Be american

>be american
>have to vote between a sweet old granny politician who has americans best interests at heart, cares about every race, doesn't discrimnate or a xenophobic, racist, bigoted, reality tv star who is basically confirmed to be a nazi, was a KKK member and knows nothing about how to run a country
>mfw americans choose the racist, xenophobic, bigoted, loud mouth, single digit IQ'd mouth breather

you people are really as dumb as you sound...

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>cares about every race
except whites

Giant douche vs turd sandwich 2016



>flag has red and white stripes in the upper left, rest of flag filled out with white stars on a blue background
Why are Aussies so confused?




your flag indicates that you would post about turds

>Sweet granny
Is the definition of a sweet granny, a woman who murders opponents left and right?
Really makes you think.

Neck up as soon as possible my good """man""".

>Why are Aussies so confused?
When Britain built its Australian colony, they didn't send their best. They sent people that have lots of problems, and they brought those problems with them. They brought drugs. They brought crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

Do 10 seconds of research.

>a sweet old granny

“Good morning, ma’am,” a member of the uniformed Secret Service once greeted Hillary Clinton.

“F— off,” she replied.

That exchange is one among many . . .

you can do it better Straya

This is what happens when a prison colony is forgotten and left to fend for itself

Troll level -2/10
You have to at least try.


>be non-american
>watch how americans have to chose between a 2digi iq populist that would spew whatever he wants to get in power and an old hag that represents all that is wrong with american politics and plans to literlay start ww3 if she gets into the white hows. And one of the 2 is supposed to be the STRONGEST FUCKING PERSON IN THE WORLD.

America is a fucking time bomb and when it goes off it will drag the entirety of the world with it. At least putin is a dictator for his own country and doesnt try to fuck with others too much.
>inb4 muh crimea

>kill a traitor before an enemy
So then why does Cred Forums support Trump? He's a democrat who turned coat.

This is why Canada is kicking your asses here lately.


You're the dumb fuck if you think she is a 'sweet old granny'

As in, legitimately retarded if you're on the internet and clearly able to read and write yet you are still unable to put in a shred of objective research to not be completely reliant on mainstream propaganda

You must be a woman

>Was a KKK member

>all these replies

do you losers have literally nothing better to do than reply to an obvious bait thread lmaoing at your life

Hillary Clinton First Presidential Candidate Proposing to Abolish U.S. Borders

A Look At One Of Hillary Clinton's Early Scandals

Huma Abedin EXPOSED- Terrorist ties to 9/11 funders

BERNIE BUST: Only 150 turn out at Sanders Ohio stop for Hillary

Google Subverting Election for Hillary

Prominent Latino activist Tony Yapias charged with rape

Forget 3AM Phone Call, Hillary Looks Too Sleepy For A 10PM Call After NYC Bombings

>have to vote between a sweet old granny politician who has americans best interests at heart, cares about every race, doesn't discrimnate

There's no way you wrote that with a straight face, come on now.
Also, at least the xenophobic bigot isn't a shambling corpse that almost dies in scorching 75-degree(F) weather.

Bottom line: You need to do better than that to get your title of "Supreme Shitpost Nation" back from Trudeauistan.

>Points out how others waste time replying to bait thread.
>wastes time replyting to everysingle replay to the bait thread
Truly the highest quality of shitposting right here.

Do you have literally nothing better to do than make an obvious bait thread? Laughing my ass off at your life.

are you high?

Joke's on the faggot that replied to me, I haven't given a reply yet.