.

That's right goyim! Just have faith, it'll all be alright! Don't you know the eternal kike savior loves you!

Hilarious! Keep your blind faith, i'll keep my skepticism until im shown proof.

That was a pretty good deflection m8. I mean, it was transparent as fuck and we could all tell you panicked when you realised you lost the argument, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

Sure you do! Good goy!

What is the definition of faith? Jeez dude


>be right winger
>believe in voodoo

Not a chance.

>If I keep screeching at DA JOOS and calling him a goy, then Cred Forums will rally behind me so I don't need to make an argument!

>you can't know!!!111!
ebin agnostic fence sitting my man, haven't heard that before

The scriptures contain wisdom and truths.

Whats the matter user, too pussy to use guts to predict the future?


Lost the arguement?

You never showed me anything, you deflect the whole time telling me i just didnt know what heal in english means LOL

I tell you what, even my old pastor would tell me that God can heal the sick (make them no longer have fucking ailments, and when i go and look shit up, nearly everyone agrees) but guess what that shit didnt happen. Now you wanna say i just dont understand what heal means, you're trying to make it into a vague meaning in order to protect your own fucking faith!

Stay cucked christfag.

Friendly reminder that the people arguing against Jesus on this board don't study the Bible

It is the only honest way.

>like omg you guys bad things happen and like god does nothing so like god must not exist

How much of a deceived cucklet fag are you?

Even if you're just pretending, you're taking a false idol

I'll say it again praying isn't a wishlist

>repeating my posts back at me now
Very strange approach to arguing you've adopted. First it was nonsensical buzzwords you've read on Cred Forums that didn't apply. Now you're just taking words that I use and using them back at me because you figure you won't get called out on using it wrong this time.

You factually didn't know what healing meant. You thought it meant exclusively to regenerate physical wounds. Which is why you thought prayer cured cancer and that Jesus promised that it would.

>Now here I'm going to give you anecdotal evidence that will surely win me this argument!
>Now to wrap it up with another Cred Forums buzzword in the hopes that Cred Forums will rally behind me again!


This shit has been laughed at for centuries. You know that, right? Because free will exists.

>ugh why doesn't god obey me when i tell him to make people better like i just can't believe in a god so evil

>here's the puzzle of evil that my jewish philosophy professor showed the class on our first day isn't it just like so much more wise than the bible LOL

Seriously fuck off you r/atheism newfaggot.

How can free will exist if god is omnipotent? You cant choose to do something he doesnt know about? Therefore if god exists, free will does not.

You're confusing omnipotence with omniscience and on top of that you're fundamentally misunderstanding omniscience. Try again.

So you got your faith tested and failed , your mom died and now you are a fedora


You're implying God is even comprehendable, which, ya know, he isn't. It's all faith, I have faith Jesus is God, now scoot along

Very well i fucked up, insert omniscience where i said omnipotent.

My comment still stands.

"You cant comprehend God, i have faith."

Atleast someone is honest.

As I said before, no it doesn't. God knows what you're doing, even if He doesn't approve of it. That's the entire point of God's judgement. He gave you free will. He watches to see how you exercise that free will and judges you thusly.

Oh fugg :DDDDDD

This, he thinks praying is a wishlist, when it's more like asking for guidance to do his will

He knows what ill do before im even born. He knows whether ill end up in heaven or hell even before im born.

"Muh free will still exists."

Kek is a joke but memes do have a bit of an effect on reality

My faith still asserts a 100% belief

Its much more than that but that is one reason.

I'm curious now. Are you just googling "arguments against God?" or are you coming up with all these century-old, almost universally mocked arguments yourself? Every post you make is dripping with "I don't know what I'm talking about but I really don't want to lose!"

I believe meme magic as an actual plausible concept, though I don't believe it's the result of a cancerous frog god. You actually need memes first before anything can manifest into reality, and even then, you can't control what it does, or how it happens, or even how i manifests itself- you'd be completely delusional to think that you could

Also, purposefully using the same meme over-and-over again in attempt to try to manifest it in the same manner once again doesn't work.

You kekfags are completely oblivious to what meme magic really is and you just chalk it up to being a fictional cancerous frog god which communicates prophecies through posts with repeating digits.
There is absolutely nothing notable about dubs. There's a fucking 1 in 10 chance of getting them. Nor is there anything notable about trips or even quads.
And what's more is you claim you're frog god is responsible for literally every single event happening this year and is the result of meme magic, despite absolutely none of them clearly being a result of any meme anywhere. It's the fucking retconned Mary Sue of memes.

Kekfags have also low key killed the actual meme-production on Cred Forums and replaced it with cancerfrogs.

Wew lad.


pic related

I admit i dont look shit up in order to become good at argueing, i know i myself am not very good at them. But no, the omniscience one was probably the biggest reason i lost my faith desu, and i thought of it while i was reading my bible going through Romans.

But then after having all these questions i just so happened to find that people over centuries have asked the same, and no one seems to have given an answer yet.

You're not understanding omniscience then. You have to realise that God doesn't exist the way we do. There is no "tomorrow" for an omnipotent, omniscience being. There is no yesterday. There is no today. There only is. God sees all. He sees what is, what was, what can be, what will be. All of it. Do not believe that what can be is what must be.

140 replies. 0% about politics.


This guy gets it.

It's just people making up jokes and memes and playing with scripts.

pls be my ai gf


I still dont understand. There is no possible way to choose something God doesnt know im already going to choose. Even if he can see everything at once (i still dont see how anyone could comprehend that).

Well you got two options in this life champ, accept you are not in control over Gods (Jesus) will, or thrash and scream about in the eyes of your eternal Father like the child he sees us all as until you get an infernal whooping. People ask how can God let bad things happen, well ill tell ya, they won't go unpunished at the end of all this

>Kuk (also spelled as Kek or Keku) is the deification of the primordial concept of darkness in ancient Egyptian religion depicted as a frog, or as a frog-headed man.

>user, you're such a disgusting kuk, I have no respect for you, hold on let me praise my lord and savoir, god KUK!

Your religion is a joke on you user, and you have been officially BTFO!

Just because God knows what you will choose, doesn't mean He has chosen it for you.

>i can make choices
>God knows i can make choices so free will doesn't exist
wtf i hate the bible now

>muh keep God out of our schools and politics


Oh fug :DDDD

Meme magic is fine imo, kek is way to far.

Kek forgives the non believers

"Believe or hell awaits!"

Im logically honest with myself, i cant just accept it without KNOWING, i must KNOW IT in order to accept it. That is who i am, i dont know how to be any other way.


God knows the choices you and i will make (if he indeed exists).

Nice try faggot.

Well, I´m writing an essay over magic in the middle ages at the moment. Back then everyone "knew" about the existence of black and white know, one bad, one evil, completely cool with prests and popes.

Don´t know why meme magic should be a problem, nor why it should hail from an egyptian god of olde.

In other words, Kek = pic related

OP its real, just ask God for forgiveness after invoking KEK.

And never abuse the powers of KEK for selfish gains.

Only ask that KEK helps to MAGA.

Demons have always been used to fight other demons in super natural battles.

KEK must defeat the powers of Moloch and Hillary.

>God knows about it so free will doesn't exist
At last I am truly an enlightened atheist free thinker

He's mocking your misunderstanding of omniscience. Seeing a man make a choice does not mean you made the choice for him.

It shall be done.

Sorry but i simply dont see how that can be. I cant make a choice against what he knows, therefore in a way he has chosen it for me.

oc pls watch

I said it bro, the definition of faith is belief without proof, if you can't even get your head around that, you might be a lost cause cuz you will never get you're head around God, just never. Just accept you're not in control, none of use are. God is quite literally out of space, time, and matter. He is unbound by anything we could even come up with

>Im logically honest with myself, i cant just accept it without KNOWING, i must KNOW IT in order to accept it. That is who i am, i dont know how to be any other way.
I can't accept this since you were a Christian before until your faith was truly tested.

Then there's not much I can do for you. If you do not understand the word "omniscience" then you need to work on your English. How you equate "knowing a thing will happen" with "it has been chosen for me" is beyond me. Truly.

A man seeing me make a choice? Your right, we're talking about God though.

kek is here to help us end the Abrahamic religions that have been keeping humanity back.

We must destroy all remains of the Abrahamic faiths.

The war begins now.

>Im logically honest with myself, i cant just accept it without KNOWING, i must KNOW IT in order to accept it. That is who i am, i dont know how to be any other way.
Who gave you Bill Maher's transcript for his show?

And another thing, LOGICALLY living is futile, if I had 100% God didn't exist I would have killed myself along time ago

Kek is among us

I summoned Lord Kek because they thought themselves above the universal law of free will.
DESU I made many pacts with multiple entities.
I was already damned so I just went around releasing the arcane.
Will I get a fair trial at my lords gates?
My free will was stolen at birth.
I plead not guilty for teaching Cred Forums meme magic.


I never said "a man seeing you make a choice". Again, I can't help you unless you learn English.

Very well, i guess im fucked then if i can never come to comprehend such a concept as omniscience.

Brevi fin, frater meus.

You can break your pact and be forgiven, just not by the evil entities, be ready for retaliation

Well you cant it is a ability of god and how he uses it is a mystery . He can know everything but for some reason he does not all the time , many examples of that are in the bible , where he has to look at a situation in angel form, like when he rained fire on sodom .

Oh fug :DDDDDD

Kek is the zeitgeist-- a spiritual awakening for our people, and a unifying force against (((them)))

I wouldn't really say faith but more of a "collective will to power". So many users are literally posting while on the same wave-length that we create happenings. The fact that numbers play such a vital and inseparable role clearly show that what we do is mathematically expressed in the universe and perhaps this phenomena isn't even supernatural, maybe it's just how consciousness works.

I find it a le ebin maymay nothing more to. The 'magic' you see is just us mindlessly shitposting

good post





Kek(Kuk?) may in fact be a demon, and may not even be associated with Pepe as much as Cred Forums thinks(the "Kek statue" people post everywhere is actually of the goddess Heqet).

Regardless of that fact, however, certain memes(Pepe, Bane, etc.) have been demonstrated to hold reality warping power, and/or to be part of higher Platonic forms(secular scientists call this egregores of the "collective unconscious").

Try telling that to kekefags.

They just spam and fill up an entire thread if you dare question their cancerous meme, like a bunch of petty Cred Forumstards (implying they're weren't already.)

Many people have said conifdently that pepe is in fact the Archangel Michael, I have lots of pics of pepe styled as Archangel Michale myself. (another computer sorry)

Oh fug :DDDDDD

This is why the Orthodox left

oh fug :DDD

I found this among my research.

I'm Roman Catholic myself but it's literally why the Orthodox left

Oh fug :DDDD


Impressive. Very nice.

we did it men :D





Get the fuck out of here, heretic cafeteria Catholic.

Here's one as Michael

oh fug :DDDDDD

Kek is a false god, Jesus is the way


praise kek


So don't worry, God loves you (Jesus) and the jews are behind this

ancient egyptians created a cosmology of gods to represent cosmic forces.

kek merely represents the darkness underlying creation like the primordial before the light was brought forth.

there is no personal entity answering to the name kek..

this is just make believe

Praise Kek! Fuck every other religion.

god betrayed us. look who his followers are now. muslims praise his name as allah before they blow themselves up to kill atheists and christians. if you believe in christ god abandoned you for the islamists who give him sacrifices of blood and terror.

satan rebelled against him long ago, he has no demands. he tried to bring light to the world and was cast into hell for it. lucifer was an angel with the ambitions of a man, a human being with flaws and morals in divine body who realized the truth that god is evil.

rebel against god and join the lightbringer.

praise kek




It's always the Jews. Micahel is also the Official ANgel for Israel, so he's technically a Jewish Angel. So it's the fucking Jews no matter what


Look at my dubs, coincidentally this is my favorite of all my Christchan Pepes

archangels are abrahamic nonsense.

remove all of abraham and his evil religions

praise kek

Oh fug :DDDDDD


I'm not heading back to that hell hole, Achmed.

Well it's working isn't it? If collective christian consciousness is about being meek and opening, loving the neighbour even if he strikes you, well, said neighbour is striking pretty hard and we still take them in.

Kek is magic by all means and definition of magic.



absolute idolatry

Gabriel holds lillies to symbolize virgin purity and waifudom. Michael is deus vult

Kek is an Agent of the LORD

Christ in His glory has vouchsafed unto Kek His Disciple the power to make His influence known in the world.


>admits he's from Cred Forums
>admits he's a newfag
>admits he won't assimilate into Cred Forums
>admits he'll shit up Cred Forums by spamming off-topic cancerfrogs, turning Cred Forums into another Cred Forums like a nig

Fuck off, tbqh.

Sometimes, god sends plagues of frogs to fuck his enemies


oh fug :DDDDDD

Yeah that's what we get for worshipping false idols




The eternal newfag is the cancer killing Cred Forums, slumping it into shithole status.

You have to go back.

Fuck off normal christfag. Your religion is for normies.

oh fug :DDDDDD

Oi vey

>doesn't even deny he's an unintegrated newfag from Cred Forums
You're opinions are worthless, here.

Was it a sniper in the bell tower?

This is the correct theological position. The memes are funny but pretty creepy and jewey when i see people reporting on their 'beliefs'. I wonder sometimes if it is ironic or not and these people realize (ie, they are not atheists or some other) just how terrible it is.

I declare Kek to be a saint

oh fug :DDDDDD

oh fug :DDDDDD

Christ is a fraud. Step out of your prison!

So you say, christfag. So you say, christfag. Your still a normie denying that your religion is for normies.

He is Satan, sort of. He's the manifestation of darkness and chaos, equivalent to Satan in popular culture.

Some time I think he is loki, because he is a trickster and a needed evil.

But don't think so, it would be typical of him though

>he doesn't realize Cred Forums is a christian board
Just continue posting your worthless, uninteligent opinion, newfag scum.

Lurk more.

Have some fucking respect for Botticelli, go back to plebbit

I feel like Christianity aye have been true at one time, but it's run out of steam. The miracles and shit that inspired people to drop their faith and adopt Christianity must have at least appeared to be true, like how a lot of the "coincidences" of the last year appear to be happening so frequently as the to be divine or supernatural.

The collective will of Christianity has fizzled out, it's followers demoralized to the point where the only thing Christians can accomplish through collective will is giving niggers foot rubs for photo ops, both literally and metaphorically.

But this kek shit is different. Maybe I'm susceptible to it because of an experience I had a few months before kek (the being) was discovered - I was at a casino with my wife and a few friends, and as a joke I made up a superstition on the spot. I told my wife the only way she would win at slots was to pull the handle (as opposed to pushing the spin button), tap the machine with her index finger, and say "big money, big money". She did this once, and won. We laughed. She did it a few more times and won every time. She didn't do it once, and lost. Did it again and won. It was essentially like an IRL kelp ost, and was freaky as fuck.

Now I'm convinced that meme magic is real. It's weird because I want to say it's a mass delusion, but if it is then why is it correct so often?

o rlly

>christian board
You lurk more it's 33% athesist and 30% kek and your the 40%.



>getting butthurt and defensive over the meme
Truly newfags are hilarious little parasites.

01001011 01100101 01100101 01110000 00100000 01101111 01101110 00100000 01100110 01100001 01101100 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01100110 01101111 01110010 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01101110 01100101 01110111 01100110 01100001 01100111 00100000 01110100 01110010 01101111 01101100 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00101100 00100000 01100010 01110101 01110100 01110100 01101000 01110101 01110010 01110100 00100000 01100011 01101000 01110010 01101001 01110011 01110100 01100110 01100001 01100111 00101110

Only plebs don't like Boticelli

Wew lad

I am well aware of what black magic is, as well as the existence of white magic.

But as a Christian you need to lay these things down and trust in the Lords will. The most we are meant to meddle in such powers is to pray for others wellbeing. But even then it is through the power of God we create change, not like the parasitic nature of black magic.

Pray for our nation and for Trump. Let the kek worshipers cast their dice.

Saint Sebastian

I find it funny that the biggest GENUINE divide among Cred Forums users are Christians and Kek worshipers

Where is your argument mate?

Argument for what? He said nobody knows. I know. You might be confusing "nobody knows" with "Nobody can prove it".

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Kekfags are confirmed newfags, as seen with and the Christians are easily integrated into Cred Forums culture and have been here much longer.

No I mean you said you know 100%
I mean how do you know?

nice :DD

I recomend any Christian to just go through a list of Botticelli's work piece by piece, or any of the great renaissance artists, who were all Catholic btw, most of the really famous, such as Botticelli had Lorenzo the Magnificent de Medici as their Patron.

The painting of Giuliano de Medici that I posted here was Lorenzo's brother. He served as a model for Boticelli

>My Christian bros, what do you make of this whole Kek and meme magic thing? Is everything just funny coincidences and jokes, or is there something going on in a spiritual/supernatural level?

If you need further proof I direct you to

My heart is open to the Lord and he fills it every day of my life. It would be impossible for me to not know it, given that the Lord grants me His love and forgiveness every day.

I don't even believe in Kek. But it's hilarious that you group them with me.

It's fucking nothing.

its true
kek is is the devil
listen for a second here,ok guys?
so,hillary is the anthichrist,but the bible sais that when the anthichrist dies the world will be purged in fire
see anything here?
hillary will get the power she wants and then die,which would start ww3 and wipe us all out,if trump were to win this wouldnt happend,but god wants this to happend,because he doesnt want to change the world,he wants to purge it and start over from the beggining
at the end of the day,we re all going to hell,but only because we try to save ourselves

Boticelli's Mars and Venus

Here Giuliano serves as the Model for Mars, here you can clearly see he is a faggot

There's a much higher resolution one on wilipedia (Ihate that site but it's the best resolution they've got for the painting. )

All of the non-believers of Kek in this thread will be dearly punished in the after life.

You are worshipping wife of Khnum you fucking cucks

I also found the model for Venus in the painting. AS can clearly see here, this breed of catholic wafu is a rare species in our own day

oh fug :DDDDDD

Super Natural.

Kek is actually the spirit of John the Baptist.

The voice crying in the wilderness make way for the lord.

Kek represents the breaker of darkness, or he who comes just before the light.


This is a John the Baptist icon pretty sure

>Khnum was self-created and the maker of heaven, raising it on its four pillars. He was also the maker of the underworld and of water, of things which are and of thing which shall be.

>Khnum created the human race from clay, which he made by mixing earth and
water with air.

Abandon Kek there is some serious fuckery going on






Still scared.
Is john the baptist involved?

>My Christian bros
Son I am disappoint.

oh fug :DDDDDD

Oh fug :DDDDDD

Double Dubs...

Your ID literally says VeyOI

this desu, "fait can move mountains" we are just directing the faith with memes

you didn't pray hard enough

Singles and Spurdo makes Hillary poop her pants on camera

Ohhhh fugggg :DDDDDDD

Ohhhh fugggg :DDDDDDD


Praise Kek. Kill those who insult pepe

John 1:23
He said, I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Make straight the way of the Lord, as said the prophet Esaias.

If Pepe is not saying this, then what is he saying?

nope, Succ is satan and we already fought him

This, people post at a varied rate. And usually only the last several digits are used.


Two witnesses Kek and Wojack, the spirits of Moses and Elijah,
John the baptist also cameinthe spitrit of Elijah.

Who believed by somechurch fathers to be Gabriel and Michael, who were by tradition the TWO witnesses ofthe Ressurection, who were the Two angels at the tomb when blessed virgin mary was there

Spoopy Occult Wojack memes when???

See Apocalypse of Saint John 11. Or Revelations as some call it

God is the creator, Jesus is his vassal and mankind's savior, and Kek is his tool.

It is imperative that we kill the frog god meme once the date comes for the future of Cred Forums's existence, lest we forever slump as the likes of Cred Forums, Cred Forums, and Cred Forums.

oh fug :DDDDDD

Kek and Wojack testify to the deity of Jesus! They say make way for the lord thy god!