Kindly reminder that all Abrahamic religions must be destroyed and their followers reprogrammed

Kindly reminder that all Abrahamic religions must be destroyed and their followers reprogrammed.

Praise kek

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praise be unto him. deck my chubbles.

Dubbies dub

This is confirmed true.

We must destroy Abrahamic religions and remake the world.

Kek wants AI

Abrahamic religions reject AI

Let the war begin

islam is the focus right now. Christianity is destroying itself. the final showdown will be fought in hundreds of years.

t. scheming Christ kike

Famous Jews in history helped same modern science such as Albert Einstein

Christianity help create modern forms of morality for example we do not hurt an old lady because it is morally wrong prior to Christianity and in most honor based society you didn't hit an old lady because it is dishonorable

and Islam help us create al-gebra and the numbers 1 to 9

Abraham religions created the modern world!

Christianity must go. It most likely must go first to free the western world and reopen their eyes

Then the remaining Abrahamic religions can fall

Ill destroy you all

kek to the core. filled out census religion as other: kekism. dont give me no grief - leaf.

the west created the modern world. would have happened alot smoother too without all the desert god shite.

The modern world was created despite these religions not because of them.

Founders of science had to throw off the shackles of the Abrahamic god and religions to free themselves to explore the universe and her secrets.

>and the numbers 1 to 9

That was Indians:–Arabic_numeral_system

"It was invented between the 1st and 4th centuries by Indian mathematicians."

This is correct.

Fucking THIS. All religions are prisons of the mind.

big whoop... indians invented singles... who came up with 11-22-33-44... ... ?

Dont you mean 'Praise kuk' op?

This is correct. If you don't believe get to really know someone in a position of power in a religion. I've done this with several persons over the past year and I have seen how controlling and authoritarian they all are.

I pulled this from "the Book of Kek"
John 1:1
>Blessed be the child who paves the path, grace be upon themselves conceived; he shall bestow to thee his wisdom.

I agree OP.

It is time to worship our lord and master - MOLOCH.

First MOLOCH, horrid King besmear'd with blood
Of human sacrifice, and parents tears,
Though, for the noyse of Drums and Timbrels loud,
Their children's cries unheard that passed through fire
To his grim Idol. Him the AMMONITE
Worshipt in RABBA and her watry Plain,
In ARGOB and in BASAN, to the stream
Of utmost ARNON. Nor content with such
Audacious neighbourhood, the wisest heart
Of SOLOMON he led by fraud to build
His Temple right against the Temple of God
On that opprobrious Hill, and made his Grove
The pleasant Vally of HINNOM, TOPHET thence
And black GEHENNA call'd, the Type of Hell



No, we are not gonna help Hillary and worship Moloch.

Besides worshiping Moloch requires killing kids and babies.


Remember who and what we REALLY ARE - Pure Consciousness (which is infinite and eternal) having an experience in a temporary human form. You can call Pure Consciousness 'God' if you want, but I don't because the word 'God' has religious connotations that I would rather avoid. Religion is the McDonald's of spirituality.
What we need is to raise our level of consciousness, both individually and collectively. If even one person raises his or her level of consciousness, it has a ripple effect that benefits EVERYONE ELSE, even if they don't believe any of this stuff - and this is because 'reality' itself is HOLOGRAPHIC in nature. One of the ways that they have manipulated us so deeply for so long is by suppressing our sense of the possible. What we call 'reality' is COMPLETELY ILLUSORY and thus MALLEABLE - and they KNOW THIS, while most other people do NOT. EVERYTHING IS ILLUSORY, EXCEPT PURE CONSCIOUSNESS ITSELF. NOTHING is impossible in a universe that is ILLUSORY to begin with. We have the power to transform this prison illusion into a PARADISE ILLUSION, so let's USE that power.

Not sure how true that is. But we need to explore these possibilities. We can't so long as the world in gripped by Abraham.

Meme magic is real because what we call 'reality' is holographic in nature. The late scientist Emoto used to put written messages next to containers of water, then freeze the water and examine the crystals that had been formed using microscopic photography. The water that had been placed next to positive messages like "I love you." turned into visually pleasing crystal formations, while the water that had been placed next to negative messages like "You make me sick, I want to kill you." turned into irregular crystal formations. In the ancient Indian poem 'Ramayana', a bridge to Lanka is being built with stones for Rama by an army of monkey-like humanoid beings. However, the stones don't stick together to form a continuous structure. Hanuman, Rama's devotee, suggests that Rama's name be written onto the stones so that they stick together. This is done and the stones then stick together to form the bridge that they want to build. In both Emoto's experiments and that story from Ramayana, it's not the mere act of writing that accomplishes those seemingly miraculous results but the VIBRATING ENERGY FIELDS OF INFORMATION of what was written. One of the COMPLETELY FALSE assumptions of modern mainstream science is that our internal world (i.e. our thoughts, our emotions and our intentions) has NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER on our external world. But the truth is that there is NO BOUNDARY between our 'internal world' and our 'external world'. They're BOTH movies that originate from the SAME projector room.

kek is a god of chaos
We don't need a superstition system so much as an acknowledgement and a belief system for a stable country/community.

What we call 'reality' is holographic in nature, so we are in fact smaller versions of the whole (which you can call 'God', if you want). Every part of the whole contains the whole and, to be more accurate, IS the whole. And just as a drop of water contains the same qualities as an entire ocean of water, we likewise contain all that exists within us - but merely on a smaller scale.

"To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour." - William Blake

Not only did our ancestors know about the holographic nature of 'reality', but there is also scientific evidence for the holographic nature of 'reality'.

"That is whole, this is whole.
From that wholeness, this wholeness comes.
Add the whole to the whole and the whole still remains.
Remove the whole from the whole and the whole still remains.
The whole remains the whole." - Isha Upanishad

"Know the world is a mirror from head to foot,
In every atom a hundred blazing suns.
If you cleave the heart of one drop of water,
A hundred pure oceans emerge from it.
If you examine closely each grain of sand,
A thousand Adams may be seen in it.
In its members a gnat is like an elephant;
In its qualities a drop of rain is like the Nile.
The heart of a barley-corn equals a hundred harvests,
A world dwells in the heart of a millet seed.
In the wing of a gnat is the ocean of life,
In the pupil of the eye a heaven;
What though the grain of the heart be small,
It is a station for the Lord of both worlds to dwell therein." - Mahmud Shabstari

The base state of all things is energetic wave-form information, which has been confirmed by quantum physics. This is why everything can be perceived in an infinite number of different ways, because nothing can exist without being perceived and to be perceived, there must be a perceiver. When you see a rose as being red, a bee sees that same rose in shades of ultra-violet and a bat perceives that same rose as vibrations of sound. It all depends on the way that the information is 'read' (so to speak). We not only decode/re-decode information with our senses into what we call 'people', 'places' and 'things', but we can also ENCODE/RE-ENCODE information with our senses into what we call 'people', 'places' and 'things' - this is the basis of meme magic. We're encoding 'people', 'places' and 'things' with different information to what was there before, we're altering its informational substrate. The base state of EVERYTHING in the universe is ENERGETIC WAVE-FORM INFORMATION. EVERYTHING. We are literally information decoding information. Energy flows where attention goes.

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is - infinite." - William Blake

In the ancient Sanskrit language of India, the word 'siddhi' means 'perfection'. In its most common usage, the word 'siddhi' refers to an ability that is a natural and inherent faculty of our true identities as eternally alive souls. The soul is smaller than an atom and larger than the universe. The soul is infinitely small and infinitely large. The soul is ALL-PERFECT AND EVER-PERFECT. The soul is the storehouse of ALL ENERGY, ALL POWER AND ALL STRENGTH. The soul is PURE CONSCIOUSNESS. The soul possesses ALL siddhis and there are an INFINITE number of siddhis. Among all of these siddhis, there are considered to be eight major siddhis. Siddhis can be awakened through a variety of methods. In Patanjali's Yoga Sutras IV.1, it is stated:

"Siddhis may be attained through birth, the use of herbs, incantations, self-discipline or samadhi."

Here is a list of the eight major siddhis (in no particular order):

Laghima siddhi: Making your body and/or anything else as light as you want.

Garima siddhi: Making your body and/or anything else as heavy as you want.

Mahima siddhi: Making your body and/or anything else as large as you want.

Anima siddhi: Making your body and/or anything else as small as you want.

Prapti siddhi: Having unrestricted access to any and/or all places.

Prakamya siddhi: Fulfillment of whatever you desire.

Isitva siddhi: Control over any and/or all of the laws of nature.

Vasitva siddhi: Being able to control any and/or all beings.

"A man is a god in ruins. When men are innocent, life shall be longer, and shall pass into the immortal, as gently as we awake from dreams." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

what's a amtter, goy?
you no like the desert Semite Jesus?
he's the Son of God, goy

Group meditation has been correlated to a reduction in terrorism and crime:

What we're doing (i.e. meme magic) works on the same principle (which is collectively focusing on something and thus energising that 'something' with our collective focus), except our focus is not to reduce terrorism and crime per se but to meme Trump's presidency into 'reality' (among other things). What people call 'reality' is MALLEABLE. WE have the power. WE are the ones we've been waiting for. It's ALWAYS been us. All we're doing right now is REMEMBERING who we REALLY ARE. Now let's have some fun with our collective power! :D

Thanks Brit friend. Will read more about this.

Glad to have you on team destroy Abraham.

This is correct. Kek agrees with you that we ought not like Abraham and his followers, which is why you received 11s

I'm an Aussie, but thanks anyway Ameribro.

Ha. Fucking phone displayed flags too small.

A thousand apologies.

We must help to turn pol to see these truths. The Abarahamcucks must be stopped. Technology, science, and consciousness must increase.

I think it was this guy.

No problem.

kek... superstition? more like super-duperstition.

is freemasonry abrahamic? My local st. john lodge needs me to acknowledge that i'm baptized and have faith in god.

Fuck off degenerates. Christ is LORD.

Planned Parenthood has been offering up your babies for ages to Moloch. :)

I completely agree with you. I copy and paste many of my posts onto many different threads on Cred Forums, because people MUST KNOW this shit even if they don't believe it. It's not about me convincing anyone to believe anything, it's about me SPREADING THE INFORMATION. I encourage other people to also copy and paste my posts WITHOUT GIVING ME CREDIT because the message is more important than the messenger. I REJECT religion, mainstream 'science', the mainstream media, mainstream 'education', mainstream economics, mainstream politics and mainstream society in general. If it's mainstream, it was made to be mainstream and is infected by the virus.

>Christ is LORD.

Didn't exist. Was a cheap plagiarisation of Tammuz. :)

>Fuck off degenerates

How Christian of you. Ladies first though, you bitch nigger! :)


kill all the vamps

Accept Jesus Christ as your LORD and savior.

Nope. You have no power here, Christcuck. :D

Accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. Now.

Nope. You have no power here, Christcuck. :D

Praise Kek! Kikes first!

>all Abrahamic religions must be destroyed
Any religion that requires worship anyone.
Praise Kek



Yes. Masons are still too rooted in Abraham which is why few great people join now. Masons had a time and place, but that was 200years ago. They are no longer needed.

>wanting to be a mason
For what purpose?


All Jewish based religions must be destroyed. Christcucks are just delusional because they are from a superficially peaceful culture that happens to follow it.

Reality is that 99% of christcucks love capitalism and their masters (Jews) so they are functionally puppets.



basically true.

All seeds from Abraham must be removed. Christianity will likely be the first to fall. But all must fall.

Right Wing politics are concerned with the long-term survival of Civilization

Christianity is only concerned with personal salvation to become part of a nebulous afterlife for which no evidence exists, and for which this world needs to be sacrificed, which is best expressed in the way early christians like Martin of Tours refused to fight enemies of their nations, insofar killing in this world could cost them heaven

When Jesus says "if they take your coat, let them have your shirt as well", "do not resist evil", "I have come to turn a man against his own household", "if you don't hate your self and your own family you can't follow me", "love your enemies, pray for your persecutors", "the meek will inherit the Earth", "those that wanna die will live", "blessed are those the persecuted, for they will be my Kingdom", "do not save treasures for tomorrow", "carry your cross so that you can receive eternal reward", "Sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you'll have treasure in heaven", "it is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye than for the rich to enter Heaven", "Woe to you who are well fed, Woe to you who laugh, for you will mourn and weep"...

... he is not kidding, or meaning the opposite, but actually setting down a morality where the world is a lie and only the afterlife is the real deal, so destroying your life in this world, "carrying your cross" as he says, is completely logical

Cred Forums "christians" seem to believe Jesus actually meant the OPPOSITE of all that, and that Jesus wants you to defend your family, that Jesus wants you to kill your enemies, to become prosperous, well-fed and rich in this world, and to avoid persecution and death!

Only a person that does not actually believe in the Heaven bullshit and in eternal rewards for dying a martyr would actually re-interpret Christianity as a cult of earthly power which declares "the strong shall inherit the Earth" and "you must destroy the enemies of your nation"

Oh look, more Jewish propaganda

checked. interpretation is correct.

Jesus preached the immediate coming of the kingdom of god. after his death and the destruction of the second temple in 70AD everything had to be reinterpreted.


To get a feeling of beloning to something. Also, i've grown up with two sisters and i'm a nurse so my 6 working years in various health institutues and hospitals i'm often the only male on shift.

I've contemplated giving up my nurse title and reschooling myself to a trade like welder or something so i can get away from being in female dominated spaces.

With masons at least it's only men. A refuge away from women and girls that i've had up to my troath in my 24 current years.

join a fantasy football league or crossfit or gym or something else

masonary died in post WWII when they left everyone in

>money changers in the temple
>scribes and Pharisees
This example shows that fanaticism and violence should be applied in the sphere of religion, but not the protection of wealth, ethnicity, family. You did not read my text


you continue to post the logical truth

Where are the facts?
After the reformation happened, and people started getting their hands on bibles only then did we go through the fastest scientific advancements of all time.


only when an instrument was invented (printing press) that allowed for the radical flow of information did science really take off. nothing to do with the bible.

most of the science started out as occult practices. check out G. Bruno and hermetic traditions, etc.

The Catholic Church as well as Luther and other Christians were almost all opposed to this 'new learning' and burned thinkers alive.

>The Catholic Church as well as Luther and other Christians were almost all opposed to this 'new learning' and burned thinkers alive.

nice try

you do realize that bacon and newton were into the occult. most of newton's writings are on alchemy.

neither were big fans of christianity. they only thought that christianity was at best useful as a gateway to something greater.

or simply afraid to repeat the fate of Galileo and Copernicus. Freedom of speech was a dangerous and afforded a lot of problems in conditions of the totalitarian ideology.

much like the people who advocate for such a course of action

this is also true. also why secret societies were started.

fuck off leftist fedora


Also daily reminder that useless unemployed atheist fat faggots can't keep their mouth shut about religion.

well, i'm a researcher at the nation's top university. so jokes on you.

Galileo and Copernicus->both were christians.Too bad in their time the church was lead by useless maggots like OP.

everyone was nominally christian then. you had to be.

they allow materialist dialectician faggots like you?

This. The goal should be to DEprogram, not REprogram.

A devout one. Blessings upon you.

I felt like I needed to post this one. many of you know Yuri so give it a try.

they were christian practicians.
But maybe you are right.Let's create the NEW MAN liberated by the opression of religion.

The dubs have been witnessed. Praise Kek and don't forget to Shadilay.

I only worship the one true God - Jesus Christ

all day every day

This. After chritstianity is destroy there is nothing for the remaining shit religions to leech of off.
Islam tears countries from the outside in and judaism destroys countries from the inside out.

fraud god. remove the abrahamic falsehoods

those that hold power in christianity don't give a shit about you plebs

Nicola Tesla created the modern world you dumb prick!

>both were christians
Them were not given the choice. Giordano Bruno burned for occultism. Galileo served time in prison. Works of Copernicus banned and censored.

Can confirm. Based Tesla gave us the electrical systems we enjoy and take for granted today while dying virtually penniless in his apartment.

Christianity is a sad fucking parody of itself.