Stop drinking sugary drinks

Stop drinking sugary drinks.

hey mongol, have a nice suicide sunday!

Eat shit turkroach.

we wuz viKANGZ n shit

muh lemonade

Thank you based Varg for blessing me your wisdom once again.

thank you Viking man you are inspiration to all.

Go back to your mead hall or whatever, Grendel-pestering bitch

Okay I will stop drinking milk.

don'tu tell me whatu to do


Merci Beaucoup Louis

I stopped years ago, but thank you for being concerned about my health.

You mean to tell me, sips arizona, that this shit, gulps arizona, is bad for me? Smacks lips, but it tastes good, gulps arizona, so it can't be, burps, that bad for me, crushes can on face.

b-but my tea

I've cut down from 2 spoons to 1 anyway


Soda and Shit is gross, I don't get why people like that Shit. Also varg is my dude . love that guy

is beer ok

>Is a sugar drink okay then? Like a drink that has so much sugar that water is a second ingredient?


Drink Pepsi Max or Coke Zero instead

I actually wouldn't be surprised if Swedes put sugar in their beer.

wtf I hate sugary drinks now

why is varg so funny?