What are the advantages to having an above average intelligence in this day and age?

What are the advantages to having an above average intelligence in this day and age?

Crippling alcoholism and suicidal thoughts daily?

Less likely chance to have kids, more likely to have crippling depression

>the jewish superiority myth

social isolation, criticism from an anti-intellectual culture.


Make more money

Being shunned from primary school to Uni, then arrive in Uni to find and intellectual wasteland.

Learn to love reading user, it will save you.

That's just sad and has nothing to do with above average intelligence.

not much desu.

>this world was made for people lacking self-awareness

If there is, I don't see it. Most jobs require doers rather than thinkers, and people that can learn fast to follow a process without asking questions tend to do better in corporate shops.

I can't think of any example where being unusually smart would be particularly useful.

quite a bit. what they don't tell you is that you still have to work hard anyway


At the very tip-top of the labor market they care very much about how smart you are

But for the vast majority of jobs, including the vast majority of "skilled" jobs, you're right, they only care that you're not dumber than a sack of hammers. They want energetic, extroverted, and sociable people first, experience second (since that makes intelligence a lot less important, someone else already trained them to do the job, and because 'experience' is a universal justification/CYA for the hiring manager) and they care about how smart you are a distant third, if they care at all.

It's a consequence of how pretty much every job is full of customer service these days

Nothing. Being intelligent in today's society is a curse; you will be shunned, frustrated, silenced, humiliated and secluded while the idiotic masses sign away their lives, yours, and those of the future children to their overlords.


Exactly. Being smart still helps if it allows you to learn and solve problems faster to make better use of your time but very few tasks requires that as most of thinking has already been done for you.

In most jobs, it's delivering predictable results, keeping your deadlines, being a very communicator or somewhat charismatic that will single you out, not how smart you are as long as you're slightly above average. It might even work against you.

You have a greater chance of successfully writing magic spells to your spell book.

itt: above average intelligent anons

Sounds legit. The smartest people I know all seemed to have struggled with depression their whole life. It has messed up their career prospects too. One of them has switched to working part-time, he couldn't handle his corporate job full-time. It's such a shame.

I feel like most intelligent people have a shorter effective period in which to make use of it. The extra stress wears them down quicker. I think it might also have something to do with why a lot of intellectuals end up admiring the 'simple' man, to a degree.

I clawed my way through education expecting to find a place for myself at University only to find the exact same thing. I wanted to learn and finally expand upon my ideas but instead I found myself in an environment less stimulating and far more stressful than college. I've given up on hope since.

Being intelligent has arguably never been so important or valuable in history