People died on the shores of Normandy for this

>people died on the shores of Normandy for this

I thought we were supposed to be colonizing the Moon right now, where the fuck did the future go so wrong

If Hitler had won, Germany would have colonized the moon in the 1970s

Yeah, but I guess the fucking Anglos just HAD to ruin it for everyone.


Looks like you haven't learnt anything germanbro.

why are Anglo such fucking cucks? Must be in their DNA.

Slavs=the only real white men left.

Or it could be all the estrogen in the water and food. Who knows??

Hitler's mistake was waging a war on two fronts. He should've finished off the Brits first and taken over the Middle East. The he could attack the USSR if the wanted.

Lol Anglos
The true fuckers are the guys who say you killed 6 gorillion of their people

But USSR was coming after Germany eventually.

Breaking the Burgfrieden again Germany?

honestly all those parades especially the ones i see in usa should be fuckin banned, no shooting coz they'll get martyrs
bdsm martyrs, current year

The USSR was too weak to attack Germany. Stalin mistakenly thought the war on the Western front would last far longer and would weaken the capitalist states and ultimately cause a communist revolution, which would then be supported by the USSR.

this. and aiding based fingols is a must

auschwitz was a mistake

>not using nationalized jews as shields
>not gasing them after the endsieg

>having the stupidiest allies: Hungary (what was WWI, Romania (wtf), the Japs (too far away)

>having the stupidiest allies
indeed, hitler could buy poland, we could be great, we could be together, russians were unprepared, our horses could be of use in those savage lands and we knew them well


If that were my kid I'd pick her right up, walk away, and tell her "That person does not know how to behave in public."

Fucking weird fetish BDSM people aren't going to put that image into my child's head.


I don't mind if they're fucking degenerates behind closed doors, but why do they bring it to the public? I don't wear swastikas in public

The Zionists Won world war 2. This is now their world. This is also their Forum. remember you are here for ever.

>Slavs=the only real white men left
kys already

Germans are the Troyan Horse of Europe. Enemies of personalistic civilizations, this is why throughout history they hated Poland so much. Poland is a moral, principled country that respects human dignity and freedom, and Germans have long ago abandoned the view of moral monism in favor of moral dualism and positivism. Nobody has expected those violent creatures to erupt with such destruction, but history is full of sad surprises! Germans consistently instrumentalize human persons and treat them as raw material and as people are cynical and nihilist. No wonder deep down they hate moral nations and are motivated enough to dedicate their resources to pointless destruction and causing misery! Germany =/= Europe!

There was no alternative. Germany is a foreign civilization

Sowey :(

No, they fought for pic related and nothing else.