Russians WILL defend this

>Russians WILL defend this

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There's no defending this. This occurence has to be throughly investigated.

i dont get it

I don't get it

i think """volunteers""" are putting in several votes from themselves

Votes for Medvedev (Putin's right hand man) to remain PM of Russia by forging hundreds of votes.

did you really think election was going to be legit and not faked in any way?

how would you know its for medvedev

Nigger you stupid. Those are parliamentary elections and PM is appointed by the president directly.

>Russian elections are rigged
More news at 11. I thought everybody knew this by now?

Because the incumbent party always wins by a healthy margin. It's not even close.

My mistake. Russia must be different.
Seeing as the PM is head of government I assumed that parliamentary elections elected the PM.

Nevertheless the point remains that SHIT IS RIGGED.

Seeing as the 2nd biggest party are unironically commies it's hard to get mad but it still seems wrong.

Don't make me laugh.

That country has been fucked in the behind by tinpot, dingbat dictators and empty promises for so long, that the people there consider their lot uniquely Russian; that they should be proud of their rulers and of being ruled, a singular father figure to guide them; they have grown accustomed to this madness and consider anything else un-Russian.

It is Russia, not America, that has the false democracy.

Same shit happens in America.


Anyone who is surprised is an idiot. Everyone knows they do this.

I imagine Hillary is going to have a couple of graveyards voting for her in November.


Why do you think there are cams you get footage from and countless observers from other parties?
In this digital age United Russia wouldn't want any of this as it blows up their legitimacy and the legitimacy of elections.

I am not defending United Russia. I voted Yabloko. But saying that the elections are rigged from 10-20 occurences caught on video? Please.

In fact she's on her way to campaign there now.

Come on man, everybody knows Russia is corrupt as fuck. The corruption effects everything, from election results to Putin somehow being worth over $60 billion.


I'm more surprised that they have elections.
I thought Putin just appointed some figurehead to be president.

He is a figurehead, in fact their entire parliamentary system is pointless because Putin is basically a Czar.

Russians are used to Czars though so they don't object to tyranny the same way an American would.

Are election polls rigged too?

Why is Russia so fucking cucked?

>Putin somehow being worth over $60 billion
[citation needed]
Rumors don't count.

Belarus have elections and Alexander Lukashenko literally calls himself a dictator.

Fuck even North Korea do.

There isn't one nation on earth without democracy or "democracy".

wtf i hate putin now

Russians have never known what true freedom is. They're complacent with their own countries corruption and tyranny.

Maybe she brought ballots from her whole aul.

top kek

>Russians are used to Czars
you mean like they ousted Tsar Nicholas?

t. cucknadian owned by the Queen of Englqnd

>I am not defending United Russia. I voted Yabloko.

Yabloko’s party platform stands for a social market economy, fair competition in politics and the economy, for inviolability of private property, and for equal opportunity. The party supports different human rights and ecological organizations, and is the only party which openly speaks about women and LGBT rights in Russia.

This seems to be the most un-Russian party I've ever heard of.
Is social liberalism extremely rare in Russia?

Yup, then they changed to communism, which lead to tyrants like Stalin who had totalitarian control.

We had your "freedom" in 90s and we didn't like it one bit, thank you.

Like the germans and like the japanese.

Its called building an empire. Doesn't work without totalitarian control.

Russia is literally Africa with snow. Only retarded Cred Forums posters think it's some shiny beacon of conservative values.

Has too much abortion and HIV.

What about other countless occasions which weren't caught on video? After all, only 1/3 of all polling stations have cameras.

Bin the knife and pay your TV License or you'll land in jail.

>Is social liberalism extremely rare in Russia?
Liberals discredited themselves hard in the 90s.
They're still very much disliked by the majority of the population, but we need real opposition in parliament, otherwise the ruling party and it's surrogates rule completely unchecked.

I thought it's mandatory to have cameras on election station according to Putin's directive.
Where did you get the stats anyway?

>What about other countless occasions which weren't caught on video?
Except in real democracies, members of the public and observers from all parties are allowed to attend the entire process. From that footage it seems the ballots arrived and were opened behind closed doors when only public servants were inside.

>Except in real democracies

>Cred Forumsacks will defend this manlet

I didn't know some countries still did voting with paper and ballot boxes. I thought it was all electronic now because >currentyear and all

They should be allowed by law here too. In my voting station they were sitting in direct line of sight of the urn.

Electronic is easier to manipulate.

In europe almost all countries do paper ballots because its the best way to do it.

I thought you guys were just getting owned by the mafia in the 90's.

>muslims intimidating other muslims into voting for a muslim candidate is on the same level of a ballot box being flooded with fake papers before the polling station even opens to the public

k then

You had all the freedom to become mafia yourself, full ancap style.

Investigated... by an independent commision, right?
Surely it will not be investigated by the state apparatus itself. Why, even in the case where the state were innocent such an action would still suggest impropriety. So, surely they will avoid any such possible perception by ordering a thorough investigation where ever it may lead, right?

we use pen and paper still

>According to a London newspaper, fears are being privately expressed that there has been “massive postal vote rigging.”

>The extent of the fraud may well be staggering: out of a total electorate of 46 million, some 7 million voters registered for postal ballots — more than the total number of votes polled by the Liberal Democrats.

>Scotland Yard’s Specialist Operations department has launched formal investigations into four claims of electoral fraud in Ealing and Tower Hamlets, where officials removed 141 suspect ballots from the register.

and you talk shit about Russia? Lol

1 instance of election fraud is evidence of a rigged election.
1 instance of election fraud is detrimental to the democracy it took place in
1 instance of election fraud is enough to say a vote has been rigged.
Even if only one non legitimate vote is cast, It has fucked with the election.
10 - 20 caught on video is insane and would lead credence to much more happening throughout Russia. Or anywhere this happened.
We need a system that cannot be rigged.
But how?

If you don't vote A Just Russia, you are either a delusional old man with a boner for the CCCP or a cuckold cocksucker for Putin and his bitch Medvedev.

Many Germans do not believe that these frauds only happen in third world countries like Russia or USA. But on many occasions the mail election system is used to screw the election results

>not a big deal
>the cameras caught everything
>they missed nothing
>nothing to see here

They say the results may be declared invalid on those polling stations where there was fraud.

its the same shit everywhere. Your elections were rigged during the Bush elections

You have it even worse because you do it electronically.

In Austria for example

Just Russia is a party which split from United Russia during the first hald of 2000's, lol.


Holy shit. You just bought every word they fed to you at your school didnt you? Holy fuck.
No nation has ever prospered with out totalitarian control before.

Holy shit, man.

You have hit absolutely religious levels of indoctrination. You can excuse anything from mass starvation to video evidence. Your old man could be locked away in a state cage and you would say that 'it may be unjust but these perilous times it is an absolute neccessity to project strength and unity.'

With 30% attendance rate on average it doesn't really matter

I don't think I need a lesson on indoctrination from an american of all people.

>Single digit percentage minority attempting to influence a more local election [and failing] is on par with the head of state influencing the national election [and overwhelmingly succeeding]
This is what russians actually believe. Could you be more thoroughly buttfucked.


both countries, would not let a non approved government take control


Ignore what was said and riposte with a generalization. Good, citizen. Good. Keep your horse blinders on.

> Cred Forums's russiaboos WILL defend this

>I voted Yabloko.
No, you didn't, FSB shill. Russia didn't have a single fair election in this century.

Whatever makes you sleep at night, bratushka.
Your country is fucked either way.

Who would you vote for Cred Forums?

Look on Twitter there are at least a half dozen videos of people doing the same thing. This is wide spread

because I can.

CPRF obviously.


>B-but muh based Putin

>When Putin gets 100% of the vote in some areas, its fraud
>When Obama gets 100% of the vote in some areas, its "reasonable"

>not one national but pro free market party

ouch, seems like this putins party is the least evil.

>implying it even matters who gets elected to duma

Thats wikipedia being stupid.

They are Conservative-Liberals and Constitutionalists. And we do need Constitution to be respected, because right now we have Roskomnadzor, and its mere existence is unconstitutional.

Do you think Putin will ever be President again?

Yeah, in theory their goals are great. In reality they are exact opposite.

>A Just Russia

As long as he is alive and willing to be he would, unless something would change dramatically.

All these unanswered questions...
Really made me think

My country (Albania) will dominate the Balkans within 10 years. In 100 years, Russia will not even exist.

it depends on Putins decision to run or not in the next presidential election

Do you like Putin? Do most Russian qts like him too?

when will the putin bots start demanding proofs?

Stratfor pls go. The worst that could happen to us is becoming a small insignificant meme shithole like Albania.

All these sweet manyadreams...
Go fuck a goat, you unwashed monkey.

Heard it on TV coming from none other than Эллoчкa нaшa, Пaмпилoвa. Although I might have misinterpreted her mumbling, so make sure to google around for your own sake and mine.

Parnas or apple

my high-tier french mason friend estimated 200 billion

Everybody (including you, Piotr) knows that Russians won't defend anything, they are mostly apathetic and trust no one of this politicians. Discussing this """elections""" is a waste of time, it's just a reboot of current Duma.

>Russian qts
They're too qt to think about politics

I don't like him, I liked Medvedev as a president better.

Well, Slav aren't white. It's known that non-whites tolerate corruption more than whites.

Didn't Putin last won re-election with 140% of the vote? As in, more people voted for him than existed in Russia.

Most of russians love Putin but i personally i don't believe there is political system in Russia.That's why i didn't go to the election today

I thought the bearman was a putin plant and Putin told him what to do

That was just a TV station being stupid counting preliminary results. Happens everywhere.

and they're now having a new election, unlike Russia

Next one will be rigged for the leftists but they'll get away with it this time.

nice proofs

You really think a far-right President will be allowed in Austria?

Need I remind you what year it is?

only colonials are white because they have no identity so they identify after a FUCKING COLOUR LMAO

>>You really think a far-right President will be allowed in Austria?

you're aware that the president is ceremonial in Austria right?


Yeah I doubt it

Putin's approval ratings are in the 80% range there's no point in election fraud
he gets to call for reelections for the legislature

>he gets to call for reelections for the legislature
which they rarely do

I bet this is a total false flag

>almost 9 out of 10 Russian approve of Putin
>decide to rig elections anyway

Why would the government rig the elections if they knew there was a security camera around anyway?

Members of local election committee hurriedly drop large number of ballots into ballot-box. They got caught be security cameras, something went wrong with shutting its record off i guess.

It seems they put half the paper in United Russia as they did the other party.

If anything the cheating seems to be in favor of the opposing party.

which he could totally do anyway

and then the great Austria-Hungarian border wall can commence

There's also local politics, voting stations are run by the municipality. Regional legislatures are also being elected. Stakes are pretty high for individual candidates even if competition between parties is subdued this season.

>implying security camera can't be turned off
Who does audit and oversight of this system? Oh wait...

Putin really has the easiest fucking country to lead. Everyone over 30 grew up in the Soviet Union and learned very quickly that you believe everything you see on the news and approve of the president or go to gulag. Those habits carry over to today. They will all approve of Vladimir Putin and everything he does until he tells them not to.

This kind of incidents are pretty common in elections...

The two opposing Albanian Parties usually organize people, have fights and fill up lists

This does not mean the elections are not legit...there are always revotes

Just vote for some right wing social conservative like PARNAS, LDPR or UR more of them in your goverment better, just don't vote for shity progressives like Jabloko.

It is needed for Putin to remain in power. Fuck the plebs and what they think.

That's not how it works.
You have a piece of paper with a list of parties, pretty much. You select one and put the piece of paper the bins.

In the*

Who did you vote for?

Nice meme. Actually because many people lived in USSR they know that they should take mass media with a grain of salt and recheck it with internet. Compare it to the West where people unironically believe that media tells 100% truth and a big newspaper article is automatically considered to be a reputable source.

Nobody. I didn't go to the voting because everybody knows the main outcome. As in, everybody knows who will hold the majority, it is just that the three lesser parties are fighting over the votes.
Yeah, the elections are rigged. And it is good, because the main four parties are more or less united and all others are useless autists. Some want to give back Crimea, for example Parnas.
Ever see someone shilling for Parnas? Remember that this fucker is willing to give back Russian clay.




Notice how it is women committing this act. Women are all jews in disguise who have no moral trouble in cheating to get their way.

It's true though. Nobody except senile old people or complete rednecks take TV news seriously. Younger people don't even watch TV.

>like they ousted Tsar Nicholas
You mean the KIKES ousted Nicholas by agitating peasants with false promises, then the KIKES turned against each other and then you got the Soviet Union?

Good luck for American media and American shill they just happend to do it clearly in front of a fixed camera all of them knew was there.

Everyone knew the pravda was full of shit

Just like today where Obama's pravda endlessly shills for him.

Yes Ivan, exact same thing happened on last time. Prolly no one won't even bother to go in elecetions this time. How bout opposition? They prolly wont bother rioting either?

bump for freedom of press and democracy

yearly reminder

RIDF and Russiaboos are somehow a thing and non stop shill on here about how Russia is paradise because there's no homo propaganda to confuse them

So, if there was an analogue to Parnas in the US, would they be lobbying to give Alaska back to Russia and Texas back to Mexico?

Yeah, i have wondered same. Tsar Putin I would be more fitting. It's Russia not Soviet Union anymore :^)

in other words it's identical to the US

is that why your media is totally reporting

and this

>it still seems wrong.
It's not. Democracy is a farce. Putin is good for Russia so he should stay. I wish Trump would just sieze power now.

It's not a paradise

It's just a holdout against the globalist kikery you keep pushing

And it's mostly shit because the economy was raped multiple times by jews

You Monarchie Isle Monkeys can shut up

The existence of such memes as "turn on CNN it's happening" suggests me otherwise. Nobody in Russia would tell you to watch the first channel if it was really happening, internet is your best bet.

Case in point

you don't even have a point

it's just a meme, Ivan

They were submitting their own ballots. What's the problem?

besides it could be votes of people who couldn't make it to the polls or maybe their friends.

Imagine if US and Mexico were until 90s one country. For centuries.
Then as the country fella apart they split. And due to some logistical reasons Texas was Mexican, given to Mexican government in 50s.
US takes it back, takes a massive hit in terms of economics.
And the opposition, absolutely every fucker, wants to give it back.

Putin is Kek-supported. Pic is the proof.
”Trips - Putin dies this month, dubs - this year, quads or something bigger - he rules forever and Satan comes or some shit"

The point is delusional morons like you would rather live in a hellhole than your comfy western country because the hellhole bans pornhub and fags.

Meanwhile people from said hellhole are willing to scrub toilets for 3 dollars an hour just to leave

What is so hard to believe? Putin is the superior choice so why not vote him? If he is voted in by a large majority then what is the problem? Sure it seems unlikely but it's a possibility. Reminder that people do not vote randomly, they vote for who they believe is best. And many think Putin is best. Nothing wrong with that. I hate when people complain about this stuff. It like you want to force the people to vote someone else. NOW THAT is something a dictator would do, force someone to vote for someone they don't want to just because someone has been a leader for a long time.

>Give Crimea back to Ukr's
>Leave donbas people to death
>Sell nuclear warheads to NATO
>Live a pathetic life of an apologist, just so you can be called "good goy" once again

You are a pathetic excuse of a human. PARNAS is literaly the most cucked party of all. THEY EVEN HAVE A BULL AS THEIR LOGO FFS.

United Russia or Rodina.

I think I get what your are saying, but I think mexico is to close to the US in terms of influence to be compared to the former Soviet Republics. Canada may be the better analogy.

Its not that the people are being cheated, no party actually cares what they think. Its just a party trying to not allow other parties to fuck up their shit.

America did it

*shrug* either way, you see the way it is.
It is not evil Russia attacking an unrelated to it neighbour and taking some clay, it is evil Russia taking some clay and saving Russians from a repeat of the friendship trains from 90s.

Though honestly Ukraine is close to Mexico.
>hateful of its much more successful neighbour
>is a source of illegal work force
>wages so low even median wage of the neighbour which is commonly considered there somewhat fine, but far from good, is something many in the shithole are willing to sell their asses out for, literally

>women in charge of anything

Hey Russiabros what is your opinion of LDPR?
I heard that their leader is like Trump and that they are pro guns, so asking what do you think about them.

Russians and guns isn't a good mix

Yes, you were very democratic to everyone when you were founded.

Rodina or United Russia

t. German

He is more of like McCain, except that he fully embraces his 'the fucked up one' status and, well.
The following is a real quote, if s bit fucked up by translation.
”At night our scientists will lightly alter Earth's gravitational field, and your country will be underwater. Twenty four fucking hours, and whole of your country will he underwater!"

>kek supported
>10 posts in 90 seconds

Your squatting board gets don't mean shit


It's mostly a meme party that people vote for because he's funny and often gives crazy angry rants.

It speeds up tremendously when a get is near, due to hatred Ukrainians and Russians have for each other. Among other reasons including shitposting.

”Ukraine will be razed to the ground."

>all the women look like dykes
>conveniently cam'd

That picture shows there were only 10 posts in 90 seconds during a major get mate, that's faster than maybe 4 boards on all of 4 chan

>Shilling twitter account
Into the trash it goes

It also was four years ago.
Currently /po/ is at around 20 posts per 90 seconds.


Turn off Russia Today, please. That propaganda bullhorn is so stupid.

>Scrub toilets for 3 dollars an hour
On the other hand
>You and your family gets niggered.

Well now.

Name an unbiased news source.

False flag. Soros bots will spread this.

all are shit

>Goes at a strange time like 15 PM, when voting posts are most empty
>LOOK GUISE, you can trust with a name like SovietSergey

Personally I prefer

>Russia Today detected

Russia today is biased too, I just really want to find out what media source is unbiased.
Hy чeгo ж ты, aнoнчик

wow, it's nothing

Bah like it matters, unless you are a xoxol you don't really give a shit.

For good reasons too. Fuck United Russia party. Fuck Yabloko and Paranas too. Russia needs a real nationalist party, not a fake one run by a jew with liberals like in Paranas party who wants to give up Crimea. I want one that wants Crimea, wants other Russian territories back, and willing to say fuck you to the rest of the world and immigrants.

I don't want to live in a hellhole like Russia, primarily because it was raped to death economically by jewish oligarchs and the Harvard boys. Putin is the only thing keeping it from turning to total neoliberal shit.

how are you this fuckign retarded?


Go figure, you are a cuck

>implying this even matters

The people who count the votes are controlled by the Putin regime. The results are predetermined.

I think they might be doing these little cheatings to distract from the big one when they just make up the election results that sometimes add up to 146%.

And few days ago Zhirinovsky SHOUTED on tv that they were the only party who were against the collapse of the USSR. Fucking circus.


leave Putin alone

>Hey Russiabros what is your opinion of LDPR?
They are the sole functional party that could be considered an opposition.
Just Russia are is a pocket party.
Communists are a joke since 1996 elections.

>I heard that their leader is like Trump and that they are pro guns, so asking what do you think about them.
Zhirinovsky, despite being a populist is the best political orator Russia has.

FUN FACT: Dude who served the pollonium tea to Litvinenko is an LDPR deputy.

It's not that it's surprising.

It's that this time there is proof.

>I'm more surprised that they have elections.
Elections are a useful tool for purging the regional elites that fuck up REALLY HARD, that's about it.

hang every commie