Milo Profiled in (((Bloomberg Business Week)))

At 4 p.m., Milo Yiannopoulos puts on a pair of glasses for the first time today. He examines himself in a mirror to see if he wants to add a gray suit to his purchases, which will push his bill to almost $12,000 at Savile Row’s Gieves & Hawkes.

>Donators BTFO xD

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No one fucking cares about this faggot, go back to shilling him on Reddit


This fucking whore needs to get out.

fuck off with this faggot.
no one cares

Noone on Cred Forums gives a flying fuck about this dumb-ass. Just delete this thread.


we dont care about what milo does. this is not a blog stop posting these threads


Treating politics, politicians and pundits like memes is why Cred Forums will never, ever do anything significant to change the political landscape

How does the bait go again? Ah yes. Everyone in this thread is just CTR shilling for Hillary and Milo is the savior of Cred Forums.

Jesus Christ, why is he shaving right underneath his eyelids? Is it because he never had a father figure in his childhood to teach him how to shave, the the same lack of a paternal presence that caused him to choose homosexuality?


Except Cred Forums has already massively shaped this election, you retarded britcuck.

>Their followers’ politics are almost exactly the same: They’re angry about globalization—culturally even more than economically. They’re angry about political correctness guilting them about insensitivity to women, minorities, gays, transgender people, the disabled, the sick—the everyone-but-them.

Garbage article.

lmfao no it hasn't. It has massively shaped a few Breibart articles and maybe a few other internet clickbait sites about Pepe le white supremacist frog in the last few weeks, after about two years of spamming the meme. 99% of the voter base neither know nor care about any of this shit.

If Cred Forums actually wanted to change anything they'd either go outside and do it, or lend physical support to whatever candidate or party they support, either through donations, campaigning on their behalf, etc.

Do you actually think that Cred Forums "defeating" the "CTR shills" on here actually had any meaningful result? Lmao again

Hi Milo. Why are you such a faggot?

Your first mistake was to assume that's our objective.

Need I remind you that the Democrat Party is freaking out over our rare Pepes?

Hillary clinton literally has a page on her official website dedicated to character assassinating pepe the frog. Rachael maddow did a whole segment on pepe the racist/anti-semetic/nazi frog.

Trump gets a lot of talking points and feedback from his son who reads Cred Forums for him.

You're dumb as fuck. I've noticed britcucks tend to be argumentative, sensitive, nearly always wrong, weaklings.

>mfw Milo is facing a backlash on Reddit and Cred Forums

wat the fug

the only way you could win us back is to go on TV and say "I hope all the faggots that don't want to die to hands of Islam vote Trump, but that faggot Jon Lebowitz can vote for his master Hillary"

This fucker can drink bleach and test his piss with his Ketostix for all I care.

You are a retarded newfag m8. Lurk a few months before babbys first post faggot.


I'm not even talking about Milo you retarded pole

In the last 4 years on here people have been doing nothing but trying to do "internet campaign" type bullshit for whatever hot political figure at the time, but nobody carries through. Also Cred Forums isn't one person

Yeah for a week. Again, the "alt-right", Pepe, "meme magic" and shit is great fun but it'd be extremely naive to imagine it has affected the election in any real way.

>literally has a page

>Rachael maddow
Wow such a prominent political pundit, her segment truly has changed the world, very impressive

>son who reads Cred Forums for him
lmfao no, citation needed

You're the one flipping out and calling me a dumb, retarded britcuck. Did I hurt your fee-fees, perchance? Go back to being an alpha male in your mum's basement kek

Face it, until some people here hack Clinton and reveal some conspiracy or some shit nothing of significance will be accomplished by this retarded board

>In the last 4 years on here people have been doing nothing but trying to do "internet campaign" type bullshit for whatever hot political figure at the time, but nobody carries through.

The GOPe were complaining about alt right before all their candidates got BTFO by Trump now Hillary is complaining about them. They wouldn't have said anything at all if they were ineffectual retard.

>Ayy lmao the left always eats itself!

Kill yourself.

>Last time he was in Los Angeles, he says, a white man at the Sunset Tower bar hit on him and gave him $10,000 after having sex with him twice and another $10,000 the following night.

Gas this faggot.

Absolutely true my man. 2012 was people "campaigning" for Ron Paul, look how that turned out. 2014 had gamergate and Milo, 2015 had Trump etc. etc.

Cred Forums is fine for discussion but it's when you guys try and "change the world" and shit that it fucks up

How did that change anything? How? It was grasping at straws. Hilary saying that half of Trump's supporters are basically worse than ISIS was a significant event. Orlando shooting was a significant event. Pepe the fucking frog MAYBE could have been but wasn't

Okay fine. But that's just a single article. Nobody who is on Hilary's website reading those articles is thinking about voting for Trump. What's your point?

>REEEE I dont agree with this voluntary transaction!
Fuck off commie

>2012 was people "campaigning" for Ron Paul, look how that turned out. 2014 had gamergate and Milo, 2015 had Trump etc. etc.

>but it's when you guys try and "change the world" and shit that it fucks up
False. We have never tried.

You are confusing "being enthusiastic about something and discussing it" with actual activism.

You're exaggerating, blowing things out of proportion.

>dumb frogpost
>i-it's a voluntary transaction so his degeneracy is ok

Are you one of those fags who will be salty when Trump is elected? You seem to be upset Cred Forums is actually doing something real. Maybe it's because the UK is a liberal "diverse" hell hole with no chance.

Oh well.


Does this mean he's a gay prostitute?

I'd have more respect if he redpilled his fans on the dangers of homosexuality. And to have them make the right choice instead of embracing degeneracy.

>its something that I dont personally like so it has to be stopped!
Gas yourself

The average alt-light Milo fan, everyone.

The average boot-licking natsoc RPer, everyone

>he's actually defending a pozzed niggerfuckers degeneracy


you clearly are not a hairy person

t. sasquatch

I know Milo. I can read that. But you still haven't answered my question....

Milo is a Jew

>he's actually slurping the governments cock as we speak

b-but he died his hair blonde and said mean things about muslims

Wrong, he's (((British)))

>criticising someone for openly and frequently admitting they fuck niggers and get paid to have sex means that you're a bootlicker

Thought he was Greek?

t. Someone who doesn't know how to shave.


>he makes 10k a night as a prostitute

how, he's not even that pretty?

That whole issue of Bloomberg was a fucking mess.
Talking about a "ugly" election, showing "random" samples of Americans (i.e. blacks and hajibs) and showing graphs about how Hispanic the USA is becoming

I literally said I am a Trumpfag several times in my other posts

You are beyond saving, back to "stopping shills on Cred Forums" for you