What is with the 'white girlies are innocent' meme thats been going on since the dawn of time?

What is with the 'white girlies are innocent' meme thats been going on since the dawn of time?

Is it genetically possible to just be nicer than other races emotionally?

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They're treated like princesses so they likely haven't experienced anything emotionally burdening.

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This. White dads are cucks.

Speaking as a half spic my Cholo dad taught my sister working values at an early age at our plantation. You whitey boys had it easy as a child with your emotionally 'perfect' moms that you werent taught that you have to be hard in this world or else you go soft. Just read this and see what I mean. Cracker dads are pathetic.

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i see you in every thread. i think you have a problem dude.

It literally like Star Wars that she has turn to the Sith.

sure. higher IQ correlates with lower narcissism and less likelihood of committing impulsive acts of violence

Thats not true pinky

White people are extreme, when they do crime they do it 100x worse than say.. Blacks.
When they're psychos they do not beat other person or something, they straight up shoot an entire school or something.
Whites when they're mad are the most dangerous shit around.

Don't forget it either Jungle nigger.

I can't wait until the beast has been kicked one too many times and the world is given a brutal reminder of why you dont fuck with the white man.

Yeah, if only we were as saintly as the darkies with a dozen murders every day in Chicago

I am a white man retard.
My mind works in a different way than most of the people.

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Nice argument

White women are the only ones who can give birth to white children

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White girls are more likely to be raised by both parents with at least one of them working full time. A mother with a working husband is less stressed about making ends meet, so she has more time to devote to raising her kids and doesn't take it out on them. A household with both parents and no financial distress is a happier household where children are more likely to respect their parents because their parents are less likely to be abusive.

White girls learn to treat other people with kindness because they were raised with kindness. They are more emotionally empathetic, which can be dangerously misguided when they are faced against minorities and cultural outsiders who have had shittier and harsher upbringings. People that grow up in poverty and abusive households learn to get by through stealing, lying, and violence. That's why black girls are so angry and aggressive, because it's how they've been raised to get what they want when their own culture promotes crime.

White girls are soft and gentle, unless they go full SJW and even then it's easy to hurt their feelings. Most of them genuinely hate conflict. Black girls are so hardened they treat everyone poorly, thrive on conflict, and feel proud of dominating and humiliating others.

>latest shadbase

He's going to suicide by three shots to the back of the head and stuff his own dismembered body into a duffel bag, isn't he?

Yes, but at least he makes both futa and normal versions.

You're a time Traveller!!

>Yes, I am!!

Could you tell me all about your adventures through history, mr. Time Traveller?

>"Of course, sure thing, but first could we play a game?"

YES!! I love games!!

>"Ok, are you good at counting? I want you to count the flowers in that bed behind you, Ok?, so turn around, count them, and don't turn back around until you're done, OK honey?"

Sure thing!!

*Pulls out revolver concealed in jacket*


>"I'm so, so sorry"


>"I don't know what went so wrong in your life that turned you from this into what you are now."


>"There's no other way"


>"March 2018 needs to be prevented"


>"I think if you could see into your future, you'd want this"


>"I think you'd beg for this"


>"Things didn't have to be this way"

8!!, There's 8!! All done mister!!

>"Hillary, please don't turn around, this'll be over soon"

M-mister, I'm scared

>"I know, I am too."

*A single tear runs down his cheek as he aims the gun at the girls back*

>"I'm sorry you didn't grow up to be the good woman you always wanted to be."

I don't like this game.....

*A single shot rings throughout the neighbourhood. The girls body hits the ground with a tragically light thud. The stranger disappears with a flash of light back to his own time. Mr. Rodham leaves the house in horror to find his young daughter murdered, lying in a bed of blood soaked lillies. Many detectives worked tirelessly to find her killer, but he was never found, what was once a tragic incident that marked that small suburban town for the longest of times, became forgotten, and Little Hillary Diane Rodham along with all her hopes and dreams of becoming a nurse and helping others, like everyone else, became lost to the annals of history*

*The stranger felt his insides churn as he's transported back to 2018. There's a flash of light and he finds himself in the alley where he first set off on his mission. A faint smell of sulfur hangs in the air, he takes the device off his arm and places it into the lining of his jacket along with his gun. He leaves the alley and takes a look around. His mission was successful, there were thankfully buildings where the craters once were. The city of Washington was clean and the air felt fresher than what he was used to.

The city was bustling with people going about their daily routine. Kids played, friends laughed, lovers exchanged tender moments. The place seemed "lighter" in more ways than one. He crossed the street and entered a bar, it was empty, which was to be expected given the time of day. He approached the bar. When the bartender saw him he stopped polishing the wood surface, stood up straight, clicked his heels together and saluted:


The traveller smiles, feeling exhausted due to his time-lag he half-heartedly salutes "hail Trump."

"So, what'll it be, friend?"

>"Just a bourbon, thanks."

*The tender pours a tall glass*

"Rough day, friend?"

>"Eh, it could be worse."

*While drinking his well-deserved beverage, the traveller looks at the old black and white Polaroid of his victim*

"Is that your girl?" Asks the bartender.

>"no, she's not."

"Is she your niece or somthin'"

>"No, she's just a little girl who had big dreams, a long time ago."

"And did she ever live these dreams of hers."

*He sighs*

>"No, I'm afraid not."

"Well, it's never too late, this is Trump's America we're living in after all, now that all the illegals are gone and the damn Muslims have been wiped out, anything is possible for the ambitious mind."

*Traveller smiles*

>"What a time to be alive."

*He crumples the picture and leaves the bar.*

>high iq