Got me thinking

Got me thinking.

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damn this really fires my neurons

who the fuck is jane goodall

So? Better than being a passive cuck.

Someone whose entire work was discredited.

jane "goofball" goodall

She traveled to Africa to study the habits of people of color in their native habitat.

#dicksoutfordonald ?

I think it's just her way of saying Trump is winning. And no one else knows how to play the game.

That's racist.

>humans are mammals
>male mammals are aggressive and competitive

Part of the left's strategy is to supress or remove masculinity from the public sphere. I can't imagine how insufferable western women will become if Clinton were to win.

This bitch is nutty as fuck. I heard an interview with her about 3 years ago and she seemed to honestly be losing it.

really awakens my third eye

>Implying it is a bad thing
Chimpanzees are very based if you really look closer

Would Koko vote for Trump?

Replace "Trump" with "Obama"

You're making this too easy, Brazil.

thanks jane goodall for those holdover votes from the beta nu males trying to reclaim their lost masculinity. now theyll be drawn to him since you gave your blessing that he is indeed the top alpha male.

yes because that's what I want as a world leader a passive cuck that lets his opponent walk all over him
Wonder if the bitch learned anything about niggers watching chimps all those years
I bet she fucked one ore 2 of em...
Chimps that is not niggers

Sorry, wrong video
It is in my genes, sorry

Jane Goodall is the ultimate coal burner

really makes my brain synapses fire at incredibly fast rate

Some coalburner

Don't forget lads that this deplorable woman manipulated chimpanzees into mining diamonds for her own personal gain.

uk user has it right


The granny who sleeps with chimps has an opinion on current affairs.

fucking kek that pic

Why didn't anyone trash her before she said this?

This is the correct response, sweden.

Pic made me laugh. The guy looks like a Chad, too


You just know she used to fellate the gorillas when she lived around them

Washed up and need publicity? Bash Trump for some free exposure!

Someone explain further

Source? I grew up Jewish, so I wouldn't know.

So he's an alpha male the dominates the lesser males?

Jane Goodall confirmed pro-Trump

Post young Janes!

>going out against the trump despite evidence that this is a bad move for celebrities

Bitch gonna get her face ripped off by chim-chim.

>Chimpanzees are very based
>t. Brazil

Agreed. That's why he wins; people are tired of this sophistic bullshit. Trump is appealing to a core area of the psyche, investing in ground that has existed since the beginning of man, and which will keep on existing long after the ridiculous counter-culture mania has faded.

She's smarter than niggers, and Gorillas love an alpha

How is that even supposed to be an insult?
She might as well have said that Trump debates like an alpha wolf leads a pack of a wolves.

Shouldn't a president be someone who can dominate the room? Chimps are not the only animals that fight for dominance.
Compare him to a monkey or a wolf, it's the same shit. She's just banking on the anti-chimpanzee racism. As if wolves can fight for dominance and be cool, but when chimps do it they're just dumb apes.

Check your privilege.

She's basically a hack, her work with the chimps dramatically falls to Anthropomorphism.

When you study animal behaviour, one of the worst things to do is "Live among them"

That bitch is a mandala effect gone wrong.

She was murdered by Gorillas years ago.

are you rare? nice dubs

She'll be fine then since she is not a celebrity.


If she wants to find similarities between people involved in current events and chimps, why doesn't she mention BLM or muslims?

This. It's textbook speciesism.

Jane Goodall is a disgusting bigot, who could never understand the oppression that apes go through on a daily basis. Chimp lives matter, RIP baby Harambe

You're just confusing her with someone else because she's a literal nobody.

>trump just locked in the black vote

I've read that article horribly written and Jane goodall is a chimp fucking narcassist with bad enough anti social problems with diamond mining chimps and her family that hates her fuckin loon


>like a chimp in a dominance ritual
Is that not what debates are? They are firing over who gets to lead the country for the next 4-8 years, of course he's gonna try to be dominant

Chimps gonna chimp out, and women will love em for it.
I love this shit, tell me more. Rod Sterling, creator of the Twilight Zone turned in Rod Serling last year I think

Anybody feel like asking her what BLM protest look like then?

Meant to add, are liberals bonobos?

oh shit

>she literally copied Wikipedia entries for her book
>this is a world-famous "scientist"

>Scientist in an absolutely unrelated field comments on politics, abusing their academical status to whip up credibility, S06E26

>scientists aren't allowed to have political opinions or share them


If Mandela Effect was real it would be more impactful than a few retarded names changing.

>hey guys, check this out! Didn't this guy used to be dead, but now he is alive???
>hey guys, check THIS one out! This event I remember is completely erased out of existence!

What the fuck is your problem?
It's as if people were talking about 9/11 conspiracies and you came in yelling 'Hey guys, check out this children's book from 60s!!''
Just fuck off.

>Having and sharing opinions is the same as using your field to create a false sense of objectivity in order to construct a false narrative of your opinion being right because it's supported by 'smart people'

She was a typical
>British intellectual

Srs Trump recalls the primal alpha male warrior chief, I have no problem with this. Only pansy Ivy league toffs do.

>dominance rituals
>human beans

Just a coincidence!

Yes, and? Humans are closely related to chimpanzees, and Trump is an alpha male.

In any case, it is a fallacy to suggest that Trump is a bad debater because he shows signs of domineering.

She is still alive? Wasn't she raped by a bunch of nigger poachers?

Moonraker man. Moonraker. Jaws' girlfriend had braces in the old timeline, but in this one she doesn't. It even says ON THE CAST LIST ON THE WEBSITE that she has braces, but you watch the video and she doesn't

I watched that movie hundreds of times. I remember she had braces because it gave me a braces fetish. Explain it to me. Please.

>The single most human-like spieces
>Many behavor patterns are similar to human behavior
>Man tries to attract public sentiment and acts the way hardwired by nature to reach this

Wow, I'm a #cruzmissle now.

Oh lewd I hope meme magic doesn't turn one of those chimps into a frenzy and kills....

If kek wills it, he shall grant me dubs... All praise kek.

Because she wasn't being pushed on us as some sort of relevant political commentator.

1 week later

>Jane Goodall dead at 82 after interrupting a chimp dominance ritual

She doesn't know the magic that she is playing around with, it's dangerous af.

the fact that so many dried up liberal feminist cunts hate Trump only makes me like him more

>(((female scientist)))
>mainstream narrative is false

Surely this is impossible.

The explanation is simple.
When the Jews created time machines they traveled to the past, saves people like Mandela, killed a bunch of people, changed history forever, but then a guy named Hurrdurr Derpstein decided to change a few syllables of a few things and specifically made sure a character in a movie does not wear braces.

He also changed ''Bernstein Sanders'' to ''Bernie Sanders''.

doesn't pretty much almost every animal do this??

Jane Goodall will die in a chimp dominance wrestle if the coin lands heads. For those of you who it lands on tails for, you will be delegated to Cred Forums reality 433927-BADT while we stay in 433927-BADH

7D space chess.... He's getting the black vote

the human memory is a strange thing.

Whats more concerning is your willing to believe you've been the victim of an intra-dimensional shift, that not everybody was victim too, instead of accept that maybe your wrong.

It's the type of grandiose, narcissistic bullshit humans are naturally inclined to believe in.

[spoiler]Humans are just apes wearing hats.[/spoiler]

then maybe not much is in your brain to begin with

A man remembers something like that user. I masturbated to it more times than I can count.

I hate that old bitch

Probably turns her on.

>Hillary and all of the republicans were destroyed by a chimp


>why the fuck would we want a silverback gorilla as the head of our society? it doesn't make any sense

fucking libs man

I thought she died years ago?

AS much as I like Jane. Why does it even surprise her. Dominance is what people subliminally crave and like in a leader. Perhaps even if they are wrong. If the strongest chimp does it, why is it a surprise an Alpha male, running for Prez does it too.


When she was young

It's almost as if she's a complete hack who doesn't even understand her own field she has spent her entire life in.

rip in piece jane goodall


This is the only reason I jumped into this thread.

implying this isn't a good thing.

Anyone even remotely interested in anthropology or primatology will realize that this isn't much of an insult.

Trump has many dominant spirit animals:

Lion, Gorilla, Mongoose, Centipede, King Cobra, and the list goes on and on...


Reminds me of Robin Williams visiting Koko the Gorilla who was trying to drag him into her cage kek

I think she's right, we need a beta cuck like Tim Kaine, that will really help the world's problems.

That's the most mind blowing thing about this non-story.
It basically confirms what we already know, that animals can act very human-like.

So she's saying Trump is an alpha male?

Primatology is very relevant to politics. There's even a very famous book by Frans de Waal called "Chimpanzee Politics." Her comments are not insulting if you know anything about her field. A great deal of human behavior can be found in great apes, so studying them can give us insight into how human minds and societies function.

It isnt necessarily a negative comment. If we are going by Jane's theories that monkeys act very similar to people (or vise versa? idk) then technically all humans act similar to apes.

Also the mexican dude who called Trump out for calling mexicans rapists raped a girl recently.

In so many words, yes.

I thought she was killed by chimpanzees.

She always came off to me as the smart-ass type of woman who thinks that she is a genius and everyone that doesnt agree with her is an idiot.

Shit waifu.

Thank fuck one of the admins for this board is here.

Why do hillary shills bother coming to a Bhutanese manga board

This hag skipped the negro and went straight for the real BBC and has been fucking apes since.

Her opinion is solid everyone.

Think we'd take the word of a white walker?

I thought this was for Bruneian Topiary Garden enthusiasts


Exactly. They are only saying that because he is white. Imagine if someone said that about Obama. It's like when everyone drew Dubya as a chimp, then people freaked out when they gave Obama chimp ears in one caricature.

Western women are already insufferable. They would only become worse if Clinton won cause muh feminism.

>not posting the original

Why are liberals so racist?

So she is a Big Black Cock enthusiast coal burning cuck

>this from a woman who has sex with chimps

They've been racist since they civil war.

Aggression to show dominance is a trait of just about every higher mammal, because it shows that one is willing to defend what belongs to it. Besides, is Trump really being much more aggressive and negative than Hillary?

He just wants to Make America Great Again, but I guess this demented old cunt wants to make America like Africa.


she spent her life raising and protecting niggers.