How much do you work user?

Not surprised to see Koreans in first and the Dutch in last, but surprised to see Greeks at #2.

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Dutch are lowest because all their women work part time. Who the fuck manages to have a job where they work less than 45 hours a week?

In France it's 35 hours per week, that's pretty low desu


because Greeks lie

For the past 3 weeks in a row I've worked 42+ hours.

But my average a week is 38

Isn't hard even to get a job in France? ...because all your liberal laws preventing employers from firing people.

I'm guessing because only half the Greeks work...

i heard that gooks and nips have cultural expectation to work overtime but they just come early and slack off for few hours before real work

>surprised to see Greeks at #2.

sheep that thinks Greeks were/are lazy because the news told him so detected

And these are from 2005 by the way, it says it on top left cornet. According to OECD we are still around 2nd-3rd place even in 2015

50-60 hours per week I hate my life don't make enough money doing this shit.

In the 80s and 90s, Koreans worked their ass off. Getting one day off per month wasn't unusual.

Now, the culture expects everyone to go to college and the young people expect a high paying office job. No one wants to do manual labor.

Maybe because you guys have been bailed out multiple times and you still demand to retire in your 50s.

Min wage or self-employed?

Bailing out doesnt mean people don't work their asses off jesus christ

Retire in our 50s? Only in the military.

I work 40 hours a week and go to grad school full time. I have a class every night Monday-Thursday.


>Retire in our 50s? Only in the military.
and politicians. In my country they retire sometimes at 30's

lol @greece ....working ass.

I've always worked AT LEAST 40 hrs a week. I don't know where those figures come from tbqh famalam.

40h work week is the norm here

The bankers here work less of course.

Women do magical things to charts like these
Completely obfuscates that full time employment is 40 hours a week and you're expected to be available at home

I work in the oilfield for 24 day shifts out of town. 10 hours a day, but I charge for 12. So 70 hours a week actually worked, 84 hours a week on paper.

I work 88 hours a week

greece is more agricultural than most of the other countries on that list....

40 hours a week. Any more and the manager would have to pay me overtime.

40 hours on the clock, around 5-7 hours unpaid.

Unpaid as in working for free?

>working unpaid hours for Walmart
The ultimate cuck

I work 50, what the fuck I thought that was normal

If you work off the clock, you're a fucking idiot.

I know some managers might try to trick some fags to work off the clock but I'd look at them like they're retarded if they asked me to do anything after I've punched out.

That's not legal my friend.

Fucking Obummercare made it impossible to find full time employment in the states.

>50 hours


Maybe if you're a workaholic but the average work week is 40 hours. Either 4 ten hour days of 5 8 hour days. Only places I know that average 50 hours are commission jobs or plants

Is it true in Paris that you can't work more than a certain amount of hours a week otherwise the company gets fined?

I remember when Obongocare was passed, the job I had at the time dropped me from 4 hours a day to 2 hours a day. I was literally only making $50 a week because of King Nigger's stupid law

If you want to control the world you need to keep up famalam

No wonder the frogs are running a deficit. No one wants to fucking work

It is normal if you're salaried and not in IT.

The thing is that we have mountains of part-timers who bring down the average massively.

There's a lot of misleading information in those survey results due to evading labor laws. For example, the Japanese work far, far more than what that graphic indicates.

>all these countries below 40 hours
>graph from 2005
Oh, that makes sense.

Usually between 50 and 60 per week, 9 to 10 hours a day, monday-saturday.

My average tho is prolly 55 hrs per week.

Numbers are rigged, you cannot compare greek work mentality to the japanese one.

Greeks and spaniards tend to "work" a lot by pulling hours, but those hours are shamefully low in productivity.

Source I worked with them

>dat United States number
Wat? I've never seen an employer that has a less than 40 hour work week.

Is this chart including part-time shit like internships?


Japanese people take massively long lunch breaks and take naps and shit in their offices, and spend like half an hour doing exercises and stretches when work starts.

Their work culture is based around giving the impression of being busy, not actually being busy.

Doesn't German labor law guarantee you a lot of time off every year? You work 40h per week when you work, but you don't work every week.

Obviously it is.

I worked in Korea for four years, it was quite easy to see a whole office full of people napping after lunch for a couple of hours. They even had desk pillows. Shit was crazy.

Don't let them fool you into thinking they are hard working. It's a massive load of shit.

37.5 ++ hours per week. Probably closer to 38.5 desu, but that's unpaid shit so it's hard to keep tabs

A week off isn't a "working week", it's a pretty poorly titled graph if it includes vacation time.

Good goys work 40h+

Not true. I worked in Paris and in a field where absolutely everyone expected me to do overtime, so I fled to Belgium instead.


I don't have many options as I don't have a GED or anything and I doubt any other employer would be able to remotely match my current hourly wage of $14.

Mostly correct, but they are still present at work for much longer hours.

It's not about giving the impression of being busy, though. It's about giving the impression you support the company you work for. More hours present or spent with other employees after work = more support.

The OECD data only excludes holidays, not vacations.

Full time in the US is 40 hours a week, anything over is overtime and subjected to 1.5* the pay.


Although i work a manufacturing job and believe it or not, out of all the foreigners, gooks (mainly yellow niggers like thai, vietnamese) have the strongest work ethic. Haitians are the FUCKING WORST!

Its funny, the white people where i work seem to be the most hard working, even though society tells us we're all lazy fucks.

What type?

Being in sales (not retail)
I'm scheduled 45 but I usually work 60 since I'm commission only

depends on the company.
minimum is something like 23 days/year

but as says, these statistics are shit.

24 day in a year at least. If you are lucky you get 30.

>work all those hours
>still can't pay denbts

Damn, that sounds like a gubernmnt job over here lol

Most companies give you 1 week of paid leave. Although my father gets zero paid leave.

if we exclude black people where does the us stand

I can work however many hours a week, and can come in 7 days a week. I usually work 60 hours (40 standard, 20 OT), but there's been weeks where I've worked 40 or even 30.
Like, what the fuck else am I going to do with my time? Might as well get $40/hr net instead of talking to you fucks.

t. a guy that's about to head in to work

>Japan less than 35h week
Such a bullshit. They work in rarely less than 60h per week. The graph ignores the unpaid overwork.

It wouldn't move at all, man.

Think about Wal-Mart and McDonald's and other minimum wage service jobs.

If they hire people full time, in many states they'll be forced to give benefits and pay a higher tax.

So these businesses do that whole 'juggle a bunch of part-timers' bullshit.

>How much do you work user?
>He's not a NEET that shitposts on multiple boards for 18 hours a day.

Fucking loser.

Without the details of this chart's data it is meaningless.

Japan has a LOT of part-timers. Like massive loads of them. They drag the average down.

Bulgarians work 6 days per week, 8 hours a day.

If you're in a real career in the US, you get anywhere from 10 to 25 days per year. Government employees can get more. It's mostly based on how long you've worked for the company.
Most companies give 2 weeks to start. Any company giving 1 week or less is low-end labor, commission, or self-employment.

Not surprised about the Greeks, knew they work long hours, they just aren't particularly productive.

That just means you're an idiot who's to pussy to ask your boss for a schedule that suits you.

I work a 4-10 schedule because I wanted three days off but still get a 40 hour week. Once you have time in, you have every right to ask for an adjusted schedule and if you don't it's your own fault

Perhaps, but my father makes about 65k per year and like i said he gets NO paid time off. Its prolly because he works construction though.

>wanting money is bad

55-60h a week, lawyer

good money, shit social life.

Construction is a seasonal thing and once winter hits there's no work to be had. That's why most construction jobs require 6 day work weeks and 10 hour days because once the weather turns, you'll be making NO money.

well then

I work 70 hours a week. One full time job and one part time job. I bring home about $450 a week after taxes, so I make $1800 a month. My one bedroom apartment is $1200 a month so the remaining $600 is spent on food, electricity, phone, internet, and gas

t. part-timer who's never had a job with set hours, contracts, or enough people who want to take the job that they can't negotiate

Not all of us are mindless shelf-stockers who can just ask Jamal to cover our shift in exchange for fucking our girlfriend on the weekend.

Perhaps it is way up north but down here in the south its year round.

Useless statistics.

It combines full time and part time workers, and each country has a different amount of part time workers. For example, in Netherlands, a whopping 44% of total people employed worked part time in 2002, while in Greece, only 4.5% did so. On the other hand, Netherlands' unemployment rate is about 6%, while Greece's is 23%.

>Greek workday
>sitting in front of a shop, watching the sea for 12 hrs a day

yeah, brutal

dude i don't know where you live but you are getting ripped off somewhere. $1800 per month? 70 hours per week? something doesn't add up

No, that's about right if he's working two $8-9/hour jobs and doesn't go overtime on either.

He's just a skill-less moron who is working mindless menial jobs instead of doing anything of value.

I live in New York city that's a normal rent price here.

I want to move away but I need to save up money to move and by the end of the month I have no money left

Construction is low-end labor, even if he makes 65k. My uncle has the same situation.

If you have a full time job that pays 10 per hour this can happen.

Its pretty much your own fault though.

t. Someone in the same sort of situation.

That's pretty much it desu.

New York is a terrible place for unskilled labor with no connections. You don't need to save up to move, just find a job through job search websites doing something similar and move. You might be homeless for a few weeks, but you'll be in an apartment for $600/mo or less quickly if you're not in a major economic center.

If you somehow can't get by on 10 per hour full time, you need to fucking MOVE, because you've been priced out of your city.

This is the price you pay for living in a 'diverse' place.

m8, ive never heard of anyone getting by on 10 per hour, the lowest i heard that didnt sound like they're pretty much living in a roach infested shithole was 14 per hour.

>Its pretty much your own fault though.
There hasn't been any other time in human history when men were expected to have expensive credentials in order to even make ends meat. Factory or agricultural work was always available in the past, it was hard ass work but you could support a family on those wages and didn't even need to be able to fucking read. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that anymore, it really isn't your fault, our generation was Jewed out of every single thing our ancestors worked to accomplish.

These are averages, meaning I work 55 hrs a week so dindu can do nuffin

Working in a call center while going to uni, I had several co-workers who did just fine on $10/hr. How? They got a boyfriend/girlfriend/roommate in a similar position. A decent apartment around here, one in a complex with no roaches and effectively no crime, is $600/mo. Split between two people, that's $300/mo each.

I believe what you just said leaf bro.

Im just trying to motivate myself to TRY, i know i have the short end of the stick though.

I admit im not a very smart person, atleast when it comes to important things like math and science, but ill work my fucking ass off it it means not being homeless. Right now i live with my dad and pay my part, but im trying to get a better paying job, and since i know my limits, i know my options are mostly limited to manual labor. Its seems that all the manual labor jobs are disappearing though and they only ones left barely pay enough to get by because of the fucking illegal immigration.

This is why i drink m8.

> Greece
> second place
Ayyy lmao, did they just ask people on the street how much they work?

Since you put it that way, that makes sense.

I was talking about living on your own though.

My job takes an hour of drive time away each day, my hours start when I leave my house and end when I get home. It's not that bad but no pension and my insurance sucks,plus $18 an hour is the new $10 per hr over in the US.


hrs a day
how we gonna MAGA with asshole like you only working 4 hrs a day?

Living on your own at $10/hr is rough. I knew several of those as well and they lived in the cheap apartments. $400/mo, maybe roaches, maybe crime, neighbor is probably on drugs.

47 hours per week, not counting lunch breaks of course.

Verified true for the nips, the come in early and bullshit in the mornings but start work at the normal time, then stay at work just bullshitting after the normal quitting time until like 9/10pm and then sometimes go and get drunk after. Few of them want to get back to their wives/families in the evenenings and it's all pointless fakery

Couple hours per week.

Soccer Referee

>I make $14 an hour
>I just don't get paid for some of those hours

I make $31 a second and then work a full soccer game for free.

During the summer I worked about 30 hours a week.

During the school year I work 20 hours a week with about 16 credit ours in STEM.

So on average (not including school) around 23 hours a week.

If you include school, not including homework, it's closer to 35 hours a week, but I easily spend 5+ hours a week doing homework as well.

You stupid cunt this was over three years ago and it was a part time job. I work full time now somewhere else with plans for electrician school

A bit of both actually. This chart is incomplete because you'd need an "efficiency" chart next to it. "Working hours" here often include coffee breaks, smoking breaks, sitting around waiting for something to happen and watching other people. The last few yeas the private sector has changed from that, but its size has shrunk. At the same time, the above problems ate ten times more true in the public sector, which has remained pretty much constant in size. So, it's the age-old question of quantity or quality, we work a lot of hours, but there's a lot of people, especially public worker leeches who just sit around doing nothing all day.

>ate ten times

obviously mean "are ten times"

Workaholic here, just can't stop caring about the details. 50+ now, worked 90-ish a week for 3 years and "hello wall"

This. Everything takes longer, meanwhile more efficient methods when pointed out are laughed at and this was the private sector, it didn't take a lot of convincing though when pointed out cost saving and efficiency methods to directors and owners. Private sector companies usually run smooth, but it is a lot more frustrating and longer hours.

The public sector is a joke in Greece, the office could be empty, no work whatsoever and they'll mock you and tell you to come back tomorrow if they don't like your face. Meanwhile they're smoking in the office, picking their ass hairs and drinking their shit coffee frape. You have to actually threaten to murder them to do anything, and sometimes they call your bluff and next thing you know you flipped a desk and the cops mysteriously show up and die laughing at everyone. I had a nightmare trying to register property on a small Island, took forever due to gov. workers not wanting to do anything, not even trying to tip them worked.

Private sector in Greece somewhat efficient, but expect to work long hours, same shit as the US.

Public sector in Greece, inefficient soviet style hell, think of the worst DMV possible in the US.

Wake up at 6:30am
reach work at 8:00am

get home at around 8:30pm usually

I work in sales management not customer facing but I get a bonus anyway

moving closer to work next week which will make life a lot easier

That's quite the job. Jelly.

What kind of job you want us to do? Like working in mines 12 hours for 50 years and decease from lung cancer? Grow up kid you should know that in EU every country has different production plans in order to satisfy the needs of the Union. You should be thankful that your country isn't a member of this shitty union.

Hey Spiros, you're gonna work in the merchant marine, it's good money and great pension, 8months out to sea on a freighter or oil tanker, get ready to ride the waves like your ancestors.

Not posting the updated version.

It depends on how competitive the job market is and your experience.

I get 3 weeks of paid vacation, my manager gets 5 weeks. However, it's practically impossible to take that much time off because you'd have to catch up when you get back.

I work at least 50hrs a week. Usually 6 days. On my off day of drove uber.

Life is suffering for wage cucks but I'm planning to retire at 40 if everything works out as planned.

My regular week is 56, but I regularly work 96+.

I work 40hrs, get paid for 40hrs. Pretty okay, just wish it were higher pay (obviously) like everyone does.

Are you clocking out for breaks too? That's illegal if Walmart is tell yall to do that. Working a 40hr/5day week, you should have 2½hr unpaid lunch breaks minimum.
What state do you live in?

Sixty hours this week. I just don't have the ability to do all seventy four available anymore.
But I'm always fighting student debt, childcare costs, and taxes. So I imagine I will die broke.

>I'm planning to retire at 40 if everything works out as planned.
It won't-it never does.

No one asks me to break labor laws, but when asshole managers expect you to either finish the impossible or give you slow niggers to work with, someone's got to make the sacrifice.

I've already stated my reasoning here


Order the last column. Greece is in fourth and we are only behind both greece and Iceland in europe.

You fags are full of shit and both krauts and burguers receive more than what they are worth.

>buhbuh the economies

A country rich on natural resources can ensure superior equipment at cheaper prices for their workers since industry can bloom easier in such circumstances. This has repercussions. Because a man digging with shovels always falls behind an excavator, but he still works more.

those charts are pretty annoying desu, if a country has healthy job market many people would be working part-time, like students etc. so they would be dragging the numbers down

Are you literally retarded?

Sorry, forgot Poland.

I don't think so. Why do you ask?

I'm an otr driver and I work 60-70 hours a week on my logs but I tend to work during my breaks so maybe a little more than that. I live in the truck for 4 weeks then take 4 days off. My dad lets me crash at his place during those few days off so I don't have any rent. I'm not sure if its worth it. Being paid by the mile is bullshit.

Usually around 60, my time is billed to clients so I'm happy to spend additional time on something.

Greece sits behind a desk playing angry birds all day

I work in NY, but live in LI. Commute is horrible and so are fares, but I don't want to be a literal cuck who pays $1,200/mo. to live in a small basement apartment with 3 other people.

Because if you are not, you have created your own framework for failure. You are choosing to fail. I know numerous people with GEDs that make 50k+ a year.

For example, my friend, let's call him GED Bob has his CCNA in routing and switching (self taught with ~$100 in study materials) and makes 55,900/yr.

With overtime, I work around 54 hours/week

I'm already in my 30s without a GED. Some thought into a career/dream should have happened by now, but it's far too late to expect to get anywhere from the absolute bottom.

I hope Bob has a great life. He pulled himself from a bad situation.