Im a transexual girl and

I dont regret nothing
Im post-op i dont have a penis
I started before puberty my transition so i dont have any male features.
I have a bf and i told him im trans 5 months after starting dating, he didnt believe me but then i proved it with old photos. He accepts it.

How bad does pol feels about liking me?

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Me when i was 10 to prove im not lying.

it's alright
you probably should have told him earlier before he got attached to you though, that's kinda shitty o you
prepare for shitposting

Dude, do the world a favor and kill yourself, you faggot.

>Im a transexual girl

No you are a boy without a penis.

Hahaha. I wish I could have seen the look on this poor fucking idiot kids face when he found out. He probably hadn't seen a vagina before so the gaping wound that is whats left of your cock seemed like the real thing.

Do u feel so bad about liking me that u want me to suicide? Lol kill yourself.

>is post-op
a tranny without a dick is boring

Being unemployed is worse than being a faggot. So is being a cuck.

99% of Cred Forums are degenerates.

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Show mutilated benis. For research purposes.

>post-op, no penis
Lame, get the fuck out.

Go back and vote Podemos again before 2nd civil war you fucking trash.

did you become a girl because you were too feminine as a boy and other boys were making fun of you? actually curious

s.a.g.e. :^)

youre not a transexual girl. youre a man who is cross dressing and whose mental illness is being encouraged by radical marxists.

this is you.

KYS you animal

Trans Suicide rates are through the roof, what's the point in telling them to kill themself when they inevitably will, assuming they don't get beaten to death for being freaks first.

Show vagina please. For science

No, i just never felt comfortable as a boy and my family accepted it because i was being really sad about my puberty starting.

Can you post a pic of what's now your vagina? I've never seen what a post op vag looks like and I'm really fucking curious man not even trying to troll or anything does it look like the actual thing or does it look like a cheap copy of a vagina?

You're not really my type, man.

>I don't regret nothing

You regret something, then?

how fucked up is your pussy? also timestamp

Trans who do that is because of the brutal intolerance of society in much countries. I dont have dysphoria anymore because i look 100% as a girl.
I pass as a girl so nobody notices im trans.

>or does it look like a cheap copy of a vagina?
imagine a meat pocket





Seconded. I'm curious

>How fucked up is your pussy?

Sounds like the most messed up game show in the world.

pls post pics

I don't mean this to be mean or emotional but honestly are you angry you can reproduce now at all? How is your parter with that? That's a pretty big sacrifice for a 'feeling' and 'emotion'

yeah, this, please

Why do you faggots always wear them choker things around your neck?

I dont have any problem with my vag, my bf do so. I dont care about your speculations.

Glad that your genetic line dies with you.

Kill yourself

>I have a bf and i told him im trans 5 months after starting dating
You should be gassed

nigga thats fucking gay

>i pass as a gurlz
no you don't.

Yeah i would like to have kids, but being sterile is a price im able to pay for being happy, and i am.
We can adopt and we will.

There will be trans people anyways, it is nothing new.

you have any brothers or sisters?
if no, what did your parents say when they found out their genes will stop with you?

Attempt to hide Adam's apple?


Hey man we're not trying to be mean we just want to know what it looks like we're all really curious we see dozens of people on hormones that never go through surgery but I've never once seen someone on hormones that has and there seems to be a couple in this thread that haven't either. Can you please post a pic? It would literally be the equivalent of every user whos ever posted a pic of their dick for lulz.

If you don't tell your boyfriend that you are not biologically a man. The fact that he didn't know that you couldn't have kids is a real issue.

its such a rare thing for an average dude injecting himself with estrogen to come off as remotely passable.

ive met two dudes who have gone through that shit and they both regretted it. one could only make it work with a wig and makeup which entirely defeated the purpose for him.

the other was balding and refused to do anything about it.

>no girlcock
Literally whats the point?

>he didnt believe me but then i proved it with old photos.
Any man that cannot feel, taste, or smell the difference between a self lubricating, self cleaning, hyper sensitive, mentuating organ from an inverted penis with no clit is the worst lover on the fucking planet and deserves to be deceived.

How fucking oblivious, how fucking lousy a lay can you be?

Pics or fuckoff

Yeah, i do. Testosterone never had effect on me because it was blocked.
Keep the denial, now go cut yourself for liking what u consider a boy.

I'll always love this edit

Why are all trans girls "girly girls" none of them go butch? Aren't trans girls pretty much just fags with a drag fetish?

Who gives a shit, fuck off to >>/lgbt/ with yourself and your mutilated dick. Fucking trannies.

1. You're hot as fuck

2. Serious question, not le epic Cred Forums troll how can you live with yourself, or think it's in any way okay to date this guy for 5 months without telling him?

We'll I think you're a pretty hot dude. Good luck I guess. IMO as someone who doesn't care about what people do. Make sure you be the kinda trans that doesn't piss everyone off. Trans / homos etc are a very very very tiny percentage of the population. The issues surrounding these things take up way more air time than global warming for example. Don't feed the beast. I'd totally do you but that's mostly because I have a problem with gingers

shouldn't you be off fighting crime Van Pelt ?

>mfw OP is legit
>mfw first result who turns up on reverse search is a guy from sweden hitting on >her

yes, I would try to collect them all.

At least post some new pictures for once you dumb slut.

Its an absurd claim to ask Cred Forums if we feel bad about liking you. we'd have to actually see that man made vagina before any of that could be recognized as fact. For if we dont like your vagina, then we wouldn't like you would we? and its obvious you went physical attraction.
You only provided one pic, and im sure you think a timestamp isn't important yeah?

You chopped off your own weener.

I have 3 brothers.



Why do you take retarded gaping mouth pictures like that of yourself? For even more attention?

you've posted this before

you're just regurgitating pasta at this point you fucking monkey

fuck off, everyone below this line is getting baited by an attentionwhore


Is your bf an argie, i know he is.

>nice girl hormone supplements!

got em


i want to cum on your face


If u take hormones reasignment before puberty u will look as the sex of the hormones u first took.

Bruh can you please consider this? I will literally post a picture with a sharpie in my ass if it means we get to see your vagina.

haha no you don't
you fucking troll
even if you have unironically fucked your body up with estrogen, you are still (an excuse for) a man on the inside
and will be forever

If I was the bf, I would've preferred to not know the truth to be honest. If he was too dumb to notice the fake pussy, just let him think you're an actual girl and don't fuck with his feelings.

>Why are all trans girls "girly girls" none of them go butch
that isn't true, it's just that your only exposure to us is over the internet and the ones who aren't caked up attention whores aren't constantly posting pics of themselves on Cred Forums
>Aren't trans girls pretty much just fags with a drag fetish?
that doesn't even make sense, but no, they aren't.

Dios, me han dicho que el LGBT en España está fuera de control, ahora sé que es verdad...
Aún así, parece ser que en España existe gran número de pseudo-intelectuales que apoyan fanáticamente estas cosas. Tratá de buscar soporte en esa comunidad

>removing the dick
100% freak now. More people would prefer you kept the dick so you'd at least just be a girly guy, but now you're just a fuck up with a fake hole. Disgusting bitch.

You're quite foolish. You see, you got unlucky. You happened to be an awkward kid in an era where this is being pushed by marxists and faggots.

In the future it shall not exist. Your genes go wasted and dead, and you shall never be happy chasing a fantasy. Enjoy your life, statistically it won't last much longer.

I'm a lying piece of shit who is more likely then not just be a burden to society.

You've wasted tens and thousen of resorces just to "fix" a problem that doesn't exist. And you will not be able to produce offsprings which through your action would have also shared the burden of many.

You are worthless and egostitical thinking only of you and your confort. And your boyfriend is a homosexual who the same will not contribute in anyways to the growth of humanity , and your nation.

Futhermore , you've killed his posibility to developing a working and highly functioning individuals.

And I really don't understand why you even made a post or even want to talk about it... unless you are attention seeking faggot.

Why is so hard to stfu and stay in your hole of miseary? So fuck you , I don't go around telling people "I'm having fantesies about killing off people and fucking dead little girls , do i?" Because I'm disgusted of what I am , yet I "try so hard" and i know that "in the end it doesn't even matter" because i'm so "numb" while "im breaking the habbit" and pretend i'm a normal functioning human being.

'hur hur hur guise i r girl , i cut off my benis" Attention seeking piece of shit faggot.

Seriously, it is impossible not to be able to tell the difference between and vagina and an inverted cock.

Put even a single finger inside of a woman and you witness a full body experience roused in her. What is the reaction evoked in a man when you place your finger against what is essentially the base of his penis, which has been cut, scarred, and healed after major surgery. The two sensations are not even comparable.

This entire idea that a guy could be tricked by such a thing is idiotic.

>Looking for validation and acknowledgment on the internet and most of all Cred Forums
Ya got me, the bait was too good

you are a degenerate failure who cost the state $100k plus based on a teenage whim, when society acknowledges you are hot old enough to make sexual decisions for yourself.

You watched too much jewish propaganda, you will always be a freak, you stand a 20% chance of killing yourself and if you pull that shit on a drunk guy who can't tell you are a chick with a dick, going to end up with a bottle rammed up your hairy ass.

Epitome of a dupe of the jews, worst degenerate on earth. your parents are failures and so are you. Scum.

How did you convince your parents to give their pre-pubescent child hormones to make him become a trap?

You will after you realize what a freak you are. No purpose. No goals as a woman

You just have a fuck slit someone comes in. That fuck slit is your only reason to live and your sees in you boyfriend and the second he wants kids he gets a real girl.

Thats wat all trans people come to and then the kill themself

All faggots deserve to burn

LoL, do we REALLY have this shit here now too? Could be up in the degenerate shitholes of Bilbao or Barcelona, I suppose. No way could it happen down here in Salobreña. ... could it?!?! Christ, I'm moving to Morocco if it does!

Does the smell of the hole between your legs kinda smell like a belly button if you don't clean it?

I'd imagine it's stronger, with a hint of rusty pennies and smells the strongest after you stick things inside it.

I dont think its relevant.


you will get suicidal eventually
they all do

whats your problem, she is hot


Also add some pics with timestamp

this post pussy

But Trans people are people with a mental illness.
It may not be curable by science but it is recognized.
Also how close to the border do you live?
I need a qt Trans GF

Post vagina.

> Im a transexual girl and...

and that means you're a dude wearing chicks clothes, that's all. cut your dick off? still a guy sorry


i know spania was a cuk but no this cuck

que deshonra para tus ancestros!

Post Boypucci

Why remove benis?????

I don't believe you and I don't care

Wow a tranny who's an attention seeking whore. What a fucking suprise.


Como estan las cosas en Costa Rica, Aqui estan muy mal tengo un negocio y anoche pasaron frente a el 8 transvestis, estabamos mal con lo de las drogas pero esto ya es ridiculo.

They probably were happier than a feminist rape victim to have a gay child they could show off to their hippie neighboors like a freak show.

Where your cock should be there's a mangled bulletwound looking thing.

100%? Sure.

Top kekkar
You can get a job, but you can't regrow your penis or bear a child

lol, to the parents of op. you should have got your son some therapy not a fucking sex change


>stll have a prostate
>still have male-pattern baldness

it's not a mental illness. Nobody knows what it is, and anyone who says they does is lying. What little actual science has been done on the topic points to it being a problem with brain structure
and I live in the maritimes
not that it matters, I'm not qt

Anyway, who paid for this shit? Old people go hungry, and children die because medicine is expensive, just so some mad person can mutilate themselves. Sick world. Ah well, volveran banderas victoriosas....

Enjoy never experiencing the joy of pregnancy, and for your hormones to fuck over your look when you're 30 and probably cause you to kill yourself when you realize you're nothing more than a media glorified eunuch.

You didn't even opt for getting huge tits. Sad!

>won't provide pics
>won't post with a timestamp

Nice bait thread OP.

>male pattern baldness
>while on hormones
nope, not unless you had already gone bald to begin with

Leave this board and stop making us look bad you piece of filth.

It is. He thought he was in a relationship with someone who carries two X chromosomes. Someone he could carry his lineage down with. Love only exists to force us together, so that we may procreate. Once he really lets it sink in that he cannot procreate with you, he will not want to be with you. You will end up with no one, or a fetishist, or you can play it off like you are infertile and don't know why. You essentially lied to your boyfriend for 5 months. Im surprised he didn't drop you on the spot based on that, not because you are trans. Doing that in any country in the world is a good way to get an ass beating if you revealed to the wrong guy.

>it's not a mental illness.
Oh fuck off.

I know 2 irl as well, they both try to look like typical "girls." Neither are dyky looking.

But thanks for reaffirming gender norms.

Smokers cost more to state than me and u dont cry for it.

In ten years you'll regret what you've done. You will always live with the fear of getting caught and outed as a guy with a mutilated dick. You will never be seen as a real woman. When you finally realize how stupid you were back then, you'll see no other option than killing yourself. Until then I wish you a happy life OP.