Dumb people are more likely to vote for Trump

>dumb people are more likely to vote for Trump

Really makes you think

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If Trump voters are dumb why do they make more money than Hillary voter? I know plenty of people that are wealthy and didn't need a college degree to get there. College is indoctrinated shit in 2016.

>Graph doesn't show what degree they have
Wow a "guy" with a liberal arts degree is much smarter than me

Liberals love to think they are smarter than everyone else. Its part of the mental disorder

>graph doesn't distinguish between degrees in stem vs gender studies

maeks u think

I have a feeling this is fake, but to offer an explanation. Ever talked to someone after they spent at least a year in college for anything besides a vocational degree? The teachers push an agenda so fucking hard that only the strong willed individuals will keep from becoming brainwashed shills.

it's part of the asterisk culture. We're the smartest* (even though education and IQ are not correlated). We're the highest educated* (even though colleges are more accepting of women and minorities than men and whites, and women and minorities tend to vote liberal). We're higher income earners* (even though the highest of educated income supporters tend to vote republican for the lax tax laws). Life would be better in a socialist society* (as long as i'm getting and not giving)

This board is proof enough that dumb people vote for dumb candidates.

>mfw My BA in feminist dance therapy puts me in the college category even though I am a barista at Starbucks

>what, you aren't getting into debt?
>how much are you making?
>well...at least I'm smarter* than you!
>drumpf lol

more importantly, look at how jumpy chart for dumb people is, like they're animals just reacting to external stimuli.

>implying western "education" = intelligence

My favorite liberal quote always starts with "IT'S LIKE JON STEWART SAYS...."

>they don't realize they're neets, shh

indoctrination ≠ education
I swear, people who are educated in colleges are going to end up getting dumber considering all of the lies that the Marxist academia feeds them.

The more smarter you get, the more smug you become.

Liberalism is a mental illness. Get well soon OP

So the working class?

I'm ok with this.

I thought black people loved the democrats?


have a (you)

>people who spent less time in the most r-selected institutions in the West are more likely to vote for Trump


Liberals dominate in liberal art degrees like humanities. Conservatives dominate in Engineering and other stem fields. Besides if you have a good work ethic and and attitude you don't need a degree to do well in this country. I went to college for Accounting and dropped out with a 3.8 GPA, because I worked nights while going to school. The company I worked for promoted me, so I didn't need a degree.

It doesn't really make me think at all.

>falling for the higher education meme makes you more intelligent
quite the opposite, actually

>poor people are more likely to vote for HIllary
>rich people are more likely to vote for Trump
Really makes you think

>what is indoctrination?

He just surged in nigger votes so makes sense

>college makes you smart meme
It makes you indoctrinated, they are leftist institutions.

Keep in mind that post-grad makes up less than 8% of the population but have regularly been sampled at 25% or more in all of the likely voter samples so far. They are opinionated and answer polls more frequently.

I guess those stupid masses of poorly educated yokels can be completely dismissed, right guys? Surely they won't resent being laughed at all year then vote in record numbers? R-right?

>sour grapes

just admit you're too dumb for college

The smarter and wealthiest realize that the dumber and poorer need to be controlled through socialist like policies. This maintains the status quo of an increasing wealth disparity.

>>people who spend years in a liberal brainwashing environment come out more liberal

Well no shit.
>liberal arts degree
>highly educated
Yeah, nah.

STEM majors are more likely to vote Republican.

Plenty of Melissa Click like feminist professors (and their students) with PhDs on researching the whiteness Martha Stewart and Twilight conventions counted as smart people.

No one gave a shit when dumb black people voted for obama. Why does it matter if dumb white people want to vote for trump?

Me librul. Me so smart. I travel all over the world and sheit. Drumpf is stupid teehee.

So Trump gets support from the 'common man' that the left allegedly supports SO much?

>dumb people are more likely to vote for Trump

That would make a change - normally majority of College grads go Republican. Dems, on other hand, overwhelmingly dominate those who were too dumb to complete high school AND those who stayed in college to avoid getting work.

Which is why any Dem really is a miserable mix of Dindus, welfare recipients, and Phds in pubic hair basket weaving.

>a degree determines how successful or smart you are
every single millionaire today started their own business when they were in their teens and only had highschool education

Having a college degree myself, this really wouldn't surprise me. Colleges are full of indoctrination right now with taking a selection of feminist or minority courses being a requirement and philosophy and government courses leaning towards leftist thinking.

My Dad died, and he left me his degrees
My mom would always say "Dad, why don't you work?"
But he just kept learning
All the other kids' parents were working and saving up money for school
And I was actually in school all while my dad was in school!
He was so greedy with degrees, he took my degree
And now I'm just glad he left me these
Because all the regular homeless people have newspaper, and look what I have
These are documented
My father left them for me
And I'm going to leave them to my kids
I'm going to learn too
I'm going to get super smart, so I, too, can die without money
But I'll be the smartest dead guy!
Who has that?

Where is it from ?

>tfw 138 iq
>Would vote for Trump

>people with useless degrees are smart
>people who do honest work and pay taxes are dumb

>confusing educated with intelligent
ayy lmao

>liberal arts degree

His minority outreach is bearing fruit!


guess hes going to win then since most ppl are stupid.

meme magic wins again

Yeah cause a college degree makes you not dumb

>not being enslaved to Jewish loansharks in order to spend 4 years in a Marxist indoctrination camp to "earn" a worthless degree = dumb

2/10 bait

((They)) said the same thing about Brexit and used it as a tactic to persuade people to vote Remain so that they wouldn't be associated with idiots.

Don't buy it lads

maybe college in the 60s.

Or if all college goers went to Ivy league schools.

How bad of a politician is Hillary if she can't win over stupid people?

>the woman with 2 masters degrees in gender studies and minority finger painting who is also $250,000 in debt and makes $25,000 a year is smarter than the guy who dropped out of high school to start his own multimillion dollar company
Education =/= smart

trumplets live in trailer parks too, and many are on welfare.

A lot of republicunts are.



Bull shit. Every mechanical engineer I know in the work force or in education is voting Trump. Pretty much any degree that focuses on logic is going to be slanted strongly right.


That's the face of a woman who is beginning to accept the fact that she got schlonged again, this time by a reality TV star with a bad combover, despite having the backing of every major media outlet spinning things positively for her and covering for her, and despite the fact that she had an endless flow of cash and endless corrupt connections to support her campaign.

None of it was enough to overcome the happenings. She's the 2010's version of Baghdad Bob. Blunders, misfires, and random happenings going against her narratives proved too much. Nothing to see here, don't mind all of the shit hitting the fan in the background. Ignore my faintings, my coughing spells, the Islamic terrorism, the chaos in the middle east that I helped cause, the email scandals, the pay to play schemes as secretary of state, and mysterious deaths of key people who potentially would throw a wrench into my campaign.

It was supposed to be her time. A smooth-talking jack-legged negro stole it from her 8 years ago. Now she's seeing it happen to her again. The presidency is slipping from her grip. She'll be too old and unfit to run again after this cycle. She'll die an angry and bitter death on a hospital bed as she watches the combover man with the prize he didn't deserve to win. She deserved it, not him.

This fate is most suitable for such a lying, corrupt, pathological cunt such as herself.

>education = intelligence

nice meme

Why does the left always attack people to try to make them insecure so they vote for their candidate?

That's just so fucking scummy.

Kek, it was exactly the same on the brexit vote.

>liberal education is always denotes by having a "degree"
>Never the more accurate metric like IQ

What did they mean by this?

I say it from experience too.

I met a guy in New York when I was there on vacation. He quickly became a drinking buddy and was buying a shit ton of high end drinks and Irish carbombs (which were about $18 each).

I was like, "Dude, let me get the next round."

He went on to tell me that he's rich as fuck because when he was younger he got into software development for air conditioners. He ended up dropping out of high school at about age 17 and did a bunch of computer shit. Suddenly, when the early 90s came out and all these air conditioners started using computer software, he became a multimillionaire over night. Like hundreds of millions.

We then went to a really nice cigar bar and drank some high end cognac with some stupidly expensive cigars.

Pretty cool dude, witty as fuck too.

Honestly, it was that guy who made me realize that you can be intelligent and successful without needing all sorts of degrees to back it prove it.

Pediatric surgeons know liberals will eventually want to fight for pedophilic rights. That's not surprising.

That guy was lucky. Just like Bill Gates was lucky. They both were at the cusp of some when a new revolution hit and got to ride the wave early. Good for both of them but know that for each successful guy there was thousands of failures and you can't just reproduce what they did unless the conditions are there and you pick up on it.

Oh woe is me, I'm just a stupid inferior Drumpfkin, unlike those smart and refined gentlemen with gender studies degrees!
How can I ever recover?

IQ isn't a very good metric. It shows how well you did on a test at one time compared to other people who took the same test; it can only be compared to the same test leaving your iq score rather limited to its applications.

You're right to a degree. However, I think it's a very smart, and brave, thing to realize something has potential and then rolling with it instead of just going with the status-quo. Sure, luck has it's fair share in it, but ultimately it's the judgment of said lucky guy that plays the largest role.

Better than degree. There is no way a dance studies major is smarter than a plumber or electrian.

>IQ isn't a good metric
>Processor speed isn't a good metric
>I own a Pentium II processor because it works just as hard and your new quad core

People with low IQ say the darnedest thing.

I have a PhD and I'm voting for Trump.

really stimulates my brain cortex


*works just as hard as your new quad core

Combined, Sanders and Hillary supporters outnumber Drumpf supporters almost 2 to 1 in the upper brackets you literal fuck...

Pure cringe mate, if I'm going to show how smart I am I'm not going to use a internet IQ test.

You just have to be hyper aware of technological advances. If we ever break the code on batteries and make them last significantly longer without sacrificing size you will see the next big movement to exploit. I think that is next. That or biometrics.

Not an argument, technocrat.

Now follow these 4 steps.

>educated people are stupider.

I'd rather be informed than educated tyvm.

>make them last significantly longer
Nuclear powered cellphones when? Although I think it'll be a little tricky making the reactors handheld sized... This is harder than I thought.


Go ahead and take it. It's a Raven Progressive Matrices IQ test, not some dumb "you always score above 120" internet IQ test that tries to sell you something. Look, this is what I got randomly clicking. It pulls no punches, and will tell you if you're a retard. Are you afraid to know what your IQ is?

FASA loan website, probably.

>college makes you smart

The predictive ability IQ provides though a very strong correlation with factors like income and criminality, in conjunction with the high consistency of repeat testing on the same person, suggests that more is being measured than just "one's ability to take an IQ test at one specific point in time."

IQ tests aren't perfect but they do a pretty reasonable job of approximating intelligence.

You mean poor, since college costs money in america

You do realize there's overlap there right leaf?

Mate, if I want to impress people I'll just post a photo of my grades. I sometimes do that and say I'm black (I'm not) to trigger pol.

IQ tests, even if done through a proper psychologist are just pure cringe/autism.

>being able to dress a word salad with the regurgitation a professor's opinion
Very impressive, user!

i am not sure if you have a major in gender study make you smart

This is why I post pics of my grades and say I'm black.

Wow! Good grades in gender studies class? Well shit my mechanical engineering degree can't hold a candle, and my 130 IQ is also invalidated. You sure showed me!

>People who go to college are smart
Toppest kek

Being brainwashed in college doesn't make you intelligent

>people who spent 4 years "studying" the patriarchy and cisheteronormativity are smart


OP eviscerated!

Nice copypasta post

This shows up every other day.

Stop making copypasta you faggot

>College makes you smart
>People that have the privilege to go to college look down on people that cant afford college
>LOL those people without privilege or money are voting for Drumpf!!!!!!!!!!

They aren't on the same level for triggering people.

Posting your IQ will get people to laugh at you, and most people are capable of getting a degree.

This brazillian faggot is shilling this pic the entire fucking day in Cred Forums and you get rebutted every single fucking time and yet you still post this.

Stop posting
Sage thread
Hide thread

>people who take debt for life for shitty degrees are smarter than everyone

>Educated people vote Hillary
These are you educated people

All this time boasting you still haven't taken that IQ test. What are you afraid of limey? It takes 40 minutes.

35-75K is rich now?

Nice false equivalence.

It sure makes sense that those correlations would be there. Some dindu who spent its life doing hood rat shit would be much worse at taking a logic test than a physicist or a psychologist.

>2 posts by this ID

Enjoy that college indoctrination, goy.

Only when you have a low IQ. 130 is well above average. Mines 140. Anyone can memories shit they learned in school. I would be more interested in how people who tested out of their classes and obtained a degree vote.

Why do niggers vote democrat then?

After everything that we have seen about the decline of higher education there are still people who think education equals intelligence.

Frankly that's the more disturbing story.

>Retards who have been subjected to 4+ years of liberal propaganda vote for liberals

>Useless education = intelligence

Wow, really makes me think

>Lazy """educated""" communists voting democrat
Who would've thought?



>going $60,000 in debt for your journalist and social justice degrees

What did you go to school for.

Gender studies, liberal arts, communications, English.

Omg you are so smart and intelligent. That chart doesn't say what their degree is in just that they have one.

Why would anyone pay that much? It cost me 30k total to get a chemical engineering degree. I went to community college for all my lower level courses and transferred to a 4 year university for 2 more years to finish my degree. There are ways to get quality educations without paying that much money. People are too stupid to take those opportunities. It's easier for them to complain about high prices that way.

A college degree doesn't indicate intelligence. Not all degrees are equal.

What if someone decides to start his own business after high school and makes 100k a year? That person will still be more successful than the feminist being a cashier with her gender studies degree.

This just further proves that colleges have been turned into marxist brainwashing institutions.

Community college doesn't sound very good at librul dinner parties. I mean, if you're white it doesn't sound good. They mock us quite openly.

Funny, I'm smarter than you and have a degree.
I can hardly wait to vote for Trump.


Who gives a shit about that? I'm doing well as a process engineer for an industrial company. Why should I care if me going to community college in the past doesn't sound good to others?

retard. Sanders skews the results.

it all boils down to
>feels vs reals
>women vs men
>cuck vs alpha
>weak vs strong
why the fuck did we let weak people vote

shit, you're right. i better spend three times as much so the meanies don't talk down to me about that

i mean, that's why im going to college

for fucking social status

Well then I'm glad there are a lot of dumb people in the US for once.

Law student here.

I'd vote for Trump without a second thought if I was an US-citizen.

Dumb people generally tend to vote more conservative and tend to be more religious.

>This board is proof enough that dumb people vote for dumb candidates.


nope, it's

That doesn't prove anything. I don't even know what you are trying to prove with that post.

Literally everything needed to form a conclusion was mentioned in my comment. Feminine and weak profession leads to voting Democrat, while strong, responsible profession leads to voting Republican.
But nevermind, by the looks of your other replies, i see that you're here to Correct The Record™ for us.
Spend those 0.06$ well!

So you're saying Trump has the black vote?

when will the "you're stupid if you didn't go to a university" meme end

>Under educated means being dumb

Raelli maks u tank

all the cool smart people are voting for hillary are you cool and smart or uncool and unsmart ?

>smart people are more likely to be autistic

Really makes you think

this is just the 400th time this thread is posted. good try

smart people more likely to buy smart water.
really makes you think
k y s



>dumb people are more likely to vote for Trump

Thank you for:




Candidate CLINTON
and the
C.T.R. Initiative
have deposited 2 Shekels into your account.
You've earned a chance at a BONUS*
D U B S: Lord KEK breeds the autism out of your line.

T R I P S: You never existed.

Q U A D S or Higher: Hillary strokes out after 1st debate.

that's because they take into account the redneck type americans who they'll assume vote for trump but they won't admit hood niggers vote hillary

Even dumb people are tired of leftists and niggers.
>really made me ponder

>Implying that only people who can afford degrees are smart.

Please kill yourself.

Why do you think Cred Forums likes him so much?

All this shows is that college graduates become fully indoctrinated during their $100k stay.

graduates have
muh intelect

nongraduates are steared by propaganda, and Trump has the better memes.


its not the lower 50 % who are not able to take political decissions. Its the lower 95.

>91.2% of "High School or less" voting for major parties
>87.6% of "some college"
>87% of "College grad or up"

The smarter you are, the more you realize that voting for Trump or Hillary is equally retarded. Hillshills mistakenly thinks this means that smart people vote for Hillary.

But Trump is smart.

>not going to college

Seems to me like the smart people are the ones who dont pay 100k to go to SJW indoctrination centers.

>People indoctrinated by college professors, students, etc. are more likely to vote for Clinton.

>Really makes you think.

>people whos lives are directly impacted by mass immigration vote trump

The dems are always saying the poor should vote in their own best interest. I don't see why they have an issue with this.