What does Cred Forums thing of acid/LSD?
>inb4 hurr degeneracy drugs r kike mind poison I love hentai
If anyone ever wanted to do a single drug before death, I'd recommend an acid trip over anything else

Did NBOMe, was fun but a bit scary at first. Loss of sense of self was what was scary. Never tried lsd, but intend to. Psychedelics, unlike stimulants, are not degenerate.
Also chan/psy/

Micro dosing is intriguing to me.

go home, Black Pigeon

Everyone should try acid atleast once in their life.

bome is bad. losing the self/ego on LSD is scary as fuck but once it's over it's pure fucking bliss. never felt anything like it. highly recommend to everyone. really showed me that consciousness is an illusion and you don't actually have free will.

What's the prerequisites so as not to freak out?...

mental hospitals packed with people who fucked with lsd

lottery with your brain.

Thats it

Yeah, it is easy to OD on NBOMe, but it's a lot cheaper than proper LSD. Still, won't do it again probably.

>Chemical Jew thread.

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I know two people who were hospitalised for life because of hallucinogens.

A lottery. Don't buy a ticket

Mane, is it hard finding genuine LSD over i the Baltics? You could always order 1p-LSD straight to your house. But I agree. Psychedelics are incomparable to things like meth, coke, or any form of drug really. I feel so much mental stimulation on acid
I've honestly never microdosed so I wouldn't know. I tripped at a county fair on 200ug last night with two lady friends and it was amazing tho
also this
be sound of mind, be with friends and ALWAYS remember that you're on acid

Lol no

LSD is fun but considering Cred Forums has a waaay too overactive imagination already Cred Forums probably shouldn't do it, or there will be actual happenings

>not taking the technocolored pill
>not communing with the extradimensional Machine Elves and learning about the latest happenings directly from the beings pulling the strings of destiny

John C. Lilly taught dolphins to speak entirely through LSD fulled handjobs. Take the multicolored pill and so can you

either these people were not sound of mind, had bad set/setting and/or did research chemicals. Thankfully my supplier is another trustworthy goy (also a Trump supporter) and I don't have to worry about that

case a

subject john

physics undergrad

met with group of friends to take a tab of lsd printed on rising sun blotters in the 1990s

everyone having a good time

becomes convinced he is having a heart attack

becomes increasingly frenzied

heart stopped

ambulance called

heart restarted via cpr

immediately violent
takes 5 medics to restrain him

strapped to stretcher to get him down 4 flights of stairs


never spoke again

permanent psychosis

true story

my true dream is to try DMT but I can't find any ever...

it really made me feel like id uncovered some kind of "truth". after taking it i never felt isolated or truly worried about the meaning of it all. guess you could call that faith without a name

still not sure if my brain just got fried or what, who the hell knows.

Lol you can make it

yeah some people pass out after only one beer.

if he wasnt so dramatic he probably would have been fine

While tripping, you realize that Shakespeare’s idea that “All the world’s a stage” was excitingly true. Everyone else is still acting in this play, taking their characters very seriously. But you are backstage, watching it all play out with you mask off for once. Your beliefs, which you now realize are oh-so human and tied to your subjective sense of self, have come off with that mask. You are now able to look at the world through a truly different lens for the very first time. Without the filters of ‘sobriety’, the nature and innate truths of the world become clear.

Furthermore, your appreciation for absolutely everything is exponentially magnified. That filter in your brain that says “I’ve seen that flower a thousand times before, so it’s not that cool anymore” is turned off. Even the most insignificant objects are seen as though it is the first time you’ve ever encountered them. You are temporarily reborn with a child’s eyes for 4-6 hours.

make some, it's easy

just don't go in to it with a negative attitude, have things available to occupy your attention, and keep in mind that you won't be able to sleep for about 12 hours after taking the dose

Bullshit, ignore those dubs. Nothing to see here user. There are no machine elves. Ignore the fact that the US goverment still runs experiements on DMT despite denying the existence of any extradimensional contact while under it's influence.

Huh. I think psychedelics are pretty stupid and sub-par but I love stimulants.

>not sound of mind

You never really know if you have underlying brain issues unless you get a brain scan.

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Psychedelics and psychoactives literally are your brain. They can't force you to feel anything that isn't in you already.

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Why do people who use psychedelics always go on and on about some sort of 'truths'? It makes you seem retarded. It's a fun thing to do, makes you think retarded thoughts and fucks with your perception. That's it.

No you don't faggot.

Which hospitals? What did they take, why hospitalized for life?

Also i know you are blatantly lying but I want others to know as well.

Yeah but those were English Dolphins

Acid caused his heart to stop!

This is a lie and you are a tard for pushing this low level moron is bullshit

If it wasn't for LSD i would have never found this place nor would i have found the one true god Jesus Christ and his point man KEK

isn't that exactly what i posted?

it alters your perception

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LSD is great I prefer shrooms though.
Not into believing they are some mystical experience but they for sure do change your perspective if you aren't a dumb nigger and you can into self reflection, guy talking about Shakespeare has it right, also don't do them when you are young I stared doing psychs at 15 and some other friends did too 2/4 did not end up okay

>You have no way of knowing what mental illness you have without a brain scan!
A brain scan would not pick up a mental illness, for one. And two, your brain is the only thing that can perceive the mental illness for what it is. If anything, psychoactives (LSD) would actually allow you to interact with the mental illness in a much more full way.