Well Cred Forums?

Well Cred Forums?

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Well, at least they'll be able to find the cure for my unmowed lawn.

Education doesn't drive discoveries

In fact, you can argue that education keeps people trapped along a certain path where outside variables are dismissed and/or overlooked

What if the cure for cancer is trapped inside the mind of a baby that's about to be aborted?

Is that why the last 5 Nobel laureates in medicine were truckers?

the cure for cancer is a meme

Not only is community college basically free but they pay people to attend community college.

Then if you do good in community college you can transfer to a university

Education enables opportunities you wouldn't have otherwise. Hospitals and research institutions will fund and allow a postdoc in molecular biology test an anticancer hypothesis way before they ever let a high school dropout

What if it was trapped inside the mind of a victim of islamic terrorism?

We would be living in utopia if Murrikans didn't murder Germany and Tesla.

It's trapped inside the head who is passionate enough to learn on their own.

You can educate yourself to a PhD level by using Google. Especially if you're studying Gender Studies. Just use tumblr

>great man theory is now being applied to medical discovery

Wew lad.


What if the cure for cancer is waiting to be found in an Indian toilet?

T.dr Tyrone

It'll be kept in pristine condition

What if the cure for cancer is trapped in the mind of a fucking white male who needs to check his privilege?

It's not like it'd be buried under shit

Such are made from basic building blocks

You get to a point with them where you can go no further, and actual geniuses discovering things on their own accord are what drive science forward

What if the cure to cancer is trapped in a government safe somewhere because cancer treatment is profitable and a cure would be bad for business?

Since education is free, what is the point you thought you were making?

Weve already found the cure for quite a few forms of cancer, the problem is pharmaceutical companies suppress that information cause theres more profit to be made in treatments than cures.

If someone is intelligent they will teach themselves things using the incredible wealth of information that is the on internet. They don't need some professor to spoon it into their head.

Blame the Jews that made our economy debt based and causing inflation to the point that people can no longer work their way through a decent school with a shit job like they could 50 or so years ago?

Also, nobody in big pharma wants cancer cured.

Too much money in barely treating it.

That's not how science works.

But if it were: what if it's trapped in the mind of some black kid, and that kid is dooming the world to cancer because on the odd day he does go to school he just fucks around and disrupts shit like an asshole?

What if that mind of a genius was destroyed by feminist professors with social justice and privilege theory?

It's this easy.

This statement entails that someone is "predestined" to find the cure for cancer but since we don't know who, we must give free education to everyone or somehow be open borders and shit.

But SJWs claim that we can unlearn the stuff we had been conditioned by the patriarchy. And this entails that human beings are free and autonomous enough to take matters into their own hands under at least some situations.

Let us accept this and the contradiction the SJWs made for themselves

thats not how it works

Then we must cut open the head of every poor person until we find it.

The cure for cancer has already been invented by multiple people. Every time someone finds it they are either bought out or killed.

Literally the same propaganda as
"What if the cure for cancer was trapped in the fetus of someone who just got an abortion?"


>Dayum dat frued chikun iz gud nigga
>Cure for cancer found by doctor Tyrone Dindu

People arent just born with all their ideas just premade inside theit brains.

Thats not how a cure for cancer would be found. One man alone can not fucking inspire an entire area of medicine that has been working at it forever and suddently zap a cure into existance.

Wait, I'm confused... Because we can unlearn stuff, people shouldn't get to learn stuff?

Then it'll never be found

good job, CTR.

I guess we should start cracking skulls until we find it

The fact that the person that made this image macro thinks "there's a cure for cancer" is indicative that education is fucking shit.

Get a job faggot

What if the cure for cancer is trapped inside the mind of someone who was aborted?

Fundamentalists and Progressives are very much the same

>cancer can be cured
m8 ur retarded. thats literally a meme. even if you could potentially """"""cure"""""" cancer, well good. now cure the other 3 thosand variants of cancer.

Checkmate liberals and leftists.

>what if the plans/knowledge for a new kind of bomb, that would destroy us all, is trapped inside someone who can't afford education?
i guess we are save... for now

This argument works better as a case against abortion

They ain't curing a cold with their liberal arts gender studies courses.

Seek the talented and the gifted. Ensure they get the education they deserve. Liberal arts and SJW to the salt mines or the gas chambers.

thats now how it works. it's like thinking there are little people in your TV



That is just absurd on so many levels.

Whatvil f it inside the head of someone who wants to study post-colonial women studies instead of medicine?

If you're poor, chances are you're also low IQ.
Scientists with low IQ make for very bad scientists.
Bad scientists ain't gonna cure cancer anytime soon.

Also, what's literally stopping those plebs from working for a few years, saving money, and then taking the education anyway?

These anons know what's up.

what is the cure for cancer was rape....think about it libtards...

>Saving the scanner's page

A mind that brilliant would be able to get scholarships with no problem

Education in the US is free.

cancer has been cured already you huge homosexual
just that big pharmas wont release it because it's more profitable to sell you a $20 daily pill for the rest of your life than you making a single $200 pill payment

I can confirm that there's some shady shit going on. I had a meeting on an internship with a lead scientist whose team had found a way to perform localised radiation using tumour markers, as opposed to the death laser we're using now. He stated that they had to find a way to bypass the FDA, otherwise it would be blocked.

You know they gave a Nobel Peace Prize to Brock Obongo the ISIS man? I thought leftism encouraged open minds and critical thinking.

What if it's trapped inside my testicles and the only way to get it is to suck it out?

>old enough to use Cred Forums
>cares enough about japan to download manga
>hasn't yet learned japanese
>relies on fucking scanlators
You sir are a disgrace.

What if the cure of cáncer was trapped inside the mind of someone who died because chemotherapy?

Only time they posted that image. It's a shame because I like the image and wanted to share. They planned this. Probably.

It's not, you stupid lazy entitled nigger.

>oy vey, DUDE WEED, keep it illegal
>muh chemotherapy shekels

I hope so. Cancer is not supposed to be cured. It's one of the last self regulation mechanisms for humans.

holy fuck this

If they really had the cure for cancer in their head, they'd find a way to get it known. And if education is how the cure for cancer is made known, how come all these educated people don't find the cure for cancer?

People dumb enough to stay poor for more than a year aren't smart enough to make good meth, much less cure cancer.

le just le work le harder you le fugging gommie le XDDDDDDDDDDd

Holy shit that hurts. Fuck you user, I can still learn. There's still time...I say posting in a literal cancer thread. Cancer conspiracy puts me in a cold sweat. You just know this shit is weaponized by the elites.

>le leftists like Islamic terrorists meme

What if the cure for cancer is trapped inside the mind of someone who didn't get the job, because he was a white man, and he didn't fit the diversity quotas?

>the cure for cancer is trapped in the mind of an uneducated person who has never done any research or learned anything about cancer or curing diseases

What if the cure for cancer was trapped inside Bin Laden't mind?

Then we'd be living in a world of memes.

What if he was aborted?

>Liberals actually believe this.

>le poor people are stupid meme

Really inveigles the beans

This guy knows what's up

The cure for cancer is memes

thats not how it works that not now any of this works

some dumb nigger will always be a dumb nigger education or not

a smart black man will always be a smart black man education or not

rational thinking and problem solving cannot or is hard to learn if you do not posses the skills

Its not you fucking subhuman nigger loving faggot pharma pushing kike. Go on berries, melons, and fruits for 6 months and tell me your cancer isn't gone.

Right, because it will be.

Fucking, "b-but it-its not th-that simple user!".


If you learned only a quarter of what the internet had to offer on medicine and medical research, you would be considered one of then greatest and most knowledgeable individuals of all time.

Smh just roll up a blunt and you'll be straight lmao

its not. /thread


>assuming it accepts your concept of gender

Tell that to Steve McQueen and Steve jobs

>implying they haven't already found a cure already

What if future already exists and is predetermined?

That's why Planned Parenthood is preserving the brains.


Holy fucking nigger

The next Dr. Would Have Contributed to Humanity is far more likely to have been affirmative actioned out of college in favor of bindis, women, or muhfuggin BIX NOOD.

well, leaf?


What if the world being a better place was correlated with my bank account figure?????

Should we put all the money in the world in my bank account????

You're gucking Nigger

It's true though.

I am against government spending unless if it's for two things: education and infrastructure.

It's basically scientifically proven that funding education and infrastructure increases productivity, thus increasing GDP.

We need to stop funding special interest groups and social experiments and put our money where it matters.

If this would be indeed the case then it will most lkly to happen in north korea.

Let's assume an IQ of 145 is a minimum for groundbreaking contributions in cancer research. This would corrsopend to a z-score of 5 in sub-sahara africa (average IQ=70) or 2.66 in north korea (average iq of north east asians is 105).

So the top 0.0000300187% of sub saharan africans would have this potential while in north korea it's the top 0.3906911751% this means there are roughly 300 people in sub sahra africa and close to 10000 people in north korea with potential for breakthrough research.

Giving education and food to 25 million north koreans would very likely lead to more scientific breakthroughs than giving the same to a billion africans.

It would probably only cure white males, so it's better off not existing at all

Stupid statement to say the least. It should be said rather:
What is the cure for cancer is trapped inside somedy's head who had not the necessary experience to create one? Ergo all people who have not cured cancer.

Clickbait shit


I used something similar to OPs wording in the past. I'm already in my 30s and far too old to start at the absolute bottom, so my best years are essentially behind me when it comes to that. I also don't have $20k for CC and cannot rely on the American taxpayer to take a gamble on me.

Leftist BTFO

That's not how it works you fucking idiot. You don't just dream up a medical inovation. What's more, the idea that there is a single perfect cure for cancer just waiting to be discovered speaks loudly about how little you understand about medicine, cancer, or human biology in general.

Aaaaayyyylmao. Eat shit liberals.

>10000 people in north korea
typo it's actually close to 100 000 people

North korea has roughly 300 times more people with iqs greater than 145 than all of sub sahara africa.

All cancer? Like every type of cancer ever?

They probably aborted them so it doesn't matter. Friggin baby murderers

Person X has never been worthy of earning any money, because he isn't skilled/intelligent. Therefore he has no money for education.
On the other hand, someone can have the money, but not be skilled, (parents with money, but no motivation), but no-one will ever be poor/homeless and intelligent.

The cure for cancer is trapped inside the minds doctors who benefit from people getting cancer because their job depends upon it. It's not trapped inside of the mind of some stupid black kid who dindu nuffin and think the world owes him "free" (see: tax funded) college. This isn't some Disney movie, welcome to the real world asshole.

No. Their point was that, if we are free autonomous beings, the notion of someone being destined for something is retarded. If we are not free beings then us "unlearning something" is impossible unless we are destined to.

OP here. I want you guys to know I stopped reading after the 20th response because you lot are an uncreative bunch just repeating each other.

Cred Forums is the only place on Earth who would object to more education.

Faraday, one of the best minds on modern history, was such a case, he also refused to patent all his inventions.

In thinlbis brother patented a couple of things for him, though.

Don't stereotype us, we have our own individual opinions.
For example, I would certainly not object to you being sent off for re-education

Aussie has a good point. This is why most inventions and all the recent Nobel winners come from Africa.

People are retarded for not understanding this.

And what if the next Holodomor is trapped inside the mind of a someone who can't afford an education?

This argument has been shot down a thousand times by the greatest minds on Earth. You cannot base your decisions on "what if"s because you're just as likely to get the opposite intended result.

What if that aborted baby was gonna be the next Einstein?
What if that baby was going to be another George Soros? You don't fucking know how its gonna turn out so stop playing this "but what if" game as if throwing money at a billion people living in a fucked economy is gonna solve anything.

>Cred Forums is the only place on Earth who would object to more education.

We don't, we just know that it probably won't lead to many new elite scientists when education becomes more available in africa....

see my calculations in: Sci hub gives everybody with internet access to most published scientific papers. And libgen to enough of the academic books to allow anybody to become a Renaissance man. But who actually uses this?

Mostly asians and westerners. What do africans do with free access to wikipedia? Use it to share low-brow western Entertainment.




If someone has the potential to find the cure to cancer, they sure as shit can find a way to educate themselves , it'd be a relatively minor obstacle.
Bait harder libtard, my taxpayer shekels aren't going to educate a nigger for free.


Because if that asshole ever does manage to bring his cure to the people, it would cost millions of people their jobs!

In addition to that the amount of pencioners will also rise completely bankrupting western countried.

If anything, people aren't dying of cancer enough!

>mfw I'm a liberal
I acknowledge the BTFO

Yeah! People living on the poor side of Kolkata are just degenerate scum. We might as well gas them. All they do is just cause more pollution and global warming.

Can you just buy an education in Canada, without studying?

I know it's sarcasm, but who cares if poor people die, poor people are mentally niggers, if not racially.
Also all those street shitters can die en masse for all I care, it'd make my country great again.

get out of here cuck

>implying cancer is a single thing that has a cure

Now I know this is a leaf shitpost, solely intended to collect (you)s.
Die leaf, die.

>for cancer

wew, someone has no idea how cancer works.

The cures for cancer are already available, currently they are banned by the FDA to protect profits.

We need Health Freedom.

Handguns kill cancer in a petri dish. The pharma lobby is holding this quick cure back for decades.

According to the 100 monkey theory, it will pop up in someone else's mind

if you cure cancer, the cancer wins


then we better start aborting babies so we can crack open their almost formed skulls to find it

What if cancer has been cured, but the cancer industrial complex would prefer lengthy expensive treatments.

What if the cure for cancer is trapped inside the mind of someone


What if there was a disease that afflicts girls generally between 4 and 12yo, because of its mode of transmission inflected nearly 100% of girls and the only cure is for her to ingest her father's semen everyday?

>baby about to be aborted
Pick one

What if the cure of cancer is in your cumrag?
I'm not even a liberal but stupid rhetoric like yours and OP's need to be tackled.


You could sell the cure as expensive (or even more) than the lengthy treatment would cost.
As a side effect the too-poor guy who published and patented his cancer cure (which really doesn't much, even preschool children send emails with their phones these days) could finally go to the most expensive univeristies known to man.

then you'd be real happy. Hey Jared who let you on the prison PC? Time for your morning footlong!

Because cancer isn't a specific disease but rather a symptom of genetic damage that can only be completely remedied with personalized gene therapy.

Isn't that one of those robot-generated inspirational things? Inspirobot?

The fuck

>What if the cure for cancer is in your cumrag

Now I'm wondering how much precious life and huge advancements in society I've fired off

The cure of cancer is the end-point of a lot of works, researches and collaboration.
It's not trapped in one person mind, it's trapped in thousand and thousand people minds.

And just to let you know, every months progress are made. Every years, new therapies are coming out, expanding the life sick people.

And just to be clear, it's the work of scientist, technicians and also all the other employees of a company, from the cleaning team to the CEO.
You want to accelerate the cure of cancer, then you should not send everybody to college...

for those interested

>What if the cure for cancer is trapped inside the mind of an eldritch beast?

Well Cred Forums?

Faggot indoctrinated liberal spotted

What if the cure for cancer is trapped inside the mind of an aborted baby?

why if the cure for cancer was trapped inside a designer baby but we made that illegal because its "immoral"

Put them in a centrifuge and seperate it out.

What if the cure for cancer is trapped in the mind of the person that would only come to exist from a woman being raped?

what if the person who cues cancer is literally the next Hitler?

Thats... not how research works.

did the person who invent college to go college?

If that someone has the cure trapped inside of his mind already then.... He gonna be rich.

But that's not how science works.

What if OP wasn't a tremendous faggoo

Well ISIS certainly left some open minds.


>a priori knowledge
It doesn't work that way

Reminder that there are LITERALLY a few people as smart as Einstein in Africa right now, who live in mud huts.

There already is a cure, the guy who discovered it accidentally shot himself 20 times in the back

>the cure of cancer is trapped on the mind of a gibsmedat or someone who is going to take a meme career like arts instead of STEM or medicine

really makes you ponder

Why does an education cost so much? Who's to blame? Why do liberal professors demand so much pay? Are they greedy?

you can get the entirety of collegiate knowledge for free either online or at a library. the only purpose of paying for an education is to become a part of the community in your industry, build a professional network, basically things that help you make more money. there are no mystical medical wisdoms that you can only learn once you pay for access, it's not a fucking secret society.

Oh, really? What are their names?

>Fetus doesn't have a brain

You fail biology.

Brain and mind aren't synonyms.

cancer is a metaphysical illness. Mostpeople that get it do so because they fail to Life; they go their entire live misbeliefing.

Then a lot of people will go on dying of cancer. What a stupid question.