Why are most numales also manlets?

Why are most numales also manlets?

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It's an alternative mating strategy for smaller males. Like that fish that Bill Whittle talks about, the big males fight over who gets to impregnate the females, while the smaller ones pretend to be female and sneak down to fertilize the eggs.

Jesus fuck that's the most ugly thing I've ever seen except for your mom, OP
My eyes..



Why do you people keep needing explaining?

Nu-males and male feminists are just another way to get beta people laid

Jeeeesus CHRIST please tell me that's shopped. What the fuck?

He's wearing a Kingdom Hearts necklace bro. It's real.


My hair is a little thin like that in the front. Is that common or no?

He looks like a faggy version of Jimmy Neutron, with none of the genius.

They aren't. Manlets suffer from Napolen complex and dedicate their life to overcompensating for their lack height by doing strength sports , acting overly aggressive and aiming at high ranked positions so they can control other people

>tfw 5'8
>tfw I want a gf who is as tall as me or taller
>preferably 6ft+
>too socially inept to go out and talk to complete strangers out of no where and try to be normal about it let alone find tall girls who are already a rarity
I just want a tall gf

There's no way this guy is for real. No one can look in the mirror and say "Yes, this is how I want to look"

Most men are "manlets" ergo most numales are "manlets". I've actually met more numale lanklets in real life though.

hahaha what the fucc
dick no, bad dick, sit

that feel no giant gf

[spoiler]Girls don't like manlets[/spoiler]

You meant Nimmy Jewtron.

Is that photoshopped?

Lack of testosterone


If there are guys that like tall girls, I am sure there are girls that like manlets. There is always an exception, however rare that may be.

i want to see up her dress

He looks like the kind of sneaky faggot who acts friendly and complimentary in person and then shit talks everyone as soon as they leave the room.

>three necklaces
>the One Ring
>some shitty looking keyblade
This kid is like autism in human form

Short men in the past still had a man skeleton, numales these days have thin, womanly bones that snap easily.

This is affecting us here too.
I am 6' 2" and I am taller than just about anyone below age 25 here, but there are tons of older men much taller than me.

I am 30.

aw that fucking obvious shadow ruined it

Being a manlet, there are plenty who either don't care or will date you despite it if they like you.

good god i need to shave

they dont filter the estrogen out of their water

Jimmy neutron is muslim now?

self answering question if you knew about the numale treatment.
low test

I don't know, but I'd say most of them have an average stature.
Simply because shorties tend to compensate their heights by not being (openly) betas.
Who knows though.

>ywn have a strong tall gf who will bear your children and be submissive with you but dominant toward others in public


most women are womanlets and they love us manlords

it's the tall gfs we can't find lad

Fetal alcohol syndrome.

hey i need some clarification here, am i manlet at 5'9-5'10 or am i king of manlets worthy to represent them among the ubermench ? i'm not a nu male by the way

Dont be fooled, sure there are some minor enhancements to make them look bigger but they are genuinely tall girls.