Malia Obama frat mode at Brown

Malia Obama BLEACHED


I wonder if she said, "for the first time, I'm proud of my country" after she got creampied.

And this is why Trumps kids are successful

I hope he made her wipe herself off

"Her" face looks like a foot.

>be black
>daughter of the current US president
>see black communities don't have it good in current times in many aspects
>have all oportunities and chances of success in life
>ooga booga

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Her father is a homo with Reggie Love and she grew up around white alpha SS agents.

How exactly does this work, anyway? She has a Secret Service detail, right? Do they pat the guys down before they go in the bedroom or something?

>dad is the most 'powerful' man in the world
>dress AND look like shit
>act like a stuck up cunt in a frat party


i like to imagine they fuck her raw most nights

Students at the party said the agents were parked outside the frat house. Malia was inside taking shots, playing beer pong, and sucking white Chad face.

Leave her alone. If she wants to get COLONIZED I say more power to her.

Maybe they're hoping Obama's family's missteps will draw attention from Hillary.


Threyvon must have been desperate that women is hideous

desu i would hold her hand and make a relationship with her


She's a strong independent woman you guys, let her do what she wants you sexist fucks

what would happen if someone inside the house hated obama and acted out on malia?

how are they supposed to protect someone in such a unsecure enviorment?

fires the neurons


She probably wouldn't even glance at a common pessant like you

How soon until they both "get punished with a pregnancy"

when I was with her over the summer I asked her a question; when the orgy started to die down.

I asked her if she bleached her asshole...

She told me "yes" as she sqeezed all the male come out of her puffy cunt. That was all she said as she walked away and lit a cigarette.

She wasn't that bad, but meh.

>have the money to attend a good university
>because you're famous you get invited to a lot of parties
>get wasted at frat parties
>act like a fool

I don't see why this is so spectacular, isn't this what every student has ever done in the entirety of history?

As if anyone ever thought she would go for non whites. Black woman are attracted to whites first, then blacks.

Well, it's just one of those things. They probably have someone watching the front and back door and make sure only white guys and girls holding Franzia wine boxes are going in.

Freedom and security is always a sliding scale.


Young people do things young people do

more news at 11

>sad nerds raging over the youth they never got to experience

Chill pops, she's in good hands.

Not bad for a nigress

There is no such thing as (((BLEACHED))) whitey.

Non-white + White = non-white

You just know she's getting a Chad train almost every night.

>yfw your daughter does the okey-doke with the white devil



>obama is a cuck

I've experienced it. Fun but some of those kids need to pull their head out of their ass.

>Cred Forums users
>not still youth
Dumb dogposter

I don't get it, she's just standing there.
What am I supposed to see?



I'm wondering the same thing.

where is the SS

Would be a wonderful dose of karma. And with white daddies too.
>Obama's Legacy

Is that 9/11 on the image bottom

Don't worry uh, your presidency.

We'll keep our eyes on your baby girl.

t. cuckolded nigger

She has that look on her face like she's 1 second away from going full "black bitch" on someone.

They have been there themselves

They are bro tier let's be real

She is playing beer pong.

Protip: every single black woman is.

>I have those same outfits

when your neck is wider than your head


Imagine how many SJW white guilt points you would get for fucking her?

I've experienced it and it's as gay, try hard and boring as it looks. And I went to the #1 party school in the country.


I was social chairman for my fraternity 3 years. I had fun man. Endless trim.

Let her enjoy getting BLEACHED. It's actually better, if she becomes a politician at least she won't be another white hater.


You went to Wisconsin?

Please don't remind me...

And she's held to higher standards, as she's the president's daughter.

So much for 'diversity' even King nigger is sending his daughter to an all white college

the hypocrisy of these rich folk is amazing

What's she studying again?

I though it was chalked?

Caucasian male anatomy would be my guess.

Imagine the sweet job you could get at some shady non profit if you were dating Obama's daughter.


That no questions asked internship at Goldman Sachs.

Anyone else feel bad for Obama as a father? It must be tough seeing your daughter turn into a slut AND have the whole world see it happen and how you react to it.



She takes after her whore grandmother.

how could anyone feel bad for him

>yfw king nigger will have a white christian son-in-law and a BLEACHED blue eyed quadroon as his grandson

She's not 21 and is therefore breaking the law.

She wouldn't. Uppity niggers gettin uppity

>feel bad for a chimp who brought this upon himself
>really thinking anyone would want to pork that fuck ugly abomination of a daughter

She's got a panic button

I legit feel bad and wish she had the chance to live a more normal life

shes underage.

Literally everyone does it in college though

COLONIZED is far more hilarious

If you were Chad, would you hit on the president's daughters too, Cred Forums?

Of course. Contrary to popular opinion (on this imageboard for frog enthusiasts) I actually admire Obama and what he's done.

Plus, isn't his younger daughter a solid character? There was that picture of her working at a restaraunt a few months ago. Good on her.

He has initiated her himself. He's not dumb nor anything.

Dartmouth? Cal?

>and lose the presidency for his party
he'll have to commit sudoku

They can't leave them alone in a room. They man could choke her to death. Obviously, the guards have to go in there and watch.

delete this pls

We should put her in gitmo with Chelsea

Without a doubt

If you were a black female, you'd want your kids to have normal hair/body odo too.

I've heard that about URI.

There are no pictures of her 'working' you lying piece of shit

Lmao im here right now

She was photographed with a white guy a few months ago hugging and holding hands at a festival.

Wonder if the same guy was in that building?

Fuck me we're so low on happenings due to excellent anti terror intelligence that we're gossiping like bitches. We need some chaos. Oktoberfest has begun and of the 1.4mn migrants that entered last year alone only 100 have employment. Its ripe.
U mad?

Nice trips but... seriously?

I'd rather be the president's son, constantly under media attention, than live a "normal" life and experience "youth freedom."

Mostly because I never really did the latter, but still. I'd receive automatic recognition for all my work. Employers would be begging for me to start my career with them. And that's significantly better than having partied for four years.

Do you think Obama has pictures of her engaged in Lesbian sex like her grandma?


Not yet but soon!

do any pics show the secret service detail

Who wants to hear about how I fingered Malia at a night club in Sydney?

Wait this whole thing is because a college girl is playing beer pong? Are you shitting me

the guy behind her in the green shit is secret service

He'll probably film it, just like his daddy used to

She was behind a register. I doubt they'd take such a picture just for show.

She was the absolute best part of that trial.

That's because you're stupid

That summer cia looks, have shoes like them, but not that gay shirt. Men in pink are the geyest.

Where are the complimentary pics of Obama's whore Mum?

Kek I forgot you have to be 21 in to drink in the Land of the Freeā„¢

Time to go to bed, Grampa.

She'd work for like an hour a week.
Give her four years.

>tfw wore moccasins in high school because they were comfy
>people would call me a fag for wearing moccasins
>now faggy frat boys wear moccasins
what the fuck man

Moccasins have been a preppy mainstay for generations. Just how old are you.

How's it feel niggers, knowing that all women crave the white cock? No one likes a worthless stinky black dick on welfare.

Not surprised she shacking up with whites. Most negro women who grow up white usually marry white. Ever notice how most professional black women tend to have white boyfriends or husbands?

>isn't this what every student has ever done in the entirety of history?
No. Unless you consider conquering the known world with horses and spears foolish.

dunno about him but that's where I'm at, definitely only a party school


Drinking age is 21 because we have more car owners and drivers in the US and teenagers tend to drink and drive because they're fucking stupid. Raising the age reduced the number of drunk driving accidents

You think I follow gay trends or something gayboy?

Solid argument

Black profiles are gross

Hi gdi.

>I'd doubt they'd take such a picture just for show

I don't know what else to say, my man. You're stupid.

Those aren't moccasins. Those are sperries, boat shoes.

Damn hate to be wrong generation but

OP ladies

1970's ladies
I mean the feels.

Not in college desu

Those are boat shoes.

Sperry Topsiders to be exact.

Why bae be with white people all da time?

Which school

What's up with the racism? White teenagers do the same exact thing.

>see Malia at frat party
>she's acting within bounds
>only had a few drinks
>as befits a first daughter of the USA
>suddenly she pulls something out of her pocket
>small and pink it almost looks like a breath mint
>you can't make out what it is as she places it in her mouth
>you go for a beer
>come back a couple minutes later
>Malia is dancing like there's no tomorrow
>in the middle of the room
>there's not even any music
>you realize it was x
>people are snapchatting and videoing it
>the phones turn to you
>Malia gazes your Chad bod and approaches
>she pulls you by the arm into the nearest bedroom
>she's into the kinky sub fetish
>demands you choke her
>and slap her
>she's screaming
>it can be heard through the wall
>it's all over snapchat and Facebook within an hour
>scandal sinks Obamas presidency
>he can't even show his face in public
>Clinton needs more sick days
>no president to fill in for her
>Trump gains in the polls
>wins the presidency
>Malia raises your bastard son alone
>you go on to run a micro brew with your frat buds
>Trump visits to thank you for Making America Great Again
The Chad inherits the Earth

nothing says Black power like trying to fuck whitey

not too many things make me genuinely laugh nowadays but that things face always does the trick

Am I missing something here? I dont see anything that indicates sex.

>you go on to run a micro brew with your frat buds

You can't compare humans to niggers you nigger lover

Tell the little bitch to bring her ass out tha house, cause your daughter's known for giving up the nappy dugout.

>pic: if eminem was a bulldozer



That's retarded, sir.

She does look a lot like Michel... How would you explain that of Michel is a man?

She's playing with her hair.

That's chick-talk for "I dig you."

>college-age girl
>doing college-aged shit


Legitimately lamoed

>le good sir
Fuck off reddit

Having fun with Chelsea I see

Nice catch. She's way in to the dude in the blue plaid off camera

The real issue is that no matter the generation, white women were en mass racemixing.

This goy

What in the hell is that retarded white girl doing?

I graduated this year from a school that's a few blocks from the white house in DC (you could probably look up the school if you wanted to) and I heard stories of her going to parties at one of the senior dorms. Apparently she hung out with the black elite at my school. I'm actually black but I'm not elite enough to be invited to that shit.

Just playing with her hair like that... barely able to make eye contact because she's too fuzzy and nervous and you know it... She squirms like her clothes are just inconvenient now... Maybe you should help her... Mhmm

He's a hermaphrodite

It's nice she's actually going to college instead of just living off daddy's money.

Crushing her pig belly with a belt while she still can

We've got some south park material here..


LE this LE that is to reddit what calling veritably everyone a faggot is to Cred Forums.


>black are gross

Being a rich white slut. Rich girls are such whores it isn't even funny.

>malia gets gangbanged by chads 24/7

lol bet it drives obama mad

What the fuck, leaf?


Dubs of honesty. Those interactions are empty. No one can speak with any substance and they all act like theyre having the most fun, but when you look at the totality of their lives you realize theyre desperately sad and trying to escape nihilism with hedonism.

How many people would be happier pursuing actual goals and celebrating achievements with actual friends and family rather than filling holes in their hearts with drugs and false surface interactions with other people? If you look at things critically its very fucking hard to enjoy a regular party with regular people.

I'm lonely...

you can take the nigger out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the nigger

You'd think she'd hang out with more attractive (and less retarded-moving) girls. Being the president's daughter and all.

It's okay, mate. We all are.


Wait, if a woman is talking/looking at you while playing with her hair, she likes you?

Wow, I thought it meant she had lice. Now I know why I'm a virgin.

drones in 30 minutes

cool huh? if you rush to your wife's bedroom you can see him right now



DOTPOTUS pussy is the riskiest type. Knowing that you can be indefinitely detained under NDAA for delivering your own stimulus package raises the steaks, its the highest form of exhibitionism.

What should i see in that pic exactly?
I see malia obama
Nothing else

good for you, cunt


> tfw never talked to a girl that sent off subliminal messages w/ her hair / had lice

Just Australia reminding us it's not a part of Cred Forums. Nothing to see here.


What the fuck are you, 13? Bitches playing with their hair don't mean shit.

All this looks like to me is shes about to get drunk as fuck. Which means one or all of those white boys are gonna get sued for trying anything.

Is "Malia" the name of your pet roo?

If so, then no thanks.

It's the blacked signal.

>face makes you laugh
>not the donut-shaped fat ring around its 'neck'

leave this board and die normie faggot

they weren't fucking though

that would have been posthumously embarrassing for him

Aren't they basically cucks?


>implying you wouldn't want a big chocolate mumma

Her sunglasses remind me of JJ for some reason

SS agents weren't even in the frat house. She has a panic button and they just watched the entrances.

The only time they watch is when they are waiting their turn.

I experienced it.

It's probably what made me come here to be honest with you family

> normie faggot
Yeah... right.

Cred Forums is fucking pathethic, why should anyone care what teenagers do at a party?

I wanna fugg her so baaaaaad

GW? Lol my friends were in Phi Psi

Must suck having the president as your dad and trying to have the ((college experience))

she's even more hideous and masculine than mum
feel free to bleach any time, it's a public service tbqh

Literal perfection

Just like her grandma!
How cute :3

a part of me does but most of me is clouded by my disdain for Obama so it doesn't really come into play


bloody hell she's 185cm

Also what kind of man lets his daughter dress that way.


be a Chad then fag boy

bro. most father's cant do shit if their daughter dresses a certain way. look at your own family how many slutty cousins do you have whose fathers dont say shit?

I'm sorry you have such shit standards, there are some attractive black women but this bitch is butt fucking ugly

What you fail to realize is that girls at 13 are similar to girls at, say, 35. They don't mature that much emotionally.

Pretty sure women do the same thing dude.

She's definitely taking Chad's big white cock

God bless America

they probably have checked everyone's backgrounds in the house.

He's being sarcastic...

I hope so

Like I said, if she weren't the president's daughter she likely wouldn't be getting so much attention from dudes.

But who knows. The 80-20 rule may not be a myth after all. I bet some would be willing to get with her...
> after a couple beers, that is


I'd fuck her just as a fuck off to obongo but by no means would i enjoy it

they have been doing this forever now

Live broadcast of an abortion showing compassion.

Imagine those long strong legs wrapped around your waist like a vise, she locks her ankles together and holds on to you as you deposit your load directly in her womb.

You roll off her panting as she lifts her knees to her chest and wiggles to help your swimmers along.

playing beer pong with a white dude right there


>The only time they watch is when they are waiting their turn.

>Sarah Palin's daughter has a kid with her boyfriend
>liberal media crucifies her
>Malia Obama is caught getting high, getting drunk and partying
>lol stuck up Republicans


>Also what kind of man lets his daughter dress that way.

Do you honestly believe that Obama has enough time each week to have a heart to heart talk with his daughter as the President of the United States? Especially these past few months with all the shit thats going down with Syria?

They all say that.

He might as well talk to his daughter instead of playing golf in his spare time.

Ayyyyyyyyy ww@


checked, keked and rekt

He should feel lucky that Malia isn't hanging around with one of "his sons" like Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin.

Why does the background look edited in?

Partying is amazing if you have other things going on in your life too.
>12 hours of classes
>40+ hours of work
>freelance design jobs on the side
>go out after closing shifts to hit the bars with friends
>beer pong while we do laundry
>drunk from 11pm Friday, all through gameday Saturday, and into Sunday
>Sunday call up a bitch to cuddle while we homework and hangover recover.
>once homework is done, fuck while watching netflix
>work a fucking closing again tonight
>rinse repeat
It's a good life.

Do these pics pop up before or after """"""""""terrorist attacks"""""""""""?

GDI is forever.

THOSE are some a cups, Christ. She better have a fly booty or give vacuum head.

Bush girls were a complete mess and it was rarely brought up.

>5 head
>small but still saggy tits. Mournful tits.
>bad tooth to gum ratio
>decent ass

>Ywn shoot your load inside Malias chocolate pussy while cuck Obongo watches

feels bad desu senpai

Are those the twin towers?

I'd rather fuck the actual gorilla desu


why is she at a frat party with a bunch of dirty normies. Shouldnt she be in an exclusive suite built in the college specifically for her?

As bad as he feels for attempting to eliminate the Second Amendment

member Clinton's deadbeat junkie brother?

member Obama has a brother?


and they say americans are retarded...

Sry, I don't get it, what the hell is up?
She aborted a child or wtf?

God I hate frat guys. Everywhere I go here on campus it looks like it was invaded by PFG clones. Is it possible that frat owners own stock in these companies I know frats are a pyramid scheme anyeay

Sorry Pablo.
Non fat female always minimum 5/10



Don't wear boat shoes if you are not on a boat

Fucking fashion memes man

if your going to post a picture you got from Cred Forums, atleast change the filename next time so that it isn't easy to see your using a proxy

I want to see all highlights of her post the jewtube link.

At least get the billfish ones with a normal shoe sole. Sperrys are bae.

I think the only time it wasn't completely gay was the 80's, but those days are gone.

I'm an irish Amerifat you dunce.
And no, 5/10 just means unremarkable or average. She has below average written all over her.


PFG? Like Columbia PFG clothes?

Frat guys dress like their grandfathers in the South. Say what you want about the "dumb" frat clothes we bought at the men's clothier in town but I'm 30 and still wearing most of it.

Bill's Khakis
Lacoste button up shirts
Seersucker suit
Sperry Topsiders(same pair from college had resoled and leather cleaned and conditioned)
Salmon red shorts still get worn in spring
Still wear my Costa shades fishing and boating(wear Raybans for everyday now)

Better to buy preppy frat clothes than trendy name brand shit like having Hollister in huge letters on a shirt.

It's true. Frat clothes at a southern university are generally just flashy business casual stuff mixed with boat clothes. It's all comfy as fuck for the most part too. That said I'm a poor fag so I mostly just wear well fitted non graphic t-shirts.

Why should I or anyone give a fuck?

Sage this shit. This kind of shit belong in celebrity gossip, not Cred Forums


So which one is that again?