Are we being observed on the moon? Why haven't we been back?

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There's nothing fucking there why waste money.

if you want a rock just go outside and shove one up your arse cunt

Becayse the only reasons you went to the moon was Prestige and now that one is gone


How can we be sure?

Also, rocks don't go in the butt.

Is Sweden really judging others for a loss of prestige? Cute.

When did I accuse you of that?
I meant you went thete because there was prestige in being the first on the moon, now thetes no prestige in goimg there since none else can be the first on the moon.

On the first moon landing neil armstrong said "santa clause is real" and then radio broadcasts were immediately cut to the public for 3 straight hours.

According to my grandma. Can anyone verify?

Ah, I misinterpreted your comment.

>planet scale object
>nothing there
That's suspicious as fuck on its own if true.

You may be referring to this:

Helium 3..

Also this (though not a great media source, it still applies):

and this

Improving our space-faring skills is important as well as figuring out how to utilize the moon as a manufacturing/staging point.

There really are a great-many reasons to want to return to the moon--mining, resources, and as you mentioned, furthering our ability to travel and survive in a space environment.

>we go to the moon
>Neil Armstrong announces to the nation, basically, "there's aliens on the moon."
>NASA blacks him out for several hours even though it was a broadcast to the whole nation.

>hurrr, we didn't go back because there's nothing there!
How much of a fag are you?

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>insinuating mining space rocks isn't worth money

aliens on the moon, earth is flat,


freemason aliens

Amerifat comprehension

Spacerocks worth sending up mining rockets for?