NY Happening theory thread

Who did it? Why? Is it connected to the NJ attack?

Will they strike again? Can we stop them?

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The Jews

They are using pressure cooker bombs again eh?

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I was just thinking that pressure cookers are very effective.

>gas explosion

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It's a college aged jihadi, maybe two

Yes they will do his again

Yes New Jersey was them too

FBI will find them within the week

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Same Britfag the other thread on this topic? Regardless reposting my answer from another thread on this topic.

It's possible considering it happened on the same day in two locations within 100 miles of each other. One attack carried out in the morning, the other in the evening. There was ample time for whoever was responsible for the 5k plot to make it to that part of NY.

That being said I'm inclined to say no it was not the same person.The biggest reason I'd say no is that you had two different types of devices that used two different types of triggers.

All indications seem to point to NJ being done with three pipe bombs linked together and placed in a trash can, only one of which actually detonated. It seems like this was a device triggered by timer, given that it failed to produce any fatalities but detonated within 5 minutes to to the start of the race, yet failing to do any real damage. Most likely not command initiated.

Conversely it seems in NY it was a pressure cooker device similar in to the types that were used in Boston at the Marathon bombing 3 years back. There's reports of another device similar to that being found linked to a cellphone with wires. While a timer is possible, the inclusion of a cell phone on the device points to it being much more likely that it was command initiated by another call by someone who could see the device's location.

While the distance is easily doable, the radically different construction of the devices and detonation method says that it is unlikely they were made by the same person. This likely means you're looking for two different people who happened to strike on the same day. Fortunately neither of whom appear to be particularly skilled at construction that would be required for a more sophisticated device. That being said that both devices were camouflaged in trash cans (granted one was a dumpster but similar philosophy), coupled with the distance COULD indicate its the work of the same person.

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The US broke the ceasefire in Syria and killed 62 soldiers. Russia then accused them of working with ISIS. They needed to flood the news with something.

Id say its BLM types.

found this on Cred Forums steam group this guy claims he's the bomber

Why didn't we listen to the abortion fag!

What happened with that anyway? I missed the resolution


SS if you don't wanna click link

>Can we stop them?
No as long as globalist mafia needs them

This video did not warn against possible ways a pressure cooker can be misused resulting in an explosion. I am very disappointed and feel in danger.

What if I mis use my pressure cooker out of ignorance??

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Just don't try to cook salt peter and gun powder. Also don't be american.

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>BLM types.
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It just means "know what I mean?" or "get that?"

As for whether or not the two attacks are linked? There is at least a fairly highly degree of suspicion for it being possible they are. The old adage "once is an accident twice is a coincidence" comes to mind.

Given there was a third incident, the knife attack in Minnesota that employed tactics directly out of Inspire magazine, and that the two other incidents used devices similar to others that have been used in prior terror attacks, the third part of the quote seems to fit too "One is an accident, twice a coincidence, and three times a pattern".

>Will they strike again?
Unless something turns up on one or both of the incidents that links to a suspect, it is fairly to highly likely that we will see another incident occur. Whether the two bombings were carried out by the same person or different people, it is troubling either way. In either case, the person(s) behind the construction will be able to revise their means of construction and placement if they are not caught.

>Can we stop them?
Highly likely. Given the areas it is highly likely that there is surveillance camera footage of the surrounding areas and witness testimony that will generate possible leads. In addition At least one intact device was found undetonated at both locations giving experts a vast amount of insight into the nature of the construction of both devices. The explosives used will be able to be compared fairly easily to make a determination of whether or not they came from the same source.

It's a false flag to distract people from the fact that the USA led an air strike yesterday that directly assisted ISIS in a major way.

Are these pressure cookers with batteries or something?

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Its an interesting timing with the US bombing Syria and killing 60 of Assads boys.

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US has been bombing Syria for some time now, They killed a bunch of the wrong sand niggers this time, so what? Not long ago they bombed an hospital by "error" and nothing happened.

I would have placed my secondary device at the entrance and gave it a delay of several seconds. That way I could take out the legs of the people fleeing the scene.

If I was a terrorist that is.

So some Syrian decided the US had one more chance and then they bombed again so he emptied all his gun powder into a pressure cooker and had his revenge.

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The best kind of bomb would be a propange tank with a v shaped steel plate so you can direct the blast.

Who did what? Who attacked the poor dumpster?

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i have a feeling they're probably driving across the country dropping bombs in random places. they probably have a truck full of them. seems like they're going for soft targets too so this is going to freak people out

Gonna be pretty hard to walk around with large back packs in built up areas for a while now.

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>Who did it? Why? Is it connected to the NJ attack?

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