Would You Hide a Jew From the Nazis?

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No. Id also peek when counting to 10.

I would gas them myself -

I am the Nazis.

Grandparents did for some Gold but called the SS afterwards anyway

For what?


What did ((she)) mean by this?

I would not.

I would be too busy shooting nazis and blowing bridges under them to care about refugees.

I would if it didn't cost me much and I lived in the middle of the woods or some shit. Like maybe showing a Jew kindness will change their Semitic ways

No! The Jews were slaughtering my family in this time period. Fuck das juden

10,000 Nazis were Jewish.

i'd hang them myself

bases grandpas are bases



only a really cute one

fuck off ackmed


If she was a qt I would hide her until I got tired of fucking her

shes hiding her shekels

Nose jobs didn't exist in the 40s

No, they can all go straight to Auschwitz


No, fuck you Hans

sure, they can stay in my shower

Wtf i love Mexico now

For a reasonable price to compensathe risks


Way more over 100k

depends on many many factors, so, maybe.

Them being so lenient with the kikes might be the reason why they lost.

Yes, but I'd give them a taste of their own medicine.

I'd make them pay for shelter with every last bit of wealth they own or can transfer to me. If they were a qt I'd keep as a sex slave for a few months on top of that. But then I'd hand them in anyway and keep all their wealth for my self and claim a reward or ransom if there's one up for grabs for turning them in.

Would jews hide my country from illegal immigrants and refugees?

In exchange for their Jew gold

Hillary's big billionaire donor Soros turned them in. Its one of the few things I like about him.

Even jews won't hide jews

I'd be to busy fighting for my home land (ethnic German)

That means he's loyal to no one and a true scum bag. He would probably sell his son for the right price

Yes, for a hefty rent.

i'm a proactive guy. i'd go out and hunt down nazi's.

It's easy to hope from our first-world pincushion homes that we would all do the right thing, but I honestly believe I would have harbored a Jewish family in my home if one came to me in wartime Germany looking to escape Nazi persecution. I've seen enough of my share of persecution in my time that I would have been willing to risk arrest by Nazi Germany in order to save even a handful of innocent people from their reign of terror.

Muslims aka Belgian need not apply.

Close to 6 million

Found the Jew!.....quick get in my basement

Yes, because innocent people being killed just because they share an ethnicity and religion with someone who might have done something wrong is stupid.

My great-grandparents did
Might even slept with one
I sure fucking won't

No. Every Jew i've met has been the most arrogant, slimy, ugliest, victim bitch. I've seen poor niggers with more dignity and self-respect for some reason. I'd make them write a letter to family members wanting to hide and have them invited, shoot them, and take their jew gold. Rinse and repeat.

id make sure no one would find them

Nope, they have practically destroyed our country.

lol no wtf

top kek

I found one


We fight wars for then and it makes me sick. I wish they would go home so we can be anti social again

I'd like to say that I would but in reality I wouldn't, because I'd be afraid of the nazis and paranoid of the jews taking advantage of me.

>hiding jews
someone here is about to get a free train ticket

Is it legal to mention the 8 chan on these forums


Only if it would free Palestine

Based paco.

of course not, their total racist nazis so how would I hide a jew who is a racist nazi from other nazis? Israel has yet to take in refugees because their so racist.

Depends on the person. If george Soros or his ilk came to me, no. If it's a young child family that i knew, yes.


I would hide a real hot one, fuck her a couple times and then rat her out

Only if they convert to Christianity

we should of learned from the past by now

True Jew

Is her name mako?

Hi, george. How's ruining western society going for ya?

Cryptokikes are still kikes.

Why would you even need to hide Jews from the Nazis? The Holohoax didn't happen

Sent from iPhone
Shalom from Israel

That's very jewish of them, makes you think...

As for the stupid question, I'd rather house a family of rats than a single jew.

Would you hide a nazi from jews?

Yeah. Laws against people relating to their ancestry are not just. I don't care about maymays irl.

The only jews I have ever met were super fucking annoying though, so I'd probably just drive them out to the family farm and let them live in my aunt's old house, which is separate fro the rest of our land.

Plus if they got caught, I could reasonably say that we didn't know.

Tricking a jew and getting the jew gold should be an archievement in afterlife.

No, because exterminators kill rats. They dont need to hide.

Nah, I just think they're long overdue for a seeing how they like it when they get kikery used on them.

My great-grandparents hid a young German Panther commander when they somehow got separated from the main force and the Soviets got here.
They managed to slip out and re-join their unit after a couple of days.
He became a giant hungaryboo and he visited our family every 2-3 years until he died as a happy old man.

Because those concentration camps inhibited free trade and the Nazis stole Jewish impressive family assets.
Basically the Jews couldn't Jew and their parents money couldn't be used to help them Jew more effectively even after they left.

Not for too long, but sure. Not that I particularly like Jews, but I hate Germans more.

Also, #NotAllJews are bad. If it's was a lawyer or a banker or a professor trying to hide, I wouldn't let them in. If it's just some normal Jew, then I probably would. During the war most of the Jews here were East European refugees, while the ones actually undermining our societies had been there for centuries, and survived the war no problem, with at most their properties seized.

Nope, in fact the nazi helped your grandma go to Palastine ...with money and property .

H-hey now. The little schwartz can take care of himself now! Doesn't need his papa to always save him from his troubles! Time to be a man!

Ah yes, sign the check to Soros please... ten million, good, yes, that's fair (the little putz is actually worth five million from my calculations hehehe)

((Grandparents did for some Gold but called the SS afterwards anyway))

This is why France is fucked.

>Boycott everything to save a few dirty Muslims that will grow up to hate America anyway and become terrorists

Haha nah, let's just go kill 'em all and save ourselves the trouble. And Israel is based.

B-but Nazis will hang me for that. I'm sorry but no, I have to protect my family first and they will have to find another one for help or do some work in concentration camps.

I know many stories where exactly that happened.. Jews wanted money from the germans or else they would tell the SS that the germans helped jews. So jews would fuck themselves just for some shekels.

Yes France, good goy. Now go breed with the nice African man. Mmmm yes so progressive

We were learning about the Holocaust in 6th grade. One exercise was for us to create little figures, maybe 4 inches tall, that represented us as Jews. We were supposed to hide them throughout the room under that condition that a small portion of the figure was visible. Another teacher would come in throughout the week posing as a Gestapo officer and look for the Jews. If your figure for found, you lost.

Towards the end of the week she started bribing us to give up the whereabouts of others. I told her where everyone was in exchange for a Happy Meal. I gave no fucks as I kicked back and enjoyed my Happy Meal while the rest of the class seethed.

I also won because I never gave up my Jews location. Hahahahaha.

1 millisecond before she was crushed by a suitcase full of bricks.

>this whole thread

Well, at least it's a good reminder of what kind of people post here

>manual labor

they'd rather walk into the showers

That was pretty common here. It's not like jews dindu nuffin... it was just payback time


Sounds like your grandparents are the real jews.

out fucking jewed

now i deny the holocaust but lets be honest here, the jews were not going to get their money back and theres no reason they should have

Depends... ...Maybe he could be useful for me.
Who thinks short-term, is just stupid... ...See for example Merkel.

Outjewing the jew is red pilled af you stipe monkey

Soros did sell his own fucking father so you're probably not far from the truth.

lol no are you fucking kidding me?


Germans are the Troyan Horse of Europe. Enemies of personalistic civilizations, this is why throughout history they hated Poland so much. Poland is a moral, principled country that respects human dignity and freedom, and Germans have long ago abandoned the view of moral monism in favor of moral dualism and positivism. Nobody has expected those violent creatures to erupt with such destruction, but history is full of sad surprises! Germans consistently instrumentalize human persons and treat them as raw material and as people are cynical and nihilist. No wonder deep down they hate moral nations and are motivated enough to dedicate their resources to pointless destruction and causing misery! Germany =/= Europe!

Germans still have to repent for all their sins. Muslim invasion, forcing children to degeneracy, Germans running away from the Jugendamt - this is just the beginning. For their hubris and criminal nature Germans deserve Hell

why would the jews hide from nazis who were africans? Are all jews really this racist? see pic for proof german nazis were black people not white people.

yes, because i have compassion. regardsless if they're a jew or not. because fuck the government


Because the actually bad Jews survived the war ? Then yeah, I agree. We got a long history of being fucked over by native Jews, like this free mason Jew for example definitely abolished slavery, forbid the death penalty of political crimes, and who took advantage of the confusion of the 1870 revolution to pass a decree giving French citizenship to all Algerian Jews, and founded the Alliance Israélite Universelle.

How the fuck is anything I've said "progressive" you cuckoldry obsessed mutt.

Kek, take the redpill slav(e).

this coming from a guy thats still squatting on rightful German clay is pretty rich

In my oven

Way too many variables to consider, like am I living in my current place and time period or some farm in Poland or something, but if it came right down to it I'd at the very least offer to shoot them all in the head and bury them. At least they can die with a full belly together with their family and not starving and separated in the camps to be thrown in a mass grave after a grisly death.

I'd hide them in a deep ditch, because fuck the nazis and the kikes.

Probably desu

Only lolis. Rich lolis

Yeah, in my bedroom


If it was soros or something though, prob not.

The red pill is that Germans are not from our culture, but resemble the Golden Horde from the East more

The German race is hellbent on destroying Europe and anything good in this world, and you just have to open an History book to prove it. Barbarian invasions, the Reformation, Communism, and now suicidal humanism.

Germany is a disgusting, hellish chimera that should be divided up, and it's population enslaved for the destruction it caused. The Versailles treaty couldn't have been harsh enough.

I am surrounded by edgy faggots.

Yeah, i probably would hide jews from the nazis because i dont lack empathy even if they are DAS JOOS.

Besides, you have to get in good with our jewish overlords.

Why would I? The Holocaust didn't happen.

If it would depend on jews to help the Poles during some hypothetical war - not one Pole would survive.

For a day, just long enough to steal me some shekels, then I'd turn them over for a reward.

Fuck Palestine

Israel's status as the kings of sandniggwr slaying are what changed my mind to supporting Israel in the first place.

Besides Palestinians are laughably retarded utter ingrates for every bit of aid dumb libtards always send their way.

Germans are filled with evil, cynicism and nihilism. All their philosophers are sick and mentally ill. This is no coincidence that they hate the country that has produced three most important saints of the 20 century. Evil people hate good and principled people

Well that's ww1 when Germany had colonies in Africa

>he's literally writing this while Algerians Gangrape his women and throw them near Eiffel Tower like trash after they were done

You have a lot of problems, Germany is the least of them thought.

>therefor 4 in 5 Germans were actually Africans

is this real?


Maybe in the ashtray of my Benz.

I don't know.

Awwwww shit

Will they ever shut up about it

If I had the means to, yes.


I'd hide as many as I could

in my meal warming device

I would hide only the qt grills

Go fuck yourself. That was one case. Hundreds of your women get gangraped every time there is some kind of event with a lot of people.

And even then, you're the cause for this too.

Who destroyed this country causing the need for cheap labor ? You.

Whose actions villified any kind of ethnic nationalism possibly forever ? Yours.

Who is inviting billions more ? You.

You're the cause of most of our problems. Any time I look into one of the problems facing us, Germany and the Germans are the root of it. That, or the Jews. But at this point both races deserve righteous punishment anyway.

>tfw you outjew the jew

Collect shekels to hide them. Then snitch to collect more shekels.

So let's talk about Danzig...

My grand parents did
Then they got shot by Nazis
So probably not, they might be human but they are still Jews

Only good female looking jews who offer me their bodies in exchange of it.

I have an oven of my own.


Very appropriate image.

>6,000,000 Nazis were Jewish.

I thought the sandels/socks combo was a meme?

What the fuck is wrong with Germans. They are all fat too.

lol, what kinda stupid question is that? is it supposed to be deep and provoking?

if you ask this question a typical middle-class german in that time, the answer would be "no" + a shot in the head of that kike.
if you ask a rich liberal in that time, he would probably say yes, but how likely is it that he won't get caught and get killed also?

so who am I in this situation? myself?
doesn't make any sense

also fuck those selfish jews who even think about hiding in my house. simply careing about their own eventho they know I can get me and my whole fucking family killed!!

only jewish girls and cute boys to make them my sex slave.

Without hesitation and would do the same for women and children of any background who face immediate death by the state. How can a child have committed a crime that warrants this kind of punishment. Fucking statists.

Are you men or mice?

This should be a mandatory video for all Germanboos.



Backstabbing the Ottoman Empire was surely worth it. You fucks deserve any bullet the jew s shoot at you, you fucking cocksuckers.

seems that the jidf is making progress

No, I am not stupid.

only if she were a qt3.14 jewess

would kill everyone else with her and sodomize her until the ss came to take them away and promote me to oberführer

would a jew hide any of us from NKVD? no.

My great-grandfather was one of the advisors who recommended against allowing the SS Louis to dock in Canada
So probs not.

In the greater scheme of things it is more stupid to be a coward and blacken your immortal soul then it is to be a coward and live.

Hear them coming?
No time to wonder.
Getting closer, like rising thunder.
What do i do? Where can i hide?

Nowhere to go, trapped like a rat.
Who can i trust, when everyone is cat.

loosing fate, hope is gone.
It´s almost night, will i see another dawn?

getting closer, and i´m starting to ponder.
Well, they find me only once,
then i´ll hide six feet under.

how many jews have hidden palestinians from the IDF?

Why do you keep insisting it's a woman? The majority of survivors were men

There are a quarter million Arabs in Jerusalem.

They are not hiding.

No need, the nazis never invaded our shit.

Then again it's not like we let too many jews in.

Fuck no.

I would hide a Nazi from the Jews


Yes, I would. Human life is sacred and should be preserved at all costs

I'd hide a child born nazi and their mother if they were facing execution by the state.

Same for jews or frankly anyone. Executing kids happening . Nah. You can't do nothing.

You must be so proud.

And you wonder why krauts have a bad reputation.

>le jews beat le sandniggers against le all odds meme so based and powerfull!
>ignore most of the historical facts about the dire state of the Arab armies post WW2 making quantities of their low quality arms just as today meaningless in untrained conscript hands
>ignore direct Western support of arms, training and funding of the Jews and illegal smuggling of stolen weapons even straight out of U.S. weapon depots by Jewish traitors to Jews in Palestine
>ignore Jewish attrocities against Arab civilian population making it an easy task to decemate opposing cities and villages because Jews have no soul and morals
>ignore the course of actions Jewish history revisionist distort and obscure like surprise attacking the only nation with an airforce even technical capable to damage the jewish forces and destroying their airwings when everyone including UN considered the situation peaceful enough to call back UN troops, then decemating landbased units with western produced airsuperiority outclassing the remaining outdated and stripped down even for slavshit secondrate WW2 soviet junk planes and pretending Jews heroically fought of all at "attacking" enemies at once
>le not not any Western army corps could have accomplished the same with ease because there existed no serious force to beat in first place at any time in the fabrication of the Jewish state save Egypt which got backstabed by the kikes
>t. not a Kike at all

Sure thing halfweenie sandnigger.

that was not the question

tell me about the palestinian lives saved by ordinary jews when the israeli military was out slaughtering them at anytime in the past.

The joke is they where probably kikes selling out other kikes.

And when was this exactly?

Sure I am

Any children handed over?

Kek, the ottomans look more german than the germans

Yes but only the women


so you agree a jew would never save a palestinian, and never has

It's not worth risking your own life too

>things that never happened


fucking based tho m8, your grandparents out jewed the jew

Yes and if national socialists gained that much traction in the US I'd gladly kill them on sight.

Hope they have fun burning in hell.

I don't know. You never answered my question of when.

Judging my this



No. Now that I know about Israel.

2 families with 6 children and 1 baby. They were east prussia pro commie Jews so they deserved it.

Only if it was a qt jewelry that would give me the S U C C

Really Sven? You wouldn't hide jews from them horrisome yatzies?
When did you change so much?
(link very related)

Why would I show mercy and loyalty to someone who has shown me none?



Your grandparents are in Hell.

Don't be mad jew boy

Only if She was letting me hit it.

why not ask something more relevant such as why do people put up with shit, such as civil asset forfeiture or DC not having statehood.

maybe an important questions, but way down on the priority list

You're asking if I would break the law.


>6 children and 1 baby
Sells seven childrens lives for gold.


Can't see the problem.

How did you go from rammstein to this?

Sure, come on in my Jewish neighbor! They'll never think to look for you here in the oven.

ok, during the Nakba

rude desu

I'm not a gambling man, OP, I wouldn't risk me and my family's life to hide a few enemies of the state

>Would You Hide a Jew From the Nazis?
Fuck no, those dirty fuckers flipped on the people hiding them when they were found.


I've been told jews don't believe in Hell


No I'd turn them in and participate in their removal as much as possible.

Enemy is enemy the age doesn't matter

I would hide a Nazi from Jews though.

Thrown out of homes and land does not = execution. Still shit but not equivalent.

I'm Roman Catholic.

Well said bruger bro

That's pretty based.

Good man.

The irony as pointed out several times is that your grandparent's exemplify the exact behaviour that is so loathsome in your perception of the enemy. Selling children's lives for gold.

Literally kill yourself.

Uses Marxist PIRA propaganda picture.

its illegal to conduct or suggest a boycott of israel in the U.S.

So many Poles did, so many got murdered for it and now Jews are pushing Nazi propaganda trying to shift the blame for Holocaust from Germans to Poles. So no, I would never ever help one, even a kid, cause in 70 years he would be telling lies that I was the one trying to kill him.

Really? Ooh boy

I don't know any joos.

Surely that is protected speech no?

The only people into that shit here are Marxist faggots anyway.





no it isn't

go fuck yourself

I can see why you are angry about that. Serving in eastern Poland between the SS and NKVD was a crapshoot.

Some of my family kept Nazi soldiers hidden, who didnt want to parttake in the war.

Thought not. Sounds like raghead maxist lies.

so the zionists didn't kill anyone, they just ethnically cleansed them?

Very decent of them.

Taking land and property NOT same as taking life. Shit but reversible Vs shit but not reversible.

My Great Grandma's brother was in the Arrow Cross Party, so hiding a kike would feel like betraying one of my ancestors :/


I can't believe you actually believe this, but OK

So, you'll protect them when they are young and cute. And whine and bitch when they 'grow up' and take no responsibility?
Rats and raccoons are real cute as young'uns, yet, they still turn into resource draining vermin

Yes I would. I would hide as many jews as I could. I would convince my neighbours to hide them. I would build shelters. I would make it known to all jews that I hide them from the nazis.

Then I would turn them in. Why catch one jew when you can catch 100.

Well your kill someone in just defense because you have to. A child can't be a threat.

You can't undo killing someone. You can undo stealing property by returning it, you can't bring a dead person back to life.

Its fairly simple moral reasoning.

Murder is universally viewed as more offensive morally than property crimes due to this simple logic.


You have no idea.


>The penalties imposed for each "knowing" violation can be a fine of up to $50,000 or five times the value of the exports involved, whichever is greater, and imprisonment of up to five years. During periods when the EAR are continued in effect by an Executive Order issued pursuant to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, the criminal penalties for each "willful" violation can be a fine of up to $50,000 and imprisonment for up to ten years.


On the state level too.


Even the UK isn't safe.

>Zog is a myth goyim. Don't be anti-Semitic.

>So, you'll protect them when they are young and cute.

No, I'd fuck them when they're young and cute. Then once they get knocked up I'd turn them over to the SS and laugh because now they get to kill two Jews.


A child cannot be an immediate threat that warrants moral use of violence in just self defence.

Sorry about that.

Murdering kids is out. Much as you seem to want to.

I don't know lads.
Occasional Big Mac is godsent

You've never had a child put a knife to your throat have you? Is there some magic that makes guns stop working in the hands of children?

no, I can't believe you think they just peacefully threw people out of their own nation, and weren't also murdering them. I'm a bit flabbergasted.

You probably don't even have to
If you do that much shit the nazi state will surely notice

am u nigger?

If she was really hot

that was very jewish of them

PLO teamed up with eth PIRA who terrorised my country just like their unionist opposites the UVF did . Could not give a fuck about Marxists who choose to use terrorism instead of open war or the vote. Fuck 'em. Just war means you don't go to war I you do not have a reasonable prospect of winning, it is defensive and is decided on by representation of all the people not just some tag end of Marxist cunts who want to run extortion rackets.

your semantics are depressingly sjw. Basically what you are saying is, that everyone that gets killed due to the fact that i did not protect them, means that I killed them. That sentiment will bring about the destruction of any civilisation due to the cost of trying to save the entire world - including those bits that'd like nothing better than your demise

>let a bunch of kikes into your basement
>fill it with monoxide gas
I wonder if the Nazis would arrest me for murder or give me a medal for that.

i will purchase a product from each of these brands just because of this image.


Sorry. Show me a collective of children younger than 12 who can on their own acquire arms and present an organised threat to an adult society.

You seriously arguing for killing toddlers?

Stop and think.

Remember we are the better civilisation BECAUSE we have morality not because we don't


If it was a qt I'd do it in exhange for sex.

If it was a friend I'd do it as a favor

Otherwise nah fuck that shit.

Better question:,Would you hide the christians from the jews?

If you can take action that prevents a childs death and fail to then yes it is manslaughter.

Nope. I would join the nazis and help find some more.

If they were good people I definitely would. Killing a person based on race alone is he stupidest thing anyone can do.

I'd hide em in my fucking oven

You must be a Jew.

>we are the better civilisation BECAUSE we have morality not because we don't
Yes. Correct. BUT! That doesn't mean we should spend everything we have to save those who hate us. Just leave them to their own devises. But alas, according to your prior statement, that's equal to killing them yourself. . . So, why do you even have internet? shouldn't you use your internet budget to buy a goat for some starving family somewhere?

You're also probably drunk

>Goy, hide me! Please, I'll give you 20- err. I'll give you 10 gold, so please hide me.
>Hurry they're coming, just take my 2 gold, it's all I have left.
>You can save me for free can't you? From what I read it's the human thing to do.
>Quick, hide me in your safe.
I'll report them.

Yes also. Not because I'd want to but because as a Roman Catholic *I'd have to*

Continuing to act as a priest, Kolbe was subjected to violent harassment, including beating and lashings, and once had to be smuggled to a prison hospital by friendly inmates At the end of July 1941, three prisoners disappeared from the camp, prompting SS-Hauptsturmführer Karl Fritzsch, the deputy camp commander, to pick 10 men to be starved to death in an underground bunker to deter further escape attempts. When one of the selected men, Franciszek Gajowniczek, cried out, "My wife! My children!", Kolbe volunteered to take his place

According to an eye witness, an assistant janitor at that time, in his prison cell, Kolbe led the prisoners in prayer to Our Lady. Each time the guards checked on him, he was standing or kneeling in the middle of the cell and looking calmly at those who entered. After two weeks of dehydration and starvation, only Kolbe remained alive. “The guards wanted the bunker emptied, so they gave Kolbe a lethal injection of carbolic acid. Kolbe is said to have raised his left arm and calmly waited for the deadly injection His remains were cremated on 15 August, the feast day of the Assumption of Mary


I would hide them.
Would not hide Mohammed though, hiding live explosives in your own house is dangerous

Then (you) and I are guilty of that every single day. - The old, stop fucking clapping joke. You have money to spare, or you wouldn't be here. That money could be spend saving the lives of third world children. Feeling the guilt trip yet? (I don't, not my problem!)

I'd hide a Nazi from the Jews.


Then when the Gestapo came, I'd bring them right to the filthy foreskin eaters.

Dobry Rano!

Obligation to act prevent immediate threat of execution by state of child does not equal moral obligation to economic aid.

Life and property again. Not the same.

>tfw literally no known Jewish heritage but I look Jewish as fuck anyway
Even my dad tells me I look like a Jew.

>You're also probably drunk
nonono, it's just called being Irish. If he were drunk (by their standards) he wouldn't be able to type - or even find the keyboard

>If you can take action that prevents a childs death and fail to then yes it is manslaughter.

You have a real problem separating human life from property don't you?

Thats what i would do

>quick jews into my basement with the other jews
>ring ring ring "Hi yes, SS. This is Markus, I have caught 40 jews in my basement. Yea they'll be here when you get here."
>"Ok, see you in 15. Heil Hitler"

To the dead child it is the same

That's the only way to handle a jew

>tfw I got brown hair, brown eyes, and short stature with Anglo-Irish, German, and Norwegian ancestry.


I will make them pay for living in my basement but at the end i will give them to la milice

IRL my grand-grandfather denounce them and flee with his family in Spain for escaping trial

No it is not. A child falls off a building and dies.
A child is executed. One is a conscious action by a moral agent the executioner. The other is not. I can prevent one with foreknowledge of the executioners moral intent. I cannot foresee the other circumstance as certain.

The few who did the hiding often leave their motives out of the story. They either did it for familial ties (nonJewish family members had a familial relation that was Jewish and were sent to the camps so hiding another was payback). Or there was an ideological component to the hiding, socialist/communist/old school Weimar republican. It was a very tiny portion that did the hiding.

All being said, yes, I would hide. Extrajudicial executions are of the Evil One and against Liberty.

A bit pathetic. Is cowardice genetic.

My family fought on both sides of the Spanish civil war.

Strange that.

Of course no

>Extrajudicial executions are of the Evil One and against Liberty.

OK, whatever you need to tell yourself to make it ok for you to lavish yourself with consumer goods rather that saving children's lives. I'm not judging, I think you are a cunt, but not in a judging way. If you want to kill children through inaction, that's entirely up to you.


Who said I do?

Does being an apologist for handing up kids for state execution and being psychic go hand in hand?

Stupid dane.

Irrespective of anything to do with me and immediate situation and a future possible one are not the same. You are a moral relativist a bastard Marxist construction.

>Army is in a bad condition
>Let's start a war!
Do basically you're saying they were retarded.


id hide their teenage daughter (if she was pretty) and give the rest of the family to the SS and would procede to lock her in a basement (austrian style) and fuck her until she revealed where her family hid their fucking gold




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I'd be the one looking for em

With jews you loose

In all honesty, no.

Like, if I was a citizen of the country, I would report dissidents simply because it's what the government asked me to do and I don't want to be implicated.

If I thought there was a cell of radical Muslims next door, I'd happily call the cops. Racism doesn't enter into it, it's just something you do to keep your society safe.

>33 posts

>Potato Commie

Kill yourself faggot


Pretty touching

I would. Real nazis were demonic and nowadays people dont have even clue how evil those demons were.

I always laugh when someone compares radical kids for nazis.

In finland, last nazis were driven out with fire and blood from Lappland.

Still some stupid liberals think there are nazis everywhere.


As noted above, involuntary manslaughter is the unintentional killing of another human. This differs from first or second degree murder in that the killing is accidental -- resulting from recklessness, criminal negligence or in the commission of a misdemeanor or low-level felony. However, an unintentional killing committed in the commission of an "inherently dangerous" felony, is treated as first degree murder in most states.

Similarly, involuntary manslaughter often is defined as the unlawful killing of a human without malice aforethought, which is just another way of saying "without criminal intent." Acts leading up to this charge, but not falling into the category of murder, range from running a red light and accidentally killing a pedestrian to cases of more serious negligence, such as a building manager's failure to install smoke detectors before the occurrence of a deadly fire.

isnt every single next door house a terrorist hotspot in your country

>Makes a (you) post
>isn't replying to anyone
What did he mean by this?

Hate Marxists. Try again.


Why do you faggots even post here. Take your leftist ass back to 8ch.

Hide them... Six feet under.

God bless your grandparents.

your posts literally scream ''NOTICE ME''

Maybe I'm just bored.

Only if they converted

I am not lefty, im conservative rightwinger.

I think israel people are best kebab removers in the world, and the amount of butthurt jews cause is brilliant.

I have nothing against jews, but i want all Allah akbars to go to their virgins in heaven. ASAP.

who made god?

lol NO wtf

Checkmate Atheists!