Cred Forums absolutely BTFO

Dear White People Who Don't Recognize Your Privilege But Seem To Recognize Mine

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Even black kids are not immune to faggotry anymore.
>make 11K a month bitching at white people on youtube
>buying your family houses

Why is it always the rich black people who act like they're oppressed?

I wonder what blacks will do when the revolution happens.
We all know they can't shoot for shit. They constantly miss their targets and take out innocent bystanders
They aren't very smart.
They lack basic strategy
None of them hunt or target shoot.
Most can't survive outside the ghetto.
They have no skill sets outside of complaining

Every nigger must hang

This niggers IQ looks sub 70

>Be Rich and have wealth
>Promote Marxism
>Act like you are poor and oppressed

I wonder where he got this idea.

>thinks he is smart
>cant film horizontally

You can tell this nigger has no dad and sucks dick

Nombers tho

My lord kek; save us
I'm unable to discern whether the comments on the vids are satire or legit or are people that retarded;
GOD I do love being white btw

can we get a mass dislike campaign to this overly sense entitle brat?

Male version of frescetta?

>it's another 'Cred Forums inadvertently makes someone world famous by conducting a harassment campaign episode'

Fagnig sure does deserve it though

Why are there so many likes? This is a blantant pity party straw man video, I just don't understand how liberals can be so stupid.

That's one flaming homosexual senpai.

Social media is massively filled with underage and cucks is why. Imagine the reddit hivemind and multiply it by one million.

That sweater vest is cultural appropriation

What does this guy do for a living? Doubt he makes that money doing YT videos

>My lord kek; save us

Mostly youtube stuff. He has a crazy amount of subscribers and features on Youtube Red as their token non-threatening black gay guy.

where the baguette have you been? here in the states there are a LOT of gay blacks, most of them are prostitutes on back pages

Its smokin!

I love when rich are telling me they are opressed in any way. Great LOLs.

I guess so, I didn't expect they had a mainstream black gay - sorry, same gender loving - culture.

I don't listen to black people trying to define me or tell me what to do. You should do likewise.

Because they feel entitled once they get wealth. They don't understand what it's like to feel like you aren't owed anything like white people. That's what we teach our children

That editing. Jesus Fuck.

Hey pol thanks, that was fun. Comments are full of triggeredhappy people who just sips their tea.

Idek what this nog is trying to say. Probably nothing. Too lazy to get a real job so he has to make clickbait jewtube vids for ad money

I read somewhere that blacks are more likely to be gay than whites per capita. I can't be bothered to sauce it.