Trump General: 7+ Edition

>Trump rally in Colorado Springs CO 9/17/16
>Pence Rally in the Villages FL 9/17/16
>Trump speaks at Rememberance Project 9/17/16
>Trump - Les Deplorables

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>Trump Playlist

>Trump Rally in Miami FL 9/16/16
>Trump Haitian Townhall in Miami FL 9/16/16
>Trump parade in the Villages FL 9/16/16
>Trump Speaks in Washington DC 9/16/16
>Trump Rally in Laconia, NH 9/15/16
>Trump/Pence Economic Club NY 9/15/16
>Trump Rally in Canton OH 9/14/16

>Trump on Mornings with Maria 9/16/16
>Don Jr on GMA 9/16/16
>Trump on Fallon 9/15/16
>Watters World Trump Rally Edition
>Trump on Dr Oz (audio) 9/15/16
>Trump on F&F 9/15/16

>The 45th President
>Trump in 5 minutes or less
>Trump Triumphant
>American Hero

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First for RED MAINE.


I guess I'm taking over for the usual "Trump General" thread runners, since I don't see any of them active right now.

Rasmussen Poll

Trump 42%, Hilldog 40%, Johnson 7%, Stein 2%

I remember when the Trump gen post had like ten links.

Don Jr fucks up Good Morning America.

Man with CCW killed the first mudslime trying to kill people in Minnesota, but nobody is talking about it. Must not fit the narrative (again).

Jesus fucking christ, Sunday must be a slow day.

How the fuck is this happening?

Trump is going to win Vermont according to Reuters. WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THIS?

Reuters state polls are jokes. They are more so heuristics from their national polls than they are real state polls


Are we the most acid tested electorate in history?

I don't mean just being called racists and nazis and all that. We literally got beat in the streets. I'm in CA and let me tell you, Scott Adams isn't kidding about the personal safety stuff.

We got abused by the right, the left, the rich, the academics, the pundits, the economists, the underground paramilitary groups, blacks, Hispanics, Jews, whites, women, men, everything in between.

We had to suffer being called uneducated, ignorant, all the isms, dangerous, poor, dinosaurs, wrong side of history, etc.

We had to endure as Trump battled the establishment on both sides, made gaffes as he figured out how to operate, constantly being told "IT'S OGRE!" with the commentary and polls.

And now, we're finally seeing the end of the tunnel, and the light beckons. It was hard. It was vicious. It was miserable. It was unlike anything that has ever happened or will ever happen again. It was every terrible feeling about society and ourselves wrapped into a single political campaign.

It was worth it. Because we made it through alive. Because we proved everyone wrong and even surprised ourselves with how right our instincts were. Because now that the obstacles are falling away, our opportunities are becoming truly incredible. We're going to win. We're going to succeed.

We're going to Make America Great Again!


Whats up fellas, what is the MSM trying to brainwash us with today?

>a nation without borders is not a nation

nice awoo

They're coming for you.

I wonder when the media will pick up the nazi wolf girl.

That can't be real. I mean come on

thoughts on trump somehow delaying debate for an hour so that whatever drugs they pump into crooked wear off? it'd have to not be blamable on him like a fire marshal delay

that girl on the left looks so bored. Surrounded by so many cucks

they would just put drugs into her later

what is that even?

No problem, just use the wrong pronouns and they will run away in tears.

>dat pic

Fucking brilliant.

got i love CCW gets me moist


Obama wants blacks to vote Clinton.

New York Times, CNN, and Huffington Post are still trying to convince people that Trump is a failure.

CNN, CBS, and ABC are still trying to find a way to spin Trump's "bomb" comment.

Is she still pushing for a sitting debate or did Trump shut that down already?

She'll get refresher drugs during the commercial breaks

it'll be a comfy day


The kinds of drugs she'll get will last way longer than an hour

OP pastebin updated

>Trump on Media Buzz 9/18/16

no shit, only lazy people like communism

Thanks, it didn't take that long in Photoshop.

twitter searches for
>trump bomb
>bomb ny

Majority of posts are calling out Hillary and the MSM for being such assholes about the situation. They're all pissed that the media is targeting Trump instead of reporting on what actually happened.

Even people on social media are now turning against the Clinton machine.

Fucking glorious.

Oklahoma City was just some barrels of chemicals with wires.

Man, México is filled with idiots who think Trump is bad, evil, the devil; I've spent the last 12 months talking about him with people who obviously hate him, and in general, my arguments are good and my evidence is clear so their mind is changed; but they don't speak about him either, it's just me. Funny thing is that the point I make about talking Trump related things is "don't trust the media, trust your friends, and what you see unedited", something very new to these people.

I won't stop defending him, it's just sad to see people here so scared of debate, or sharing their own ideas; they think Obama is the greatest, Michelle is the reason Obama got elected and that Hillary is a saint; completely blind.

Oh well... Make America Great Again, northern neighbors.

They are getting desperate.
Pic very related.

they'll pay Snopes to Correct The Record and preserve the narrative

Reminder shills will hang

terrorists are still on the loose. where will they hit next? i bet they're ducking out of nyc and going cross country with this shit.


Ironically I couldn't find the pastebin, just used the last thread that came up in search results.

whos ron

fuckin hell, Clinton said it was a bomb too I think I read somewhere


I've been a MP fan for a long time so its better OC than most imo.

Ron, donate $91 we'll fuckin steal from your bank account

>taking a picture of a computer screen

meh, there was no update from what you posted until this

anybody have more pics like these?

She said "bombings" then said "Trump calling it a bomb is dumb!", CNN's Tapper clipped Clinton's fuckup. #ZombieClinton is trending because of that.

Make Mexico Great Again Also

>German flag
The Reich rises.

Can we make trading cards of these?

>get tired of winning for a short while
>get off Cred Forums
>feel like playing some vidya
>something badass with action
>dl Max Payne since I never tried it before
>few hours later take a short break
>back to /tg/
>see OP picture

Kek must be with me today or something


Go for it m9

They want to emphasis on the pressure cooker to let people know that the bomb was made from scratch

>hillary +8 pennsylvania

welp i guess the pennsylvania dream is over

The MSM has gone too deep. They can't go back. Attacking Trump for saying it's a bomb will not go over well for anyone. Add it to another thing Clinton has destroyed.

Jesus! Is it true?
Is there really hope?
My hope was crushed in 012, please let something good happen to us for once.

I read that, this old fuck donated like 25 dollars and had 93 stolen from her account by clinton for like 4 times a week for 2 months


America would become significantly greater if Mexico got their shit together.

Los Angeles and San Francisco I hope.


and another


>he was for romney in 2012
i wasnt for obama either but both of those guys are globalist puppets

México will get better if Trump wins.

Hows everything in France?


The warp just got 10 feet taller.

Sadly, this will only happen if kek wills it. Right now the chances are low.


G-guys is it bad to want trump vs yebs mother 2020?




[from cfg]
If you haven't seen:

Please spread it

>Kek must be with me today or something
sure seems that way

Fourth Reich confirmed to be biding its time


Probably this Ron.


I admire the optimism of whoever created pic related.

Do you think we will ever hit three digits Cred Forums?

The best awoo of the all

I wonder how the polls are gonna look after these pressure cookers of peace were found.


Just remember that Rasmussen has been wrong about the last two elections, but it's been shilling for Hillary for a long time, so that's saying something.


>11% independents polled

Trump is supporting this degeneracy?

I'm now a #SHILL4HILL, pantsuits for all females!

it's really weird to me how people arent freaking out about this more. there's someone or a group leaving bombs all over the place and they havent been caught. i know nobody has been killed but it's still pretty freaky that they're out there. has cable news already forgotten about it?

Reminder that Lucifer overthrew the ruling elite. He was the greatest power this world has ever known, and he was so easy to love. The creator is stern in his countentance, and the Host only obeyed out of fear. We must be free from his systems of control.

Resist what resists in you. Become yourself.



digits speak the truth


9/11 was just a few plane crashes. No need to get upset.


romney was pretty good on migration though

Hardly the best awoo.

Small spike probably

what pic?


9/11 was just some planes that took a wrong turn


Muslims are bad at flying aircraft and cooking.

No way Aleppo gets 7%, so the poll means nothing other than that they're close.

Remember when the woman shouted at Trump that he's a racist at a burger diner and it made headlines everywhere and she was declared a national hero?

Sometimes I wish for this political season to never end

gonna look at these

i can only imagin how shit that segment must be
Four fucking talking heads speculating on why no one trusts them
And I feel safe in assuming they never consider that they're to blame


Because Reuter's is a joke and no one trusts them.

Long as they don't gas the awoos.


T R U M P W A V E. avi

Make America AESTHETIC Again


Gonna have to stop you right there, reddit

I bet they blamed it on Trump.


What is the Morning Call poll? The Muhlenberg College is supposed to be very reliable, but this poll is also labeled as the Morning Call and I'm having trouble finding any info on it.
Still is only one poll, I'd wait for more.

Remember when that guy ruched the stage in Ohio or something and all of twitter said "so close"

Like to see em try


how many independants are there in pennsylvania?

cute. CUTE

>those nipples

im not reddit...just saved it


When CNN gave him his own exclusive interview? When he didn't go to fucking jail?

Axiom Technologies is the only source for Virginia and Pennsylvania that can be trusted at this point.

They don't have to blame him, he already took full credit for this accomplishment.


>rig poll comes


>*rigs PA*


If the secret service hadn't arrested that loser on the spot the crowd would have killed him.

Every day I think I can't hate the media any more, and every day they find a new way to surprise me.

This "bombing" narrative is the most blatant example of corruption yet. I would laugh if it weren't for the fact that they're fooling millions of people. HILLARY SAID THE SAME THING, AND THEY'RE JUST CENSORING IT. AND PEOPLE DON'T KNOW. MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF FUCKING BRAINWASHED IDIOTS ACTUALLY TRUST CNN.

>forget my picture
>still get blessed

Well then

Oh, you know, same ol' things. Some girl got raped a few days ago near the Eiffel tower by a group a respectable citizens with (((motives unknown))). Two schools got evacuated earlier this month after a bombing alert.
So, you know. We're "learning to live with terrorism", as our prime minister puts it.

Not a chance.

Pollsters are reliable right up until they under sample independents by nearly 20%.

He wanted to storm the microphone
With a ceramic knife

>all these conservative Trump cuties

I want to breed with them all.

Why do they lie?

Fuck man.

Is the PC starting to take hold through the media like here in the US?

Link to this?

A lot more than 11 fucking %. Independents are about 40% nationally.

What the fuck does that even mean? Why so fucking PC?

Only about 600,000 people watch CNN now. That's how bad it's become.



>Me: Clinton is ahead in the polls, cool.

>Drumpf supporter: Nuh uh she's behind in [insert poll with fucked up "panel" methodology]

>Me: Mhm, yeah, but how about credible polls? ABC? Quinnipiac?

>Drumpf supporter: Wel... well.... SHUT UP!

>Me: *sips tea*

Damn skippy

Because telling the truth means they were wrong


Lol, mad as fuck that he has to say it's terrorism now, so he's qualifying with this bullshit.

Scott Adams would point out that it says terrorism twice.

>governor: the investigation is still in its early phase, no evidence found yet of international terrorism

Reported lad

You actually like clinton?

>liberal projection intensifies

They hate Trump.

So are they now admitting that the birther thing was started by a member of Hillary's team?

>Because telling the truth means they were wrong
And even worse for them, admitting Trump was right.

nationally yes, but not every state is the same yes?

>Allahu Akbar. A vote for trump is a vote for the death of islam. prepare to pay for your sins infidel.

What do?

>liking a cgi vampire greenscreen hologram.

Hah, you're right.

ABC and Quinnipiac are the ones we're talking about dummy.




Fat man was just some plutonium and wires

It's Axiom Strategies by the way.

And I agree 100%. I would also recommend watching some RSBN pre-game footage from PA rallies. The enthusiasm and crowds are real.

They don't want reality to crash their narrative with no survivors

So when will Trump invade the EU, Cred Forums? I have my dual wielded butter knives ready and everything.


It doesn't matter. Clinton lies follow this patter.

1. Thing didn't happen.

2. Thing did happen, but it's not a big deal stop asking questions.

3. Only big meanie heads care that this thing happened.

That's a nice comic got any moire of these ?

It's not the same in every state but no state deviates that far from the national average. Especially not a state like Pennsylvania where people are tired of both parties.


Does anyone have the Awoo girl heads png? would like to make some of these

Of course not silly goy. If a civilian stops it its not criminal


>hillary, trump both say bomb
>msm only hits trump

Trump says 'bomb went off in New York'

Trump cites 'bomb' amid early news of NYC blast

Trump Tells Crowd “Bomb” Went Off in New York, Proceeds to Brag About Polls

Donald Trump: "A bomb went off in New York"

Clinton criticizes Trump for rushing to call NYC explosion 'bomb'

As police investigate cause of New York explosion, Trump tells crowd a bomb went off

Is there a single source in Western media reporting the news fairly? Yes. I could only find one.

'a Bomb Went Off In New York': Trump, Clinton Respond To Manhattan Explosion


Sikh eat a snickers. You get confused when you're hungry.

Yeah, same as everywhere. Although I have to say, after following your news networks during this election, ours are nowhere near as cucked yet. You wouldn't see this kind of shit happening here.

I guess we have to "thank" terrorism for that. Hard to spin the narrative that everything's great and there's no problem or danger when we've been getting massacre after massacre for a while.

>If a civilian stops it the civilian is the criminal
Corrected the record.

Even terrorism suffers from identity politics

((((((((((((((((((Snopes))))))))))))))))))))) and Politifact are trustworthy and impartial sources goyim.

cover my self in bacon and chase him knowing he wont get his virgins if I touch him

>Statewide, 1.13 million registered voters identify as neither Democrat nor Republican, about 13 percent.

Auschwitz was just some tin cans in a cellar.

I've got this greyscale one, but that's it


thx senpai

What will you do? When can you vote out the party in power? Is there any hope in making France, France again?

>dual wield butter knives
fucking kek

Working on getting a trading card template so I can photoshop some new shit. Not taking the reddit garbage.

I kick the fuck out of him

>you'll never see trump with bedhead

I'd kill to see his glorious mane when he wake sup in the morning

Any new PA polls? I saw that RealClearPolitics removed it as a swing state which is terrible news

I wouldn't worry about PA

I'm surprised he has the courage to show his face again
wtf i love hank williams now

found a few more.
well played

I read an article once on rhetoric, where it mentioned that people put less attention on words like "not." It used an example of George Bush saying once "We were welcomed, but it was not a peaceful welcome." and the speech was well-received because people's minds put weight on the words "welcomed, peaceful welcome" and disregarded the "not." Thus, by the same logic, saying "The attack was terrorism, but it was not international terrorism" only means people are going to remember "attack... terrorism... international terrorism."

NYC bomb news conference coming up


>it's not terrorism
>it's not international terrorism
>it's terrorism, but not how you think
>it's terrorism, and someone claiming to be isis has taken credit, but we just dont know for sure
>ok it's islamic terrorism ;^)


Source? Sounds like the 2012 number. Loads of people have ditched the Democrats since 2012 in Pennsylvania.


>This characterization of the incident as a "mass shooting in progress" stopped by a legally armed citizen with a carry permit is problematic, though, because accounts of the altercation don't indicate the gunman intended to kill multiple victims (or anyone at all).
>don't indicate the gunman intended to kill
>fired into a crowd until he was shot

>written by J. Eff Zarronandia, an American author and journalist who won the Pulitzer Prize

What a joke

But what if Snickers are haram?

Hillay is down to 71% support from Black voters

Now is not the time to be lazy or to celebrate
Keep hitting hard and never stop hitting
Register and get the word out for Trump
Rain down a plague of Pepe's on Hillary

Someone walks up to you and sees you in your Maga hat and asks why you are voting for Trump. What do you tell them first?

woman in blue sitting on two seats

All Hillary has to do is tug on his leash.

RCP is nothing but propaganda, so the MSM can point to it and pretend that he's not winning.

only one more after this

I honestly think people are starting to wake up to their lies

There's a good reason for that.


>Hillay is down to 71% support from Black voters
Sauce? Where was she at before? I think I read 90% on CNN the other day but I'm skeptical because


>A vote for trump is a vote for the death of islam
You can stop selling, we're already buying


>and he's wearing a Punisher shirt


Hillary wants to start WWIII and that naval shipyard down the road over there is nuke bait. Voting for Hillary is quite literally suicide.
>there's a fucking CVN in port too

He said we would keep winning and it was true

I'm trying to get a friend of mine in the US to send me a MAGA hat for 100% smugness come november.

May Kek bless my endeavor.

here's another good one

>Did the brady campaign say its better for women to get raped than fight back?
>We asked them
>they said no
>myth busted

and done

Wew lad. What happened to "Drumpf will make a mistake and start going back down in polls"

Why are these threads going so fast? There's literally nothing to discuss

>its a um uh uhm um um
>"Improvised Non Motivated Incendiary Totally Non Terroristic Neutral Gendered Iphone6"

>sweats as he might lose job

they're going to (((adjust))) the polls after the debates for the narrative of him blowing his chance

What's with Pence talking about Cheney? That's decidedly NOT comfy.

Don't make me lose faith bros.
Click "Characteristics of candidate support"
She's suffered a 20 point drop since the 9/11 collapse incident.



>implying Trump gen isn't just a Trump chatroom at this point because of the activity

He has made a mistake, winning.

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Funny, isn't it?


Elections are next year, and frankly, I don't think any of the candidates so far are gonna change anything. We don't have a french Trump unfortunately. Even the leader of the most far right party, Marine Le Pen, who is reputed to be our national "literally Hitler OMG", is controlled opposition at best, and might as well be at worst.

At this point, my only hope for the country is for Trump to become your president, and to keep winning and winning during his time in office, so others in France might try to emulate him come the elections after that.

Or I guess I could just move to the USA no one ends up doing that. But frankly, I really love my country, and I'd rather stay and help make it the best it could be. Many others think the same, we just need a leader.

>a 20 point drop


Migrate legally:

Can someone photoshop trump head on this please?

I hope he brings RZA out for a NYC rally
It will be over for Illary in NYC

Tell me about Aleppo.

We havent hit the limit yet

if that was my daughter i'd fuck her

>fifty posts early

What a joke.

Oh vey, the goyim KNOW!





You're waaaay too early

>I really love my country, and I'd rather stay and help make it the best it could be
That's the right attitude, we don't hold with this "my country is in bad shape so I'll run away to another one" nonsense. Just give it a few more years and a leader will rise. Alternatively, there may be more Brexits down the line and once the EU dissolves, there would be need for backbone.

Stop being retarded

Good feels

Has this been uploaded anywhere

This woman's twitter feed is painful. Delusional and painful. Barely any retweets or likes at all. One big low energy safe space. Sad!

This one's also fun to throw on people's faces.

Rightly so, he exposed them again and again the last time beingwhen he buried birtherism for good just this week.
They even admitted they were played and just wanted to show that soundbite.


Does anyone else get a sadistic pleasure out of shitposting on Hillary's twitter? I like to post this pic a lot

Deal me IN! Can I get 50% off Judaism?

So wait.... (((the media))) is reporting on how no one trusts (((the media)))

Do I believe them or not?

Because reuters polls shittons of dems and little to no independents.

Vermont is homestate to Sanders, relatively pro-gun but socialist as fuck, with the main demographic being ex-hippies. Therefore Vermont democrats aren't going to like Hillary.


Vermont independents are basically other state's democrats, so the poll is skewed.

That's what I got from your media too. I feel like if the major networks actively reported on the stuff going on, for instance the recent gang rape of a girl by the Eiffel tower, people would be rioting. Is that what you think too?

I wager a good 20% of Trump's followers on Twitter are Hillary supporters ready to virtue signal and bombard each of his tweets with trash talk, so yes, it's fun to retaliate.

She did that in 2008 too.

Yeah I'm still having a hard time believing that suddenly Hillary went from +21 to the complete opposite of that, I think Reuters meant New Hampshire.

Omfg classic liberal media hahaha

Trying to use logic to make sure people think about different aspects of a situation, and then show that they have none and completely contradict themselves.



Hope they have fun spinning that one.


>20pts down on a rigged poll
>not even factoring "monster" vote or black voter apathy to the cunt




Jesus fucking Christ. /maga/ here

why is it that rcp and nate dirt don't take this poll in account?

>Poll shows Trump ahead (((He's not)))

She probably has 18% lead or so as we speak.

Overall Reuters has so fucking horrible polls in these elections(yeah yeah, I know why), it's a shame because there was a time where it was quite respected.

What always bugged me with those polls is that it doesn't seem that they're doing "real" polls. I mean if they are in bed with Clinton then they should release doctored ones to the public and give her campaign the real ones. Otherwise they're living in a bubble.
You don't get 20 point drop just because of shit health speculation coming to its logical conclusion with breakdown in public. Shy Tories strike again it seems.

Because it shows Trump winning.

>You don't get 20 point drop just because of shit health speculation coming to its logical conclusion with breakdown in public.
You don't know Black people, obviously.

I hope so man. A Frexit might be a nice way out, too. I think whichever candidate chooses to make use of that might have a good shot at the presidency next year.

Oh yeah, they do report it when stuff happens. No riots tho, don't wanna be islamophobic :^)

That's kind of the basic way these things tend to go nowadays. A tragedy happens and they'll report it, even say if it has islamic origins, but then nothing. Immediately after we get our government sponsored "Remember, don't think bad things about islam you fucking racist goys", then a few live reports of unrelated muslim people's lives so they can say "See, these ones aren't doing anything bad, islam is totally fine", and then it's back to business as usual, until the next accident.

I don't know what I fucked up here. I've taken this a lot of times before and this is not like me in a lot of ways. The bottom is right, the top is a bit too low, but its topics scale is super off

At the end of the speach in florida there was a black guy singing. Something like

>Gonna make america great again
>greater than its ever been

Is this a real song? CanI get full lyrics? I want to sing my kids to sleep with it and whistle it while walking down the street.


Can someone explain the anime wolf girl and its relation to Trump please? Did we switch over this to confuse the "Pepe is alt-right" people?

>Darrel Castle

I hope FRexit happens, being in the european union is extremely harmful; especially with a country with so much warring passion, and the first european kebab remover. Hope all stays good Remi.

I guess the Constitution Party candidate

>Mfw i look at every graph and theyre all showing trump gaining with pretty much every demographic

The only holdouts are college educated whites. I think if he got his childcare reforms more PR, he could make in-roads there

Well, I don't, we don't have many black people here. I think it was more of a "because" vote.

Before the 9/11 people could have said "I vote Trump because " and get called racist or "I vote for Trump because Clinton is unfit to be prez" and get called idiot. Now they can say "I vote Trump because Clinton is unfit to be prez as 9/11 anniversary has shown". Which is what made "shy Tories" less shy.
She was used more or less prominently all the way through the campaign and yes, it seems like people are trying to start FUCKING WHITE MALE NAZI PEPE meltdown #2.
French are, politically speaking, the 2nd main benefactors of the EU. #1 Economically and politically is obviously Germany but to think French will quit EU is little bit naive. As opposed to Brits they use Euros and in general were more "integrated" into its structures, so they're more likely to pick up the "reform the EU" route rather than actually quit. That being said 2016 was crazy enough already to not believe that the next few years won't bring another wave of happenings.

Whatever happens French will end up waging civil war with local mudslimes in the near future.

Thanks Paco, when things get better you can legally migrate here anytime

I think I'll stay to make a difference.

I think that BRexit will cause euroskepticism to reach an all time high, hopefully countries like Greece and others leave the EU too and it will cause the EU cost of every country to rise, the only way to survive is out.

The real answer is because its a daily tracking poll, which means they have a group of people that they track, and they call 1/7th of them every day (so that everyone gets called once a week). Because of this, the results come out every day, which would skew the averages way towards this one poll if it was included.

> 2.5 million
> in a month

Trump raised 3 million in 7 hours with a single tweet

>vote for the death of Islam
Cool, Sikh bro, let's go vote for Trump together.

He still hasn't done his college policy reform speech yet either.

>Well, I don't, we don't have many black people here
Consider yourself lucky. Black people care about strength, and if someone is a weakling, they don't trust them.

>Black people care about strength, and if someone is a weakling, they don't trust them.
Well we have those they just aren't black.

finish the thread and make a new one ASAP
finish the thread and make a new one ASAP
finish the thread and make a new one ASAP
finish the thread and make a new one ASAP
finish the thread and make a new one ASAP

You think we like being one of the "biggest benefactors" of a failing union that betrayed us again and again? It's the people that vote in a referendum, and the majority of the people have been getting the short end of the stick for a while. With the brits showing us that it's possible, I think there's a very good chance we might go the same way if given the chance.

How bad are things in Mexico currently? What can you guys do about it?
Your president seems ok enough if he was willing to meet with Trump and agreed that there needs to be a wall.

Irrationally so I mean. To the point where the appearance of weakness has been more effective at turning the Black vote than everything else that has happened, like her corruption or her obvious hatred of Blacks.

They don't want a "punk" to be in the White House, which is why they've turned on Obama.

Let me answer this next thread.

Same as you bro. Even convinced my American friends from california to vote for Donald. His presidency will only help us get our shit together. Good to find some sensible Mexicans. MAGA

New thread here:

I like this post.