What are we going to do about this and when?


What are we going to do about this and when?

We have less than half a month to inform the normies. We have less than half a month to inform our fellow anons.


>Without the U.S. contract, Icann would seek to be overseen by another governmental group so as to keep its antitrust exemption. Authoritarian regimes have already proposed Icann become part of the U.N. to make it easier for them to censor the internet globally. So much for the Obama pledge that the U.S. would never be replaced by a “government-led or an inter-governmental organization solution.”

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Please guys, I am legitimately scared. I can't get a single solitary sole to respong and I been trying for weeks now.

They have no authority, we sit and fight using our mighty keyboards.

If a UN backed Thought Police Agency takes over the web, we move to peer-to-peer websites, that way there is no Server to be taken out.
They might be able to moderately censor normie areas of the web, but they can't 100% remove all of us.

If we can't have a free and open internet, what is the purpose of having an internet at all?

Some more tech savvy anons explained in some other threads that it's not nearly as bad as it sounds. Something to do with DNS servers, I don't remember. Basically, they seemed to think nothing would change as a result. Maybe they were just shills though.

You think it's okay because SOPA was nothing but SOPA was only nothing because people threw a fit about it.

Normies don't know about this. Total media blackout. Cred Forums usually goes insane over this shit. Where are you guys?

If it's not a big deal then would somebody kindly point to some red pills?

If they push too far, and we find a time we're required to use a thumb print scanner to access the internet, it's time to burn down some buildings Chimp-Out style.

Also, if they add something called a "Social Score" that job employers can use to not hire you, it's time to get rowdy.


Is Ted winning the fight? Are the Senators with him?


Instead of typing a websites name in, you can type the actual I.P address to get to the same location. ICAAN just manages the DNS which lets you type Cred Forums.org instead of 4chans IP to get to this webpage.
They could say "fuck the nazi frog birthplace" and change the DNS to put a picture of a cat instead of this website when going to Cred Forums.org.
Note that Russia just lost accesss to some porn sites this week, so it's possible a government can interfere with website access.

Obama hands over the net to the UN. Obama becomes General Secretary of the UN.

wtf? link doesnt work

That's good for us but we can't spread any messages that way. I don't want to live in a world where a younger me can't stumble onto Cred Forums one day in the school library. Newfags suck but they are a necessity.

If you can only go on approved websites than significantly fewer people will even know about the alternatives.

All I'm asking is for a little help viraling so that normies at least know it's happening. I suck at viraling. I've tried for years to join in on that sort of stuff around here and I've never been any good at it.

Can we at least let the rest of Cred Forums know? It seems like half of Cred Forums doesn't even know it's happening.

maybe worth a couple delegates

'merica only internet when

I see, but if you have the actual IP address there's nothing they can do, right?

People could just download IP "address books" for their favorite websites and hold onto them locally, so it doesn't matter what the DNS does - right?

It's just the English name of the website. All the websites will still be accessible by an IP. In case something happens (it wont), you just memorize Cred Forums's IP and that's it

If something, it will filter a lot of the newshit from this site, which is actually quite a good thing seeing the current state of Cred Forums

Bump for freedom

I've been trying. Literally no one gives a shit. People are pathetic.

That sounds undesirable to say the least.

Again, this isn't bad for the followers of kek. But how is the church of kek expected to grow under such restraints?

Also, this seems like a slippery slope. I know you're not supposed to use the slippery slop arguement because it's lazy, but fuck it. That's Princess Peach's Secret Slide.

Who cares? The Internets are degenerate and Al Gore should be shot for inventing it. The world was a better place before its existenz

This is the end of the only free media left; the Internet is the last bastion of truth in the world, now everything will begin turning into 1984 for real.


Yea I've already made a giant list of I.P addresses just incase something fucky happens, but you should also know that websites are hosted off a server.
So you have example, kick ass torrents just had their server raided. So it's worth the 10 minutes looking into peer-to-peer websites, they allow everyone to seed a website to eachother without a central server.

If we can't have a free and open press, why have a press at all?

Al Gore also invented grapes.


4th generation warfare. There are so many stories, false flags, actual cases of terrorism, that no one story can get the proper public discourse needed for political action. That and Ted committed suicide a few months ago on live television. Couldn't Rand Paul do something about this instead?

Peer-to-peer websites sound pretty risky when it involves user uploads - such as a site like Cred Forums. Anyone who is sharing could potentially be distributing any illegal material that someone else has uploaded, and they wouldn't even know it. Feels like that would just give them more of an excuse to stamp out websites that still value free speech.

You posted that thread with the black background OP image one or two nights ago, right? It only had one reply from OP to himself and nobody else wanted to talk?

Have you tried other boards? Because I have and I might be paranoid but they seem like they're autosaging 98% of the time.

I really could have sworn OP was able to bump on Cred Forums, but it had been a while since my last time OPing on Cred Forums so I might have been wrong about that.

Liberals will hide behind the 'uh I don't know that's advanced technology shit' lmao I'm not a nerd girl excuse when what's being complained about doesn't suit their agenda. I think it's safe to say liberals no longer value free speech, ironically.

I looked into this once and apparently there are ways to get around this. It'd be entirely too complicated to do for the average person but people who need to communicate via the internet have options.

It's Cred Forums's fault for having a tangible effect on the primaries/election season.

Why the fuck else would mainstream media be parading Pepe on network TV and calling him a Nazi frog? If we did manage to spread the word about this they would just paint us as evil alt-righters voting from a pseudo-CP website. We'd be dominzed to the point where nobody would admit to enjoying Chan culture despite even the normies knowing perfectly well where all their favorite Facebook memes started out.

really makes u think

Free speech allows them to call someone racist, what would happen if we start taking people to court for slander and defimation of character for calling us racist for a frog cartoon.

>Anyone who is sharing could potentially be distributing any illegal material that someone else has uploaded, and they wouldn't even know it. Feels like that would just give them more of an excuse to stamp out websites that still value free speech.
My argument against that in regards to current legal standing is that it gives you as an individual a very large amount of plausible deniability.

On a website basis the thing is that with disclaimers and what not it can make it a very messy legal work that they won't put the effort into doing unless they feel it is prominent. Their feelings have oftentimes underestimated the power and presence of these online communities so it is likely that they will do things after it is too late.

Most people don't admit to liking imageboards in the first place. They already see this as super secret scary website. The perception is already there and yet people don't do anything. So further reinforcing an already present perception and then telling them to take action based off of that isn't likely to be effective.

>My argument against that in regards to current legal standing is that it gives you as an individual a very large amount of plausible deniability.

It does in normal circumstances, but do you think once the "no free speech allowed" crack downs begin that this will matter?

You say this but is anything prepared?
How do you reorganize if they can shut down whatever they want whenever they want?
Honestly this ICANN thing is scarier than SOPA

this isn't really that big of a deal

they can censor things like .com or .org as a whole but not individual sites IE: Cred Forums.org

anyone freaking out about this doesn't really know much about the internet

Spend 10 minutes and look up ZeroNet , theres a couple different p2p website platforms being created. The concept of seeding websites between peers is pretty sick.

I disagree wholeheartedly. We are the scum of the internet, sure. But everyone knows we're Dr. Poole's Mean Meme Machine.

Imgur for instance loves to upvote dozens of Cred Forums screencaps to the front page every week but fill the comment section up with "ew" "oh, Cred Forums" "lol sick". We're "hated" by people and everyone plays coy but at the end of the day anyone under 30 with an intact dick and balls set knows that Cred Forums is the heart and womb of everything that people love about the internet.

>It does in normal circumstances, but do you think once the "no free speech allowed" crack downs begin that this will matter?
I agree with that hence why I said current legal standing, but in that situation I don't think being able to post on anonymous imageboards would be your first avenue of rebellion or first cause for concern. The best thing you could do is find locals who may have a rough mutual agreement with you against such a thing (I know several who may be inclined to help any such people with a similar mindset and I live in a massively cucked state). You don't fight internet censorship after its happened on the internet. You fight it in the streets by making them fear the consequences of their actions.

the internet is already censored, but instead of 5 republicans owning global media, the media will be more accessible to the people.

Another example, when cracked.com was at it's most popular somewhere around 2009/2010. Authors would come to Cred Forums make a thread like "what are some funny Star Wars facts" and then three days later you would see "7 Unbelievable Star Wars Easter Eggs" get posted on Cracked.

>I disagree wholeheartedly. We are the scum of the internet, sure. But everyone knows we're Dr. Poole's Mean Meme Machine.
Since everyone already sees us as the scum of the internet, as you admit, would further telling people we are scum cause them to be okay with the elites censoring us? No because as you also said we are also beloved for our ability to create humorous content. Therefore the way they cause people to be okay with censoring us is not by telling them that we are scum or crazy nazis or a pseudo cp website or that pepe is a symbol of white nationalism. They already think those things or don't care enough to think about it. It is instead telling them that we aren't funny and thus hold no value to them.

You don't get someone to hate your scummy uncle by telling them he's scummy. You get them to hate him by convincing them he isn't funny. Convincing is different than telling by the way. I can go into that if you'd like.

Strange that the only one visibly fighting against this is Ted Cruz, maybe we should have thought about the importance of constitutional principles before we elected two progressive memes of the parties the represent. It's happening now, get ready.

Have you thought about how funny it is for these normies or reporters who are investigating pepe, if they land on Cred Forums as their first Cred Forums experience. Seeing all the traps and furries and think that's what Cred Forums is lol. I wonder if hillary has come here and seized out at the content.

hah! Open press my ass... It has been ages since they acted like the 5th-estate doing the job of the people when the people elected fails.

No one gives a shit. The clearnet is for frogposters and facebook users.

I would love to see either that or see them go on /jp/ and go into one of the touhou girl threads and just see the sheer amount of whimsical shitposting, and good shitposting at that, about "wich 2hu wud u fug?"

Or waifu posting on Cred Forums would be good too. Which is why whenever I see a "news reporter" asking for an "interview" here I always waifu post with Misaki. On the off chance that it airs on the news and my love becomes a national message.

Cred Forums is full of smart people acting like idiots, and what we are dealing with are stupid people acting intelligent. The only difference between the people on Cred Forums worshipping trannies and the SJWs at NYU is that they do it anonymously on the Internet, and the others stand outside the statehouse demanding legislation to shut down the voices of others.

>thinking it's possible to beat the establishment
Kill yourselves, 90% of people in this thread

I'm not so certain the CP thing is well known. Or the ridiculous amount of furry porn on Cred Forums. Or the rape thread on /gif/.

Cred Forums's reputation as scum comes from its history of doxxing and raids. People enjoy our humor but never come here themselves because they don't want an elite hacker logging into their Facebook and telling their mom that her kid is looking at naughty pictures. That and the website design doesn't look hip and modern enough. It can be confusing to navigate for first timers.

But if it was madea national story that you literally cannot browse Cred Forums for a weekend without accidentally seeing a naked 12 year old? That makes our wacky unrestricted humor look a lot less whacky.

Most people think of Cred Forums as just being Cred Forums too. If Cred Forums becomes as popular as Cred Forums then a lot of normies are gonna stop finding our jew and nigger jokes funny once they realize that anons probably use nigger irl on the regular.

People tend to be amused by Metal until they meet their first legitimate white supremacist metalhead with a history of rape.

I dont know what we can do.|
The king nigger overstepped but everyone is on the flouride too much to do anything about it.
Im sure he will legalize all illegals and destroy the boarders before he is out of office.

it's an "international body" subservient to the US, why are you getting so fucking butthurt about it?

I don't know but I've never fucked a moose before. Is it icky?

That can be transported outside of the US what part of that don't you understand

What about when they stop issuing IP addresses to undesirables?

The internet as we know it was created on the American taxpayer dollar. By all rights it belongs to our free people and we allow other countries to look upon it.

I love how this is supposed to be anti-trump.