Young men dropping out of society and birthrates falling

Now what's the next step in our master plan?

>Lads! Britain needs you to do your duty and get flirting

>The Idle Army: America’s Unworking Men - Millions of young males have left the workforce and civic life

>There is a shortage of educated men - husband hunters beware!

>The Lost Boys – young men opt for virtual life of pornography and gaming

>Finland: bleak picture of the country comparisons: every five young men outside the education and labor - "Really worrying result" [Finnish]

>Finland's birth rate drops drastically - why decision-makers do not wake up to the seriousness of the problem? [Finnish]

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This is the generation of women who demanded complete equality of outcomes, even if they had to destroy men in the process. This is the generation of women who will end up as slaves when men refuse to protect them from the muslim hordes.

Sometimes in this life, you get what you deserve.

>sit at home and fap to anime instead of procreating

You sure showed them user

It really does.
Who else will support them if not us, you think jamal and tyrone will help raise their kids, you think they will help them be financially secure?


It doesn't matter who raises the kids if the kids are the progeny of Jamal and Tyrone and not you. Killing the white race out of petty spite is still killing the white race.

Reminder that this is a meme and men are still majority contributors.

Only ones who don't contribute are still the shitskins.

Raising kids in a highly feminized society so that they become numales is killing the white race.

I'd rather go with a bang than with a whimper.

Then we get a generation of fatherless mixed pussies

You can't stop the behavioral sink. The government needs to start creating GM babies if they want more workers.

So why exactly should I care about a race as an individual? Let it be Jamals and Tyrones after me, for all the fucks I give.

Our taxes do, if you work.

it's because young men are so entitled and have unrealistic expectations of the women they should have access to, who should be, somehow "sexually available" to them. This is brought on by fat-shaming, objectification of women, and the patriarchy. You are your own downfall, men.

>why do millenial males not have sex anymore?
>what a bunch of losers, I got married easily in the 50s-60s
>our men are lazy and broken, we need to fix them

People are incomprehensibly stupid

As usual, women suck and it's all boys fault.
>Lads! Britain needs you to do your duty and get flirting
Lol, we tried flirting but women seem only to care about Chad/Tyrone.
Why should we put effort for cheating whores who love to be used as cum dumpsters?

2/10, you fake Aussie.

There's no fixing this unless society cracks down on Western women's entitlement. We have a generation of women who all think themselves Disney princesses, it's any wonder why we are in the predicament we're in.

They created the conditions, they'll reap what they sow. Until then, I'll be looking out for number one, myself. Bring on the foreign hordes, I'm itching to go out swinging.

This is what happens when you let women make political decisions as if they actually know what they want.

Downfall? Why so? Instead of adopting to all the bullshit we just choose to go elsewhere to satisfy our instincts, because clearly women simply don't worth it.

Dude, only the losers "dropout" of life.
Corporate America will keep feeding on the sweat of the youth because someone climbing the ladder will always want more, regardless of whether he has a family or not.
Still, the divorce laws and practice are nightmarish, and they're made even worse by the presence of kids. Getting married nowadays is like playing Russian roulette, except your chances of losing are higher and the stakes are your livelihood instead of your life.
Whether by choice or circumstance, I don't think I'll ever marry.

This is not the answer. (((They))) have made marriage and living a normal life a gamble, but masturbating to anime is not the solution.
Lawyer up to your teeth, bring your asset offshore and either force the dumb cunt to raise your own kids with you and being a proper mother, or you throw her down the street like the cheap, filthy whore she truly is.

Rinse and repeat for as long as it's necessary to eradicate the faulty genes causing this bullshit. Redpill the kids in the process. (((They))) want to replace us with a mongrel race with no culture, no values and no family to get manipulable docile goyim. (((They))) can get fucked

Bachelor taxes are coming. There will be similar incentives to register as jobless as well, though I'm not sure if they'll like the actual numbers.

This is who you're kids will be told to admire.
This is who they WILL admire.
This is who will many try to become.

If males don't step their ground and reject breeding in this liberal degeneracy you aren't "Saving the white race" you are doing the very opposite.
You don't save anything while breeding in a toxic environment.

just hop away kangeroo

>tfw when you realize why everyone civilization in the past now used to worship men and subjugated women to be their trophies.
>tfw when you realize any civilization that didn't do this got conquered by one that did.
>tfw when you realize muslims will in the next centuries conquer your home country

Reminder that MGTOW are cancerous and degenerate. MGTOW is a Jewish construct to create this male withdrawal crisis.

Why so much MGTOW hatred?

Men have no incentive enough to risk their wealth and well-being on that of another human being, who traditionally in the modern age, will fuck him over in a significant way.

Most men are too afraid or to conscious to make a decision that is tipped against them so badly, women wanted it all and they got it all. They're having their cake and eating it, while still complaining they can't have either.

The world of men and women is at it's apex of dysfunction, we've never quite been here before, it's no surprise everyone is confused.

just settle down ruski, it was b8

Jesus you pussy, our job is to fix our women and nations. Women will follow the way of the percieved strong men, not some angry little band of faggots on the outskirts of society who just wants to wait for others to fix the problem.

the government

They all look like pic related so it's not like they have a choice anyway

>young men are so entitled and have unrealistic expectations of the women they should have access to
I don't even care if a woman has all 4 limbs
>fat shaming
obesity is a sign of laziness and a lack of regard for one's own health

just something something, mr clogs.
You will accept feminism one day when women are so equal they dominate men in all areas


Well after a decade of women and dindus being given more opportunities so universities and workplaces can show off how (((diverse))) they are, boys being told they're aggressive and toxic and FUCKING WHITE MALES guilty if everything wrong with the world, and women becoming entitled, demanding selective cunts that will sue you for rape or divorce you for all your money, it's logical that men want to drop out of society.
I'd still say man up and work on improving yourself instead of playing fucking videogames but I understand why American young men wouldn't want to.

Government doesn't get any taxes because nobody works ;^)

the bitterness and entitlement shit is lame. doing your own thing is fine but when you have to constantly remind everybody you're doing out of spite you come off as an unlikable pussy.

>Lawyer up.

user, that's expensive. I work at a fishing store in a small town in Wisconsin. I don't have the money to lawyer up, or a way to meet women.

KEked and checked.

>I'd rather go with a bang than with a whimper.

That's funny
It reminded me short story Sky is Falling by Henry Kuttner

If MGTOWs are losers who have no choice, then why did the Jews create the movement?

I agree, men need to stop caring that women spend their best reproductive years fucking Tyrone and Muhammad instead of marrying and starting a family. Men just need to man up again and accept that whores and single moms can be housewives too!

Good. The whole world will collapse and white women will disappear because irregular gfs are superior.

>Feminists have fucked over this generation
>women turn a workplace into shit
>women go around being sluts to top tier men
>women explore worst parts of their nature while suppressing men
>women responsilble for all these shit politics and insane liberal ideologeos. ie "gender is a social construct'
>women perfected taking, either getting beta to found them or taking male tax dollars,
>women can walk out on marriage any time and take so much of a mans hard work.

women are only yours when you are on top of them. You have to treat them as temporary. novelties. They wonder like Children and misbehave at the first emotional high. Maybe like 10% are good for marriage, and still they could change 20 years down the road. I think a am getting an Asian chick. I don't want a degenerate, entitled former slut wife.

>replying to an Australian
Ya bloody dingbat.

>implying if you kick the mother of your kids out she wont go to court and keep the children to herself forcing you to pay child support out of the ass while the kids get blue pilled and become tranny faggots
There is no winning here, literally NONE.

You can either cuck yourself and try your hand with women or be smart enough and just say "fuck it".
I'm not gambling my life away to save some goddamn shits who've done nothing but undermine the very people who've built up this country.

No please, don't reproduce

Wow, just wow. I can't even.

All you need to know is that the TRP/MGTOW guys are angry, bitter, loser neckbeards who live in their moms' basements and can't get laid. They also manipulate and trick women to have sex with them all the time.

Elliot Rodger was a MGTOW. That says all, don't ya think?

>all these people saying durrr man up have a kid

How is it not crystal clear to you at thjs point that man kind is a failure of a species? Maybe this whole bullshit we are going through is some evolutionary off switch when our time is done? Maybe our mind wasn't meant to evolve this fast and this is life's way of shutting us down? I suspect we blew it post 1942 after that's when multiculturalism came in and brought down everyone's quality of life. There is no way things get better now other than another Hitler showing up but that new Hitler would face an even bigger uphill climb at this point.


Oh it could be that governments have stacked against MEN and a feminist wave has come over the world. One that has been championed by jewish leftists globally. It has not been for the good of the world but now we are seeing the true price for feminists PACIFISM.

What FEMINISTS and the PACIFICATION of the world has yet to understand is - EVERY PERSON DIES.

The world of MEN has already figured that out - it is ingrained in us. Women have yet to genetically understand SLAYING. They have not sacrificed on the level that men have. They have only seen pictures on the news and the books. They are lucky to have even READ a book about the tribulations of MEN.

Economy is shit.

I will stop shit posting for a moment to say THIS. Like, OMG, this.

These are exact the type of post that will put you back on top. Good work, keep it up.

That should be shop'd to boipucci, not 3DPD sluts.

Hi, Melbourne

I hate grills to!!
Let's suck each other off now!! (Nohomo)
I'm just so tired of the matriarchy.
This way of thinking isn't exactly what got us in this situation.

Yeah and by then i'm gonna have my stuff offshore and the rest of my assets wrote to a trustee's name. My accountant has guaranteed me it shouldn't take longer than 5 days. Private detective agency to frame the whore. And if shit hits the fan i'm off to fucking Panama and good lucking with the cuck judge ordering me to pay shit. My kids will still have my blood in their veins, they will be ok. I will educate the little shits myself from day one.

And if it gets that bad, i'm just going to send suitcases full of cash to my kids so they can do whatever the fuck they want with it. Including making rolls of them and throwing them at their mother like the whore she is.
I am the product of millions and millions of years of evolutionary success, i'm not going to let it go to waste

>All you need to know is that the TRP/MGTOW guys are angry, bitter, loser neckbeards who live in their moms' basements and can't get laid.

Strange, they really come off as the opposite to me and as people who just don't care enough to get laid. Your post did come off as buttbothered tho, probably because you're a female

I think it's time to publicly recognize that liberals and liberal ideas are DANGEROUS and need to be stopped.

It's not funny anymore.

So all you pussies would have a "cause" and feel justified in being a litteral deadbeat and a faggot.

>Implying there's anything else to watch on TV.

>Cuckposting intensifies

My brother in law married my sister about 3 years ago. When he married her she was a /fit/ slender marathon running housewife who loved cleaning and cooking and eating healthy. After popping out two kids she has become a fat alcoholic crazy cunt of a bitch and worst off my bro in law works no joke 12 hours a day since he makes serious money and all she has to do to make his life incredibly easier is stay at home and raise the kids but no my cunt sister all of a sudden is a proud woman that needs a job so she does an unnecessary teaching job for little pay as my bro in law goes through stress setting up baby sitters and making sure they make it to school. I told him to days ago if he divorces her I'll help protect him any way he needs.

We started on this path way back in 1789. Read some history mate.

Next step depends.
If Trump
If Hillary
It's that simple, folks.

Man, those Jews just think of everything, eh? Here's another question: If MGTOWs are such worthless losers, then why is it so important that they find a nice gal and spread their shit genes?


Jesus fucking christ. The problem of men dropping out is not only the men's fault. Why can't feminists just fucking admit that they too are part of the problem?

its easy to have sex, just be cool handsome and normal


you're already wealthier than 90% of your countrymen, probably

what you suggest is not practical for most people

even for yourself, becoming a fugitive to avoid paying alimony seems like you're losing overall

>pic related is Jew

STFU m8. Everyone hates niggers. Most women do not fuck them. Sure the slutty girls might sleep around. But you shouldn't be tryin to marry a hoe. Go find a qt who is responsible and not a sluty. fiancé wants to be stay at home mom. Life is good.

>men are the reason women are more promiscuous and less desirable as wives

last I heard men are still working and buying things, they just aren't buying their wives things, because they don't have any

It does, actually.
>women shouldn't be held to the consequences of their heinous nation wrecking actions
Found the coalburning roastie.


t. falcunt seanfinnius

I used to want something of my life, but then something happened. I no longer long for a woman. Women are just so overrated and being a wage slave isn't for me. My mom is making enough for me to get by and the only thing I need is water and internetz.

She needs treatment dude. Get her institutionalized.

Some of us women never wanted this shit, we have had feminism shoved down our throats too, I hate it and I fight it whenever I have the chance. I've been called a racist, Nazi, bigot, misogynist, just because I tell the truth of how I have been harmed by islamic men and I not only blame those men, I blame all the subversive cunts who have weakened society to the point they have brought us to this point.


men have finally woken up after thousands of years
nobody is making a big enough deal about it but men these days and into the future have finally woken up

women arent worth shit
you can jerk off all day and you will be far better off than ever playing the game and trying to get laid/ then having kids/ the getting divorced/ then losing everything

when you have nothing you have nothing to lose

brothers unite

>tl:dr western women are shit
Oh wow its not like its been like this since the 1960's 50 fucking years ago

how the fuck do i find a mate when i'm in the degeneracy capital of australia, barring melbourne, and i find sluts completely unattractive?

best sex of my life was in a long term

>you can jerk off all day and you will be far better off than ever playing the game and trying to get laid/ then having kids/ the getting divorced/ then losing everything
virgin here is this true?

25 years old and i wunna kill myself





Seriously though keep fighting the good fight. You're needed for optics. When MRAs are attacked as sexist you need to defend them and flip the script, call the faggot feminists sexist back.

No no no.
You never would have found a nice girl. And honestly god forbid you have kids. It just makes what you are doing seem legit. This puts men in a bad light. We risk both women thinking we are all mgtow fags, and men think hey that sounds fun.

The magority of mgtow would have never been anything anyways. Now it is a political moe t to be a fucking loser.

It was just an end of the world scenario user. I've got enough dosh to make sure the dumb whore spends the rest of her days under a bridge smoking crack.

But in most of the cases you just need to be careful who you choose before marriage, make sure she knows her place and has similar goals to yours. I don't think getting cucked to the levels being posted here is common at all, just some case of survivorship bias.

the worst thing about being a virgin isn't missing out on sex, it's the expectation from friends and family that you're being a virile young male doing virile young male things

i try to approach girls and often i get them talking and establish a good mood but eventually, usually after a day or two the chatting stops.

At least i'm trying. But women don't want me i guess. I had an easy time with american girls so maybe i'll aim for an american girl so i can get dual citizenship. I'll try find a norwegian-american in minnesota maybe.

It's embarrasing that i'm 6'7" and only have had sex once. I'm a fucking disgrace. But i'm trying to improve and better myself. I'm only 24 and people around me tell me "you are so young, you have plenty of time".

It sure as hell doesn't feel like it.

How the fuck do i get a girl in general?

Yes. The age of Virtual Reality waifus is upon us.

Vietnam is like RIGHT there dude, western women are D O N E.

>I have been harmed by islamic men
Shit that's bad

Women have always bitched about men in every single fucking aspect, in every single goddamn one.

So you know what, let them have the drivers seat, I'mma be like a women I'll stay at home be lazy watch my daily cartoons and jerk off nonstop.
If women want to drive this country off a cliff so be it, I'll be here chilling maybe after they get done wrecking the place they'll finally learn how fucking stupid they were.

When the idea of marriage, which is the end game for any successful relationship, has been tainted so horridly like it has today, it's no wonder men are opting out of all of it.

There have been too many stories of divorce. Too many stories of men never seeing their own children, losing their house, losing their car, paying child support, paying alimony while their ex-wife lives the high life doing nothing.

There is literally no incentive for men to get married in this day and age. There is none at all. If you happen to find a good woman and get married, best of luck. But what are the benefits for men to get married? I would encourage all women to get married because it's lucrative for them, it makes sense for them. But what at all is in it for men?

How though? She doesn't even acknowledge it or that there is a problem and if we try to talk about it she has a huge emotional outbursts, curses us out and cries. Every fucking time. How do you deal with this? What is sad is she never had this problem with alcohol it came out of nowhere and her life is good and everything is taken care of and my brother in law is a top tier good moral man much more than I will ever be and she still FUCKING tries to ruin it all. How the fuck can I entertain marriage when they can swerve their entire lives 180 on a dime like that?

>bring the water to a boil
>the frog jumps out
WOW fucking frog GET BACK IN THE POT
So entitled to not boiling to death
How dare you

Women fucked up society for us. Now we will drop out and let it all burn as birth rates drop and women are increasingly in charge of running society.

Praise Kek.

asians are repulsive

literally aliums

If you want sex, buy a prostitute. It'll be far cheaper and you'll waste a lot less time.

>Vietnam is like RIGHT there dude
I intend to keep my roman bloodline as purest as possible, thank you very much Chaim.
Besides, a young mentally ill hapa with a roman surname would be nothing short of grotesque

Your right user, but we don't care anymore.

>Give women the right to vote
>Women vote more government + security
>Government buys female votes
>Government replace men in the family role as provider and protector
>Men get a raw deal and get raped by the state for their assets and robbed of their children
>Men opt out
>Birth rate declines

Look how always the individuum is blamed, totally ignoring the context and circumstances.

Another example is the tobacoo mega cartel, who blames the smokers for their bad health, yet buying cigarettes is as easy as getting medicines or food (besides the added quemicals to make it even more addictive)

Or take speed limits, blaming the user for exceeding speed, yet selling you cars that can overspeed the limit within seconds easily. Its all design to manipulate you into blaming the final user.

But you aren't banging anyone.

Mgtow=edgy feminism

Lol i havent had any real friends for 2 years user

Family are distanced and dont really give a shit about me.

Live with my mum thats about it.
I dont want sex as much as company, just a girlfriends to do normal stuff with, company that sort of thing.

So from a male point of view, what's the problem?
Men who want to drop out of society seem to be able to do it now
Men who still want to fuck girls and have a career still can do both of these things and it gets easier because there's apparently a shortage of men so less competition.

Move on, it's a non issue

My right hand disagrees bitch nigga.

>establish anti-white male system
>act surprised white males dropping out

tell me why I should give a fuck?

Are you one of those Islamic rape gang victims like in Rotherham?

I want neither sex nor company, but i do need a heir to preserve my bloodline. I honestly feel nothing towards it, but i know it's the right thing to do. Maybe i'll like it along the way

Globalists own everything and everyone. This is just another visible symptom of it.

>It's our duty to bend over backwards for roasties.

Shoot the politicians first.

Don't worry m-lady. After we kick the asses of the commie hoards, us big strong American men will come save you from the musselmen. The. We will fill your fertile womb with strong American babies, who will fight for you as they grow older.

Also, tots or gtfo

That's why this country is shit.

Nobody told me this was a larp thread, I would have brought my Magic Missile sandbags.

>trick her into having emotional outburst in public
>call police
>she fights police
>gets arrested
>go to court
>tell judge she has a terrible alcoholism problem
>ask that he just sentence her to treatment
>she now has to go to rehab

Bonus points is if she falls off the wagon again it's evidence that she's unfit to be a parent and she's less likely to get custody at that point.

There's no shortage of men. Most can't get laid because 90% of girls is fucking 10% of men.
It's not a level playing field. So why even play the game?

>Young men dropping out of society and birthrates falling
whaddup senpai, 19 yr old neet virgin reporting in

>Young men dropping out of society and birthrates falling
Are you...
>Blaming men for feminism

What happened was what she got what she wanted, to be taken care of. Throw having children into the mix and all of a sudden they have carte blanche to let themselves go completely.

Why put anymore effort in at that point? You're set.

>poor people getting triggered on the internet
Get fucked you little poor debtcuck

>This is the generation of women who demanded complete equality of outcomes
Women don't want equality, just look at divorce courts.

i had a friend that started out like that

now he doesnt talk to me anymore.

Never ditch you're bros italy

if you have em

I think a lot of men settle and woman know that and it's why they have the keys in a marriage. I have so many friends who got married just because that's the thing you are supposed to do and married fat woman with terrible personalities. Because of societal pressures. I'd be happy having a kid and no mother honestly if I could. I almost make enough where I can support two kids I probably will end up doing this but they have to be mine not some adopted rejected baby.

Western women have turned on men and no man wants to ally with a backstabbing whore. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do. It's up to women to redeem themselves and reject the poison feminism is.

It's pretty easy to get a traditional gf. Just go to mass at a Catholic Church or go to some other church event.

You try to pick up girls at shitty bars and you're surprised that they're sluts?

>if you have em

>us women
post feet pls

>Entitled modern women dont know when to stop
They are like little children

This, there is no incentive for her to better herself now.
Threaten to separate?
LOL NOPE she will take your kids shame you socially and you will be forced to pay child support out the ass and lose all your shit.

All you can do is tolerate it and deal with an eternal leech.

It represents a growing threat to the economy. A society can't provide welfare and benefits to that many people.

Epicurus is winning the fight beyond the grave

>Men secluding themselves from the larger world
>Enjoying each other and nobody else
>Small communities

Reminder that women are pure garbage and reproducing is immoral.

Read up on antinatalism.

Its already Pizzabrah they are overrated

had a 'friend' drag me all over italy, i liked rome but everywhere else was pretty shit.

No longer friends with them anymore because they couldnt use me anymore and i wanted to kill myself.

Nice huh

>church girls
>not the biggest sluts in the entire planet
Oh, you're so naive...

This guy gets it.

>>The Idle Army: America’s Unworking Men - Millions of young males have left the workforce and civic life
aaah they've found out

>make it hate crime to talk to women (if they feel like it)
>tell men to give them more attention

Nah, MGTOW is the way until the law stops telling me I'm a rapist for so much as looking at chicks.

Eh, I'm alright. 80k salary plus profit sharing, no debt beyond my 15 year condo mortgage, plus a roommate who pays me rent. Life's nice.

problem is i am sick of been alone

ive had no work and no friends all this year and i honestly wunna fucking end it i can barely bet out of bed let alone leave the house for months on end

Guys are dropping out because women only like outgoing and muscular guys. Shy and average guys have no chance. Not only that, but most women--white women especially--prefer black men as sexual partners. There's not a lot of hope besides paying hookers. I'd love to have kids myself, but I know that it's not an option for me.

Do you think of society collapsed and groups were formed entirely based in race that white woman would flock to blacks and Muslims even though they would get treated significantly worse than they would with whites? I think white woman hold this weird irrational hatred of white men today. I had a co-worker in college who told me once she is going to be a lawyer so she could hurt men and I found out she hates all men because one man she liked rejected her and because she had a deadbeat dad. From what I see woman ONLY like you if you are a submissive male but that's like as in no fucking, they LOVE you if you treat them nigger tier but also you gotta be /fit/ for that to work otherwise they despise you. Nothing shows this more than their collective hatred of anyone who votes conservative.

It's not about showing anyone anything though. It's just people reacting to their circumstances.

This. I've been working on my friends trying to convince them not to marry but there's so much pressure from their families.

I've already stopped two potential marriages by finding proof of infidelity but one girl's much better at hiding evidence.

Pretty much. I'm afraid of talking to girls because I don't want to be seen as that creepy, rapey guy

>the church girls meme
Girls at church are picked up by guys at church (exactly like you're planning to do), then their relationship doesn't work out. Repeat x8, then you meet them.

>Nah, MGTOW is the way until the law stops telling me I'm a rapist for so much as looking at chicks.
Dont worry youre a rapist because you're not

>Rich (most important)
>Good looking/muscular
>Intelligent or manly
>Have tonnes of social connections

I think we should legalize rape that would solve birthrate issues

>As the Guardian likes to remind us, loneliness kills - so dithering lads are actually murderers, when you think about it.

>not owning your own house
You don't get to talk to me wagecuck

And even if you're /fit/, if you're not outgoing you're still fucked

I can see this seeing as she is a total bitch and sadly my bro in law owns his own business and three houses. She will get a large cut of that literally for nothing. That's why I told him I'd help him if it came to that even though she is my biological sister she has been nothing but a cunt to me as soon as she fell off the wagon. I had a drinking problem myself once but I was fucking honest about it especially when I saw it bothered my parents and it blows my mind how she lacks empathy to realize this is a problem hurting othere too.

alright mate, let me tell you straight up, you don't do "company" with women

why do you think, for example, back in the early 2000's the primordial memes were email jokes sent by white collar men about blokes being disparaging towards their wives?

why is a classic australian trope the borderline alcoholic digger with a narking wife?

why do we call our wives "the old ball and chain"?

why, in any movie produced pre-2010, is anything joking about a fun-killing wife not only acceptable, but very funny for men?

because throughout history, men do "company" with other men. it sounds jaded, but the sooner you quash the lies Disney spun you as a child that girls and boys will be able to live happily together with each other as sole company, the better for you. i'm not saying there aren't women out there who are cool to hang out with, but that kind of relationship doesn't drive passion. and i mean, it sucks, it really does. but it's a fairytale. i can't tell you the amount of guys i know who shack up with a woman and just can't wait for a moment alone with the lads. not that they're unhappy in the relationship, but that there seriously needs to be time for just the lads. fuck, i even think there was a study in the UK recently saying that men aren't getting enough contact with male friends, and it was suggesting it as a driver for higher rates of male depression.

anyway, beyond all that, women dig guys with connections and a social circle to move around in. forgive me for saying it, but if you've got no friends at 25, you're going to have a very tough time keeping her around, let alone finding her. this can sort of be fixed with dating apps and sites, but finding a girl who is going to be happily unhappy alone with you is a longer shot than the rest.

buck up man, when i realised i had no hobbies i bought a camera and guitar and taught that shit to myself. if you're not living for yourself, you'll never be able to live with someone else.

>women prices themselves out of the relationship market via feminism and draconian devorce law to the point pixels are a better investment than them
>it's men's fault



the porn is destroying me lads

what do

I learned my lesson already multiple times hoping that the outcome would be different eventually. I don't encourage any of you to marry and have kids unless you somehow find a women that's capable of ignoring all the filth and subversion we have in our "great" western society or until something changes and we legally can control our women like the older men in our country used to. The only guys I know who managed to stick out a relationship past a few years are cucks who took back a woman after her being unfaithful. Everyone has been cheated on and it's fucking gross. I fully support just jerking off, visiting prostitutes, or using women like chad does. It's just not worth it bros, if you want a western woman it's just not going to work. I'm not really warm to the idea having a half gook child though either. So I guess I just won't have any kids.

Holy shit I did the same thing happen to me only with Croatia but we did end up in Venice for a day. What is it with Italy that draws us cucks there?

>Not only that, but most women--white women especially--prefer black men as sexual partners

In the USA is more than understandable. White anglos are extremely feminine and prone to SJW indoctrination bullshit about toxic masculinity. Mediterranean men are the ones you want to call when you want to cuck the darkies

its easier to be outgoing then to get fit fag

>Fat shaming
They've always been disgusting, few actualky find them attractive, it's not like men were brainwashed into it
>Objectification of women
Didn't happen before women's suffrage, out of all of history, western women are treated better than they have ever been

Same. I jacked off to Jill Kassidy twice today. I need to quit porn for good, but it's my only sexual outlet.

Chill out user.
I've been a loner for YEARS upon YEARS haven't had any friends outside of my childhood friends who I haven't spoken to in decades.

It really isn't so bad being by yourself, then again I'm probably schizoid so whatever.

I always thought Japan was ahead of the curve when it comes to the west, now we have a generation of herbivore men who sit on the internet all day fapping and entitled cunts who want a high earning man destroying birth rates. While Japan will never import the 3rd world to shore up its falling birthrate, the west already is, I can only imagine how shitty life is going to get over the next few decades.

plz be my ai gf

Get a good job and raise some adopted kids.

I'm passed the point I give a shit about women. I just want to skip right to the parental period and give some kids a fantastic childhood and a better shot at life than me. Don't care if Cred Forums doesn't approve, most of you are fucking idiots anyway.

Trying to learn the ways of the mediterranean man

>if you've got no friends at 25, you're going to have a very tough time keeping her around, let alone finding her. this can sort of be fixed with dating apps and sites, but finding a girl who is going to be happily unhappy alone with you is a longer shot than the rest.
Welp gonna go kill myself
>buck up man, when i realised i had no hobbies i bought a camera and guitar and taught that shit to myself. if you're not living for yourself, you'll never be able to live with someone else.
i have plenty of hobbies but i cant really support them anymore because i cant get any work.


Thanks for the kind wishes tho broski idk mayne i got lost in floodwaters for hours it was fucked

got out of there the next day
Do you at least have something to keep you going?

I dont even have a job or social outing or anything anymore i just feel completely broken.

If it wasnt for Cred Forums i doubt id be here honestly.

>living comfortably without AIDS or child support payments

sounds like we did show them

Most of my coworkers in a high paying tech job are single well into their 30s. Many of them are virgins. They either save up all their money or spend it on stupid shit like anime figures. There really needs to be a higher single tax. If you are still single in your 30s and make more than 100k you should be paying 80% of your income in taxes to subsidize other families.

Lol Lol

>I hate women because they hate me
>Fap Fap fap

delete and find something to occupy your time

i went on a week's camping trip a while ago with some friends and other guys that i didn't really know, and when i got back, for a few week we were still going back and forth from each other's house for beers and bbq every other day. my off days i was back at work, or too tired to do anything

i involuntarily did a nofap of about 3 weeks, and i slipped back into bad habits the moment i let myself "just chill" by myself.

key = keep occupied

t. feminist

>Population going down
That's a good thing, people can own land again and raise kids properly. Forcing children to develop in an apartment is immoral.

It absolutely does, as evidenced by the establishment shitting bricks over it. They know that they need the labor or white men in order to compete globally in a technological age -- and those same men, looking at the world around them, are saying "no" and telling the power brokers and people farmers to fuck off.

Let's see how they prop up their welfare state when multiple generations of whores are denied their golden parachute into old age, and must instead rely upon themselves (they won't). Let's see how tech companies feel about paying $600k for a decent programmer once they realize that Pajeet is more of a liability than an asset with regards to actual innovation. Men don't need the state to coddle them, or protect them, or provide for them -- we are imbued with that sort of sovereignty by nature; but the same cannot be said of women. We fill the cups and the coffers in which they imbibe and plunder -- for fucks sake it took a man to invent the goddamn tampon.

If they want to throw off the imagined shackles of the patriarchy, so be it, doesn't hurt my feefees one bit -- but I'm not going to treat you like a woman unless you act like one, and no amount of government or societal fuckery is going to change that. If you don't bring something to my table as a women, you don't eat; that's the deal.

The wealth and prosperity we enjoy isn't a given, it's fleeting and it relies on countless hours of blood, sweat and tears to exist and persist -- but 500 years from now white men will still be white men, and others will need us a lot more than we need them.

Nah, let the poor people get sterilized or starve to death, society will be just fine with fewer people.

Shame women like you dont exist outside of the internet

If you did i'd marry you in a heartbeat but literally every girl ive ever met are sjw leftist idiots.

>People will bite on this bait

I expect at least 10 responses if you get more well done.


t. loser virgin

What the fuck do we do? : (

>because clearly, if you avoid women you must masturbate all day

nice logic, try it again when you're no longer fifteen boyos

you are like a little baby
watch this

>30yo neet virgin

Seriously though guys, do you think there's any hope of finding a gf/wife if you're shy and average looking? I'm not a NEET and have a decent job.

>Welp gonna go kill myself

never understood this attitude

if you truly want to kill yourself, and have nothing left to lose, and no plan or career to keep on building, do something completely fucking retarded that you'd never do otherwise.

sell everything you have, buy a huge backpack and a one-way plane ticket to Rangoon

maybe you'll die, maybe you'll disappear and come back as someone else

>everyone here wants their own house
>housing developments going up everywhere like weeds
>traffic everywhere
>so bad that you really can't go anywhere quickly midday on weekdays
>no decent public transportation
>public transportation is looked down upon even though it's relatively cheap

Just close your eyes nigga just walk away from the screen lmao how can porn addiction be real just stop watching


>women are miserable unfaithful creatures who hate men, why aren't you out shopping for engagement rings right now user?

have fun jumping on that grenade.

they sound based as fuck to be honest

all the people i grew up with are horrible bluepilled fucks who got married and tried to have kids (because countryside shithole area)

Now they are all 25-35 with 2-3 kids (because cuckcults religion) and want nothing to do with me.

This was always the plan but honestly i cant be fucked.

i tried going overseas, moving a bunch of times.

I just feel tired and dont really know what to do.

>While Japan will never import the 3rd world to shore up its falling birthrate
The Jew is pushing for Japan to do exactly that, and demanding Japan take in Muslim refugees of course.

is that why Muslims are being imported

of course you don't understand it

that's why you're telling sad people to snap out of it.

Anime, vidya and shitposting is honestly what keeps me going.
Making online buddies is easier than anything so if you're feeling lonely go with that route, playing with some people online is somewhat enjoyable.

I'm going to go back to college, read more books, keep building my cash stockpile and my firearms collection. Just focus on making yourself a better man. Maybe someday things will be different and when they are you can have a leg up on younger guys and cuck their hotties from them. lol

If you even entertain the idea that older woman are the way to go, I have a aunt who is 48, depressed single and not married. Literally left the alter at 27 with a good man because she wanted muh freedom. At fucking 42 she found a guy in his early 30's willing to put up with her shit who was a good man and made decent money and she dumped him because and I quote "he wasn't a good kisser". A 42 year old woman said this as the main reason for dumping someone. Now she is almost 50 and having a breakdown. Oh yea she still goes to clubs at that age. Without a shock she loves Obama and Democrats too. We are fucked.

These are intelligent, hard working men who don't even have time to go out to find women because they're dealing with more important shit. If anything they need to basically be given a woman so they can be loved, procreate, and have their lives made a bit easier by a woman who takes care of the house and children so he can continue working hard.

Men's happiness is rising because men are finally free of women, and we are free to do whatever we want now. Sure, there are places like Cred Forums that hate us for it, but oh well, all Cred Forums can do is complain and stew in it's bitterness.

I fail to see how any of this is a real problem.
You don't need much to live well on your own and even finance a few hobbies. Men's happiness has been going up according to recent studies.
The only ones with their panties on a twist are (((government))) who won't be able to tax yo as much as before, and (((women))) who won't be able to wring alimony and child support out of you.

Being a frog/robot/homedweller is absolutely kickass if you manage to live in a comfy place all alone.

Why cant women buck this stupid trend like men?

Surely like that one femanon some of them arnt happy either.

Maybe some women want to settle down to a traditional lifestyle but unless you get them early you're basically fucked because everyone in my area 20's or upwards has a fucking kid or single with kids


/fit/ in a nutshell

>it's a kikes trying their hardest to get the redpilled, right wing white people to not reproduce episode

You guys realise that we are the future of a sane society right? If we don't have children. and raise our children with traditional values and beliefs, the people that will have children will be lefty cuck millenials and will be 10x worse


this is some australian tier bait
are you sure you're not using a proxy?

>If you are still single in your 30s and make more than 100k you should be paying 80% of your income in taxes to subsidize other families

They will replace us with niggers. Lots of them. By the time they will realize the fuck up, it will be all over for the West

Just wait for the next generations of women, man is fertile forever, while women expires in the early 30s.

>The Lost Boys
Guess this is me... How do I meet potential mates? Honestly all I do is work and go home idk what I can do to actually meet girls who aren't SJW pieces of garbage

They don't want women because they are eternal children with no sense of responsibility. All they want to do is clock in their 8 hours and come home and play video games.

>i tried going overseas, moving a bunch of times.

you misunderstand, i don't mean "pack up and find a cheap place in outer london", i mean "buy a backpack, keep money for rations, and fucking fly somewhere you'll probably never come back from"

that's not exactly what i'm saying

I'm leaving for pic related in January.


Unironically agree. Not having kids is bottom of the barrel degeneracy

Na, that's just for votes.

What town fellow Wisconsinite

that's pretty fucking interesting. out of lack of any other direction in life?

I don't buy that living a life childless means more happiness. Maybe in youth you don't care but when you are 50 I bet that shit is devastating. Any old anons can confirm/deny?

>Now they are all 25-35 with 2-3 kids
The place I started working at this year has a lot of people who lived their lives like that and are now still working a shitty job well into their older years

They keep saying that it's 'about time for [me] to have kids'
I'm not dating, I have no significant amount of money saved up, and I have an unsure future because I can't seem to attract employer attention. The fuck am I gonna have a kid for at this point?
What's wrong with these people?

>you still have time meme

You don't, you're soon pushing 30 and it's only downhill from there on.

The first article does bring up something interesting with the mainland European men being very upfront compared to Brits. Why do you think this is? The mainland has the far bleaker outlook with their immigration and, in the Mediterranean countries, economy.

I'm a kissless virgin. Please tell me why I should try?

Someone please answer me. I'm 22 and am about to burst into tears because of threads like these. They make me so depressed.

Isn't it funny how as men's power and role in society is diminishing we're actually happier than ever and women who are supposedly on the rise are becoming unhappy? Sometimes the world is just.


well, i have a 93 year old grandfather who outlived all of his friends. all he has now is family.

It's women's fault. If women weren't such garbage these days maybe this wouldn't have happened.

Reason and logic have historically been qualities found in men, not women.

Men age like wine if they treat their bodies right

What is that, the French Foreign Legion?

>Making online buddies is easier than anything so if you're feeling lonely go with that route, playing with some people online is somewhat enjoyable.
Yeah online bros are awesome but i miss the human connection.

I never wanted to end up like this its literally been my biggest fear for over a decade and now its officially happened.

If there wasnt new vidya coming out i'd have lost hope years ago ive been like this since 2007

Sure i have like Chronic depression but its only because ive been shit on so many times i just cant handle it anymore.

>No job ever
>No real friends ever
>Completely disconnected from everything
but how will i shitpost from some bolivian jungle?

I wunna die comfy not like that poor fucker from into the wild that dies next to a fucking highway starving and cold
>What's wrong with these people?
They are NORMAL

the problem is i am obviously not normal
>you will never have a redpilled busty tomboy gf to get rekt with and bash jews
why live

Yes go get a hobby. One that is.t neet tier like dungeons and dragons meet up. If you have a local volunteering place do that. You'll find a woman most likely or at least make friends that could lead to that.

Idk if I'd say I'm happy

Lower your standards, I guess. When I walk around all I see are fat couple being fat (and maybe happy) together.



>26 year old kissless virgin wageslave
I dont even fit with wizards because I'm a failed normie.

We dont and shouldn't give a fuck because we're self-aware.

See, chad is chad because he rejects the truth of his surroundings in favor of his own. Which is projected to those around him, coming off as charisma and the capability to run game. Women see this as confidence because he's "in control".

We just understand how shitty it is and we don't let go of it, its our tether, our Sisyphean boulder. It keeps us grounded and with that, all the drawbacks that entails. Now, some of us can stay above ground, but others are crushed under this weight and truly, drives them underground.

Men are faced with two options now: Ignore our rational awareness of the situation to emulate chad, or stand our ground and navigate with a level head. Start throwing in the factors of 3rd wave feminism, hookup culture cancer, no jobs, poluitical correctness, and you have the result: the only way to succeed as a man now is to reject truth and construct a fantasy around yourself. Which is a very female thing, by the way. Or literally be suffocated by the toxic reality of the present.

Our next plan, needs to be, the support of the alt right and reinforcing the nuclear family and against globalist agenda. Every generation of men before us has done *something* in hindsight summary of their endeavors. Right now we know the sum of the situation and need to act on it.

That's gotta be the worst time of everyones life. When you slowly see everyone who mattered in your life die one by one

People don't realize that the USA has an incredibly strong fishing industry. They never expect this quality of bait.

Okay, but I'm not a MGTOW.

>mfw been too depressed to sleep or fap for the last 2 days

ur a piece of shit

>HUUURRR it is our duty to save this planet
Yeah nah fuck off cunt, we built everything around women and they ungratefully want to strip everything from us.
Our pride, our accomplishments, our respect, our money, our kids...EVERYTHING.

I say let them, let them realize the error of their ways while we step in the sidelines and watch it all crumble.

You don't get french citizenship anymore though. So if you wanna erase your past and start with blank pages, forget it. If you survive you'll return as the person you were when you first joined.

Good luck anyways. Trying for the FFL is my backup plan.

You try the no fap challenge. Try to stop fapping all together, that's what I did.
I went 4 months without jerking it until I started again, but when I started again I mostly fap without porn and I do it maybe 2-3 times a week, as compared to ~10-11 times a week before.

It was super weird, all that need that I had before to fap was just gone, made me realise that it was more of a habbit rather than an urge.

So plz, try the no fap challenge as long as you can, but if you feel that you are relapsing and you definitely need to fap then do it without porn, only use your imagination and then you'll reset after about a couple of months

saddens me that so many young men out there are driving themselves mad because they think they want a woman

2/3 marriages end in divorce for a reason

>omg omg omg i am so horny, i really want a woman
>welp now i have a woman
>she is ready to settle down
>oops this isn't what i had in mind at all

Men are doing fine and having their simple needs met. Not sure how this translates into men's downfall.

This, we need a government run breeding program.

>all he has now is family
That's dark, famalam, but those generations didn't grow up with videogames. I stopped playing that shit years ago but when I'm 80 and there's 50 more years of videogame tech advancement I'll be in a retirement home playing nonstop.

MLG Halo 27: Old Folks Edition

I know, i'm just saying at around 25-30 if you haven't gotten your shit together nature wont be kind to you.

No fap is a meme

Nah it's worse being young and seeing everyone in relationships while you're still a kissless hugless handholdless virgin in your twenties

Town near Hortonville

What the fuck is the point of over breeding when the issue isn't having kids but it's that niggers Muslims and Mestizo's have them too? The solution isn't more white children it's less non white children and we tried and failed that in the 40's now enjoy your collapses civilization. Hopefully the next one gets it right we have maybe 8-10 more attempts before the sun dies out.

I tried it and it worked for me

These threads are a psy op designed to stop white nationalist from reproducing and starting families where they can pass their values on to the next generation

thats just it though i cant start my own redpilled family because i am emotionally fucked.

I dont even have a response to that.

It's our duty to save our RACE. I don't give a fuck about the rest.

A billion niggers with a billion slaves each would never invent the first lightbulb, much less advance modern technology into the future.

If you flipper as switch and replaced all the people in every nation with niggers, and made a reservation the size of New Hampshire exclusively for white people -- said reservation would quickly become the dominate global power.

When humanity is finally overrun to the breaking point with niggers and shitskins, the race war will kill off 80% of the population.

The weakest genetics will die in battle. Those that remain will be the stronkest, the smartest, the luckiest. They will be the ones chosen to breed with the surviving women.

Without predators there needed to be something to cleanse the weak and the sick from the gene pool. When the mud races are killed off, only the whites worthy of survival will remain.

Nature always finds a way.

But statisically like 70% of the time it's women who initiate the divorce, not men.

so got an education. got married. had two kids.

wife fucked another man, divorced wife, have kids.

dropped any kind of social life because their mom is nowhere to be found leaving me to be a single parent.

Am I doing my duty?

Kinda. I did 4 years as a grunt Marine. I've been out for nearly 4 years now and have found nothing about civilian life interests me. I floated around working odd-jobs in the immediate year or two after getting out. Went to Alaska and earned a lot of money a few summers ago(45k for 4 months of work) that I've just been NEETing off of for the past 2+ years. It's about to run out though and I've got go out on a limb and do something. I would never re-enlist in the US military though as king nigger has thoroughly destroyed it. The FFL is one of the few fighting forces that still does things right by forbidding women and fags and allows you to get your head thumped if you deserve it. Also I'll be a prime a prime prospect for Private Military Contractors when I finish my enlismtent. ex-legionnaires are in very high demand among mercenary groups because it proves that you are willing to drop your previous life and fight for something that is not your own. The FFL experience combined with my documented combat experience in the Marines should help me to find a good outfit without too much trouble.

>The government will fix the neet virgin problem

If you are going to suggest something retarded at least make it be controlled by the free market.

enjoy that prostate cancer and autism

>I dont want sex as much as company, just a girlfriends to do normal stuff with, company that sort of thing.

Same here user. I haven't spoken to any girls in months. I've never approached any girl. I'm too shy and awkward. I don't want a family, just a nice gf to cuddles and lewd stuff.

What do anons?

you're still fucked either way

good luck finding a decent woman in this cesspool society

you are a low energy shitposter

I'm currently struggling to get started on excercising. I'm very tall and i have a fragile back so i'm more affraid of injury than humiliation. Not that i'm extremely fat but i do have some body fat i'd like to get rid off.

Should i go to my doctor and get "free" help or just pitch in for a PT to kickstart my sorry ass into shape?

>Lads! Britain needs you to do your duty and get flirting

Society continually characterizes flirtatious behaviors as unwelcome micro-aggressions and then we hear "Wh-why aren't men flirting anymore? The women are lonely!"

up to you. do whatever YOU think makes you happy. dont forget that you can always marry a young women even if you +50.

I know +50 men who sold their assets and travel around the world banging 20 year olds. i dont see them devastated but they make everyone envious.

>thats just it though i cant start my own redpilled family because i am emotionally fucked.

Then dont start a family, start giving a shit. Volunteer, learn a trade, get active in local politics. Do something.

We all know what we are, we all know the world around us. But what will ultimately kill us is our laziness, we dont see a point in anything so we hide. We need some chrome spraypaint, scream witness me, and Make a point.

this bait made me angrier than it should have

Thus doesn't exist. If you want that stuff you gotta deal with extra baggage. Even if a girl claims she is your fuck friend if she is willing to fuck you regularly trust me, she is developing feelings for you.

So do you think most guys could probably get a wife/gf if thy actually try?

net gain of zero on the white race

he needs to have 4 kids at least

then divorice

go and fuck women but don't ever get into a relationship with them

simple as that

once you have been out there sleeping around for a bit, you get over women really quickly anyway and then you want to find other stuff to fill the void in your life.

Nice meme.

Did you know the risk of prostate cancer is increased the more you fap while you're young



Start running, listen to music or something you like to listen till that can motivate you to keep it up

They just want Chads

I'm an unassuming, introverted, quiet guy so I just basically ignore women at this point. Or get shocked when one actually talks to or looks at me.

Whites pay for blacks to have kids they cannot afford. Our governments are having whites fund their own genocide

It works, women are miserable old hags when they are 40+ and too old to ride the cock carousel and have nothing to show for their lives. Men don't have the same problem, they can cope and even enjoy isolation, and are never too old to breed.

I was Army, keep your head up brother. I'm kinda hoping on getting a job with border enforcement if Trump makes it in. There are contractors working for Saudi Arabia in Yemen and honestly I just can't stomach working for those fags. I'm still butthurt over 9/11 being from Jersey and all.

meant for

problem is as another anons say women dont want that

>6-12 months all going fine
>suddenly they want kids or whatever bullshit women want these days
>they break up with you
make a point to who? Nobody cares my generation is the most lazy uninformed dumb generation (typically on average at least) to ever exist

Cant even get that far

Cred Forums says its no better than jerking off and after 14 years of that i cant be bothered doing that anymore

Oh look this thread again.

If you are a NEET and do not have the financial means/strain on your parents:

Get your ass in a seat at community college at minimum. At least you won't be seen as a giant loser by your peers/parents... hell even get a part time job.

Only faggots make excuses.

user, start attending a weightlifting class or club. Get to know the people there, you will make friends and have a support system, where you can bitch and moan about your problems and others will relate to you. You'll also improve yourself and start to feel like a fucking KING because you will become strong as fuck. It doesn't have to be weightlifting desu but pretty much everyone agrees its a good option. Just some club where you can improve yourself. Swimming... archery... coding? idk anything you want.

Look at these guys, they all have something that they are passionate about which has brought them together and some of them will probably be bros for life...

Nothing worth saving in this liberal cesspool.

Breeding isn't going to solve this issue, the country will keep becoming more and more leftist and white numales bend over for BCC.
Like in any gamble its time to raise the stakes and go all in.

I'd rather be extinct than know that our future generations will be more cucked versions of the average white numale.

You shouldn't fuck with those guys.

>Now what's the next step in our master plan?
The Antichrist.
Are you guys ready?

>normalise and then glamourise divorce
>make marriage a literal gamble

>wow wtf why won't you lads get committed already? What's ya fuckin problem?

Through my research it appears that French citizenship is not automatically given, but you can start the process of applying for it if you complete a 5 year contract with a certificate of good conduct.

Not that it matters too much to me though. I want to do it for the experience itself. The citizenship is a tertiary motivation if anything. I'm hoping to get assigned to the 3rd REI and spend a few years living in the rainforests of South America.

I'm a virgin user. I hate conflict and arguments, I'm pretty socially awkward. I can't deal with all the stuff I hear about in relationships. Why does it have to be so hard, especially for men like me? Some of us are destined to die alone I guess. Not cutout for sex and normie stuff.

>This is the generation of women who will end up as slaves when men refuse to protect them from the muslim hordes.
>Sometimes in this life, you get what you deserve.

Laughable rightwing collapse fantasy

Fools like you are only happy when men work 80 hour weeks or die for a flag

It's better overall that women are not being lazy and are working

It's NEVER been a better time to be a man - no conscription, longer life expectancy, myriad of leisure time options

I have as many replies as I do sexual partners

not to throw you a sob story, but he's the most stoic old bugger i've ever met.

>ww2 vet
>lied about his age to get in
>came home, many friends died in the war
>worked all his life
>watched sydney turn into a multicultural shitfight through the years
>wife diagnosed with parkinsons and copped a morphine addiction
>she went crazy over the years, made his life hell
>remember him saying to me one day when i was younger, after she passed away, he was glad she wasn't in any more pain, because the dementia and parkinsons took his real wife away 8 years prior
>most friends dying by 2010
>new friends he made in the various sports club around his suburb all dying too, 60 year olds dying from the smoke and the drink
>he's fucking outliving them too
>few week ago he told us he's throwing in the towel and coming to live with my family because everyone else is dead

Czech bro I am meeting up with this Czech girl soon. She was as aupair here in Finland this summer and I spent time with her. Now I am going Czech myself. Any advice or red pills to share?

>mfw there is a gun in the house somewhere but its hidden and me and my mum dont know where it is
if we did i'd probably have ended it a while ago
yeah im waiting for a local gym to open but its 2 hours round trip away.

fingers crossed ill get my Drivers Authority soon but the fucking building is closed because australia jobblocks me whenever it can

t. possible future taxi driver


Keep on "dropping out of society" you fucking retards lmfao, you're useless and never had a place to begin with, automation has ruled you retards insignificant. fucken pol posters lmfao! stay cucked retards

Absolute wisdom right here. Women agitate for access, men revolt for freedom. We will always retain the ability to walk away. Women just can't.

nah man, sex is great and everything but it shouldn't be a burden for you. if you can't get it, then you have to go without. no point driving yourself crazy over it, if you simply can't get it. most people can get sex though, even uggos are out there fucking other uggos. you need to work on yourself and get your priorities right.

if you are too lazy for that, go and pay for it. the main point is, don't think a relationship with a fucking woman will fix your life, it will do the complete opposite. i can guarantee you.

state bureaucracy will support them. which you pay for. cuck.

The white race is on the brink of extinction as it is because every bitch wants a half white kid and every white man on the south coast wants that tight ching chong pussy. No amount of anglo inbreeding can stop the eventual unanimous browness.

a married fillipino male co-worker tells me that all i have to do is ask girls out straight.

He's confident in his theory that you have roughly 10% chance for getting a 50/50 yes/no if you ask a girl straight out, telling her you're interested in her to her face. So 1 in every 10 girl will have a 50/50 saying yes/no

I'd like to try his advice next time i've got the energy to go outside. I'll approach girls like i always do, gouge their interest in me, and just flat out tell them i'm interested in them and expect nothing.

As they say, being the "weird" guy is positive for a girl.

Just yesterday I was in Jackson Heights Queens NY which is a mixed cesspool waiting for a train and it was a sea of fat spics, niggers and Muslims with 5 kids and a baby stroller, only the niggers spoke English and poorly. Do you think any of these people understand or give a shit what made this country the good country they want to leech off of or they just get that senorita Clinton means more of them in the country and that's the best thing? It was like I was in another fucking country. This shit is sad to see. What the fuck is it with non European immigrants that just want to destroy the host country they are in?

>i'm too much of a fucking autist to attract a woman.
>it's women's fault!
lmao, more girls for the rest of us.
Thanks for the help in making whites the minority in your lifetime.

>Men are starting to wise up
>Women can't handle it

>6-12 months all going fine
>>suddenly they want kids or whatever bullshit women want these days
>>they break up with you

I guess. I'm too soft and romantic lel.

Wow you are fucking pathetic.

We are already swinging towards the right.

The new generation is said to be the most conservative since ww2.

muh dick

there is a very tiny minority of women out there worth marrying

they aren't going to marry me, or you. nobody here would ever hope to get their hands on that sort of women. so you best stop dreaming about it.

take my advice and try to get your life together and be happy.

Is that a realdoll?

what the fuck is that a sex doll he's holding?

I know that feel. I get on with women alright. Have plenty of friends but how do you go from being friends to dating?
Not that it matters anyway. Iam 28 and havent had sex for the last 5 years. Strangely it doesnt bother me anymore.

Judges are throwing out pre-nups anyways. Women are claiming the signed the document under duress which voids the document

I've done that before, it'll get you laid occasionally but it's never lead anywhere meaningful for me.

Yeah, you are. You have to be assertive and dominant. Being nice is a meme.

koala-tee shitpost mate now go waltz me a matilda

As a paralegal I can clearly say that activist judges have made most prenups agreements worthless.

Is it wrong that I dont want to date women or anyone for that matter anymore? Women are just so god damn terrible these days. Fat, ugly, liberal minded faggots. I had a gf in high school last year but now that im out of hs I fucking loathe all of them.

>It's NEVER been a better time to be a man - no conscription, longer life expectancy, myriad of leisure time options
>* If youre a 6ft+ chad with a big dick, lots of friends and rich
Thanks user you're right

>if you are too lazy for that, go and pay for it. the main point is, don't think a relationship with a fucking woman will fix your life, it will do the complete opposite. i can guarantee you.
Thanks for the honestly

Honestly i dont know what the fuck to do i guess coming on here and talking about it with outsiders helps a bit but im really in a rut

im not used to feeling so low for so long

That's because teens feel the need to rebel.

God dammit

I've thought about paying a whore to finally have sex if I'm still a virgin this time next year. The idea just seems a bit sickening to me though

If you want sex to try it get a hooker. If you want more make better everything in your life you can control. Weight, muscles, read more, pick up a hobby or two etc. The thing I realized about woman is they are all extremely boring and I suspect it's because they all live their lives according to what magazines and websites like gawker tell them so of you are not like that it kinda helps.

what do the 90% do if they aren't saying yes or no?

Fuck, man...

t. roastie

You're gay user.

Well I can't and don't want to. It's not my personality

Did you just tell a tall dude to start running? Truly the easiest way to bust his kneecaps senpai.
Just go to fit,read the sticky, do the basic fucking barbell training or any dudebro split instead.


there is nothing wrong with paying for it. it's a perfectly legal business transaction. you want something and the woman wants money in return.

fight the disease, not the symptom

This man gets it.

As American rights are going to continually be whittled away.

When do we start the patriarchal science based sea faring nation user?

i cant even be nice to women and i am not attractive enough to be a dick to them because lol women arnt attracted to me.

Weird because guys seemed to be (not gay just got hit on alot) and it doesnt make any sense.


wow, you're a mess.
cut your losses, draw a line and start over.
beginn with your depresseion
-make a schedule for this week
or at leats 48hrs

make sure
-you eat an apple every day
-go for a run every second day
-learn spanish or whatever every day

keep doing that for 3 months. also try to find a job, doesn't matter what. just do something with your time.

hilft, garantiert.


Its really quite simple m80s.

this is also correct

the millennial men and women are both fucked in the head

their reality is all out of whack and they are in for a big shock

You've done absolutely fuck all. shut the fuck up you goddamn retard.

I've got more important things to worry about like my finances and saving up for a house.

Then enjoy dying alone.

>you want more make better everything in your life you can control. Weight, muscles, read more, pick up a hobby or two etc.

Yeah I have started doing more exercise lately to stave off my depression. I've always been a voracious reader too. Any more ideas?

It's a man :-/


then stop caring about women. start caring about your career and body

I'd rather do that than be someone I'm not just to please scummy people.

>calling women names
>wonder why you're still a virgin
thank god you won't dirty the gene pool.

Somewhat agree, but our biological desire to want a companion is what ruins it. I guess if you hang out with chill bros it's easier, but part of you still wants to get a girl and escorts are risky shit.

ironically i had a german guy do this for me in real life randomly it didnt go well

he said he could hire me because i was too fat ( i was/am pretty fat)

its funny when people think they can fix me

even my local psyches gave up

they call themselves men, but act like spoiled boys

>Asian chick
>Not entitled or degenerate
boy, do I have news for you...

problem is i get depressed and i stop caring in general

It's not "scummy" to understand the true nature of women and what they want. They are naturally submissive and that is a fact. don't be such a beta boy

Yeah, yeah Finbro I'm working on it.

Improve yourself. Become a 160-IQ musclegod.

You are crazy but I have mad respect for anyone who can survive training and service.

The FFL has always been a back up in case If I ever end up nearly homeless and there is no sign of recovery.

But women love to be called names

how come none of you are crying yourselves to sleep about not owning a ferrari

You're going to burst into tears because of a fucken thread on Cred Forums? AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a fucken cuck, I hope you kill yourself, you fucken pussy, retard faggot

Probably because you aren't trying to fix yourself

And I will continue doing fuck all.

Aside from the top percentile men, the choice is essentially give up almost everything for sex, waste your time not putting in enough effort and complaining, pay a prostitute, or disregard it.

Even married men have to continually bargain for it.

Believing that having a few children will save the white race is LARPing. Getting a handful of losers to eventually have a few children will make no difference when the culture at large is working in the opposite direction.

Go gay for dicks.

who gives a fuck about a fucken ferrari you dumb fucken nigger, you don't make money to spend it, you make it to save it you fucken retard, waaah muh ferrari XDDDD what a fucken retard, DUMB NIGGER, get a fucken life you idiot.

>anime figures
>huge homes

the above are the three most popular things that retards with money shoot after. you fucken idiot.

instead of anime figures, furnish ur fucken home

instead of fucken cars, buy several beaters and restore them

instead of a huge fucken home, buy some goddamn land

how fucken stupid can you be lmfaooo

I walk past a Ferrari every day during my lunch hour at work

It's tiny. It's cramped. It looks like it could barely get over a speedbump.

It's an overpriced toy.

But I am not assertive by nature. I see relationship as two individuals who love each other. Without one being submisive and other assertive.

Allright, But what about those running machines? Not threadmills but the pedals you're standing on? After years of sitting on my ass, my body fat is stored in my ass, thighs, legs and stomach.

I've taken blood tests and my hormones are normal so that's not it. Maybe my body just adjusted to me sitting on my ass for 24 years of my life.

I know i gotta fix my shit before i reach 30. If i can get fit in the next 6 years i'll at least age decently.

sounds like you could be describing a vagina

I don't really care if you think I'm beta. Stupid buzzword used by roidheads and fags that take r/theredpill too seriously. If that's what they want then I can't be fucked.

This desu

Volunteer. The few gfs I had I met through volunteering and I made new friends doing it. If you live somewhere that has this do it. You can try the church meme but I have no idea if it works I'm agnostic. Once you are slightly more /fit/ and have some interesting things to talk about go on online dating. Even if the woman is a fatass get more comfortable this way. This sounds retarded but I went on a date once and to psych myself out I watched all three iron man movies and the entire date I acted like Tony Stark saying whatever I wanted and insulting her in funny ways and it worked and she fucked me. If you don't have interesting things to talk about make shit up. Always always ALWAYS have 3 interesting stories in the chamber, real or fake to talk about in case there is a lil in the conversation. Remember these wise words "fake it until you make it".

I agree feminism is retarded, but you can't really put all the blame on them.

On college campuses, the males that aren't chads are mostly tubby numales and nerds.

Hit the gym and work on social skills and your sexual worth is going to be instantly within the top 20% if not higher.

hang on, mate. are you honestly implying women aren't naturally submissive?

i have been with dozens of women in the past and not one of them wasn't a submissive little bitch.

very nice, your a fucken idiot and I hope you die alone. actually, I don't even need to hope, its pre destined for you, fucken beta cuck lmfao

>give up everything for sex
how fucken retarded are you? stop readin articles on the internet you fucken cuck. you find your sole mate when you're poor, that way u don't have to worry about them trying to take ur shit when ur rich. retard, i hope you get divorce raped and falsely accused of rape too, i know the UK laws favor women even more than americuck, and I hope you spend several years in prison you fucken retard lmfaoo

>continually bargain for it
fuck bitches in the club retard, but u wouldnt know htat, yur an idiot who thinks you should have either a 10/10 or have nothing, fucken retard. live life in moderation you pussy cuck

>having a few children will save the white race
no retard, one person havin kids won't save le wight rase u fucken idiot, its when a mass have children that le epin wite ras is saved, but u didn't know that, u didn't have a fucken mind to think with you fucken pussy. get bent and railed by a mudslim.

yea man. just go out when you can. mingle with people, and have some good times.

if you happen to find one that you want to marry, live together for a while, and if you still feel the need get a prenup....even if you have nothing.

your problem

Lel, so they will start locking NEETs in prisons cuz they didn't pay taxes?

Are you just shitposting, or do you want me to reply?

No that's not what I said. I just said I don't feel like fitting some "alpha" mould

The jew is trying hard to convince the white man to continue reproducing to support the liberal narrative being pushed out.

Maybe i cant

Its like deepseated chronic depression ive had for decade or more now i just cant flip a switch and fix myself

ive tried so many times to at this point idk what to do

I believe I shouldn't be dating until I have something I can be proud of or until I can actually contribute to a relationship in a meaningful manner. Also I'm a bitch-ass-pussy with no social skills who is overweight and balding.

Doing barbell exercises works quads and glutes which is what you are whining about.
Just read /fit/ it contains everything you need and they are helpful people with loads of threads dedicated to helping beginners.
And dont give up bro keep on truckin.

Jesus people still care about this shit lol

Feels good to be a 23 year old virgin lads

Do you exercise daily? If you did you wouldn't feel this way.

>le epin shitposting meme
fuck off loser, stay cucked.

>le epin jew liberal meme
fucken retard, have kids or let your genetic lineage die off, its ur choice pussy beta cuck bitch. die alone or die with kids? hahaha fucken loser.

I hope you all get killed by drone strikes and mudslims.

Bachelor taxes will never be implemented. Romans tried it, so did Germany and the eastern bloc states. Never works.

it's not about being "alpha" or "beta". it's about facts. i am not really "alpha" but i have had no real trouble getting laid and i have had to be dominant with every single woman i fucked because they expect it. thata is what they want in a man, they want to be controlled and fucked hard. they want you to be honest with them and use them for what they are, a fucktoy.

don't let any retards tell you differently.

This user gets it.

Most of the rest of you are women this and women that. women, women, women. You're neurotic.

the situation in the west is 100% down to government policy. 100%

Swim. Norweegies probably have plenty of public indoor pools all over the place due to all that scandinavian socialism, plus the nigs are instinctively afraid of water so that's an additional plus.

It's more the social suicide that being a virgin is that bothers me

How do you cope?

>Hit the gym and work on social skills and your sexual worth is going to be instantly within the top 20% if not higher.
lol sure

ive been fit a bunch of times in my life and due to the aforementioned problems women still wanted nothing to do with me
Didnt really change much it used to work but not anymore it seems to be a bigger mental issue

>mentioning rome and germany when talking about our already crumbling society

what is that they say about history...

Funny because our current society is doing everything we tried in the past that brought down civilization so there is a good chance that will be instituted.



Thanks poland. I used to work with a polish guy and holy shit you guys know how to drink and party. Imported polish 70-90% spirits for 1/4 the price of norwegian max 45% spirits? Yes please.

It's nothing to do with bachelors though.


>i can easily get laid
Good for you

I said social skills too, you meatball autist.

I highly doubt if you jog for an hour you will feel like shit after. I used to be depressed and your body literally release chemicals that fights that shit off when you run.